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'F' For America - No Strategic
Vision, No Strategic Plan

By Karl Schwarz

Some readers who have figured out that I am a nanotechnology executive ask why I write about the many problems besetting the USA and the world.


Well, to put it simply, due to my office having been in Washington, DC for 7 years, I know from firsthand experience that George Bush, John McBush and Obama Black Bush are and will continue to be a complete disaster for America. We need a New Plan and they are not it. 


McCain is Bush Lite; Obama is Bush Dark. The RNC is the War Party; the DNC is the War Party. The math is not hard.


We are having an American leadership crisis of Biblical proportions. They are losing on ALL fronts and they will continue to lose for reasons stated in this article.


All of the belligerent rhetoric, the endless, useless photo ops that fill the air with meaningless words and even dumber ideas, and all of the DC lies add up to exactly 'zero constructive achievements' since 9-11. What these vapid, empty words do is drive up the price of oil and your cost of living. Their actions ruin the soundness of the US dollar, create instability, mayhem, and destroy opportunities to avert the disasters they alone have created. It is their most fervent desire that Americans do not make the mental connection between their "pathetic leaders' and 'massive destructive downsides' of their folly as the blowback comes home to slap Americans across the room and flat on their back.


Within the past two weeks, Russia has entered into major oil and gas deals with both Iran and Venezuela. The Iran move was designed to bypass still more US-sponsored sanctions and harassment against Iran...to get DC's 'way' when the US leaned on EU banks to freeze $75 billion of Iranian money on deposit there. It was also a clear message from Russia: "Do NOT Attack Iran." The Venezuela move put a huge barrier up to US belligerence towards Venezuela and Russian 'energy might' is now parked squarely in the Western Hemisphere.


Do not be surprised if your natural gas or electrical utility company in the near future becomes Russian-owned, or if major companies like Chevron are suddenly named LUKOil.


What is the US response?  BushCo is going to increase the war effort in Afghanistan until they get their 'pipeline too far'. By the time they do, most of the Caspian Basin nations will be selling everything to Russia, the EU, China and India. Business is business...and it seems DC does not know how to conduct business any more. These morons just know how to falsify intelligence, lie and start illegal wars of genocide and then pontificate about their screw-ups. 


They are going to keep lying about Iran because nothing else is working for America. If they back off, the reason for photo ops diminishes to irrelevance and so do the American talking heads in MSM and our government. They will see if they can open the Tehran "diplomatic mission" and cut a quick deal to bring the pipeline due south through Iran. That is actually their only way out of the mess they created.


They are going to try to ignore that Russia and Venezuela just cut a major deal on defense weapons, oil and natural gas in the Western Hemisphere. That is and will continue to be 'too big of an embarrassment' for DC to admit. Since we have not seen the Black Poodle Rice go 'arf-arf' in a photo op, we can all rest assured they are sitting around conference tables in DC wringing their hands and contemplating how far Russia is going to go to prove to DC that they really are angry about the bogus Bush Missile Shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.


I guess the thought never occurred to our moronic planners that they might be 'nationalized' in the Caspian Basin since they have failed to achieve anything since 9-11 and the world is moving on.  Russia has already taken control of a major pool of oil in US 'ally' Azerbaijan while our idiot leaders snoozed and basked in their unearned 'glory.'  Russia has also been reminding Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan who they live next door to, and where the markets are, so they can sell their oil and gas. Bush and Blair got nothing done; Russia is moving hard and fast and accomplishing virtually everything on its shopping list.


On July 24, 2008, Russia finally let out why it planted titanium stakes on the Arctic Ocean floor in their territorial waters. They have found up to 90 billion barrels of oil there and they are making sure the US and UK are 'sufficiently advised' as to exactly where the property lines are.


I feel sorry for the US puppets in Georgia who have a 'national suicide decision' to make if NATO membership means more to them than getting along with their neighboring nations, which include Russia.  Russia has signaled many times ­ STOP pushing EU and NATO membership to the borders of the Russian Bear.  


Russia is actually cutting better deals, with more equity and fairness, than our Big Oil greed-mongers have offered. Better yet, Russia is getting things done while our leaders are wallowing in the quagmire of their lies, war crimes and failures.


