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Alphabet Soup
By Karl Schwarz

If you saw the last piece I wrote on Rense.com, 'The Pyrrhic Victory of The Great Decider', this is additional information for you to think over.

I love America and its people. I have grown, over the years, to have nothing but contempt and disgust for those in DC who claim they are our leaders. In a word, they suck.

They are bereft of any leadership qualities whatsoever, and to say they lack character, honor, integrity and veracity is being far too kind. They are morally reprehensible scum and unfit to lead anything good.

If you take all of the emotions out of it, the US Federal 'Government' has accomplished exactly nothing of substance or merit since 9-11. What they have accomplished is the destruction of the US dollar, the American economy, blown through and stolen trillions of dollars for their Elite masters, ruined the once shining global good will towards America, aided and abetted one fraud after another, shredded the Constitution, undermined freedoms and liberties for no cause other than their own despicable greed and lust to subvert and to control everyone and everything around them.  

I have serious questions they do not wish address because the truth puts them on the spot and shows them for what they truly are, abject traitors to our great nation.

I have simple questions:

1. Why can we win a battle and not win a single war since World War II? How can the world's most powerful military be so inept at closure?

2. Why is it that America still thumps its chest "We are Number One" when - by any measure one chooses to look at - we are sliding straight into the gutter and Second/Third World Status? (America is littered with morons that think we won the Vietnam War. We lost, get over it. We have lost Afghanistan and Iraq, too, so get over that as well.)

3. Who in Hell is in charge of 'planning' in DC?  They obviously cannot even read a damned map, add, subtract or tell the simple truth.  

4. Who put America's biggest and most evil idiots in charge of America?

I learned at a young age that one has to laugh at stupidity and adversity or you will truly go insane or sink into deep depression or apathy.

Some wonder where my focus on political matters comes from. Said simply, I was related by marriage to Rep Wilbur D. Mills, Arkansas Second District, 1939-1977 and former Chairman of House Ways and Means. For many years he had the purse strings of America and I will never forget a statement he made one year at a Christmas gathering of the family and four generations:

"If Americans think they have well-meaning elected officials in Washington DC who care about how they spend and waste the US taxpayer dollars, those Americans are consummate fools."

That quote was from the horse's mouth folks, the longest serving chairman of House Way and Means. Pay attention.

I was 17 when I heard that memorable quote and now 40 years later I can state with absolute certainty that Wilbur was right...on both counts. They are derelicts and criminals in DC and Americans are consummate fools.

For years, I wanted to know who we, as Americans, have to blame for the stupidity and theft churned out continuously from our National Capital. It did not take many years of watching to figure out that our government has "no institutional memory" and it keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. That made me wonder why there is a Library of Congress and all those high-paid experts if the Congress is not going to read or pay attention to good advice.

Over the years, I have paid very close attention, indeed. It did not hurt to have my office in DC for 7 years and get a good dose of it all, including that bitter, putrid aftertaste, too. I tell some of my closer friends that the DC aftertaste is akin to licking the ass of a pig, if one can imagine such.

In observation and direct business dealings, I have learned that the Alphabet Agencies of the US government, that ever-growing list of acronyms, really do not stand for what they claim they do at all. It is bad enough that the more apparent 'leaders' (White House, Congress, and the endless line of morons appointed to key government positions) lie to us at the drop of a hat and behind them is a truly bizarre and aberrant network of troll bureaucrats that excel at defiling or screwing up everything they touch.

There are just line item budgets that get fatter every year.  Their true role of screwing things up in the world and in America is never disclosed to the public by our exalted, all-self-important, put themselves on a pedestal leaders in DC. They just keep adding layer after layer after layer until those who work there for our government no longer really know what their job is any more. Serving American citizens is definitely not among the job requirements.

If you are one of those few, coherent, critical-thinking Americans who knows the difference between a pile of cow crap and a bouquet of roses, but still cannot quite put your finger on why things are so screwed up in America and elsewhere, this explanation of what those Alphabet Agency Acronyms ["AAA"] really mean should help you see the picture much more clearly. 

The military have a phrase for it: FUBAR (F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition)

That is not a diagnosis; it is the end product and net effect of the disease, and FUBAR has set in all across America, it is now structural to our baseline systems.  This disease is a malignant cancer that is eating the heart and soul out of America. 

That "AAA" is not an official acronym yet for any federal agency I know of, but give them enough time and they will make it one. It will most likely really stand for American Assholes Anonymous, sort of a recovery place where the high and mighty go to figure out why they were neither high nor mighty and why they're going to a special place in Hell.

