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HBCC UFO Research &
UFOINFO Reports - Part 2

Brian Vike
Director HBCC UFO Research
HBCC UFO Research Note: Please note that the newsletters will hold sighting reports from HBCC UFO Research <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org  and UFOINFO <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/. This should make a big difference in the number of sighting reports we both can bring to you. Hope you enjoy.
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London, Ontario Huge Long Triangular UFO
Date: Late October 1977
Time: 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Extremely large and shaped like a long triangle
Weather Conditions: Clear and cold.
Description: I was 11 years old and lived in a condo complex in the Whiteoaks Area of London. I remember the year because it was the year that Elvis passed away and I remember I was at my friends house when her mom told us. I only lived in that complex for a year. I was with my friends little sister and we were going back to my condo which was across and up a few from theirs on the private road in the complex. Cassandra and I were walking up the middle of the road heading to my driveway when all of a sudden directly over our heads was a large black mass. It was extremely large. The object was just above the roof tops of the condos which are only 2 story structures. I would compare it to the size of 747 Aircraft. The object was completely silent. We didn't hear a single noise from it before or after it passed over us.
Needless to say, Cassandra and I freaked out and went screaming to my mom inside. We both told her exactly what we saw, probably both at the same time because we were hysterical. I remember thinking at the time that the best way to describe it would be as a prehistoric bird. I know for sure that at that time in my life I didn't know anything about UFO's. I remember Cassandra and I being uncontrollable scared and my dad had to have her mom come over. We both saw the object but I lost contact with their family after we moved. I have often thought about that thing and have never spoken about it because I thought people would think I was crazy. I am sure Cassandra never forgot it either, even though she was approximately 9 or 10 at the time. I also remember it was the fall because I remember it was around the time of Halloween because my mother told us that we were just scared of the decorations and our imaginations 
got the better of us.
I can recall the night like it was yesterday and have never forgotten that night. If my imagination played a trick on me then Cassandra's mind saw the same thing at the same moment I did. I often have wondered if anyone else ever saw anything that night either. I can't imagine that we were the only 2 to see an object that large flying over our heads.
TV/Radio: I have no idea, my mother wouldn't even call the police when we told her to.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
San Jose, California Large UFO 300 To 400 Feet Across
Date: May/June 1980
Time: Approx: 4:00 p.m.
Number 0f witnesses: Several
Number of objects: 1
Weather conditions: Slightly overcast with good visibility.
Hello Ufoinfo, This is a report of a UFO I had witness in the 1980 sometime either in May or June. The time it occurred was around 4:00 pm in the afternoon and the sun was still out. I was across the street from my friends house at Simonds elementary school in San Jose, Calif, playing football with two of his younger brothers. It was a slightly over cast day, still very good visibility wise. About 20 minutes after we got there we noticed a bunch of people at the school pointing up towards the sky. Overhead we noticed a very large object, possible 300 to 400 feet across, there was never any noise from whatever this was. This object had no lights that we noticed, was overall dark silver or black in appearance. After observing it for about a minute I sent one of my friends younger brother across the street to get a camera at his house.
At about this time something looking to me like a probe dropped down from below it. It must have come down at least 75 feet or so. For the next few minute it just sat there, then slowing rose what appeared to be around 500 feet or so, and then just disappeared into thin air. By the time my friends younger brother got back, it was gone, it didn't matter, the camera he brought was out of film.
Now, I, to this day do not know what is was, a UFO or man made. I am wondering if you have ever got any reports from any one else at the school that might have witness this? Thanks.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
St. Johns, Newfoundland A Bright Ball Of Fire 500 Feet Above Us
Date: 1981
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round object.
Weather Conditions: Clear nighttime.
Description: A friend and I were stealing crabapples from a catholic priests house on top off a hill that could oversee the city of St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada. It was late evening around 6.00 pm, we were about leave when this bright round ball of fire about 500 feet above us . At 500 feet it was the size of a 14x14ft circle pool or seemed to have a ring of fire around it . It was suspended over us for at lease 15 minutes we both were in shock and stood there it took 
off in the night skies quicker than anything I have ever seen still and I have been to many USA airforce shows and seen many super jets takeoff none can match the takeoff that night nobody would believe us we were just some kids that made up a story. No story, I am still bothered I was 12 years old and now 39 still living in the USA.