Our leaders suck...and no amount of "change we can believe in" or slick marketing, useless photo-ops or "Bush-McBush" rhetoric and lies (or psychological help for them) is going to change the fact that they will still suck. These are not leaders, they are marionettes.


I have given a lot of thought about how to simplify it so that any American can understand what the fundamental problem is within the US government. This article is my assessment of what the underlying issue is and why our US government is broken beyond repair.


It is really quite simple: 


1.America has no 'strategic vision' that cares about anyone, foreign or American, except the elite insiders who use our government to implement their nonsensical and greedy schemes. Our elected leaders like it because they can posture themselves as great emperors and imperialists and DC Royalty.
2.America has no 'strategic plan' that can be sold to anyone except at the end of a gun barrel, or a bribe, or terrorism, or assassination, or manipulation of elections to achieve "the right hand-picked US puppet democracy".
3. We have nothing but "rat leaders".
4.They come up with nothing but "rat plans".
5. The RNC is the War Party; the DNC is the War Party, they are both stupid and failing to achieve anything.
6.  Bush Lite and Bush Dark are NO CHANGE.


When you add in, on top of that, a culture of greed, rampant fraud and a commercially-abusive business mindset, we are losing in spades to commercial contracts and pens that offered far better terms between Russia and whoever they are signing with on deal after deal.


It does not matter how much military force the idiots in DC threaten or implement, they are losing and will continue to lose until they change both their 'plan' and their 'ways' in DC... and corporate America.


I write for two primary reasons.


First, I have watched the American Dream get slashed and stabbed to death every day for the past 30 years by the same US government that touts itself as the reason 'America is so great.'  I am a very adamant believer in 'the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.' I was part of the RNC policy formation machinery and know the lies that both sides tell. It is not an ideological war in its purest essence; it is a war of lies and of who can cram through the most lunatic policies. It is a marketing plan for votes, and both sides are equally corrupt and damaging to America and the American Dream. 


It is 'pure crap theater' and I do not find it entertaining or amusing in the least. Crucial, life-threatening problems are facing our nation and the world and we have complete morons at the helm of America.


Where there is an absence of truth, honor, integrity, or rule of law there is no 'greatness' whatsoever.  None.  The truly great use simple concepts like equity, fairness and evenhandedness, even benevolence. Truly great nations have always put the well-being of their own citizens at the head of the list. One cannot find any of that in Washington, DC. Their stench is now bleeding out across the America I love...and spewing over the entire planet as well.


The second reason is I have been watching something that I have yet to write about in hundreds of articles and email updates. It is described by a word that Americans are going to have to learn to live with. It sounds like a benevolent word but when applied to current day America it is going to be nothing short of a nightmare.


That word is 'Megatrend'.


What is a megatrend? It is something akin to a force of nature that leaders cannot change any more than they can change a hurricane or a tornado. The Industrial Revolution was a megatrend. The IT revolution was a megatrend. The Internet and cell phones are both megatrends. The current expanse of global travel and shifts in geopolitical forces and control of energy are megatrends. Megatrends are driven by changes in people and changes in the directions of nations and their economies. Megatrends make history and there is no nation on Earth that can stop a megatrend.


Once a megatrend starts it is impossible to stop, just as major storms are impossible to stop. Megatrends can come from the outside like a hurricane, or they can come from the inside like a massive earthquake and devastate a nation.


America is about to be stomped on (possibly to death) by external and internal megatrends at the same time. The nation that I love is about to learn the hard way that our actions at home and our actions around the world are going to hammer on America and soon.


The megatrends I am watching are the blowback to US policies...and these storms are intensifying in force daily.  I am also watching the megatrends within America that are fracturing the fabric of America more each day. The housing bubble was a 'homegrown' megatrend to hide the reality of how pathetic the US economy is performing.


I have to give presentations all the time in what I do as the Managing Director, CEO of a nanotechnology company. It is hard for many to grasp something so small that it cannot be seen with the human eye, but is so huge that it will be the platform that will straighten out a lot of messes on this planet and even take mankind to the planets and the stars. 


