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The Dawn Of American And
World Freedom Is Close

By Benjamin Fulford
Exclusive to Rense.com
Recent trends in world events make it clear we are truly on the verge of a new dawn for civilization. We now have in our hands the chance to permanently end war, environmental destruction and poverty. We will also witness the release of long suppressed technology that will enable all humans to live like billionaires if they so wish. It will be, indeed, be a Golden Age.
This is not wishful thinking. Events are unfolding as we speak that will create a change far bigger than the collapse of the Berlin wall. We have witnessed the arrival of an extraordinary global coalition uniting all countries of the planet in opposition to the secret governments of the US and Israel.
These two countries have been under the secret control of a cabal of financiers led by David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior and their assorted allies and minions. Throughout the 20th century, they started wars, slaughtered hundreds of millions of people, spread diseases, murdered heads of state who tried to oppose them and systematically brainwashed the people of Israel and the United States. Their long term plan was to enslave the majority of humanity and carry out genocide in order to create paradise for a small, self-selected elite.
The events of 911 were supposed to trigger a period of permanent fear and war that would culminate in an artificially created end of times scenario. It was designed to so traumatize the survivors as to get them to agree to permanent slavery in exchange for the right to survival.
Their plans began to unravel thanks to the spontaneous appearance of a global coalition of enlightened people who connected with each other through the internet. Suspicions about the truth of 911 started as a small trickle and gradually turned into a torrent. Citizen investigators from around the world uncovered the monstrous conspiracy behind 911 and soon governments around the world also learned the truth.
The final nail in the coffin for the conspirators was the realization by an Asian secret society that George Bush's government created and disseminated SARS as an artificial disease agent designed to wipe out most of the world's non-Caucasian peoples.
Although the society has a membership of 6 million, including 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 professional killers, they decided to fight the conspiracy using peaceful means.
Government leaders around the world, who knew about the conspiracy but were too afraid to speak out, were offered protection and information.
As a result, we now have an alliance that includes India, Russia, China, Japan, ASEAN, UNOSUR (the nations of South America), the free Islamic countries and now, it appears even the EU has joined the bandwagon. Even the mainstream news wires are reporting this extraordinary change although the full implications have yet to seep through into the Western public consciousness.
The recent signing of a treaty between Russia and the EU and opposition by the EU to offering membership in NATO to Georgia, for example, is a clear sign of a split between the EU and the US.
The United States Federal Reserve Board meanwhile, is headed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy sounds horrible but it will actually be a very good thing for the American people. It will mean a period of turbulence that will nonetheless be much less chaotic than the fall of the Soviet Union. After that, Americans will experience prosperity such as they have not experienced in decades.
The Pentagon will be transformed from an instrument of terror and mass-murder into the greatest force for good in the history of the human race. The incredible secret technologies they possess will be made public and used to benefit the human race and the natural world of this planet.
It will be possible to terra-form the planet Earth. New energy technology will make it possible to turn the Sahara, Australian and Gobi deserts into vast green paradises. The vast dead zones in the oceans will be seeded with nutrients, resulting in a 10-fold increase in the amount of fish. Arctic regions will become habitable thanks to the new energy technology.
Furthermore, humanity will finally be free to head into space and truly explore the universe.
Within a few decades all humans will be offered the choice of immortality and genetic enhancement.  
To start off this wonderful new era, a Marshall Plan for the planet earth will be required. The planet is seriously ill. The Oceans are being depleted of life at a far faster rate than they can they can replenish themselves, creatures are going extinct at a rate not seen since the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago and billions of humans are either starving or being prevented from developing their full potential. We have the capability and the technology to permanently put an end to these horrors within 3 years. All we require is the political will.
The coming months will be crucial to making sure the transformation is a smooth one.
Last year, when I wrote the article that is repeated below, a representative of the Western Secret Government made some promises to me. They said George Bush would not be allowed to complete his term. They said Al Gore would be made an interim President. They also promised an Autumn surprise that never really came. In return, I promised that a global coalition would emerge. That coalition is now a fact.
