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The Bear And The NWO
By Karl Schwarz
The absurdity of the warmongering actions of Georgia, the US-Zionist Israel puppet regime, came to full light in a speech by President Saakashvili on BBC Monday August 11, 2008:
"What we are seeing from the Russians is the cold-blooded, calculated, premeditated murder of a small nation."
The Georgians attacked Russia and South Ossetia. Now this Globalist Zionist liar is trying to re-write the history of his own actions.  Same old NWO head games: black is white, up is down, war is peace.  And accountability is only for suckers and wimps.
On Tuesday, August 12, David Sackur of BBC Hardtalk was interviewing David Bakradze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament.  None of the Georgian leaders will say WHY they invaded South Ossetia.  As Hardtalk ended, Bakradze was asked if this confrontation with Russia would validate Georgia's bid to become a NATO member.  
Bakradze made the clear statement "What is going on now in Georgia is a test case.  This is about the Russian view of the New World Order versus the West view of the New World Order.  If Russia wins it will validate the Russian view of the New World Order."
NOW, FINALLY, we know why the US, Israel and Georgia attacked South Ossetia.  It should now be clear to all Americans that the BushCo Zionist Oil-Soaked Criminal Cartel's view of the New World Order has been flatly rejected. Bush has accomplished nothing during his 8 years in office but mayhem and lies and mass murder.
As of Tuesday morning, Russia has attacked in the western part of Georgia along the Black Sea, apparently against new Georgian troop build-ups there.  For all practical purposes, in response to being attacked by Georgia, US and Israel, Russia has cut Georgia in half and what remains under control by the "Saakashvili Regime' may be 'landlocked' by the end of Tuesday or Wednesday.  
Russia just made it clear what it thinks of BushCo Pipeline Dreams and BushCo vision of the New World Order.  
Of course, their co-conspirators over in DC are calling it 'a disproportionate response" and Deadeye Dick says "Russia's actions must be responded to."
Lies, liars and damnable liars. (Cut the DEAL WITH IRAN you morons!)
I am not sure how many Americans know about the two wars Russia fought with Chechnya or even where Chechnya is located.  Not many, that's certain.  I have met too many Americans who can't even name the states that are adjacent to their own home states. And speaking to these multitudes of dumbed-down American cattle is the same endless stream of pancake make-up covered, hair-sprayed talking head 'internationally-recognized experts' on Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran - all of them spewing the same contrived DC bullshit like so much pungent, putrid McDonalds fast-food.  Meals of fast food sound bites for the masses.  
The Zionist US media is nothing but a mouthpiece, a bullhorn, for US Zionist policy and an extension of every damned lie DC can dream up.
Poor, dumb Americans...sitting around uncountable dens, offices and local coffee shop roundtables discussing nonsensical, ill-informed crap that was never true, isn't true now and never will be true. Many Americans can't even find on a map the nations they are such 'experts' on...and will never see the world as it really is.  
Many Americans heard the "Al Qaeda rebels in Chechnya" and bought into the lies that the skirmishes were with Islamic "Al Qaeda" extremists. I, for one, will be glad when Americans figure out that Al Qaeda is the damned CIA that is the bottom line, folks.
Those wars were before 9-11 but were part of US policy and CIA actions to pave the way for the takeover of the Caspian Basin. The Chechnya confrontation was the New World Order trying to impose itself on Russia for a pipeline right-of-way.  Read on.
Well, let's try Geography 101 and see if anyone in America wakes up to the realities of the matter. With Georgia and Russia at war right now, let's see if a map will clue in those clueless Americans.
Note on the map, Chechnya is directly next door to Georgia, and the US and Israel just pushed Georgia into an attack on Russia. There is a war going on there RIGHT NOW to push Russia back...and it is NOT working. The blowback from Russia has been exactly what I expected...ferocious.
Even with all of this 'help' from the US and Israel, the Georgian military has been laid to waste. This is not Iraq 1991, this is 2008 and the New Russia is for real. They are a Superpower economically and militarily...but unlike the US they do not owe $1 to anyone. Like China, they are cash rich and much of Russia's wealth is due solely to Stupid George Bush, the weakened dollar, the soaring costs of oil and natural gas.
As part of this idiot Grand Chessboard scheme, the morons in DC thought they could turn certain areas of Russia against Russia....but it has failed miserably, and these idiots will not stop trying to change what other people have already decided they want as their future.