I learned through direct experience that in presenting this new opportunity for mankind that I had to find a way to "shock them" into thinking differently. Nanotechnology is not the past; it is the future of mankind but one that is literally invisible without the most powerful instruments.  Many have a hard time grasping 'the invisible' and understanding the implications that nanotechnology has for the future. Those implications are nothing short of remarkable and stunning.


On the very first PowerPoint slide I present, this is what I show to start that required change to the critical-thinking process:


"It is impossible to have strategic planning where there is an absence of strategic vision."

--John Naisbitt, Megatrends, 1982.


Washington, DC has no strategic vision other than greed, manipulation and control, so you can do the math on the rest of it. What our leaders excel in is this: 1 faulty strategic vision + 1 idiot strategic plan = 0 net results.


It is what I say in those presentations that has governments and their top scientists with their jaws in their laps. Nanotechnology is, in fact, a 'Megatrend' and possibly the biggest that mankind has ever discovered. What is happening to America is also a series of Megatrends due to pathetic leadership, myopic thinking, greed and stupidity and an endless chain of lost opportunities.


Yes, the Neocons have indeed 'created their own reality'. They have succeeded in creating a 'Megatrend of Stupid Ideas and Stupid Plans' that has now evolved into a 'Megatrend of Contempt' for America that may well bury America for good. The world used to look up to America as an ideal to reach for, a lofty ideal to achieve. Now they are watching indifferently as America sinks itself, and I have yet to find anyone who is going to offer America a lifejacket when the ship goes down.


The Megatrends they have started are coming at us from all directions, both within and the outside. If you pay attention to the Big Picture, the US is having problems getting oil, gas, mineral resources, selling more of their fraudulent debt, and getting its way because all across the world people have had their fill of America. The combination of greed, arrogance and abusive way of treating others has created Megatrends of closed doors to America's ways. The Megatrends against America are both in resources and in the attitude towards America turning negative and getting more so every day.


When most of 6 billion people on Earth do not like a nation, or could not care less what the American agenda is, America has a PR problem. 6 billion versus 300 million is a "megatrend". I am watching very closely as the word "NO" is becoming a megatrend unto itself and that does not bode well for the future of America.


We do not as a nation 'play well with others' and it is the others who have had enough of the arrogance, bullying and abuse. Much of this world is very weary supporting a luxurious "We are Number One" American lifestyle on debt and fraud to the detriment of its own well-being.  


Right now, most of the planet is livid at the sheer level of fraud that DC and Wall Street delivered to its doorsteps, just so America could prop up what is now, clearly, a housing market that had no vibrant US economy to support it. They stole trillions, folks, from the savings and capital of other nations and those who got robbed are way past rage.


There are huge lawsuits being prepared to recover what was stolen from them under a pretense of "US government guaranteed" or "AAA rated".


I was in a meeting with a Superpower government and when that PowerPoint slide (John Naisbitt quote) was on the big screen I inadvertently hesitated in my presentation. They all looked at me but could not fathom what was going through my mind or why I had paused. It occurred to me at that very moment that what is wrong with America is it has 'no worthy strategic vision' and therefore it has 'no valid strategic plan'.


The downside to that is they have created a series of Megatrends that can destroy any empire, any nation. The most dangerous of which I see is people all over the world just do not care about America any more. What used to shine as bright as the Sun now looks and smells like a pile of bullshit.


What is sad to me is that I know that the true heart and soul of America are its people, not the morons and criminals plastered all over the TV screens that the rest of the world sees and uses as its basis to form its negative opinion about America.


It was not always so, but the longer these misfits in Washington, DC have persisted with their stupid 'strategic plan' the more the world has turned on America and turned indifferent to the success or failure of America...or even the demise of our country.


That same problem applies to nations, where a lack of strategic vision produces the end result of a total failure in strategic planning. Our government excels at it. Greed and lust for power and control are not the fundamentals of great vision or effective planning.


I can assure you this ­ neither Bush, nor McCain nor Obama have a viable, workable strategic vision or plan.  All they have as a plan is the exact same plan that has been in play since George H W Bush and that, as history shows, has been a total failure, a complete catastrophe.