If you watch closely what they do, other words come up that better describe what their true "governmental function" is at all those DC-centered Alphabet Agencies. They are all part of the official agenda that does not include the welfare of you or any other normal American citizen. It does not matter whether it is US hegemony and imperialism abroad or outright fascist belligerence towards Americans at home (like Bush signing off on FISA) and undermining everything that was once great and honorable about America. They are all part of the problem, not a solution to anything.

To wit:

The CIA, The Central Intelligence Agency, aka: The Cult of Insidious Assholes.

If you have ever seen the movie Three Days of the Condor, that are some memorable lines about our CIA. 

"What are Americans going to do when they don't have oil? What are people who have never known hunger going to do when they have no food?"

"Ask them."

"Not now, then! They will not care, all they will want us to do is get it for them."

"Man, have you found a home. What is with you people? You think not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth."


Indeed, lying has no only become an expected part of government 'ethics' but it is also now a bedrock layer under most all of our civilian and business social commerce; it has become structural to our entire national fabric.  Lying directly, lying by omission, or 'spinning' (lying) over everything you can imagine is now the norm.

Americans need to come to grips with the true purpose of the CIA. It is not to gather intelligence to "defend America". The CIA is an extension of US imperial policy to dominate the world.  (Two-time Medal Of Honor winner Marine Corps General Smedley Butler summed it all up in his immortal 'War Is A Racket' statement.  Read it: http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/articles/warisaracket.htm)  The CIA is an instrument of hegemony, imperialism and empire building. They search for intelligence on raw materials and resources and then swing into action to make sure those raw materials and resources wind up as US assets and in just the right pockets. They spent 30 years trying to take over the Caspian Basin covertly, and then overtly with the Global War on Terror.

That is their "mission" but lately, for about 2 to 3 decades, they have failed over and over again to achieve success.

Due to budget cuts, they decreased the "on the ground" assets they had. Their new strategy is just pick someone at random, torture them into a confession and then thump their chests about what a great job they are doing defending America. They excel in bribes, extortion, blackmail, torture, murder, fabricating intelligence and all sorts of hideous behaviours.

If you have been keeping count, the score is somewhere in the neighborhood of CIA 15, Alleged Terrorists 2,000.

First, they try to get a friendly government in place, one they can bribe or extort to get their way. Yes, they manipulate elections or try to overturn election results they do not like. If that does not work, they sometimes send the wet ops boys and girls to assassinate a leader who will not roll over and play by CIA/USA/UK rules. If it is a little too obvious, they regularly outsource to MI6 to do the dirty work or to mercenaries like Blackwater or mobsters. The recent sentencing of former SAS mercenary Simon Mann to 34 years in prison is an example of a CIA ­ MI6 deal that failed to achieve its objectives. I am hopeful that they will nail Mark Thatcher next, son of former British PM Margaret Thatcher. I say if the garden needs weeding, weed it.

If all else fails, they create a war based on lies and just go steal it, like Afghanistan, and like Iraq...which likely contains the worlds largest, easy access, oil reserves.

The CIA spies on governments, universities, scientists, corporations, communications, etc, to steal technology, bring it home and slap the "Invented in the USA" moniker on it. Of course, the insiders get those benefits, not you or I. The plan is we are consumers to be enslaved by debt, not Americans with a true freedom to build wealth.

There are no Boy Scouts in the CIA defending America and any American who thinks there are Boy Scouts there is a consummate fool. The exact type of fool that Washington, DC salivates over. Boy Scouts are too dangerous, they tell the truth and have a sense of moral values and right versus wrong.

Boy Scouts would not think of assassinating a leader of a nation because he did not like the abuse and arrogance of our government or the commercially abusive terms many US corporations put on the table as "take it or leave it" attitude.

They do not try what Russia and China are doing, commercial contracts, because that is not "the American way." Now they would rather squander billions on Spy Games and if that does not work hundreds of billions or trillions on made up wars. That creates jobs in America and commerce for those few lucky enough to get the billions doled out to them on one insider deal after another.

As recently as March 2008, they flooded Armenia with operatives to try to sway their elections so that pro-Russia Armenia would turn pro-US. When that did not work they tried to incite an Orange Revolution that was quickly put down. 

They are meddlesome and no, they do not believe in democracy. They only offer 'democracy' as approved by the USA, which is laughable as a marketing strategy since we no longer have a functioning democracy in America.

The DIA, The Defense Intelligence Agency, aka: Dummies in Analysis.