They are getting desperate because this brain seizure was so big it was like a nuke going off. They reached, they failed...and America is falling into the abyss to its death.
Fact of life folks - to try to build a 'safe' pipeline from Kazakhstan through Dagestan, and CHECHNYA and then into Georgia to the Black Sea, OUR CIA and DOD stirred up a hell's nest in Chechnya...hoping that part of Russia would roll over for this ZIONIST LUNACY. They failed.
The other 'safe way' is called PEACE WITH RUSSIA.  That cannot happen until we get rid of the Russia-hating Zionist lunatics in DC, London and Tel Aviv. Getting rid of these lying, murderous assholes would only be topped by the Second Coming of Christ as to making this world a better place.
That is a fact...and Americans need to wake the hell up to the realities of that fact.
In the prior piece Operation Dagestan, I showed other maps as to how this Caspian Basin area lays out in REAL WORLD geography, not the constant bullshit and propaganda Americans are fed 24/7 by DC and Zionist main stream media to fuel their coffee roundtable bullshit sessions in Outback, America.
They just show the small map on US TV. I have been watching this trick for years. They do not want Americans to connect the dots.  Dots like...there is the Black Sea, and there is Georgia, and next to that there are Chechnya, Dagestan and Azerbaijan, and next to that is the Caspian Sea, and next to that is the Caspian Basin....mother lode of trillions of dollars in oil and gas these lying, murderous pricks have been after for THREE DECADES.
Their biggest fear in DC is Americans seeing the real truth and starting to refuse to support this lunacy.
I remember the US media reports on Chechnya well. They never, not even once on any news report I saw, disclosed that it was next door to their pipeline row component of GEORGIA. They know Americans are too stupid to read a map of America, much less a map of the world.
Note on the above map - 'NORTH OSSETIA" - and folks, there is a war in SOUTH OSSETIA right now. Get it?
Since they could not grab Chechnya, and since they could not get Dagestan, now these idiots think the only other alternative is attack Russia and push them out of South Ossetia.  Never mind 99% of the people there are Russian citizens.
The 'boogeyman' Russia is too close to this crucial pipeline right-of-way. These idiot strategy planners decided it was time for a war to back Russia away from their geostrategic 'imperative' pipeline.
Get it?
They got their asses handed to them on a platter and many are dead due to this idiot move on South Ossetia.  Russia won. Get it?
I am waiting for the reports. Many dead Russians in South Ossetia, but more importantly many dead American and Israeli military advisors, and many dead co-conspirators such as Ukrainians and mercenaries the US hired for this 'gig".
They are trying to back Russia up but the Bear doesn't do reverse.  The Bear is going to attack and rip some asses to pieces after suffering over 15 years of lies and bullshit, and terrorism and murder put forth by DC, London and Tel Aviv.  
The Georgian army, led by US and Israeli advisors, attacked South Ossetia on August 8 and Russia has thrown everything but nukes in reply.  Why? Because RUSSIA IS FED UP WITH THE US AND UK AND ISREAL AND THESE CONSTANT ACTS OF WAR AND TERRORISM AGAINST RUSSIA.
Restraint from the Russian Bear is OVER, DONE, FINISHED.
Get it?
Chechnya is Russia. Get it? Dagestan is Russia. Get it? North and South Ossetia are Russia. Get it? That all borders the US Zionist puppet regime in Georgia.  Get it? It is all about a pipeline.  Get it?
There is no 're-emergence of the Cold War' on the horizon. The only thing on the horizon is a HOT WAR and it will be hotter than Americans can bear.
That is why the EU is freaking out now...because Russia can turn off most of its oil and gas valves and put the entire EU economy under. Most of the oil that goes through the current BTC pipeline that goes through Georgia goes to the EU...and Europe is starting to feel the heat of yet another STUPID US and ISRAEL stunt.
All that said...and trust me on this, too...you haven't BEGUN to see stupid yet.  Just wait until either the US or Israel attacks Iran, and the EU finds out how much oil and gas it will NOT get for a long time.  Many EU nations get from 10% to 25% of all of their energy from Iran, and here we have winter coming on and Russia in the driver's seat, not George W Booze-Brain Bush.