McCain was recently stating his concerns about the problems on the Iraq ­ Pakistan border. Those two nations do not even border each other,  Iran lies between them. There are no problems along the Iran ­ Pakistan border, so I am not sure where that latest instance of dementia came from except complete ignorance.


How do we interpret that? Brain dead or map challenged? And this idiot wants to be President of the United States? Here we have a self-proclaimed expert on the "Iraq War Factor" but does not know IRAN is next door to Iraq.


When I think about this maniacal idea that Zbigniew Brzezinski concocted: 1.) create Al Qaeda; 2.) plan The Grand Chessboard, aka: fraudulent Global War on Terror; and 3.) lie and scheme to take over trillions of dollars in oil and natural gas with a failed war plan; and 4.) completely failed to achieve their objective, it is easier to see how they keep doing such stupid things and keep failing.


If one knows the fundamentals of strategic vision and strategic planning as I do, their errors are crystal clear.


That entire Afghanistan fiasco is about trillions of dollars of oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin and they need a pipeline across Afghanistan to profit from their scheme. Otherwise, they have to come across IRAN or pack their bags, tuck tail, and retreat back to DC. 


They care not how many lies they tell or how many people they kill or maim to get control of that mother lode of oil and natural gas, or that 'absolutely essential' Afghanistan pipeline so they can get it to the ocean. It is all about 'them' and their greed for money and lust for power and control.


It was a lie to begin with and nothing is going to turn that lie into the truth ­ except the truth. Those idiots chose tens of thousands of lies rather than a single simple truth. Without the truth, I do not think they will ever succeed.



They cannot send the most powerful military in the world to Afghanistan and get a pipeline right-of-way under control. The reason is simple, that is not the way to get that pipeline done. That is the bottom line.


Bridas Corporation had it ready to implement and our government spent 6 years interfering and trying to take it all over.


That is where it is all breaking down and it is getting worse, and more bizarre and more brazen, with each passing year. They have told so many lies they no longer remember what the simple truth is. They would have to start over with a basic precept: 'This is America and we represent the citizens of America who elected us, first and foremost.'


All one has to do is sit down and think about this picture: How screwed up is a national strategic plan that declares war on the rest of the world and the citizens of its own nation? What sort of aberrant, perverted vision resulted in that incredibly stupid plan?


The bottom line is their problem is not just that they cannot 'execute' their strategic plan. It is so full of bullshit and lies they cannot 'sell' their strategic plan to anyone. 


Furthermore, they have no benevolent strategic vision; they have no workable strategic plan. It is just all lies and deceit to keep the American Sheeple both intimidated and confused while the empire builders try to rob the world blind with their idiotic plan based on nothing but a vision of greed and lies in staggering proportions.


It is like that great line by Michael Douglas in 'The American President': "All Bob Rumson knows is to tell you what to fear and who to blame for it. That is how you win elections." Ponder that movie script for a moment and apply it to the realities of life in America today.


I have noticed for 30 years that the US government has no honorable character, it has no integrity whatsoever. I have explained above why that is so.


The sound in the Caspian Basin area now is doors slamming shut due to US arrogance and stupidity and a really deranged strategic plan which has gone by two names and they are both total failures in planning and execution: 1) The Grand Chessboard; and 2) the Global War on Terror.


Those disasters are so large the conspirators cannot think coherently any more. All they can do is increase the already preposterous level of their lies to cover their butts. They are liars, traitors and war criminals engaged in genocide, evil schemes, and corruption and deception on unprecedented levels.


All they could see were trillions upon trillions of dollars in oil and natural gas and how they could profit from that and use it to control energy and nations. All they could dream about or work on was 'how can we use military force to make this happen now and line our pockets withuntold billions in profits and fees? 


One or more in that group of 'strategic planners' did not care how many human lives they snuffed out to get that oil and natural gas and the trillions of dollars in revenues they coveted. The entire world wants that person or persons to stand trial for 9-11 murders and what the US has done under the ruse of 9-11.


