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Beijing Olympics
False Flag Attack

By Jilinda
Documentary Filmmaker, Australia
Director ShadowPlay
As the 2008 Beijing Olympics is launched in a suffocating cloud of toxic smog and unprecedented security, it appears that another covert CIA false flag operation may be underway; a new trigger intended to traumatise the world and facilitate the next stage in the global domination project of the US-UK-Zionist Alliance.
This seems to be a well-cloaked attempt to usurp control of Asia's oil and mineral resources ­ worth at least $3 trillion ­ under the cover of a new "catastrophic and catalysing event". The potential impending false flag attack, evidently already in the works for more than a decade, now seems set to trigger during the Beijing Olympics, beginning on August 8.
An insidious destabilization effort appears designed to weaken China through Islamization of the entire Central Asian region and fronted by pseudo-separatist terrorist groups that are financed, armed and trained by the CIA.
One such group to emerge only days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics is the Turkestan Islamic Party, TIP, a small separatist group from China's northwestern Xinjiang region. East Turkistan, although officially a province belonging to China, is actually recognized by the United States as an independent 'country'.
A transcript of the 3 minute Turkestan Islamic Party video, issued by IntelCenter, a private US intelligence company with offices in Virginia, presents an ultimatum calling on China to cancel the Olympics under threat of attacks with weapons of mass destruction:
"Our damullah, Abdul Heq [Haq], made his final order to the [person] responsible for the military regarding the issue of severely attacking all central cities in inner China, particularly focusing on eight cities that are going to hold Olympic games. ... ask our merciful Allah to allow these brothers and sisters [suicide bombers] to deal a fatal blow in this jihad against Chinese and we ask our merciful Allah to completely stop Olympic Games. ... Bomb Chinese government buildings, military barracks, airplanes, airports, railways, hotels, entertainment venues, tourist spots and similar places...You're even permitted to use biological weapons this time."
This grave threat was barely mentioned by the western media, and neither reported by China, despite Chinese authorities using every minor provocation to crack down on separatists and dissidents in Xinjiang Province.
The CIA Asia destabilisation operation is evidently run in conjunction with illegal heroin trafficking from Afghanistan, which now supplies 93% of global heroin, and also finances al-Qaeda. The heroin trade crosses Central Asia to America and interfaces with a black market in nuclear technology. To hide the money trail, billions of dollars are being laundering through casinos and financial institutions in Central Asia and the Middle East.
A 2001 the Wall Street Journal article reports:
"The Egyptian surgeon turned terrorist leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri has operated terrorist training camps, weapons of mass destruction factories and money-laundering and drug-trading networks throughout Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia. This has gone on for a decade."
A few of the tentacles of this vast covert operation of state- sponsored terrorism and its shady nexus with the poppy fields had just begun to be uncovered by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds before she was gagged by the US Justice Dept under State Secrets Privilege, citing the risk of exposing certain 'sensitive foreign diplomatic and business relationships'.
Sibel Edmonds comments:
"You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one."
Some of these 'sensitive relationships' that link pseudo-Islamic terrorism to US-UK-Zionist intelligence agencies also came to light during a recent US immigration court case involving the controversial Islamic leader, Fethullah Gülen, who is believed to be one of the Turkish operatives fronting for the CIA in the Islamization of Central Asia. Gülen, who has been resident in the United States since 1998, argued that he qualified for a Green Card as "an extraordinarily talented academic."
Gülen's visa was denied. The attorneys stated: "Because of the large amount of money that Gülen's movement uses to finance his projects, there are claims that he has secret agreements with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkic governments. There are suspicions that the CIA is a co-payer in financing these projects."
A Turkish newspaper Hurriyet noted:
"Among the reasons given by the US State Department's attorneys as to why Gülen's permanent residence application was refused, is the suspicion of CIA financing of his movement."
With a reported $25 billion cash flow, the Gülen movement runs more than a thousand schools all over the world, has founded universities, runs unions, and hundreds of charities, trusts, lobby groups, student bodies, newspapers, radio stations and television channels dedicated to the Islamization of Central Asia. The movement has several hundred thousand members, if not millions.
Among the people who wrote reference letters for Gülen's petition were George Fidas, Graham Fuller and Morton Abramowitz. George Fidas, an expert on the effects of global infectious diseases on US national security, worked at the CIA for 31 years. Graham Fuller, also an ex CIA agent, and Morton Abramowitz were both deeply involved with the CIA sponsored Mujahedin in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
The Gülen Movement founded madrassas in the 1990's, mostly in the newly independent Turkic republics of Central Asia and Russia. These madrassas were used as training schools for al Qaeda, and served as a front for undercover CIA and US State Department officials operating in the region.