TV/Radio: Forgive my writing.I am 39 years old we left Newfoundland Canada in 1982 and moved to the United States this UFO sighting has always been with me.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Pilots Watch A Deep Orange Glow Rising >From The Lake (UFO)
Date: Late Summer of 1989
Hi Brian: We have emailed a few times back and forth and I want you to know where I am coming from. My name is (name removed), I am 42 years old now. Ever since I was a young child, before I knew anything about this, I had dreams of what I thought were skeletons coming through my basement and meeting me. Now I have a older brother (9 or 10 yrs older) and had an experience as a child. He was 15 or 16 and he asked me to spend the night 
in his new room in the basement. All I can remember is how apprehensive I was and only lasted a couple of hours. The feeling of the "skeleton" creatures coming for me were very much real. Fast forward now a few years, and well the vivid dreams I had were not skeletons but, well small entities with big dark eyes or areas were eyes should be. Now to put all this into perspective, My educational background is that of a law enforcement. I have a solid education in investigation techniques, evidence collection and interviewing.
My other area is aviation. I currently have over 2000 hours as pilot in command with extra courses in meteorology. I know what the difference is between anomalous lights and standard aircraft placement.
Now for my latest recollection, It was in the late summer of 1989, I was pilot in command of a Piper Navajo. We departed for a parts run from Hamilton to Val Dor Quebec. We were chartered by Domtar for some paper mill parts. It was not that late as I remember landing and grabbing a coffee before we departed back for Hamilton. We were cruising at 13 K feet back to Hamilton and were just approaching Lake Simcoe when my co-pilot said" have a look down below" What we both saw was a deep orange glow rising from the lake, getting more distinct and disk shaped as it was rising. With in a few seconds, it was at our level, again 13K feet, and it shot straight up.
Now on the radio, Toronto Centre, there was chatter about this object shooting straight up from an Air Ontario Dehavilland inbound from Ottawa.
Brian, It was as clear and prominent as the nose on your face. I called into YYZ centre and was told if I want to make a report to do so, if not, they were sure some one else would. Unfortunately, I did not file the Transport Canada paper work and I regret that to this day.
Now you have my report! All the best and keep well!
Thank you to the gentleman for an excellent report, and for his friendship. 
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
Blackley Manchester, U.K. Two Large Green UFOs
Date: May 1, 2008
Time: 10:05 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Orbs.
Weather Conditions: Mild, dry, no wind.
Description: Two large green orbs north west very low on the horizon at a 45 degree angle silent and stationary, orbs faded out after 30 seconds or more then a brilliant white liquid light spilled out and down to the ground, ball shaped with a tail behind it.The area it would have landed in is around Heaton Park and Rhodes.
TV/Radio: Not reported.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Laval, Quebec A Triangular Shaped UFO
Date: May 10 or 11, 2008
Time: 12:00 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangle.
Weather Conditions: Night + Clear Skies.
Description: I was talking on the phone and went outside to have a smoke. I looked up at the sky and saw a triangle shape object with 3 lights(white) on each point of the triangle. I thought it was a jet or a plane at first but then it covered so much space in so little time. Something that would not be possible for a jet or plane. I would say that if I were to put my thumb in the air pointing in that direction the object covered a 6 foot distance (in comparison to my thumb) in less than half a second. It must have been about 30,000 feet high or so. Many planes pass over my house and this was definitely not a plane. The area I saw it in was in the postal code h7w5h1 area and it was heading North/West away from Laval. I am out every night with my binoculars and camcorder since then.
TV/Radio: N/A.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Spartanburg, South Carolina Triangular UFO
Date: May 13, 2008
Time: 11:30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangular.
Weather Conditions: Mostly clear.
Description: Last night, May 13, 2008, at around 11:30 pm EST, I was traveling home on US 29 AKA East Main St. Spartanburg S.C. with two of my employees. I own a commercial cleaning business this is my usual routine route every night. I saw an object which at first glance I thought this was a low flying plane but the object was moving at a very low rate of speed. With my head hanging out of my window now I gazed at the object for over a couple of minutes as I proceeded slowly down the road.