Problem is, they did not have a pipeline and without it their dreams of The Grand Chessboard were dead, still dead, just as dead as the many American and foreign lives they have murdered to get that pipeline and get at that oil and natural gas. While they have been screwing around and avoiding the truth, Russia, China, India and others have picked the Caspian Basin area to pieces to the point the US and UK will never control that mother lode of oil and natural gas.


Their strategic plan was one based on lies and deceit and it has dismally, abominably failed. It is also a plan based on violence and death and devastation while others chose business contracts and move forward.


Now Obama wants to nail down a political 'solution' in Iraq so he could 'refocus' on Afghanistan, expand the military presence and try to get that absolutely essential pipeline deal done. He is even threatening to bomb Pakistan since they are not playing along any more with this stupid scheme DC concocted.


Failed diplomacy is a unforgivably polite way to say it. The more accurate way is to say that these murderous bastards are complete idiots, criminally and monstrously deranged.



The overwhelming majority of foreign nations are rejecting the Zionist US strategic plan to rule world's energy supplies under US terms and conditions. They covet what does not belong to them and others are emphatically saying "NO."


There is no way within the web of lies and liars in DC to come up with any strategic vision or strategic plan that will work because they are all based on lies.  My grandfather used to refer to such lowlife people as "not being hemmed in by the truth." That was the gentlemanly way many years ago to call someone a blatant liar.


I confess that I have not seen all 535 members of the House, and the Senate, on TV but of those I have seen ­ virtually all are liars. They are not only not hemmed in by the truth, they do not give a damn what the truth is. They are so arrogant and mentally defective they think they can make any lie become the truth.


There was a time I thought we had really smart people running our government, but over the years you see they actually excel in hiring stupidity and misfits and promoting them to their highest level of incompetence.


They always come up with some kind of agenda but by the time they become codified into a "strategic vision", lies have completely polluted the process. Then they try to take a faulty strategic vision and develop a workable strategic plan from it. That is when greed, lust for power and control and vast amounts of money get involved in the process of developing the strategic plan and pollute that, too. They always fail to consider the 'gotchas' and the realities of 'do-ability' or 'achievability'. They cannot see reality through all the dollar signs their schemes are after.


What they always fail to do is ask the right question: "What could possibly go wrong with this plan and what do we do if that happens? What is Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, etc?"


They also always fail to ask this question: "Is this the right and honorable thing to do?"  Morality doesn't enter into their 'thinking.'


When they put their idiot ideas in front of other nations, and those nations disagree and refuse to roll over, out comes the "T" word ­ "They're TERRORISTS because they aren't with us...so they must be against us.  And we must destroy them."



Folks, 99% of the time that is not terrorism at all.  It is a simple business decision which said 'NO' to American greed and commercially-abusive terms and conditions put on the table by US thugs as a "take it or leave it" proposition. Well, they left it on the table and got put on the LIST.


During the S&L crisis, I had to travel to DC many times due to workouts we were formulating. I got to know a very high level person in FSLIC. He told me something one day about the true nature of DC...and it has proved to be true over and over again ever since.


His quote: "The problem with DC is that they form a committee and assign it a task. In this instance, their mission is to take a camel and re-engineer it into a thoroughbred horse so the higher ups look good and very wise to the American voters. During their planning process they all nod their heads 'yeah, this is a really good plan' so they pat themselves on the back, send it upstairs to be implemented and go have drinks to celebrate. The leaders look at it..."Yeah, this is a really good plan"...and they put it into motion because THEY were too stupid to come up with any plan, even a bad plan. When it goes into motion and their objective of turning the camel into the horse backfires in their faces, and the camel has really turned into a rat, they all panic. The leaders assure that all will be OK, so they schedule a photo-op, put their new rat on a pedestal and announce "Look, America, at the beautiful new thoroughbred horse our brilliant staff and brilliant leaders came up with."  They know most Americans are either too dumb to know the difference between a horse and a rat, or they don't care." 


I have not seen that just one time; I have now seen that thousands of times from our 'leaders' in Washington, DC.  


The plan to subdue Afghanistan and build the elite their pipeline is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is NOT a brilliant, achievable scheme.


The Iraq fiasco is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is not a brilliant achievable scheme.


The Iran Plan is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is not a brilliant achievable scheme.