The FSB, Russia's intelligence agency, has barred the Gulen movement from Russia for acting as a front organization for the CIA
According to TurkPulse:
"One of the main tools Washington is using in this affair in order to get Turkey involved in the Xinjiang affair is some Turkish Americans, primarily the Fetullah Gulen team who are prosecuted in absentia in Turkey for trying to found a theocratic State in this country because he runs his activities from the United States. His protégé, another Turk used in this affair, is Enver Yusuf Turani, who is the self styled Foreign and Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government in exile. He has been an American citizen since 1998. Enver Yusuf is in close cooperation with Fetullah Gulen... Their activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled "the Xinjiang Project" drafted by Graham Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title "the Xinjiang Problem." It emphasises the importance of the Xinjiang Autonomous region in encircling China and provides a strategy for it."
A US espionage investigation into activities at their embassy in Turkey also implicated Major Douglas Dickerson, a weapons procurement specialist for Central Asia, who tried to recruit Sibel Edmonds into his network.
Sibel Edmonds has shown that after the fall of the Soviet Union, the superpowers began to fight over control of Central Asia, particularly the oil and gas, as well as the strategic value of the region. Unable to directly seize control of Asia's wealth, the US therefore decided on a policy to use Turkish proxies in covert operations without congressional approval.
It is well known that Russia has sponsored terrorist training camps and fomented international terrorism as a strategic operation since the 1950s. China is also known to be a major state sponsor of terrorist activities, along with North Korea, Cuba, Czechoslovakia and East Germany. Yet US state sponsorship of terrorism, drug trafficking and complicity in organised crime has remained largely hidden from public view. Significant CIA operations such as the establishment of the al Qaeda network to confront Russia in Afghanistan; the funding and training of the Central American Contras who fought under US command to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua; CIA backing of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who were trained in terrorist camps run by Osama bin Laden and financed by heroin trade, all of these documented examples have been swept under the carpet until recently, when the unravelling of the 9/11 false flag operation finally alerted many people and exposed the significant extent of US state sponsorship of terrorist activities.
Larry Chin points out: "It is a well-established and deliberately unaddressed historical fact that the CIA created "radical Islam" and Islamic "terrorism" during the Cold War. It is also a documented fact that the US, its allies, and their intelligence agencies (CIA, Pakistan's ISI, Britain's MI-6, etc.) have - from the 1970s to the present day - continued to use and guide terrorist groups, including "Al-Qaeda", as intelligence and propaganda assets.
Planned covert operations and false flag operations using "terrorists" in direct and indirect military-intelligence roles are of imperial design. Such operations (exemplified by 9/11), and their predictable propaganda results ("the war on terrorism") are now routine events. Official "war on terrorism" disinformation is repeated ad nauseum, accepted as fact by the mass populace, and used as the justification for ever-expanding Anglo-American war and ever-deepening criminality. Virtually no attention is paid to the Anglo-American support and management of "Al-Qaeda" and other "terror" groups. Little or no attention is devoted to the criminally fabricated nature of modern "terrorism" or the fact that every major "terrorism" event in recent times has been a US or US- allied covert operation, followed by political manipulation and cover-up. September 11 was a false flag operation. The Mumbai transit bomb attack was a covert operation carried out by terror cells directly connected to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, the ISI (a virtual branch of the American CIA), and the same (alleged "Al-Qaeda") apparatus. The London 7/7 attack was the work of British intelligence, as well as Pakistan's ISI."
Serving US-UK-Zionist strategic interests, Islamic terrorism is largely a fabricated weapon using covert operations and false flag operations. For decades the CIA has been funding illegal covert operations to steal the vast energy resources of Central Asian from Russia by 'Islamicizing' the region as part of the policy of divide and rule espoused by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor and now foreign policy advisor to Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. Using Turkey as a proxy, it appears that this strategy is now also extending to China in accordance with Brzezinski's stated intention to weaken that once mighty imperium and splinter it into waring factions.
Linking into this vast CIA network of patsies and front groups, the sabre-rattling Turkestan Islamic Party's leader is a man named Abdul Haq, who trained Uyghur militants in Afghanistan in 2001, and while sheep-dipped analysts may serve their masters well as the magicians who distract public attention from hidden tricks, we should not be deceived whenever the next false flag attack occurs, about who is most certainly behind it.
Gillian Norman (Jilinda), Documentary Filmmaker, Director Avante Films
ShadowPlay Feature Documentary www.shadowplay.info
YouTube: ShadowPlay InterNetSeries Part 1 ...9/11PuppetMasters
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