The object was triangular and resembled a Stealth Fighter. My employee riding in the front seat saw the same thing I did. The employee in the back seat had limited view of the object. The object was traveling adjacent to my truck at a crawl speed and then to a hover. It appeared dark-toned and had lights at each tip of its triangular shape. I was near 1604 East Main when I turned in the parking lot of the bank to further look at the object.
When I entered the parking area the object ascended slowly to a higher altitude and slow
TV/Radio: N/A.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Tipton County, Indiana Ball Of Light (Photos)
Date: May 16, 2008
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Tipton County, IN.
Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Ball of light.
Full Description of event/sighting: I'm from Dayton, Ohio. I came to Kokomo, Indiana to attend my daughters graduation on May 15. The following night, May 16th we decided to go out and try to find a UFO. We saw one last time we visited on April 17, 2008 over the Kokomo mall. We were headed south on Dixon road at the corner of US 26. As I sat at the stop sign deciding where I could park, off in the distance I saw what looked very familiar to me. Ahead of me, looking south I saw a bright circular object that looked unusual. I had to work myself around the road blocks and then head out straight in its direction. I traveled a few miles. I'd guess 5, maybe. We pulled off to the side on a county road grabbed our video camera and binoculars, and cybershot camera and started taking pictures. 
My son who is 19 was in awe of what he was observing. He video-taped for me as I shot still photos. His girlfriend, and my daughters took turns observing this glowing object through my 15x70 binoculars. It's strange how everything was appearing to us. In real life the UFO looked like a super bright white to orange orb and sometimes 2 orbs close together. Through the binoculars it appeared all different colors blinking like a strobe. My pictures were taken with a 15 x zoom and on sports feature(which captures action pictures with no flash.) The camera shot photos looked like lights spaced evenly in a semi-circle and some of the pictures have as many as 6 lights across horizontally. One has the lights in a strange pattern and almost a flame and smoke around it. We watched this object and taped it for about 20 minutes and tried getting closer to it. As we tried to we didn't have the field of view we needed to see it and were afraid we would lose it. It looked to be hovering close to the tree tops. 
On one section on the video it looks to be hovering at least 2 minutes and then would go to the right along the treetops slowly and then stop. Then it would go at the end of the tree clusters and turn back and go left. At one point it got so low you could see its lights behind the trees. Around 11pm we had to go back home because my son had to go back to Ohio to work Saturday morning. Just as we were nearing where my daughter lives at the intersection of US 26 and Dixon road we saw it again only this time it was right next to us. We had just turned onto 26 heading east, facing the road block on Dixon road when my son yelled, "mom stop the van, there it is." I quickly pulled over and we all jumped out.
My son videoed taped it. It was heading out from the south going northwest just over the construction site of US 26 over the apartments there. It was a big ball of light traveling just at tree top level. No sound at all except us all screaming with excitement and amazement. It had to be around a 1/4 to a 1/2 of a mile from us because of the video and its position on it between the trees and Dixon road. I've been reviewing this tape over and over and trying to understand why a plane would be flying so low, with no sound over houses and apartments. I dropped my son off to his car so he could head back home. My daughter and I went back out to the same area on the county road around 12:30 and it was there. She wanted me to try and get up closer so we tried weaving in and out of county roads to bring us closer to the orb. 
At one point, I believe we were in a town called Weston, Indiana, the orb seemed brighter and bigger and I thought we were getting closer. We tried to get even closer but a road with an arrow made me head away from it east and the time I got to a road to go back west toward it, it had taken off and the orb looked alot smaller in the distance. It seemed to be traveling really fast, maybe several counties away. I tried chasing it and ended up in Russiaville. I lost it. I stopped all along the way and took pictures of what was a strange red strobe flashing in the night sky that seemed to be associated with the now smaller orb in the distance. Anyway, I'll be trying to eliminate airports and air craft flying in the vicinity of our sighting. Also, I would like to add that the object looked somewhat like the persons video on Youtube from Denver, Indiana in January 2008. It only appeared that way though through the binoculars to me. It makes me wonder how really close this thing was to them. Our digital camera picked up what our eyes were observing, a flying bright light. My camera captured something completely different. Strange isn't it. Like the skies are over Kokomo. Something's out there in the skies that needs to be explained. Watch for it and take your cameras.
Thank you to the witness for their report and for sending the pictures in. The pictures are copyright 2008 to the owner.
