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US Acts Of War
Against Iran

By Karl Schwarz
It has been said that "as goes GM, so goes America." With GM teetering on bankruptcy - and suffering massive losses due to lack of foresight on how to compete with foreign car makers - Americans need to stop, think, and realize that GM going down means America is not far behind. My guess is those GM executives never dreamed that BushCo policies would turn out to be so devastating to America, and their business.
Folks, you have not seen the worst of it yet. This Super Storm is just now getting warmed up and will be the equivalent of "The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Tornado Warning for the entire United States"
As the US tries to explain away to the American Sheeple why the cost of gasoline is now so high, read this recent article and consider the extent DC is lying to America yet again. They like to use the typical lies of 'shortages' and 'supply versus demand' but global production is at an all-time high and demand is dropping.
http://www.forbes.com/reuters/feeds/reuters/ 2008/07/03/2008-07-03T184028Z_01_N02435397_RTRIDST_0_USA-OIL- EXPORTS-ANALYSIS.html
"The 1.6 million barrels a day in record petroleum exports represented 9 percent of total U.S. refining capacity of 17.6 million barrels a day. However, with refiners operating at 85 percent of capacity during the January-April period, the shipments represented a much a larger share of total U.S. oil products produced."
Folks, that means they are EXPORTING oil, after they import it, to make money to cover up the other damage their policies have done.
Congress recently appropriated $400 million for covert operations aimed at Iran. By any measure, that is an Act of War...but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The US has been harassing and provoking Iran for almost 30 years now.
That will prove to be yet another $400 million that Congress might as well have just carted out and dumped on the Capitol Mall, and set it on fire.
In my last article on Rense, "The World's Foremost Terrorist Organization: The United States Government", I did not address some matters regarding Iran.
The military hospital at Landstuhl has also had 'black ops commandos' come there who were extracted from Iran, too, either dead or wounded. That, too, is an Act of War by a nation that thinks it has the unilateral right to cross any border and do anything to anyone it pleases. The US does not, in fact, have such a right under International Law - or any other sense of common human decency.
But I digress, common decency is not a forte of Washington, DC.
When the nutcases in DC came up with their not-at-all-brilliant Global War on Terror as a renaming of their "Grand Chessboard" scheme, they immediately surrounded Iran with placement of troops in Iraq. Yes, Mr. John MaGoo, IRAN borders Iraq, there is no 'Pakistan-Iraq' border.
We have parked carrier attack groups off Iran's shores in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. We have parked additional troops and armor in Northern Iraq and have the CIA backing the rebel Iranian MEK group that also seeks the overthrow of the Islamic government in Tehran.
Iran cannot trust the Turks since NATO membership for them means they have to choose the US side, not the Iran side in the lies, er, debates.
We have parked additional troops in Turkmenistan to the north of Iraq. Some of the special operations forces that came to Landstuhl Germany were part of operations originating out of Turkmenistan to penetrate Iran and stir up shit with the Iranian government.
We have parked US forces in Afghanistan to their East.
About the only place that Iran has a peaceful border and no threat is Pakistan, which has begun distancing itself from the US due to the brazen lunacy of their fake Global War on Terror and its underlying scheme of dominating world oil and natural gas. Since I am not a paid advisor to Clueless McCain, I will not spend any time explaining to him why things are just fine along the Iran­Pakistan border. They also have no problems whatsoever with Armenia, but that border area is very small compared to others.
If you are not a whiz at global geography, this map pretty well sums up the situation. It dates back to the Second Invasion of Iraq under the stupidly, callously-named "Iraqi Freedom" operation. This map was in my book 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas':
Azerbaijan, about the only US ally in the region, is also a threat to Iran. All during the time that the US was conspiring and planning and scheming to take over the Caspian Basin to get control of that mother lode of oil and gas, Azerbaijan was the CIA base of operations in that region of the world.
Through the Azerbaijan­American Chamber of Commerce, our CIA was up to all sorts of dirty tricks to get control of the Caspian Basin, and continued harassment of Iraq and Iran. If you dig deep enough, one can find Gary Best of Mega Oil, and recently-sentenced Simon Mann, both former SAS and US Special Forces, both involved in those "shits and giggles" games in that part of the world before they headed to Africa to stir up problems there, too.
My sources in Yerevan, Armenia inform that many visas are being issued to Americans there to enter Iran. My source? The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Yerevan, Armenia, nice folks.
Reason ­ probable increased CIA infiltration of Iran.
Reason for that ­ Iran has elections in the future and CIA wants to see if they can manipulate those elections like they try to do all over the world. Of course, there is that urgent need to falsify more intelligence...just like they did regarding Iraq.
Reason the Iranians are letting them in? Probably to correctly identify who the US has put in that part of the world to continue the dissension, provocations and attempts to manipulate and control. Their probable new 'base of operations' is that White Elephant, multi-billion dollar 'embassy' in Baghdad.
When you look at this matter objectively, Iran has demonstrated a considerable - if not extraordinary - amount of restraint and has limited the defense of Iran to Iran itself within their own borders. That is a sovereign right and they are entitled to it.
Even the US State Department recently admitted that it is Iran that is keeping the peace in Iraq by persuading the Shiite cleric Al Sadr to not unleash his forces in all-out civil war in Iraq.
That photo op completely destroys the Bush rhetoric about what Iran is doing in Iraq. Imagine my surprise, another Bush Lie exposed for what it is.
With Iran shipping hundreds of billions of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, etc, through the Strait of Hormuz, they have no reason whatsoever to close that strait unless in response to a direct attack from the US or Israel.
One of the reasons that Russia and China are backing Iran is not only about energy, oil and natural gas. Both of those Superpowers are fully aware of what a total fraud Bush, Congress and the Global War on Terror are.
They know that Washington, DC will tell any lie, undertake any dirty, underhanded trick, to get its way.
The BushCo killers played a bad hand, one based on lies and deceit, and they lost. Their delusional dream that they would rule the world by ruling the Caspian Basin is a ship that now sits at the bottom of the sea. But our 'leaders' are far too arrogant to admit they lost it all.
Most of the entire region feels this same way about the US presence in the area. There goes the neighborhood.
And that's the way it is, July 31, 2008.
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