Thanks to our massive industrial-military complex we have great weapons but they always fail to do the math. For example, "ok, we launched a cruise missile and put it through their front door, destroyed the target, killed many. including innocents. Cool! What next?"

They never correctly estimate the real damage they do or what the blowback is going to be when one stirs up a hornet's nest. Perfect examples being found in Afghanistan and Iraq, both lasting longer than World War II and both unwinnable by ANY measure of true 'victory'.

Mission Accomplished? Not even close.

The NRO, The National Reconnaissance Office, aka: The Numb-skulls Revisionism Office.

These are the folks (along with liberal interpretations and fabrications from CIA and DIA and special Lie Factories at DoD) that provided Colin Powell all of those cute photos so he could go show the UN all of the non-existent Iraq weapons programs. We can all rest assured that the same Lie Factory is now operating overtime and cooking the intelligence regarding Iran. 

The real problem with Iran is that it will be a major supplier of oil, natural gas, and enriched uranium (world's second largest known reserves).  And it will be supplying nations that the US and UK cannot control. That, folks, is the real problem with Iran. With Russia rising, Iran, China and India rising, and Caspian Basin mega-profits eluding our really stupid planners, the day is nearing that the US and UK will not be able to control energy or economies.

In my estimation, that will be a good thing and the world could mature and grow to a higher level than the mess we have now thanks to such US and UK policies.

Did you catch the 'set-up', er, news? Halliburton was charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran. Now, why didn't the Main Stream Media report that? That is the same stunt they did with Saddam Hussein. Arm him and then point the finger of what a bad guy he was with all of those arms we sold him. Why?


I know the answer to that question but will leave it to you, the reader, to answer for yourself.

The NSA, The National Security Agency, aka: The National Snoopy Agency. 

There are two things I am absolutely certain of. First, 99.999% of Americans are not Al Qaeda or Islamic Terrorists. Second, if the Global War on Terror and 'the threat was real' our borders would not be standing wide open like they have been since 9-11-2001. To say we have Swiss cheese borders in the face of this made-up threat is being too kind.

These are the folks that brought to us the AT&T spying on all Americans, any American they choose, under the pretense of "defending democracy and freedom". I emphasize the word pretense because they are literally pretending that you, yes you, are Al Qaeda. 

That is, of course, during the same period of time that some of the other Alphabet Agencies are out "selling freedom and democracy at gun point" in far away lands.

They may be the sickest US agency of all because they truly seem to like sticking their nose about 2 inches up the butt of every American and taking a good sniff. The NSA hates freedoms and liberties and right to privacy for all. Just a hint ­ the part of their name regarding "national security" is an oxymoron, at a minimum a contradiction in terms. They are all about FEDERAL SECURITY of this elitist US government, not 'our' nation and 'our' national security.

If they were to be truthful the name of the agency would be FSA [Federal Security Agency] but that is a little too honest in advertising for a top secret alphabet agency that is supposedly defending America.

The CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, aka: The Centers for Disease Creation

Do you take every vaccine that comes along? Do you rush out to take the flu vaccine every year? Do you turn to a bottle of pills for every ailment?

Is your mind failing to function properly now that you have had many doses of mercury and squalene along with those shots?

If so, you are the type of American who falls for the hype and propaganda. They do not prevent diseases at CDC any more than they also create diseases. They are part of getting as many Americans as they can, coming and going.

Have you noticed the state of your overall health declining over the past 15 years or so?

If not, you are one of the lucky ones.

Are you aware that they are trying to push that same agenda and regimen all over the world so the right pockets get lined, regardless of the harm they do to humans?

If you have fallen for their agenda for years, you probably need all the Paxil your doctor will let you have. It may be the only enjoyment you have left.

The FDA, The Food & Drug Administration, aka: The Fooled & Drugged America.

These are the folks that big pharma, and any other company wishing to make big bucks on crappy, often deadly products, run to when they want a fast track approval to shoot you up with new vaccines, drug you into a stupor with SSRI drugs, or dump additives in your food without any idea if it is safe for human consumption.

You see, 'safe for human consumption' is no longer the mission. The mission is how much can they make - and how fast - before the world finds out they are dealing harmful drugs and food additives, and how many jobs will it create so the politicians look good. 

Of course, the quid pro quo for such lax oversight is they have to make big and lavish donations to Congress and other politicians that pave the way for them to make those big bucks. And the other quid pro quo for such largesse was to grant Big Pharma immunity for ruining your health or killing you.

Latest statistic, one-third of all American children are 'dangerously overweight'. Great American diet? Do not believe it for a minute. American fast food and much of what they sell in grocery stores is unsafe for human consumption. Of course, they want to export hundreds of billions of that manure all over the world so billions wind up just like Americans.