To view the photos:
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
Hythe Kent, England An Oval Shape Silver UFO
Date: May 19, 2008
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Oval shape silver in color.
Weather Conditions: Sunny, scattered clouds.
Description: Working outside when spotted a silver oval shaped object hovering in the sky it was below cloud level as clouds were passing over the top of it. Called my friend over to see what he thought we both thought it was strange we watched it for a couple of minutes when all of a sudden it shot off at high speed over the channel towards France leaving us very confused as to what we just saw.
TV/Radio: N/A.
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania Round Bright Light
Date: May 19, 2008
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round Bright Light.
Weather Conditions: Mostly Clear Skies.
Description: I had just got home and proceeded to walk to my porch! I stood there looking up at the moon when a bright yellowish light moved faster than I've ever seen! It flew from one side of the sky to the other in a second!! At first I thought I just witnessed a shooting star. But then it just stopped in mid-air. It sat there for about 10 seconds. Then it proceeded to fly towards me at a very slow speed. It flew over me and headed north. I can say that there was some sort of blinking light on it. Almost like you would see on airplanes. But i do not know of any aircraft that can move that fast and just stop. Also as it flew over me and headed away it gained a massive amount of elevation! Now I'm not an aviator of any sort but I do know that any plane I've ever sat and watched in the sky stayed at a steady elevation. This object moved higher and higher into the sky. It went so high it disappeared! Almost like it flew out of the earth's atmosphere. I just felt like I needed to share this with anybody who is interested.
TV/Radio: N/A.  
UFOINFO - <http://www.ufoinfo.com>http://www.ufoinfo.com/
Oshawa, Ontario A Long White/Silver Wingless Object (UFO)
Date: May 24, 2008
Time: Approx: 6:30 p.m.
Hi Brian, hope you are keeping well with your back. I wanted to share with you, a unknown sighting that occurred recently over Oshawa, Ontario. On Saturday, May 24,2008, at about 6:30pm. I was on my deck, cooking on the BQ. I felt the urge to look up in the sky to the west and then to the east. At that moment looking east of my position. I noticed very high in the sky. A long white/silver "wingless" object moving across with a slight jerking motion, heading towards Lake Ontario. As I watched it, my mind thought of running in the house to grab a member of the family to witness this thing. Or should I run in the house to get my camera. Instead, I just froze, as I watched this missile like object move across the sky from north to south. I watched it for about 15 -20 seconds, as it moved further from my view. The conditions of the sky had a slight veil of cloud. Due to it's altitude, I'm sure it passed over without anyone else detecting it. In truth, I'm a little freaked about the timing. Very uncanny to witness a UFO ,from a urge in looking up to the sky. I gather something's going on in our skies. I leave this report just with you. Take care and hope you are keeping well
Thank you to the witness for their report.
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
Rochester, New York Bright Orange Balls Of Light Fall Into The Lake (UFOs)
Date: May 25, 2008
Time: 9:20 - 10:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Rochester NY.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Bright Orange Balls of light.
Full Description of event/sighting: This isn't the first time I have seen the lights over the lake. They are bright orange always and they either fade away suddenly or the seem to drop out of the sky into the water. You can tell they are defiantly not flares nor are they boat or buoy lights. They hang around and it always baffles me that no one else seems to notice or pay attention to them as if they can't see them or maybe they do and they just dismiss them. I have seen them a total of 10 times in the past year and there have been more them three witnesses with me at different times.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
West Side Of Michigan North On Muskegon Star Like Objects
Date: May 25, 2008
Time: Evening.
Hello is this Brian? My name is (name removed) I live on the West side of Michigan North on Muskegon. Two nights in a row I was outside and noticed "star like" objects moving across the sky and then very gradually fading away to invisibility as they continue on their path. They never flashed or looked like aircraft they looked like bright stars that move slowly and can be seen easily with the naked eye. Too slow moving to be 'falling stars'. The second one I saw seemed to change course just prior to fading out.
I was so intrigued by it that I decided to 'Google it and found your story from Hell.
I can't seem to come up with a rational explanation of 'natural objects' or any man made craft that I know of that would behave that way.
I just happened to catch one, one night so the next night I looked and saw two about an hour apart.