This Obama-Brzezinski brain delusion to bomb Pakistan is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is not a brilliant achievable scheme.


This Obama plan to escalate (refocus) our waning military in Afghanistan for that Bridas Pipeline is a "rat", not a 'horse', not a brilliant achievable scheme.


This McCain brain embolism to stay the course in Iraq is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is not a brilliant achievable scheme. 



I am not sure how to characterize his Iraq ­ Pakistan border comment other than, great, he is as map challenged as George W Bush. Run him out of Washington, DC right now!


The Grand Chessboard, now dubbed the bogus 'Global War On Terror', is a brazen attempt to take over the Caspian Basin...it is a "rat", not a 'horse'...it is not a brilliant achievable scheme.


If you are paying attention, maybe you can deduce why I am completely convinced we have "rats" for leaders that are only capable of "rat plans". Folks, these 'planners' are as ignorant as a cubic yard of dirt.


Many have asked, so here is my answer. September 11, 2001 was definitely an inside job done by insane "rat" elements of our government who were too stupid, too cowardly, too lazy, too greedy to come up with a better plan. It was an aberrant strategic vision - and we can all now see what a total disaster of a strategic plan it has turned out to be.


They tried to get the 'horse' to sell America on (9-11) and wound up with a 'rat' (the fraudulent Global War on Terror). Their 'mission' now is keep trying to change the rat into a horse, and folks, it is not ever going to happen. The "rat" is out of the bag.


The rest of the world is walking away and leaving us, yes us, stuck with the biggest bunch of dumbasses ever assembled to lead a nation.


Frankly, America will be damned lucky to survive these endlessly stupid plans and schemes. The multiple Megatrends headed at America ­ right now - may well end America as a Superpower both economically and militarily. The ramifications of that are horrifying for America at the grass roots level where the families live - dad, mom and the children and the rest of their loved ones. 


Their lack of a plan, their lack of execution, their lack of character, veracity and integrity can all be summed up by the fact that they have their "crosshairs" on money, and greed, power and control rather than the bigger picture, or the bigger opportunity, or for the greater good of humanity. This entire fiasco was just for a select few and was one lie, after another, after another to the point of nausea.


These people are so arrogant and so blind they will not even admit when they have lost. They lost the day they attacked AFGANISTAN on OCTOBER 7, 2001!


I have thought about this many times: instead of killing 3,000 Americans with 9-11, all they had to do was joint venture with Bridas Corporation. They already had Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan under contract and everyone was ready to do that pipeline. They already had that achieved by 1995, so after 13 years it is time to admit "The Grand Chessboard' plan ain't working. No, to joint venture with Bridas meant that some pig-headed prick in the US government or US corporations would have to share revenues with someone who was way ahead of the US...and remains so to this day.


I think privately at times ­ how stupid can our leaders possibly be if the 'business plan' of a relatively small Argentina oil, gas and pipeline company can defeat the 'war plan' of a world economic and military Superpower? That is a true story of David and Goliath, and it is also an abject example of 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall.'


Mark my words ­ within one year, two years maximum, Russia and Bridas will have dominant control of The Grand Chessboard. That is a just reward for US liars and murderers who had 'no plan' other than deceit and violence. Obama and Zbigniew do not have a prayer of turning it around with yet more lies or more dead and maimed US troops.


We did not lose today or yesterday. We lost on September 11, 2001 and then used that outrage to attack Afghanistan October 7, 2001.


Getting the pipeline done is pointless, if what is north of there is mostly going to Russia and China, as it already is in considerable volume. That fact alone is why The Grand Chessboard is in 'checkmate' and the US has lost. Now they are just scrambling for crumbs and "glory" to prove they can force their stupid plan against the grain, against the facts, against the realities of their failures.


It is all about 'them' and to Hell with the rest of us, American and foreign alike.


What I clearly see coming at America is going to be like being in a 20-foot boat in the middle of an F5 hurricane. It is not going to be a pleasant experience and many Americans are going to lose all they have. Many have already figured out that the American Dream is worth $0 to them.


I am one of them.


We can name this new hurricane "Megatrend". It will definitely be F5 and may God help us because it might prove to be F10, F15 or F20.


