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German Kids Beg For Food
While Berlin Elites
Drink Vintage Champagne

By Michael James in Germany
In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
Just two weeks ago, I found myself at the local supermarket seeking out my usual fare, something that requires minimal preparation and yet is light on my digestion, suffering as I do from autoimmune Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'm beset by a number of allergies and food intolerances and thus spend an inordinate amount of time studying labels. I've pretty much got it down to pat, but remain overly suspicious of ever-changing ingredients. Sometimes I survive for days on Soy-Rice milk alone.
Along the aisle between the pre-packaged breadstuff and the confectionary, a young boy held in his hand a packet of chocolate wafers. He wasn't so much interested in the ingredients it seemed to me. His eyes were full of desire. He kept turning the package over, looking this way and that. Then he replaced the wafers on the shelf and stared glumly at passers-by, his hands in his pockets.
I remembered the lactose-free coconut cookies I sometimes eat late at night with no ill effects and headed back in his direction.
"Excuse me," the boy asked me winsomely, casting another glance at the chocolate wafers. "I'm hungry. Can you give me some money?"
Kids, I thought. I was once like that: forever hungry, although I never went without. I was around 13 years old when an old lady accosted me in the street close to our local Spar supermarket and pushed two shillings in my hand. "Have something to eat," she said insistently, her voice trembling with emotion. "Shame on your parents!"
I was a very skinny youngster, and I'm still terribly underweight for my age. But the old lady had no idea that I had an unusually fast metabolism and ate six meals a day. At school, the "dinner ladies" used to feed me extra portions and kept me behind after school to make sure I drank an extra pint of full-cream milk. My parents used to scold my brothers for raiding the cookie jar or sampling the fridge late at night, but they turned a blind eye to my frequent midnight snacks and made sure that my surreptitious feasts were loaded with calories and protein.
"I'm really hungry," the boy reiterated, now pointing to the wafers.
"Sure," I said, rummaging for loose change and discounting the cigarettes I had intended to buy. "Here's three euros."
"Thanks," he said, his face all smiles.
I had hardly made it to the checkout when I felt a tug on the back of my jacket. Once again I beheld the skinny waif, blue of eye and with dishevelled reddish-blonde hair, his T-shirt overly sized and his face marked by an uncertain, nervous anxiety.
"May I have some fish fingers?" he asked sheepishly.
I left my place in the queue and led him to the deep-freeze section and asked him straight, "Doesn't your mother feed you?"
He didn't reply. It was the wrong question and I regretted it immediately.
"Igloo fish fingers," he said, wide-eyed in hopeful wonderment. "They're my favourite."
"Oh, mine too," I humoured him, although I can no longer digest them. "And I suppose you also eat them with French fries?"
"Yes, please," he cackled. "Or 'Wedges'. We all love potato 'Wedges'."
I grabbed two packets and he clutched them with singular glee, including the extra six euros I pushed into his outstretched hand; and I watched him quickly scuttle off ahead of the queue in his indecent haste to make his way home.
According to a recent report issued by the German Office of Statistics, 1 out of 8 German children now live below the poverty line. Don't believe it. My eyes tell me that the figure falls within the margin of 1 out of 4. In the less affluent areas of Frankfurt, it is not uncommon to be approached by kids begging a couple of euros for a hamburger. There is no guessing as to the growing childhood misery in Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, and the states of former East Germany.
The discounters are doing their level best to swallow inflationary food costs and replace quality products with less palatable offerings at the same price. Portions are growing smaller, milk is being watered down, butter is now adulterated with substituted ingredients and lean cuts of meat contain more fat, bread contains more soy, cheap dough and fillings. But parents, strapped by rising fuel costs and health insurance payments, are bringing less to the table; and their children are suffering.
And we have yet to the face the coming "hunger years" of 2009 and 2010.
Peer Steinbrück, the German Finance Minister, recently celebrated the prospect that Germany's 1.9 trillion national debt would not increase beyond the year 2010, despite the billions of taxpayers' money he has squandered on bankrupt Zionist bankers and Hedge-fund cowboys to promote liquidity for the chosen few, for which the taxpayer must eventually foot the bill in terms of rampant inflation. Steinbrück and his fancy Zionist and celebrity internationalist friends lavished themselves on a five-course meal of sushi, medium-rare steak, an Indonesian delicacy, French dessert and copious quantities of vintage champagne.
These traitors, living on lavish stipends and guaranteed, sumptuously exorbitant pensions for life, know that 12 percent of all German income taxes are earmarked to pay the interest on the national debt to Freemasonic-Jewish owned banks. By 2030 that figure will rise to 50 percent and by 2050, German taxpayers will be working exclusively to pay the interest due on usurious extortion without a glimmer of hope that this will return us to a debt-free economy.
Following 100 percent inflation since the introduction of the euro in 2002, official figures put current inflation at near 4 percent, but Austrian economists place the truth closer at 12 percent and rising rapidly:
http://www.hartgeld.com/filesadmin/pdf/ Art_2008-102_EinJahrFinanzkrise.pdf
The German people are on their knees, slandered and libelled by a viciously hateful historical narrative, pilloried by the world as second-class citizens, overwhelmed by mass immigration that will soon make them a minority in their own country, and taxed beyond the measure of anything a working man or woman can endure. German children are routinely sent home early because their schools can no longer afford to employ music or sports teachers.
