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The Pyrrhic Victory Of
The Great Decider

By Karl Schwarz
History is replete with lessons that need to be learned and one of the most abject lessons is that of the Pyrrhic Victory. In the case of America, the term has come to mean exactly what it is: to win the battle but lose the war.
The US now excels at Pyrrhic Victories and for the glory of the photo op. No lie is too big to tell. Rather than admit to the American public that they were dead wrong and lost the adventures quit a few years ago, they choose to tell fabricated stories to justify their ends.
It has come out in the past that the US conspired, connived, lied and pulled many dirty tricks to take over the Caspian Basin oil and gas fields. This all beganl way back in the Carter Administration when Jimmy and his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, dreamed up the creation of 'Al Qaeda' as a way of stirring up dissension in Islamic areas such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. Their plan was for the US to rush in and 'save' these smaller, oil and natural gas rich nations from their Soviet masters; to introduce them to 'democracy' and 'freedom' - at gunpoint, if necessary.
Of course, this is the same Russia-hating Zbigniew Brzezinski who is now the top foreign policy advisor to Barky Obama.
Americans will learn soon enough that the Obama "Change we can believe in" mantra actually means NO changes in Washington, DC.
The Pyrrhic Victory must go on...for to admit defeat now would precipitate a literal blizzard in impeachments, treason trials, war crimes and murder trials of Americans against Americans. Sort of a landmark court case titled The Citizens of the United States of America v. The Treasonous Murderers of the United StatesGovernment, et al. Not to mention a long string of investigations to account for trillions of US dollars that were plundered and stolen by and for an elite few.
Such a case could easily be proven in the US Courts, if people would just pay attention to facts that happened in far away Turkmenistan and in our own US Courts. You see, in their desperation, people do really stupid things and sometimes get caught. Sometimes they leave a paper trail that, once revealed, sheds a whole new light on what they are really up to in Washington, DC.
The day before 9-11 the following came out in a trade magazine...and it is the smoking gun as to why 9-11 was done - to sell lunatic policies to unwitting Americans.
"...year in September 10, 2001: 'Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production,' wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the terrorist attacks."
That is the true reason as to why the US and UK are so desperate to control the Caspian Basin, but never will. That was the real objective, which led to their contrived polices and launching of wars based on complete lies.
You see, it is all about control...and the US and UK think they alone have the right to control who gets what in the energy game. Such a concept would be laughable (and is) but for the harm they have done to the lives of millions and billions of people.
Instead of calling it Al Qaeda, which was underhanded CIA/USA nonsense from the outset, they called it 'The Grand Chessboard.'
Old Zbigniew even wrote that book about the grand folly, or should I say "a pipeline too far?"
Their plan has failed dismally. Thirty-years of lying, conniving, scheming and no telling how many hundreds of billions in wasted and squandered funds and lost opportunities to chase their "pipe dreams" and dreams of Energy Empire. Millions of people now dead based on a lie and gutless leaders in Washington DC who do not have the courage to stand before a camera or a microphone and admit their folly, and now refuse to admit their lies and their mistakes. They are especially cowardly to admit their treason.
I have reported many times on the matter of Bridas Corporation and the fact that it had the entire Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline deal sewed up until our government upended Turkmenistan and then Pakistan. The only thing remaining as of 9-11 was to figure out an excuse to attack Afghanistan and take it all over.
They had to figure out some dastardly way to get Americans to back such a reckless conquest without questioning it. How could they seize the opportunity and be the ones who controlled "all distribution and flow of revenues" as James Dorian predicted on the Oil and Gas Journal the day before 9-11?
If one wants to truly understand why 9-11 had to happen to sell their bogus policies and greedy objectives, they have to study history back to 1991-1996 when a little oil and gas company from Argentina (Bridas Corp.) was rapidly getting into position to be the key player in the Caspian Basin. As of today, Bridas is a key player in the Caspian Basin in spite of Bush and his bogus Global 'War on Terror' that was targeted at them. Note the dates, they were back in the Clinton Administration but they had to find a useful idiot like George W Bush to put the Grand Chessboard plan into action.
This one little company from Argentina has accomplished more than all of the US and UK Big Oil companies combined (who enjoy the full backing of the US military and now trillions of US dollars blown in vain). The reason for their success is mainly because their policies are dissimilar to those of the US/UK. This has helped them to forge forward while the US and UK plan sinks further into the quicksand and the quagmire they alone created.
If you have not heard what I presented to 9-11, Confronting the Evidence it is easy to find:
Bridas sued in the Texas courts for interference of contract in 1996, long before 9-11. They were jerked around, stalled, delayed by any manner possible while the US continued to push for US and UK dominance of the Caspian Basin.
The cat got out of the bag on September 9, 2003 when our own Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals upheld Bridas in Case 02-20929, but note the date. This case started on appeal well after the US and UK had launched their bogus Global War on Terror to take control of the Caspian Basin. The case that wound up on appeal started in the Clinton Administration, due to actions that administration took to interfere with Bridas and the Turkmenistan government.
