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Soros Is CIA In EU
By Karl Schwarz
The New World Order has met its match and both China and Russia are not going to play along with the Zionist Axis of Evil controlled out of DC, London and Tel Aviv any longer.
There is an old saying, 'if you lay with dogs, you will get fleas'. Seems both Russia and China have a very clear picture as to who their real enemies are and they have made it clear that they do not like 'fleas'. I keep waiting for Americans to wake up to the realities of who their real enemies are. DC is not the friend of Americans. Zionist Israel is not the friend of Americans.
It is right there in the US Constitution and Oath of Office: 'to defend against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic'. The problems Americans are facing are the result of their domestic enemies and the fact they are controlled by the Zionist zhid masters in Tel Aviv and London, and a select few of American citizens who are no friend of America. Americans must awaken to that reality.
The world has changed. The US has no foreign enemies except those in Tel Aviv and London...and the enemies within our own gates.
If you are watching and paying attention to the Georgia fiasco, the name of George Soros has popped up.
Who in Hell is George Soros?
For starters he is a Hungarian-born Zionist Jew who has been collaborating with the CIA, MI6, and US-Zionist interests for years.
He is a well-known capital markets thug and rip-off artist who, through a myriad of hedge funds steals money in the capital markets, and then invests much of it 'personally' in covert CIA, MI6 and Mossad objectives. They 'love him' because he is a Russia-hating Zionist Jew and yearns to create problems for Russia.
George and I will never be in the same choir or violin concerto together. I would not soil myself by having a cup of cappuccino with him. The reason he hates Bush with such a passion is because BushCo cracked down on his offshore bandits. There was an article in CanadianBusiness.com about it but did not directly refer to Soros by name. He is an NOC, or Non-Official Cover for the CIA and several other intelligence agencies. He is an instrument of policy and intended objectives of the Zionist cabal.
One of his 'operatives' was Mark Valentine out of Canada.
That 'person' was directly tied to the YMB Magnex/Simeon Mogilevich fiasco that I recently reported on. That is the same Simeon Mogilevich who is a known major-league mobster traveling on an Israeli passport. The YMB Magnex matter is why Simeon Mogilevich is wanted in the US for securities fraud but that is just a small part of the story and bigger picture.
http://www.canadianbusiness.com/my_money/investing/article.jsp? content=20040122_135457_5152
The Canadian Business site had an article titled "Predator or Prey" but it has been removed so I had to ask Jeff Rense to post each of the pages of that article, so readers could see what type of person George Soros truly is. This article is about the Soros bandits...and when they got busted for securities fraud, Soros, personally, turned on George Bush.
Soros is behind the Nabucco Pipeline fiasco which is now dead in the EU. He used his leverage as a Hungarian-born Zionist Jew to get Hungary into that deal but with BushCo striking out about 1,000 times, Hungary has now sided with the Russian pipeline venture.
Soros is pissed. Their desperation was just seen ­ in Georgia and a monumentally stupid attack on Superpower Russia.
Soros financed ventures in Romania and Bulgaria so he could get them onboard for the Nabucco deal. He failed. BushCo failed. And Soros is enraged.
He is also behind the Ukraine pipeline deal that is now also dead.
He funded major dollars to get Ukraine flipped away from Russia, and now that is in question, too. He is adamantly opposed to the Russian South Stream pipeline that is rocking right along.
He has been behind Georgia for a long time to flip it into NATO and the EU, and into full-blown ZIONIST status because he, like Zbigniew Brzezinski, is a Russia-hating Zionist Jew. Soros is also a major money-backer of Barky Obama.
I know he was involved in the Mark Valentine fiasco because we provided many of the names of who was arrested in 'Operation Bermuda Shorts' to the FBI. We came across those names in our investigation of US capital markets fraud. It is all in my book, One-Way Ticket To Crawford Texas.
In fact, after the FBI gutlessly did not finish the task and prosecution, this is exactly what I said in my book and said to the FBI:
<start insert>
"In a Canadian Business article about our FBI Operation Bermuda Shorts,[1] there is a detailed discussion of the types of schemes some are using to deploy a variety of unethical methods to take over companies and assets. Although they have rounded up Mr. Mark Valentine and 56 others, I have chided our FBI for "casting your nets for Great White Sharks and came home with a bucket of minnows".
