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Time To Re-Define America's
Ties To Zionist Israel

By Karl Schwarz
The time has arrived to have a serious review of relations between the United States and Israel.
If you read the last essay, 'Washington, DC - Heads Of A RICO Empire,' you are off to a good start in grasping this essay.
How, exactly, did the United States government become directly involved in racketeering against the best interests and well-being of American citizens? The gluttonous Zionist Jews wanted it that way - so they could stuff their already bulging pockets with more of your wealth. 
It was all part of that power shift in 1996 when the DNC Communist Zionist Jews came over to RNC as "Conservative Neocons" so the RNC could 'win' elections and put their RNC hogs at the trough. The RNC was tired of watching the Clinton Hogs pigging out and using the capital markets to conduct fraud to raise the money to line the war chest of the DNC.
Remember back in early 2000 when the Al Gore campaign was broke and suddenly was cash flush? That cash was generated through several capital market scams to get money to Gore, fast.  One method was Global Crossing. It is in my book.
It was such a clever and underhanded scam, many of the wealthy elite from both sides of the aisle were happy to join right in on the Rape of America.
It started way before Michael Milken with the likes of Meshalum "the check is not in the mail" Riklis - the original junk bond con artist. That was followed up with the promotion of such corporate Zionist thugs as Gary Winnick (Global Crossing), Sanford Weill (Citigroup), Maurice "Hank" Greenberg (AIG), Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco), Andy Fastow (Enron), Leon Black (Blackstone and Apollo Partners), etc. It is a very long list and they all shared two things in common: 1.) they are Zionist Jews; and 2.) what is 'yours' they intended to steal from you however they could.
They like 'transfer of wealth scams' for that makes them Wealthy Elite and puts you in the poorhouse.  That dovetailed perfectly with what they wanted Washington DC to do in legalizing such theft through the capital markets and allowing financial predators to lurk in the markets and conduct racketeering, never get caught, punished or be forced to give back what they stole.
It was all about transfer of wealth and creating a super-lobby of Wealthy Elite that would "Super Fund" pay for all of those expensive campaigns the 'political ticks' in DC have to run to be elected and stay in power. That was the quid pro quo, look the other way on RICO targeted at you in exchange for really big bucks in those campaign coffers. The political maggots in DC did not care how many American investors got put into the outhouse because that meant the role of Big Brother taking care of 'wards of the state' would become more even important - yet another scam on America. 
Hint ­ Privatization of Social Security is next. They are not near finished with this Zionist gang rape and pillage of our nation.
It is one thing to have a religious connection with the Holy Land...which is holy to Judaism, Islam and Christianity. But get this STRAIGHT: Zionism is NOT Judaism. 
Judaic Israel is one matter; Zionist Israel is not - by ANY stretch of the imagination - a 'Holy' Israel. Zionism is not a religion, it is a secular, geopolitical financial power cult based on unimaginable non-stop, insatiable greed lust, and deceit. Even devout Jews want Zionism out of Judaism because it is a cancer that is poisoning and perverting their religion to the core. There are many Jewish movements (about 7 last time I checked) with the aim of ridding Judaism of Zionism.
Christians need to take that hint: What is it about Zionism that makes devout, honest, pious Jews want it OUT of their religion? 
The correct answer is because it is evil, deadly, beyond immoral and rotten to its core.  Zionism is THE number one, dominant EVIL on the planet.  In fact, it is KILLING the planet.
I am one American who takes considerable offense and umbrage at Bush, McCain, Hillary, Barky, Gordon Brown of the UK and that wimp Angela Merkel of Germany traveling to Zionist Israel and groveling before their Zionist overlords of the Knesset. 
When I see a US leader, or wannabe leader, getting into Zionist livery by donning the Jewish skull cap when they are not Jewish, I want to puke.  The photo-ops of these obedient eunuchs bowing in supplication and subservience to the most evil scum on the planet is enough to revolt all decent, informed people the world over.  And it does just that.
In fact, it is an abject admission to a total absence of personal integrity and character on the part of any leader of any nation to 'pretend to be Jewish' for the photo op amidst the evil that rules Zionist Israel, owned and controlled by the London banking families...who also dominate and control most of America. 
Within the past several months, all of these national and world 'leaders' have been, de facto, summoned to Israel, have spoken the obligatory, subservient pledges of allegiance to Zionism before the Israeli Knesset parliament, and posed in countless politically correct photo ops.  Each and every one of them have kissed Kosher butt to the point I am about to vomit. They have each duly recited the official lies regarding Iran and pledged their eternal (and infernal) support of and to a Zionist power cult that is evil in all ways conceivable. Yes, the West will stand at the Wailing Wall with evil Zionism in spite of all contrary realities, genuine truths, or what is best for all mankind.