The sad reality about 'intensity' of Hurricane Megatrend is that it will be directly in proportion to the level of stupidity emanating out of Washington, DC.


Many in America are about to find out if they have any 'American character' left in them. It is going to take commitment, courage, hard work and intestinal fortitude that I have not seen America face since the Vietnam War and the early 1980s when prime bank rates went to 21%.


The party is over, time to pay the tab.


I chose to build a new life elsewhere rather than spend another minute of my life living under the tyranny of the DC liars and their version of a strategic vision and strategic plan that will never work.


They envision a unipolar world led by the nose - like cattle - and absolutely dominated by the US and UK and their whining allies in Zionist Israel.


The world has already said 'no' - not once but many times to idiot empire builders. The world has gone into a state of multipolarization where the peoples of South America, Africa, EU, India, China, Russia and everywhere are now clearly seeing that they have the same rights to 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' as do those in the US and UK.


Therein lies the rub for these US and UK empire builders who think they alone have and are entitled to that right. They do not, ALONE, have that right; it is not exclusive to them except in their arrogant views and delusional goals for the world.


Those are not gifts to be handed out on the whims of the US or UK 'emperors' to their "friends" and denied to those they paint as "enemy" through their policies, lies and rhetoric that seeks an arbitrary painting of them as enemies. They do such things because some say 'no' to the overreaching and overbearing demands and wanton greed of 'the Empire'.


The US and UK are not the grantors of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; God is the grantor of those rights and those blessings.


That alone is why the US is losing and sliding backwards in all categories including valid GDP, manufacturing output, job creation that is lasting, no financial security of its citizens and even their "strategic delusional vision' that they are the Imperial rulers of the entire world. The reason I say 'valid GDP' is because fraudulent Wall Street paper such as the mortgage fraud fiasco is not "valid GDP' but they add it in to make things look all rosy.


Yes, they add into "output" even the fraud they put out.


The world has changed for the better. It is way past time the US and UK figured that out but I will not be holding my breath waiting for them to do so.


It is clear to me that the empire is not that of the US and UK. On the contrary, what is developing is an Empire of Earth where the new playing field is more level and everyone has that same rights. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded that it is only the US, UK and Israel that wish to deny those rights to all others on this planet.


One of our top scientists has an interesting way to describe the sheer demands for purity that nanotechnology presents to research and production and to scientists because the science is at the atom-to-atom level, at extreme purity tolerances. He describes the necessity for excellence in one phrase: Garbage in is garbage out.


The reason the US government is broken beyond repair is simply because. garbage (lies) into their strategic vision = garbage out as their strategic plan.


They have no intentions of changing that. That is why they are no longer "my leaders".


They invented a Megatrend of lies and veiled greed that becomes only worse. Enough is never enough for these idiots.


They invented a Megatrend of stupid ideas through faulty strategic vision...and a faulty strategic plan and the means of achieving it. 


They invented a Megatrend of death, destruction and failure to achieve which is being rejected all over the world.


They invented a Megatrend of hate and indifference towards American demands and greed, and most nations have headed in better directions. 


They invented a new Megatrend phenomenon of "Do Not Buy American" because other nations know that such only fuels more of the nonsense DC has specialized in since the George H W Bush Administration. Nations are seeking other sources for goods and that is not a good sign for US jobs in the future.


They invented a Megatrend of Greed that has now turned on America in ways that are destroying even the wealth of its own citizens. Their evil serpent has bitten America and the patient may well die.


What do our leaders do in response to all of that? More stupid policies, more useless photo-ops to whine and lie about their endless string of losses, or thump their chests about accomplishments yet to be realized, more stupid plans as to how they are going to bail their ass out of the fire.


Until we find leaders who have a real strategic vision based on truth and enough brains to execute a real strategic plan, 'We the People' are screwed and living in nothing but a false and empty light of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'


Thomas Jefferson was right: over time they have perverted our government into a system of lies and tyranny.


No worthy strategic vision, no functional or workable strategic plan, no horses, just fascists, rat leaders and rat plans. And whether it be Bush Lite or Bush Dark, there will be no change.


Got that?



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