The real predators are still in those capital markets waters and were left untouched. That did not surprise me when I saw those same predators show up as Bush ­ Cheney Pioneers and "rule of law" has been like a walk down the Yellow Brick Road for millions of U.S. and Canadian investors. I live 1,100 miles from Washington, DC and could smell that "quid pro quo" all the way down here. At first I thought the stench was just "cow patties" from Texas, but I checked and the wind was definitely coming from the direction of DC."
<end insert>
These Capital Markets Whores have been using Canada and the Caribbean to circumvent US law and take over what is now well over $1 TRILLION in assets from Mom and Pop investors. Many US investors are 'poorer today" because of Intentional Racketeering against Americans as part of the financing of the New World Order agenda 'off the books.'
There is a reference in this article to 'Operation Bermuda Shorts' and the fact that Canada is being used by the White Collar criminals to Rape America and the World. Soros was one of them...but so were many Clintonoids and many on the BushCo roster.
http://www.canadianbusiness.com/managing/strategy/article.jsp? content=20070918_19904_19904
The reason that Soros funded such groups as MoveOn.org is because BushCo hammered his offshore hedge fund thieves with Operation Bermuda Shorts. The Texas Bandits that Bush is more beholden to, wanted in on the Big Soros Offshore Scam of carving up US companies, taking over huge blocks of assets through the US Bankruptcy Courts, and getting billions upon billions in assets fast. They wanted in on the Big Caspian Basin Oil and Gas Grab but did not want to fund that out of their own pockets. They wanted to fund it out of YOUR pockets.
This is but a small example of why Soros is pissed at Bush. But, YOU should be pissed off at all of them.
Williams Communications Group (WCG) was a company many of these offshore bandits were after. BushCo wanted it in the hands of Southwestern Bell, or SBC, based in San Antonio Texas, since it was going to take that over and then take over AT&T and spy on Americans.
How do I know? In addition to Global Crossing, I was the high bidder for WCG, too, and could not get the time of day because we had BushCo by the neck on who did it.
The White House even called me the same day Bridas Corporation prevailed down in New Orleans in the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals, September 9, 2003. That was almost 2 years after Bush launched his fraudulent Global War on Terror and was the exact day I decided to go public.
The 'takeover artists' of WCG were Richard Rainwater (UTIMCO board, former Bass Brothers), Charles Cunningham (former chairman of UTIMCO, or University of Texas Investment Management Corporation), Sid Bass, and several other capital markets whores from the UK, NYC, Big Oil, and a couple of other 'anti-George Soros billionaires' from both the Conservative Right and the Liberal Left.
I recently mentioned Blackstone Group, CEO Zionist Jew Steven Schwarzman. Well, Blackstone group was the Financial Advisor to WCG in bankruptcy, they 'found' the buyer of WCG less than 10 blocks away in Manhattan on the same Park Avenue their offices are on...and Blackstone is the 'alternative assets' advisor to UTIMCO.
Are you following that? Alternative Assets refers to a bankruptcy takeover term after the company has been forced into bankruptcy, and they are lining up the insider whores at the trough as to who is going to walk off with the billions in assets. WCG was pushed to under 2 CENTS a share and post-bankruptcy went to over $30 a share in the hands of these takeover whores.
If one knows how to dig deep enough, Rainwater, Bass Brothers, Hunt, UTIMCO and many other BushCo insiders are in that Caspian Basin Investment Club I reported on recently. They all stole lavishly, donated politically lavishly, and now wish to profit lavishly from the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas.
Are you following that America?
The reason they are 'anti-George Soros' is he keeps going off the reservation and playing the agenda his way...and not the BushCo way. Soros is somewhat of a CIA ­ MI6 'pet whore' who does their bidding when they want to remain 'covert' and anonymous.
They cannot wave too many flags in Georgia or Ukraine without turning off about 99% of the populations of those nations.
Following that?
He is one of the Caspian Basin Investment Club investors and without that pipeline across Georgia or across Afghanistan his visions of $$$ and sticking it to Russia go up in smoke. Soros cannot be a kingpin 'big dick' Zionist Jew in the EU if his pipeline and oil and gas deals go up in flames with BushCo.
George Soros was one of the few DNC Communist Zionist Jews who did not defect over to BushCo and Bush hammered his balls by rounding up his offshore hedge fund whores.
So, we have Ukraine, the US, the CIA, the Zionist zhids of Tel Aviv, the military advisors of the US and Israel all involved in Georgia, and George Soros.
Can you connect those dots America? You had better; your future is riding on it.
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