Desperate to quash that appeals decision they rushed to the US Supreme Court and tried to reverse the decision. On March 22, 2004 the High Court denied the writ of certiorari, an act that lets the Fifth Circuit decision stand.
http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/supreme_court/orders/ 2003/032204pzor.html
Even while sitting on the 9-11 Commission pretending to be looking for the truth, Richard Ben Veniste, Senior Partner of Mayer Brown, Rowe and Maw, never mentioned that his law firm was representing the Turkmenistan government down at Fifth Circuit and later when the case was denied at the US Supreme Court.
Even as far back as 1989 the other Bush fiasco in the White House dreamed up "Operation Steppe Shield" so the Bush Family could ride to America's rescue behind another bogus "shield" and take over the entire Caspian Basin area in a lightning quick invasion, as if Russia would do nothing about that.
As far back as September 2004, this oil and gas mother lode was worth more than $12 trillion at prices then. Today it is worth much more and is part of why DC is getting more shrill and more desperate because they are getting left out of a huge swing in energy and their ability to control who is getting it. Mr. Dorian predicted it right but the US and UK are being left out as to who is going to control that "distribution and revenues".
Well, they failed and they have all failed over and over again to get their way for the past 30 years.
Bush Co and Big Oil still do not have their coveted pipeline across Afghanistan. So, let's tune in and see what Bridas Corporation has been up to since September 11, 2001.
The US and UK oil giants have leased plenty of tracts, they have drilled plenty of holes but they might as well be dry wells because there are no roads or rail to get the oil out. They absolutely need the pipelines and to date they have failed to complete a single one. Bridas has completed one pipeline, expanded another, and is about to complete two more...and that will spell the doom for Bush's Pyrrhic Victory.
This is the Asia map from the Bridas Corporation website:
Note that Turkmenistan natural gas is going northwest into Russia and then Europe. Also note that Turkmenistan natural gas is going across the northern part of Iran to the Black Sea and Mediterranean.
It is those dotted "Planned Gas Pipelines" that are the bigger problems and are the blowback to US policy of waging a fictitious war against Islam to hide the unmitigated oil and gas greed of the US government and US Big Oil and their buddies over in the UK.
That planned pipeline from near Ashgabat Turkmenistan and crossing Iran, Pakistan and into India is the recently agreed upon IPI Pipeline, so Turkmenistan and Iranian natural gas will be headed to India rather than the US. We can chalk that up as losing a major chess piece on The Grand Chessboard.
That long pipeline into China goes active in 2009, so Turkmenistan natural gas is headed to China instead of the US. If you pay attention to the route of that pipeline to China, that is almost complete, it is also well positioned to transport natural gas and oil from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We can chalk that up to losing both knights, both bishops and the queen on The Grand Chessboard and checkmate is not far away.
When one factors in that China has Iran supplying them with $400 billion in oil and LNG (courtesy of WalMart and Kmart shoppers), one begins to see more clearly as to why China has no intentions of letting the US control the flow of energy to China by taking over Iran. Nor is Russia going to sit idly by for that matter and let Bush snatch his Pyrrhic Victory from the jaws of his self-inflicted defeat.
If McCain or Obama think they will ride to America's rescue without changing US policies, both are in for a rude awakening for the momentum has swung decidedly against America.
Bush is batting 1,000 in "cannot get Mission Accomplished on anything", so trust that no one is going to help him improve his record. His successor had better change and fast or America will go down fast.
That other dotted pipeline on the Bridas map is obvious for what it is ­ Russia will also supply oil and gas into China and evidently Bridas has major plans in Siberia.
Frankly folks, short of pulling out the nukes there is nothing the US can do about these events except continue to lie and come up with yet more failed policies in DC and more lame-assed excuses to feed to American Sheeple.
The problem we have in DC is we have map-challenged people who grossly over-estimate their power. They are also grossly incompetent in determining who has title to what. When it is not a US asset they keep trying to figure out (covet) some way to make it an asset and into just the right US pockets.
We even have some idiots in DC who think they can takeover Siberia and push all of the Russians into the west of Russia. Yet another moronic plan that is destined to fail if they hatch it.
The entire world is fed up with such juvenile delinquent behaviour from our leaders, and the world is moving on without the US. It is fundamentally the US, UK and Israel that are foolish enough (or delusional enough) to think they can get the smoke back into the jar and that this will, once again, be a unipolar world led by the US and their hand picked allies.
If you have been paying attention to the news lately South America, Russia, India and China are not exactly going along with this Grand Chessboard scheme they dreamed up in the Ivory Towers of Washington, DC and London. There are even rumblings out of Africa that they are not going to go along with the status quo as it has been in the past.
Those days are over folks! Multipolarization is here to stay and there is nothing short of all out nuclear war, presuming the US can win that war, that will ever "turn back the clock". The future is headed in a direction which is opposite of the direction they want to head.
It is time for all US troops to start asking "Why are we here?" And "What are we killing and dying for?"
Ah, yes, for the glory of Emperor George W Pyrrhus' empire.
It is time for all US citizens to ask, "Why are we allowing this insanity?"
Ah, yes, for the glory of American Empire and British and American domination of oil and gas.
It is checkmate, folks! The US has lost its war to control world energy.
Just think, all they needed was a pen and a contract, not Shock and Awe and a fabricated Global War on Terror to camouflage their greed.
There is a saying: "when you lose, make sure you do not lose the lesson." I fear most of America will miss the news that we lost, and will fail to learn from the lesson.
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