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Fuel Cell Challenge
Successful Experimenter's post.
This experimenter knew one of Meyer's "Expert Witnesses" from his court case.
See if you can build a basic circuit.
Send your results to:
We'll see about some prizes.
From: http://groups.google.com/group/sci.energy.hydrogen/browse_frm/thread/9011d387c14
Subject: Re: Stanley Meyer's Court Case
From: "Ted Zettergren"
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:59:28 +0100
John Feiereisen skrev i meddelandet <756atu$mkn$1@client2.news.psi.net.> For those of you who are unfamiliar, Stanley Meyer patented some equipment for fueling an IC engine with hydrogen. In addition to this legitimate work, he claimed to be able decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen with 100% thermal efficiency, thereby inventing a "water-powered car". He sold "marketing rights" for this technology to unsuspecting people, one of whom is a regular reader of s.e.h.
Back a couple years, a couple of his investors got wise to his scam and took him to court, where Meyer was found guilty of "gross and egregious fraud" and ordered to repay those 'investors'. As far as I know, those were the only 'investors' who ever recouped their 'investment'. Meyer died earlier this year and his followers insist he was poisoned (all good perpetual motion inventors are stalked by THE CONSPIRACY).
After being found guilty of fraud, Meyer sent a long rambling letter to the remainder of his 'investors', obviously hoping to ward off a spate of trials which would have drained him of his ill-gotten gains. It was replete with conspiracy paranoia and claimed that a recording device in the courtroom was turned off so the judge (obviously working under the direction of THE CONSPIRACY) could railroad Meyer into an unjust guilty verdict.
As far as I know, Meyer's home base was Grove City, Ohio, and the court case took place in Shelby county, Ohio. I am going to be passing through Ohio in a couple weeks and Grove City is but 3 miles off my planned route. I can pass through Shelby county with only minor adjustment of my planned route through Indiana. I figured I'd stop in at the courthouse and see if I can pick up copies of the records of the trial.
Does anybody know precisely where and when the trial took place? City, county, etc., date(s)??? Possibly an official case name?
VERY GOOD Mr. Feiereisen
Take a copy of the tape fromx that trial and put it on the Real Player so we all can listen to what really happened in the Court.
The most interesting is to hear what the WFC Expert Witnesses and Electrical Engineer Mathias Johanson has to say.
The first part of the trial started on Thursday/Friday, 1/2 February 1996 before Judge William Corzine III at the Common Pleas Court, Chillicothe, Ohio.
By the way. If you like to do some experiment, try this.
You must know the difference between a chemical reaction and a nuclear reaction. A lot of people don't understand that but they like to argue a lot in every NG on Internet.
In a chemical reaction you need a lot of current and some salt for making the water conductive.
In a nuclear reaction you don't need any current at all, only high voltage. How much current you need in a real application depends on how clean your water is. As cleaner as better.
Stanley Meyers method's have NOTHING to do with chemical reactions.
As a guide, you need US Patent 4,936,961 ref. figure 1 to 3F.
If you read something about magical frequencyis, forget that. It works fine with 10KHz or something else if you preferred. Use 50% duty cycle. BUT! the frequency will be doubled in the step up circuit and that's the frequency the Water-Cell will work with. The components must resist at least 2000V.
The Water-Cell is very simple. Take a lot of stainless steel tubes with the inner diameter of the bigger tube 3mm bigger than the outer diameter of the inner tube. From now you must look at this Water-Cell as a capacitor with water as dilectricum.
The Water-Cell and the INDUCTOR will resonate at a specific frequency. It's a normal RC-circuit.
Now the most important: The Water-Cell/Inductor frequency and the doubled frequency from the generator must be exactly the same. A special condition exists in a L/C Circuit, when it is energized at a frequency at which the inductive reactance is equal to the capacitive reactance, XL = XC.
Adjust the voltage peak level to reach a maximum hydrogen/oxygen producing with a minimum of current using. If you earlier make hydrogen with the electrolysis method with a lot of current, this experiment will really surprise you.
For even less current you can make some experiment with a centertapped puls-transformer.
Have a nice trip to Ohio!

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