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The Arrogance Of Power
By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
With the final passage of the FISA reform bill this week, the US Senate has reached a new low in its outright disregard for the constitution its members are sworn to uphold. Simply put, Congress has no power to legislate any law that violates any of the provisions of the constitution. Period. In this case, the constitution is clear: no warrantless searches are permitted--none. That's what constitutions are supposed to do: put strict limits on lawmaking power so that individual rights are protected from evil minorities, evil majorities, or in this case, insipid yesmen in Congress eager to please those above them conspiring to use the phony threat of terrorism to dismantle constitutional protections. Just hours after President Bush signed this legislation the ACLU filed suit in federal court to have the law ruled unconstitutional. There is a good chance the federal court will agree, forcing a showdown at the Supreme Court.
There is a arrogance on the part of trained lawyers in Congress who defend this brazen evisceration of the 4thAmendment. They all know it run against both the letter of the constitution and centuries of case law. These apologists for stripping away a citizen's power to challenge illegal surveillance in court seem to fall into two groups: those that are knowing conspirators in the secret movement to dismantle the constitution and those that are groveling at the feet of those in power. The first group is imbued with the arrogance that comes from knowing they have effective immunity from their illegal acts, protected by fellow conspirators in the White House, Department of Justice, Congress and the courts. The second group are foolish lapdogs hungry for acceptance and advancement in the halls of power---which few will ever achieve because they aren't corrupt enough for the highest echelons of evil. A good example is Senator Orrin Hatch-(R)Utah who, with the tiniest of inducements, can be energized to leap to the pulpit and excuse, defend, and rationalize the evil acts of the Bush administration in the mistaken belief that he is upholding patriotic or conservative values. He is unwittingly upholding an evil agenda. In his eagerness to believe that everything is justified by 9/11 Hatch cannot see that he is being played for the fool.
Nothing is more symptomatic of the arrogance of power in the Bush administration than the high-handed manner in which Attorney General Michael Mukasey confronts those who dare challenge his prerogatives. No other government gatekeeper of the "secret acts of government" can compare to the audacity in which Mukasey deflects and puts off his Congressional critics--most of whom are themselves playing a roll. That is why they don't rigorously follow up on Mukasey's evasions. Kate Klonick, writing for TPMmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com gives us a rundown on the pattern of evasion since his evasive confirmation hearings:
"There are a whole host of issues confronting the Justice Department that remain unaddressed-- overall politicization, the Office of Legal Counsel memos, torture memos, hiring and firing practices, and selective prosecution. But when it comes to hard answers to Congressional Oversight, Attorney General Michael Mukasey dances around the questions, usually deflecting criticism that stems from the Gonzales era.
1. "When Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) requested a listing of the OLC memoranda [on torture] that the DOJ chose not to review, Mukasey stated that he didn't know that it 'would serve anybody's interest' to do so [except the public].
2. "When Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) questioned him about why Judith Miller was left in jail [for refusing to reveal her sources in the Valerie Plame affair], he demurred, stating that it fell into the responsibilities of special counsel.
3. "When Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) wanted to know if anyone was planning on reviewing Gitmo detainee's files to see why they were being detained [a habeas corpus issue], Mukasey deferred noting the cases were before the D.C. district court.
4. "And when Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) demanded accountability for the loss of valuable civil servants to the politicization of the DOJ Honors Program, the Attorney General stated that it had already been 'covered by the OIG [Office of Inspector General-in house DOJ investigator] report' [which whitewashed the affair].
"But when it was Sen. Joe Biden's (D-DE) turn to ask questions, he took a more straight forward approach, tearing into Mukasey as an 'enigma...acting like you float above up in the ether somewhere.'" Indeed, that is what Mukasey acts like--that he is above the law. As a certified insider in the service of the real Powers That Be (PTB), he's untouchable and he knows it."
The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to grant retroactive amnesty to the telecoms that aided President Bush's secret, warrantless wiretapping of Americans, which was cover for the fact that indiscriminate surveillance had been going on for decades. In another of his continual modifications of position, the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama voted for the final bill, despite promising to oppose any bill that included amnesty. Hillary Clinton voted against it, but that's only because she is still positioning herself for a future run for the presidency and must play the opposing role. Were she the nominee, I can guarantee you she would have voted for it too. Senator Arlen Specter, whose work for the conspirators goes way back to his role as legal counsel to the Warren Commission, played his usual game of opposing the measure right up to the end, and then switching sides and voting for it.
We're going to see a lot of disappointed Democrats who harbor the illusion that Obama really is going to change things. He won't. And within the anti-war movement dissatisfaction with Obama is already growing fast. His supporters mounted an intense lobbying campaign on Obama's online organizing website to get him to stick to his promise on telecom immunity--all in vain--just like his promise to get US troops out of Iraq in a year and a half. It won't happen--especially with Obama joining the mindless crescendo of politicians calling for military threats to Iran.
Of course Iran isn't helping anything by rattling its own sabers---launching over a dozen test missiles in two days as a show of potential force to the ever-threatening Americans and Israelis. Actually, it now appears that some of those missiles failed and the photo evidence was altered by Iran. It is also possible that Iran did not want to use up so many missiles in one exercise and faked several of the launches. In any case, one wonders what suicidal vision Iranian leaders have that provokes them to play into the globalist's hand, making themselves look radical and helping the neocons justify attacking Iran with every provocative speech and military exercise. I suspect Russia is partly to blame, whispering in Iran's ear that it won't allow the US to attack--just like Russia promised Saddam Hussein.
Obama is destined to be a President full of regrets. He's quick on the tongue and a little too candid which results in statements that are unwise or run afoul of what his CFR handlers want him to say. Luke Boggs of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution took note of this growing list of regrets:
"What jumped out at me was how quickly Obama regretted his decision [to put his daughters on an interview with the TV tabloid Access Hollywood]. And that, in turn, made me wonder how often the senator has regretted other choices. Answer: pretty often. (Googling 'Obama' and 'regrets' yields more than a million hits.)
"In November 2006, Obama said he regretted buying property adjacent to his Chicago home from Tony Rezko, a longtime supporter and big-time fund-raiser who has since been convicted of mail and wire fraud, aiding and abetting bribery and money laundering [one of many instances where the dark side of government uses evil and criminal elements to make "deals" with up and coming insiders to provide them with instant wealth].
"In February 2007, as his presidential campaign was beginning, Obama said he regretted saying that the lives of American soldiers who died fighting in Iraq had been 'wasted.'
"In April 2008, Obama said he regretted his choice of words when he told some well-heeled donors in San Francisco that 'bitter' folks in Middle America who have lost economic hope 'cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them.' [Indeed, some Americans are getting very angry with arrogant politicians who constantly lie to them and make false promises of change.]
"To be sure, these are choices worth regretting. Anyone can understand why Obama would regret his land deal with a convicted felon. And even liberal Democrats like Obama have been careful not to say American lives have been 'wasted' in Iraq, even as they imply the same thing when they dismiss the war effort as corrupt, inept, unnecessary and worse.
"Obama's most costly regret, however, may well prove to be his condescending shot at those decent, hardworking Americans he said were desperately clinging to God and guns and bigotry. It was a regret-worthy statement that said volumes about Obama's easy contempt for those in what elites call 'flyover country.'
"Perhaps the American people are looking for a regretful guy this time around. After eight years of George W. Bush, whose dogged lack of regrets [absolute arrogance and stubbornness] continues to exasperate his critics, perhaps this sort of intense self-scrutiny and navel-gazing will translate into electoral victory." The only thing I can say with total certainty is that America will regret electing either John McCain or Barack Obama.
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