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Dealing With The Truth
Jim Kirwan
Back in the beginning of the Bushwhacker's second coming, in the personage of the George W. Bush a gargantuan fraud was perpetrated upon the public. This was not a single deadly wound inflicted on society, but a thing that continues to kill us in a multiplicity of ways that has continued to deepen with every passing week. Even the name of this fraud is as deceptive, as are its purposes.
The program was called 'HOMELAND Security', and the name came straight out of Nazi manuals that were used in the late nineteen- thirties. To obtain passage of this Trojan Horse, FEMA was used as the excuse for the merging of 22 separate agencies into a single monster that, because of its size alone would be able to fix everything that threatened America or Americans. However once established, the Department of Homeland Security began to erase the individual reasons for the existence of each department that all 22 agencies had once been part of.
Like the viper that has two fangs to inject its deadly poisons, DHS itself is just another aspect of Doublespeak, because there is no "HOMELAND" in this country of immigrants and there can be no 'security' in a nation without laws. DHS is killing us with distortions and lies from each and every level of this massive bureaucracy, having turned the language itself on its head.
In practical terms, Homeland Security has sucked up all the social programming funding for itself, and recast those priorities into the servicing and maintenance of "War, War & Lots More War." Every program that had to do with assisting the public to live well enough to succeed was plundered of its funds, stripped of its mandates, and reset to function a an agency dedicated to the destruction of the very things it was created to avert.
Environmental Protection became Environmental Destruction. Education became No Child Left Behind; as in: Everyone must be dumb enough to follow the leader without question. Child Care became Child neglect, no health insurance, no supplemental funds for food or medicine, shelter or job opportunities for the poor. And when violence or poverty kicks down the door of yet another family, Child Protective Services is there to take the children away and dump them into state institutions that will not care for them, but will instead insure that each becomes part of the next generation of failures: So much for protecting the smallest unit of any society. (1)
The same is true of every other government agency from the FDA and the FAA to the FCC ­ each agency is now dedicated to doing what each of these agencies, and hundreds of others, were created to prevent! A good example is the recent botulism in some of the food we eat. FEMA has taken over the control of monitoring where crops come from, and whether or not the foods in question are fit for human consumption. Many of the fruits and vegetables we consume come from beyond our borders, but neither the FDA, nor FEMA has any idea where these food products come from, or whether or not they are safe to eat. This is a concern given the fact that FDA has now allowed the use of non-potable water for agricultural uses. Hence among other abuses lemon skins now contain fecal matter that comes from this contaminated water: and that's just one example.
The public never questioned this Behemoth that masquerades as a U.S. government agency ­ no hearings were held, and no oversight was called for: just like the War ON Iraq-this was just unquestionably accepted by a gullible and overly trusting US public. Under this shield of "HOMELAND Security," our lands have been raped and contaminated, the water poisoned, and the air made heavy with toxic substances, while the culprits reap illicit billions from the lack of oversight alone: on top of the ever- increasing corporate WELFARE which has become a staple in corporate life. And, over-arching all of these devious and formerly illegal practices there are of course the tax-CUTS for these same corporations that are firing Americans by the hundreds of thousands, while they make their exit to foreign shores with perks- a-plenty for their trouble. And all of this has been taking place in broad daylight for the last eight years-with virtually no outcry from those most severely affected, or from anyone else for that matter.
But wait that's not all! The money: the banking structure and most of investment community have been playing shell games with the public and the small investors, that can only end in ruin for those not safely out-of-reach in the billion-dollar range. If this is not enough there are the blatant attacks upon the food, the land and environment of this nation, by using the weather as a weapon against the public to destroy that which, if the old FEMA were still in place, could not have happened in the way that Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina did. This is not limited to Hurricanes or to the unpredictability of the wild fires, or the heat waves, or the droughts ­ this is all of a single piece of warfare: created by HAARP, in conjunction with the NAU and the New World Order to bring the American standard of living down to the same levels as the lowliest workers living in Mexico today. To put it clearly, there actually is a "Depopulation Agenda," because apparently it is taking too long to try and starve the world to death.
Take a long hard look at Iowa. Did the US ever develop mobile medical facilities that could have been flown in, by what the Air Force used to call MATS (Material Air Command) - MATS could fly in a small city within 24 hours anywhere in the world. That was back in the 1950's though, so Rummy must have scrapped that capability along with everything else about the military that used to work. The old FEMA would have been ahead of the storm, and ready with whatever food and water was needed and they would have had the national-guard to fill sandbags, and to evacuate the population.
It's interesting that Homeland Security (parent organization for FEMA) has entire fleets of black helicopters and attack helicopters with all the weapons that both require, yet FEMA has no rescue helicopters, no firefighting planes of their own and virtually no backup arrangements with hospitals to bolster their capabilities in emergencies on any level. Where DHS has trains and rebuilt prisons, and truck fleets to transport prisoners, FEMA has nothing to transport anything, whether for people or supplies, I wonder what the hell their billion dollar-a-year budget goes for!
But in this Cheney-Bush version of FEMA they are apparently just waiting comfortably, away from the storms, to receive the written reports of losses, along with proof of payments made (how many who lost everything will be able to prove how much they lost), before they start that huge red-tape machine that will deny 70% of the claims, bail out the giant-business interests, and forget everything and everyone else! It's really a great country we have here - or maybe that ought to be -"the great country that we thought we had" here! FEMA's new motto seems to be: "Kill America First"!
If you're convinced by now that I'm just a raving lunatic, then please see the next footnote that details the first of these trial runs to test our ability to use weather as a weapon, which happened during Hurricane Andrew and was not reported at the time. Even now, very few know about the horrors that Andrew brought to the less- than-wealthy. (2)
"Dealing with the Truth" requires that the public re-examine exactly what this government has been doing with the entire budget allotted for the mandated social programs which the government is, by law, compelled to administer. What you will find will be grand theft, duplicity, cover-ups and lies ­ smaller than the 23 billion dollars lost to greed and corruption in Iraq, but none-the-less monstrous in the blatancy with which this government has cynically gone about the business of turning the United States into a third world slave state for the fun and profit of the Multinational Bankers and their corporate allies. The video was scrubbed by the same government that stole all that money and gave it to its buddies that hold the secret no-bid contracts: However the brief description is worth the few seconds it takes to read the text. (3)
When you're trying to deal with the truth, remember when you see anything with "HOMELAND Security" on it to ask yourself whose "HOMELAND" is this, and what "Security" is being provided and to whom! The answers to both questions have everything to do with why we are where we are today: and why we have chosen to let natural disasters run their full course without interference by the agencies we once created to assist the victims and to preserve both lives and property.
This would be sad if it were not all pre-planned and so carefully worked out so that in the end there will be no 'nation' to absorb the losses, just a collection of virtually helpless serfs with no interest in the political acts that have stolen everything they ever thought they might have had - including their so-called dreams, that so many were never willing to work for which includes the "FREEDOM" to be left alone!
1) The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 minutes
2) Deadly Silences ­ The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up
3) The Greatest Heist in History
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