It is clear there was a campaign to promote Al Gore. He was given an Oscar, a Nobel Prize and a highly promoted movie. He also has a $300 million PR war-chest.
But George Bush and his cabal of genocidal murderers are still in power.
My guess is that the people in the EU tried their best to promote Al Gore but were stopped by David Rockefeller and George Bush Senior, et al.
Here is one more appeal to David Rockefeller.  David, you know I could have had you eliminated. Instead, I offered you a chance to appear in history as a Wizard of OZ type figure who tried to do his best for the people of the world. All I asked in return is that you prepare a fake Armageddon as a fitting way to inaugurate the new age you so much wished for.
So, how about it David, why not hire all of Hollywood and all of NATO and put together what will be known as the greatest show in history? The original plan you were born and raised to fulfill was based on false science and racism. You have the chance to set things right before you go to heaven. Please, to all members of the US secret government, help save the planet earth.
Benjamin Fulford
Kathy Fisher
BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicky Davis
Now I know for sure that Benjamin Fulford is in the enemy camp providing disinfo and propaganda.  
Jim Kirwan
Other than the self-serving nature of this "interview" there are several extreme issues that Fulford overlooks.
The depth of the criminality - globally - is compounded by the fact that the Asian side of the equation is not by definition "peaceful" in any way: nor has it ever been "established" that any of the great power networks have ever sought "peace."
Aside from these glaring omissions there is what has been going on with oil and the part this plays in both economics and the various military strategies being played out around the world. In this regard,
Rockefeller's words are less than a few raindrops falling on hardened stainless steel.
The Energy Non-Crisis makes this extremely clear. and ICE, ICE Baby amplifies another practical aspect, closer to home, that enables this criminal-conspiracy:
Moreover, there is virtually no mention of the shadow criminal-black-operations (globally) that currently control over twenty percent of the world's markets in everything from stolen cars, to the sex trade, to the production and distribution of drugs, not to mention counter-fitting. The transgressions of the World Bank and the IMF have exceeded any and all restraints, in trying to enslave the planet. Also there is the North American Union, the latest form of NAFTA, also obviously not on Fulford's radar. Nor is there mention of the privatized armies of thugs, the militarization of the police and the government agencies here that have become commonplace - while the day-to-day affairs of American life are being blown apart from the Department of Justice to Education, to Social Security, to the hair-raising rise in prices of everything that makes life possible: while at the same time destroying any and all normalcy in every area of life. No job is now secure, no 'future' has any viability, because there is no stability in anything that Americans might look toward. This he sums up in the fact that many of us fail to speak more than one language. He has missed the broken borders, the sellout of Justice to torture and the destruction of the US Constitution - and yet he professes to see this magical rebirth of peace and justice in this blood-drenched crime that passes for the planet today.
The whole nature of the underworld has been restructured, just as the entire banking system has freed itself from any and all controls, nevermind checks & balances: There is also apparently no knowledge on Fulford's part of the contributions made by Corporatocracy throughout the last fifty years, that have reduced to planet to sole-source products, instead of self-sustaining nation-states. Yet still Fulford seems to believe that he has been to the mountaintop and seen the truth, because he had one interview with one of the dinosaurs - sorry my friend - that is part wishful thinking, and a huge portion of self-aggrandizement, and nothing else!
And his attitude! "I could have had him killed.' excuse me - and what is with the little intro where he plays the DJ with the act of sitting down - the extremely childish nature of this stunt does nothing but cast shadows upon any degree of seriousness for what follows.
Global WAR-CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in Fulford's view have no weight, nor is there any consideration for the key events that brought the world to this brink: namely the events and cover-up of 911, which makes this entire interview nothing but wishful thinking. Decency and human values have been eliminated from consideration when it comes to global domination. Mr. Fulford is not living in reality, but this frequently happens to ex-pat's that failed to stay within the belly-of-the-beast.
"Peaceful protest" died with Vietnam, when the draft was terminated. The new paradigm consists of a world without laws, without any rules that are not based upon raw and unchecked military force, whether that is done by privatized force or by nationally sponsored criminal invasions followed by Israeli-like criminal occupations! 
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