Now the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children as young as 2 should be tested for high blood pressure and children as young as 8 should be on prescription medication for cholesterol to fight obesity.  It is pure madness.  They also recommend that children be given skim milk after age 1. God forbid that diet and exercise would cost Big Pharma and those pediatric doctors a whole new way to profit. Many of those cholesterol drugs are now known to actually promote cholesterol and addiction to use of such drugs for life.  Never a word about the causes of these condtions...only 'treatments'. 

Hush, hush, don't worry, have another Paxil. It is just your children and grandchildren.

The UK will be pushing this stuck on stupid agenda very soon all over the EU. Stay tuned and alert to that news.

The FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka: The Fed's Bungling Idiots. 

Only an FBI could investigate the anthrax attacks on Congress for 6 years and not focus on the prime suspect. They always leave off the most likely suspect, DynPort Vaccines, LLC...a hybrid of BioPort, makers of the pure crap anthrax vaccine for the DoD that they shoot into our troops for no reasons other than profits, and DynCorp, the mercenary company. Anthrax vaccine requires weaponized anthrax to make the vaccine (hint) and DynCorp will attack anyone for money. You do the math.

Of course, due to the Global War on Terror, both DynPort Vaccines and DynCorp have been raking in lots of cash. They are not as blatant or as obvious as say Halliburton or Blackwater but they are one of the 'Pet Hogs' with a choice seat at the trough.

If I can find them with about 1 hour of research, I am quite sure the FBI could, too, if it had anyone over there capable of investigating a case and finding a criminal. The fact that they are "offshore" is irrelevant. Murder has no national boundaries.

You see, it is not about finding an "evildoer. It is about making sure every time they say 'BOO' the majority of Americans try to hide under their shadows and then complacently go back to grazing, shopping and surfing channels, watching mind-numbing excretia (programming) on TV and breathing a sigh of relief that the latest terrorist torpedo did not hit them square in the ass while they had their head stuck in the sand. All safego back to doing virtually nothing.

DoD, the Department of Defense, aka: Dumb oversees Dumber

The next time you see the brass on TV, note all of the ribbons and medals. Those are not just awarded to the bravest or longest serving. They are also awarded to those who kiss ass and play ball the best "per US policy". They even award them now on the basis of "Slickest War Criminal" over at DoD.

You see, it is no longer the job of the Department of Defense to defend America. Now they are being used like Roman Legions to carry out the Imperial aims of Washington, DC and the Wealthy Elite that own our government.

I feel certain the CIA has huge amounts of cash unaccounted for but at least they do not mumble like Rumsfeld did that they have "trillions of dollars they cannot account for."

What saddens me is how many of our US soldiers truly think they are defending America while Halliburton, SAIC, Big Oil and many others are in far away lands stealing the oil and gas of others (or trying to steal it) and leaving our soldiers behind to guard what they stole. Maybe one of these days the soldiers will start to SERIOUSLY ask: why are we here?

Ah yes, for the glory of the empire. Go and reread Smedley Butler...

Ever since America has suffered through the administrations for both Bush fiascos and the Clinton fiasco, wearing that uniform and getting promoted to the highest level of incompetence also means willingness to lie, fabricate intelligence, undertake war crimes, torture POWs to death, and smile for the cameras that it is just American Shock & Awe. All hail Caesar!

Go serve and die for a lie. It is now the American way.

The FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, aka: Federal Emergency Makeover Agency

This lame group has given a whole new meaning of "a contradiction in terms". This grossly-overfunded agency has proven time and time again that it could not manage a Girl Scout Cookie drive without screwing it up.

It truly amazes me that this FEMA group is supposedly our front line defense in addressing disasters. Has anyone else noticed that they are usually the last to show up and do the least in disasters? This is just one more way of Big Brother stroking the Sheeple to reassure that the Federal Government is there and protecting you.

Their handouts of federal dollars are one boondoggle after another and little of it gets to the disaster zones. It does miraculously get into the right pockets. Most of those 'right pockets' have high-priced lobbyists in DC to make sure they get an RSVP to the next big giveaway of US dollars due to a natural disaster.

If you believe that lie from DC, that FEMA is protecting you in case of Acts of God, you are the perfect sucker that they love to steal from, er, serve.

DHS, The Department of Homeland Security, aka: Domestic Hegemony and Sedition.

I had to think on why they did not just let the NSA be the "in your face" face of federal belligerence but the answer was easy. The NSA could not be "secret" if they had to face and harass America every day on multiple fronts like DHS does.