As generously subsidised welfare immigrants who refuse to speak German produce vast numbers of uneducated, illiterate German-hating children, young German couples abstain from raising healthy and educated kids, for they see no future in a land lost to multicultural Zionist oppression and fantastically ludicrous reparations claims, ceaseless and unremitting, massively fantastical "Alice in Wonderland" holocaust propaganda, bizarre political correctness, monstrously huge health insurance hikes and unaffordable price increases. Germans now evidence the lowest birth rate in the world. Put it all together: it is ethnic genocide by stealth.
Official data puts the figure of emigrating Germans at 110,000 a year, but the reality may be closer to 150,00. Most of them are young, educated and ambitious Germans seeking a new life of freedom beyond the confines of the emerging Bolshevik Soviet European Union, and figures show that most will never return. The loss to this nation is inestimable. Germany is dying; and this is all by design of the Judeo-Freemasonic globalist new world system, a Satanic order that seeks to make out of ever-diminishing Europeans vassal slaves for its own atheistic imperial ambitions.
But there is a solution, and for this we must be prepared to fight, even unto death.
In addition to what I said, the time is not yet come. "Patience" is still the keyword. However, Germany is on the cusp of a revolution and we must measure the time ahead of us with the exactitude of a finely honed chronometer.
Inflation is really talking hold. Discounters are swallowing the massive costs of fuel inflation to maintain affordable stocks, but taxpayers are being robbed blind by increases at the pump, on their health insurance, ecological taxes, social surcharges, municipal taxes and in terms of massive rent increases. People are beginning to steal food from supermarkets. I saw it twice at my local discounters (warnings were issued) and again at ToomMarkt in Friedrichsdorf where a woman, in tears and distress, was detained by the manager. I've been here since 1992, and these events are completely new to me.
We are about to witness a massive financial collapse in Europe, accompanied by hyperinflation, and Germans are going to experience real hunger. It will happen within the next two years. At first, the people will turn to Gregor Gysi, the Jewish leader of the Communist Party. When he betrays them to the central banks and Cabbalistic capitalism, and he and his Israeli-loving cohorts eventually lose control in a quandary of unrestrained anarchy, you will see a movement toward national revolution. The period 2009-2011 will be make or break for the future of ancestral Europeans, including the British, Austrians, French, Scandinavians, Irish, Italians, Spanish and all other peoples who belong to the illegal and unlawful European Soviet Union.
The resistance must be leaderless (at first) until a foolproof and trusted system of unmonitored communication and coded verification has been established. Then we must build a new Volksfront -- not the NPD, DVU, or the BNP (they are part of the system, absorbing registered dissidents, and the Volksgemeinschaft they promote is one of pure fascism rather than socially compassionate, patriotic nationalist populism).
The movement must be militantly republican and populist and different from anything we have seen before. It must be built on reason and genuine patriotism. It must prioritize the complete abolition of usury and the current parasitic international banking Cabal. It must guarantee full employment for all Germans and pay a living wage so that men can afford to raise families without their women having to work too just to pay the monthly bills.
We must never forget that we have among us a decent number of sincerely patriotic and hard-working non-Zionist Jews and culturally attuned Turks, among others, for whom Germany is their Heimat. They are our natural allies and fellow citizens, important to the economy and our healthcare system; and under no circumstances should they be demonized or made scapegoats. We must exercise discernment, compassion and wisdom in everything we do.
We start by abolishing the illegal Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), revoke the national debt and refuse to pay the Zionist- Jewish and international banking conglomerates one single cent, just as Argentina did. Germany must secede from the parasitic European Union, NATO, the World Bank and the globalist United Nations. Then the introduction of a new currency, a new Reichsmark, based on the productivity of the German people, not gold or silver or dogshit or naval fluff or any other worthless commodity manipulated by greedy speculators. The only commodity that matters is the productivity and potential creativity of the people, Das Volk.
A secret militia, comprised of former Bundeswehr officers and soldiers, is already in the making. They have access to secret arms caches and they know how to take out key installations (and the political elites) in the blink of an eye. Even in my village alone, at least fifty people own hunting rifles or revolvers -- some licensed, some not. But when push comes to shove, a national revolution against the parasitic elites -- given the right leaders, organisation, strategy and inspiration -- will be an awesome and exciting contest.
To those of a fundamentalist Christian persuasion who have been bamboozled by false, apostate Judeo-Christian teachings and who believe that prophecy is written indelibly in stone and represents no warning, I say this: "God does not sanction suicide, for it is a deadly sin. He expects us to fight for what is right. He demands that we lay down our lives for our friends and give no quarter to Satan."
Let's bide our time and plan accordingly. Justice will be done and the guilty parties in Berlin (London, Paris and Brussels) will swing from the highest lampposts in the land. Then you will see a new society based on prioritising the needs of ancestral Europeans, filling their bellies with natural, nutritious food, providing them with affordable warmth and housing security, and last, but not least, the love of Christ, the Celtic Galilean who died so that his fellow Europeans and those they bless may live, and have life abundantly.
I'm not predicting a miracle, just a patriotic revolution that will establish a new Volkskgemeinschaft that serves as a beacon of light for all ancestral Europeans, including our brothers and sisters in America. I won't be there to witness it myself, but I have seen it from beyond the highest peaks of the misty hilltops of the Taunus, and it is truly a magnificent sight to behold.
The time for talk is almost over, and you must now turn your mind to study, planning, networking and preparation. Unless you find slavery in the European Soviet Union Of Zionist Socialist States a comforting option, prepare to fight for your lives.
And fight like lions.
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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