Any new insights since you published your article? I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
Burleson, Texas UFO Shines What Looks Like A Spotlight
Date: May 25, 2008
Time: Approx: 11:30 p.m.
Location of Sighting: To the left of the big dipper.
Number of witnesses: 7
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round.
Full Description of event/sighting: I live in Burleson, which is just South of Fort Worth in Texas. Last night, me, my fiancé', my sister, her 14 yr. old son, his 2 friends, and my other nephew who is 8 yrs. old, were sitting out in the backyard with a fire going and watching the stars. We had seen several of the satellites in the sky last night. My sister turned to the West, a little to the left of the big dipper and saw what we thought was a satellite. As we were all looking, I noticed that the light was getting brighter. It was as far away looking as the satellites you can see. But then, it shined what looked like a spotlight, that came up from underneath the UFO. It was so far away, it didn't have a ray coming out or anything. Anyway, it then stopped for a second, then got more dim as it dashed quickly to the right, then faded away. There were no blinking lights on it, and it was too far away to be a helicopter.
That was not a military aircraft, because we don't have aircraft that can move like that. The government can say all they want, but there have been so many spotting this year, maybe they need to take this even more serious, and listen to the people!
I know what I saw, and I have 6 witnesses to back me up!
Thank you to the witness for their report.
HBCC UFO Research - <http://www.hbccufo.org>http://www.hbccufo.org
Proyecto UFO Piura, Peru Sightings With Pictures (Photos)
Posted: May 26, 2008
Hello, Mr. Vike, Thank you very much for your reply. We have been receiving nice comments from kind people like you on our work regarding UFOs.
Our group has been working on UFO research since 1989. We usually carry out observation camps every month, every other month, or every three months. It depends on our time or resources. In a country like Peru preparing for trips like this is an expensive activity (transportation bills, food, bag packs, clothing, cameras, sleeping bags, etc). We just borrow some things from relatives or friends.
There are many UFO contacting groups in Peru that claim to have the ability to summon spacecrafts from other planets. But People in Piura, as in other places, think that claimimg without proving is useless.
That is why Proyecto UFO Piura have tried for years to get a photo or a film of what we have been sighting for 18 years. Now thanks to the technology we managed to borrow photo and film cameras to did a little footage as proof of what we have seen.
It was on Saturday April 19, 2008. Paul Idrogo, Oscar Ruiz, Chris Curo (students) and me (teacher Josue Gonzales) went to the desert as usual. In the evening a strange yellowish light appeared in the south of our position indicating (for us as usual) that something was going to happen. Then it desappeared.
At 9:30 PM aprox. on the left (east) of our position, flying over a hill appeared a big oval light that suddenly split in three(as it is recorded in the video). Then between 10:30 and 10:50 PM we could film an object full of light, on the ground or close to it, that changed in shape and color (as it is shown in the sequence of photos taken from the film which we here kindly share with you as proof.
But, when we thought that everything was over, exactly at 11:02 PM a beautiful oval pale orange light suddenly jump into the air (too pale to be detected by the handycam) scatering many tiny bright stars around (this sighting repeated up to 6 times consecutively before us perhaps as a confirmation that everything was under "their" control); and finally, two minutes later, an incredible powerful silver flash of light was seen in the middle of the dark of the desert ( the first photo of the sequence is precisely the freeze-frame of the flash amplified).
We are about to go out for another camp next Saturday May 31, 2008. We have invited some journalists (from papers and TV) to take part of the experience, and you are invited as well.
We enjoy our work. We just want the truth to be known. We do know about the veto regarding UFOs in certain countries. But we are sure that now is the time to put things clear before all the people in the world. Sightings around the world must not considered a weird random case any more. UFOs are real and everyone must start to study the meaning of its presence.
Thank you very much for taking the trouble to attend our messages. If we can be of help in the furture, please let us know. We are sharing our information and photos and video (perhaps through YOUTUBE in the future) for free with many magazines and kind enthusiastic researchers like you.
Greetings to all your staff.
I would like to thank Prof. Josué Gonzáles for sending in the material. You can contact the UFO Group at: <mailto:xilox2004@hotmail.com>xilox2004@hotmail.com 
Photos are all copyright to Proyecto UFO Piura, Peru.
To view all the photos please visit: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4284
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