Have you heard the latest? Next time you fly you may not be issued a ticket. What DHS plans is to slap a bracelet on you that you have to wear for the duration of the flight. It has your personal information, will track all your movements getting from the bracelet (ticket) counter to the airplane - and if you get out of line it will taser you, maybe to death.

Even if you object to being groped by TSA (or them groping your wife or daughter) they might just taser you right there and damn, you might miss the flight and the rest of your life.

I have said it for years and Americans might wake up to this fact someday. The Department of Homeland Security does not protect America from any foreign threat. It protects the US government and the Wealthy Elite from the wrath of Americans should they ever 'wake up' and realize the extent their own government is the biggest enemy the American people have. It defends the sedition of the US government against the US people.

It is their paid job to harass and bully America into being cowards in the face of Big Brother.

You see, sedition is a two-way street and this division of the US government is abject proof of "in your face" sedition by the US government against the American people.


Then we have the least respected body of elected con artists on the face of this planet, our own US Congress. Any group of 535 people who cannot score any higher than Bush or Cheney due to the lack of honor, character and integrity within those 535 people is a pretty sad lot of people to lead a nation and enact its laws.

The clue should be the use of the word "con" in the name because that is all these charlatans do to the American people. The "gress" part of the name Congress definitely is not derived from "progress" so that means it must come from the word "regress", which means go backwards. It might be derived from "digress" since they evidently cannot remain focused on anything that has anything to do with the America people who elected them.

Yep, our nation has been moving backwards while the rest of the world has been moving forward, so "regress" must be the right derivative. Digress means they are only avoiding facing the music. That is why they mumble and change the subject with confronted by someone demanding the truth.

Even those Jewish groups that so urgently want billions and trillions of US aid to Israel and want the US to go shed the blood of US soldiers for the glory of Israel have caught on to this wonder of acronyms. 

The ADL, The Anti-Defamation League, aka: The Anti-Democracy Loonies. Didn't you get the memo? A psychotic greedy minority cannot let majority rule happen in America.

The AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, aka: Asinine Israelis Promoting Asinine Crap. Last time I checked Israel has its own currency, it has its own government, its own military. My vote is they support themselves, defend themselves.

If that does not explain to you why everything seems backwards in DC, maybe it is time for another Paxil and go watch some Reality TV, see what Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are up to today.

Don't worry about America, Big Brother is defending you...NOT.

They just love acronyms in DC but they never staff them with who they need for them to be effective agencies, nor are they ever under orders that any American would endorse if they knew what was really going on.

You see, in Washington, DC they sort of snicker at how they define an expert. In our national capital "expert" means "a drip under pressure". They do not want Americans to figure out that all of these talking heads are not experts, they are mouthpieces for the grand agenda and it is a total flop as a plan.

Why do they do such things? 

So the average American will just shrug, tune out and go do something useless. They do it so the majority of Americans will not care that their freedoms and liberties are gone, their lifestyle crushed and now as fulfilling as being a hamster on a wheel, in a cage, all made comfy by Big Brother just for you.

I have thought long and hard as to what is wrong out there in the hinterlands of America. Why can't the people see and act? It has to do with the one single word that best describes what is wrong with America. 

I say it is "tribal". We are a bunch of itsy-bitsy self-segregating tribes with no plan, easy to confuse and lie to, and even easier to get them all to compliantly argue with each other rather than do something about the crap in our National Capital they call governing. 

Most Americans have not a clue that the entire New Age Movement was created by the CIA to fracture and divide Americans into those little tribes, those little pet "ists" and "isms" that are not as meaningful as the damage being done to our nation, our freedoms, our liberties and our future.

Folks, they are not governing. They are plundering your life and anyone else stupid enough to trust them anywhere in the world.

America is sinking like the Titanic. Make sure you know where your life jacket is, and your SSRI prescription, so you will feel better about the death of a great nation.


Hi Karl....Enjoyed the piece and agree.
I travel a great deal by air. I'm on the road 9 months a year. Another that I use regularly is:
TSA = They Steal Anything = Those Stupid Assholes
One entertaining exchange that regularly gets an emotional reaction is:
Question: "Why are you carrying all of these electronics in your carry-on?"
Reply: "Because, chances are, if I check this equipment with you, I'll never see it again."
Question: "Are you accusing me of being a thief?"
Reply: "I'm only stating a documented fact. Would you like to read the news article? I have it right here."
I carry a news article outlining the number of TSA thefts in the first 2 years of their existence.
Keep up the good work.
Las Vegas, NV


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