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HBCC Report Of SoCal
Mystery Craft Crash

HBCC UFO Research
Sender's Name: tabatha
City: apple valley
State: CA
ZIP: 92307
Date of Sighting: 7-1-08
Time of Sighting: Approx 10:15 AM
Location of Sighting: Apple Valley, CA, Toward Barstow, CA
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Either round and tilted or oval/elongated
Full Description of event/sighting:  I just got home and we looked up at the sky and saw a abnormally large oval or round shaped flying object. It was very shiny silver. Although it did not hover, it did crash. It fell straight down from the sky and burst into 'flames' twice. yet there is no evidence of a plane or helicopter crash.  Shortly after our sighting, two or three local planes were out circling the area in which we saw the UFO.  When it fell, it came in at about 45-degree angle toward the ground, then suddenly fell into a complete 180-degree drop. (Straight down.) There
was no sound and no movement (on the ground) caused from it (impacting).  There is nothing out in the desert that implies that an aircraft landed or crashed...let alone blew-up...twice.
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