Operating out of Azerbaijan, our CIA created the war in Chechnya, largely bankrolled by exiled Zionist Russian oligarch (living like Royalty in London) Boris Berezovsky (failed); they tried to upend Dagestan (failed); and they are now tried to take over South Ossetia...and they failed miserably on all counts once again.
They have killed *Russian* people to get their way and Russia remembers things for a long, long time.  The Bear remembers all too well what the Bolshevik zhids did to them with Communism and Joe Stalin's slaughter of up to 40 million Russians.  The Bear is about to strike back...in spades...if these BushCo zhid killers don't pull WAY back and suck their thumbs for a while. 
By the time Russia decides to stop bombing Georgia back into the Stone Age (until it gets a non-Zionist/CIA regime change) maybe Georgia will finally figure out that the US and Israel sent them on a Charge of the Light Brigade mission of total national suicide.
What is hilarious is watching Saakashvili pointing the map at how little 'beach frontage' Georgia has remaining on the Black Sea.  It is apparent that Russia is going to leave the door open for their precious pipeline but Russia is NOT going to back up 100km, or 500km to accommodate idiot 'strategic planners' in DC.  
The Bear just put it in 'park'...and the Bear is not moving.
It will not take the Russian Air Force many more days to level the entire infrastructure of Georgia.  God help them if Russia gets fed up with 'Zionist shits and giggles' and sends 10-15 armored divisions along with the air force.
Watching the BBC, it's clear Russia is going to completely cut Georgia in half and leave the BushCo Zionists with ZERO Black Sea frontage for their last gasp pipeline.
Ok, now, let's see if anyone can connect these dots. September 11, 2001, Bush launches the fake Global War on Terror and has blown it bigtime.  His only 'success' is in the destruction of further Constitutional rights and liberties in his own country.  It was a lie from Day One. It was all about that damned BushCo pipeline across Afghanistan...just like the current crisis in Georgia is about another US pipeline...this one headed to the Black Sea. That had to create a mental illusion of 'terrorism' for Americans with 9-11, so they would go back to shopping and let Bullshit George go defend America on the world stage.
Biggest damned mistakes the American people have made in my lifetime were in trusting George W Bush...William Jeffereson Clinton and George H W Bush.
Before Bush was waging a war based 100% on lies in Afghanistan, the CIA started a war with Russia in Chechnya for another pipeline linking to Kazakhstan. Check a calendar if you do not have a mind for chronology and facts. This was from 1994 forward to about 2000 - the same period of time the US was trying to upend the entire area to suit US objectives. 
Those oil and gas leases and those pipelines took advanced preparations, and all just waiting on 9-11 to put the entire lunatic plan into action.
Now that you know where Dagestan and Chechnya are, this reading can fill you in on dates:
This all had nothing whatsoever to do with 'defending America'...but it has everything to do with oil, gas and critical pipelines, and lining the right DC, London and TelAviv pockets.
Bush attacks Afghanistan based on lies to take over a pipeline right-of-way the Taliban balked at..  A failure to this day.
Bush attacks, destroys Iraq based on yet a bigger pack of lies and another large block of oil.  They are just now trying to begin to tap into Iraq's oil, bigtime.
Prior to all of that the CIA was trying to get Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan into bed with US objectives, so the US and UK would have pipelines and wide rights-of-way to get the oil and gas out of a landlocked area.
The DoD had war games in Georgia that ended July 31, remember?  And just 8 days later, US puppet Georgia, led by US and Israeli advisors, attacked South Ossetia, which just happens to border with NORTH Ossetia and is next door to Chechnya.  Georgia just happens to be a pipeline right-of-way to the Black Sea.  But now the Bear is sitting on western
Geogia and access to the Black Sea. Ooops.  Another BIG dirty Bush diaper.
Get the picture folks? 
They wanted awider right-of-way and South Ossetia was in the way.  It is that damned simple in their retarded, fatassed minds. Unfortunately for them, the Bear said, "NO."
This is all a damned lie and it is all about US oil and gas and packing the pockets of a bunch of warmongering billionaire scumbags that most of us would not care to have a cup of coffee with.
A lot of young Russian men, women and children died or were maimed in Chechnya due to a war the US CIA started there with the Zionist Berevosky, and Russia never forgets. And now the Bear is sitting on Georgia.
