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'No Place For Morals' When Jews Are Imperiled

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This guy perfectly represents their self-absorbed, hate-filled psychosis. They attack people and make them have to defend themselves or die. When their victims react to aggression this guy says that "morals" go out the window, as if morals were ever in the room. This is a justification for exterminating what's left of the Palestinians and nuking Iran in a first strike, and "No Place for Morals" allows an unjustified sneak attack, which is obviously immoral. And this guy doesn't refer to himself and his people as Zionists, but as Jews. He is a top Israeli party theoretician and writes with total authorization in The Forward.
The Iraq war has already ruined America. We can only imagine what a nuclear strike against Iran will do to the whole world - and to us.
No "morals" will also mean putting all critics of the Jews in camps. The State Department has its new office of "worldwide anti-Semitism," and we're all on the list of offenders.
If we're going to keep writing about Jews, forget the theory and history and figure out how to save ourselves, especially now that this guy has put us on notice.
It is our responsibility to come up with a plan for survival against these kinds of psychopaths. "No morals" means they intend to kill all who resist them, or who offend them in any way.
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