In the period 1994-2000, Russia was not in a position to project power like the US. Today, Russia could easily take out an entire nuclear carrier attack force. Or, several of them...n just a few minutes.  They are floating steel graveyards.
Times have changed...and Russia is not a nation to insult and try to bully like the idiots in DC, London and Tel Aviv have done all of my life. 
The US objective was to take over Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but, and this is a major BUT, it is a landlocked area and pipelines must be able to take the oil and gas to the sea.  Forget about rail transit, there is far too much oil and gas involved.
They had to have control of Afghanistan and Pakistan to get oil out of the Caspian Basin region to the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Get it?
Neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are aligned with them now. They have managed to piss off that entire part of the world with US demands, lies, killing and bullshit.
They conspired to flip Chechnya to get that pipeline right-of-way. They lost, Russia won.
Repeated attempts have been made by OUR CIA to take over Dagestan. CIA lost, Russia won.
They finally got a puppet government installed in Georgia with the Zionist Globalist US-educated Saakashvili, and his dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Defense chief.
Look at the map people. They wanted Dagestan, Chechnya and Georgia so they had their pipeline pathway located a safe distance from the Russian boogeyman.
It never occurred to these idiots of the true Axis Of Evil in DC, London and Tel Aviv that the people who live in these areas prefer Russia to them. That is fact. Except for who the CIA bribed, bought or extorted, almost all of the people in these areas hate the US with a passion, and will for decades to come. It is not due to our freedoms, it is due to these arrogant gangsters in DC thinking they have the freedom to do whatever they want to other human beings anywhere, any time, any way they choose.
These killer gangsters refuse to change 'US policy' towards Iran because they intend to 'IRAQ IRAN' at their earliest opportunity...and that will set off the biggest shit storm since World War II, but this time it will truly be a WORLD WAR involving three superpowers - two superpowers against the US and most of the world siding with those other two.
The WORLD is fed up with America people. They are fed up with the lies, the terrorism, the plundering, the intimidation and massive killing the Axis of Evil out of DC, London and Tel Aviv do again and again. And worse, they get by with it because Americans are such idiots they do not stop and think that what they just heard on TV are all damned lies.
So, right in front of your eyes there is Dagestan, Chechnya and Georgia, so they can get a pipeline to the Black Sea.
Get it?
They have enraged so many people, their only hope of getting that pipeline is across Azerbaijan and Georgia.  The rest of the areas have emphatically said NYET.
Now, unless you want to be stuck in a foxhole over there and getting the dog shit kicked out of you and raining down on your head, WAKE UP.  For the love of God, America, wake up to what these lying Zionist thugs are up to.
Our leaders are liars and world criminals, and this has all been about oil, natural gas and pipelines and stuffing just the right pockets in the US and London and Tel Aviv.
The world is at the edge of the abyss. WAKE UP.
This is a summation of how incredibly stupid these people in DC are. The closest point that South Ossetia was to their precious pipeline route is 55km. This attack on South Ossetia was to push Russia back so they would be hundreds of kilometers from that pipeline.
It never occurs to the stupid bastards that a Russian jet from 1,000km away, or a few Russian Iskander missiles could take that pipeline out in minutes. Their 'rationale' in attacking South Ossetia was because Russian tanks could go that 55km and take over their precious pipeline in 1 hour. I kid you not. That is how myopic these shitheads are.
This Georgia fiasco was all about backing Russia up, so tanks could not be on top of their precious pipeline in about 1 hour.  
These 'war planners' are sick, dumb bastards, and, trust me, none of them are going to push Russia back even one inch, much less 1,000 miles.
These people are shallow, murderous and stupid, too stupid to lead America and certainly too stupid to be "Masters of Planet Earth."
In the Clinton and Bush view of the NEW WORLD ORDER, they think they are entitled to carve up Russia any way they see fit and Russia is making it clear that they do not. Brzezinski actually has a drawn plan to carve Russia into four pieces.  Honest.  He's insane. 
Chechnya, Dagestan, Georgia and South Ossetia as a pipeline route is the WEST'S view of the New World Order, and it has been flatly rejected by the entire Caspian Basin area except for Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Get the picture now?
I have a prediction. Zionist Israel is about to find out the full extent of what an enemy they have in Russia.   Russia already has US in checkmate,  The Zionist zhids and their 'democracy' of Israel are next.
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