When I see these whores groveling, it makes me wonder what this DC perverted obsession is in groveling to a piss-ant, corrupt little nation that cannot get along with anyone and was born of terrorism, death and theft.. 
One cannot find much of anything about it in the Western Zionist media but within Israel itself the Jewish Christian minority is treated with the same contempt and disdain as are the Palestinians arabs and including Palestinian Christians. Somehow, these duped, deceived and brain-dead Zionist Christians in America (estimated around 35 MILLION of them) keep missing the point that Zionist Israel is hateful to ALL Christians, Christian Jews, Palestinian Christians, and all other Christians and Gentiles.  American evangelical Christian Zionists are likely the dumbest and most dangerous component of what passes for American 'society' these days.
It makes me wonder what part of that these diehard, self-proclaimed American Christian Zionists do not understand about the sheer contempt Zionism has for all Christians, all Gentiles. It goes far past nationalism or racism and revels in an orgasmic realm of incendiary elitism.  The overall stupendously vicious and arrogant mentality of the Zionist Super-Jew supremacy is of galactically-staggering proportions.
It is one thing to look at Israel in the Biblical and theological sense...but it is QUITE another to take a very close look at the true criminal and genocidal nature of this psychotic little Zionist-dominated nation that thinks the world should come to Tel Aviv, pay homage and bow, and prostrate itself to these genocidal criminal thieves and thugs.
I cannot speak for you, but they will never see me honor or respect them until they somehow, some way, someday possibly become worthy of such respect. Respect has to be earned, not demanded.  It must come from enlightenment and worth...not from fear and subservience.  As of right now, true respect for Zionist Israel might only occur the day Hell freezes over because Israel has done nothing whatsoever I can see to warrant respect from any decent human being. 
I have many Jewish friends and they know exactly where I am coming from, and most of them are 100% of the EXACT SAME MIND as am I.  Israel, in its current state of Zionist control, is nothing less than a deadly worldwide criminal enterprise just like the US government is a RICO racketeering organization to aid and abet the elite few.
Are you one of the many informed Americans who know that Israel has been harboring wanted criminals so they can evade prosecution and punishment for their crimes? It does not matter what your crime is or how egregious your conduct, if you are a Zionist Jew you have a Safe Haven in Israel for life.  That is not supposition, that is fact.
Leonid Nevzlin is one of them and is wanted in Russia for the same reasons that Mikhail Khordorkovsky is currently in prison in Russia for his key role in the immese  YUKOS Oil scandal. He (Nevzlin) seems to have been so important that Israel granted him 'emergency citizenship' and then ignored demands from Russia to extradite him back to Russia to face trial and imprisonment for his crimes.
I am willing to bet that they never mention that on the 'Christian' pulpits in America, or anything else of what you are about to read.
Nevzlin, in fact, ranks right up there with Zionist Jew ex-Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky in his 'not welcome in Russia' status, and all the outstanding Russian warrants for his arrest and extradition still refuse to be complied with by the "honorable" UK and Israel.  In case you don't know, among other things, Berezosky refers to himself as the Godfather of the horrible, murderous Chechen 'Revolution.'
The US detained him in December, 2006, but you can bet AIPAC and ADL were pitching psychotic fits in DC to block his extradition to Russia.
Nevzlin is reportedly wanted for murder as well as fraud in the YUKOS Oil case. 
According to the Israel Supreme Court, Nevzlin beat extradition from Israel, so, apparently, the US let him alone. Yeah, he was just a 'philanthropist' who was visiting to donate lavishly to pet (Zionist) projects.  It mattered not that he is a wanted philanthropist-murderer and billionaire thief.  He has a safe haven in Zionist Israel as a wealthy Zionist Jew and that gives him carte blanche to travel to travels vassal country, America.  
Guatemala has outstanding warrants for three Israelis who tried to smuggle over 1,500 AK-47 automatic weapons and 5 million rounds to FARC in Columbia. That pretty much runs against US policy towards FARC but hey, there were shekels to be made by these three Zionist Jew lads.  It was just 'business.'
Are you one of the many informed Americans who know that Zionist Israel is heavily involved in pornography, child pornography, pedophilia, mobster activity, illegal drugs, illegal arms shipments, money laundering, prostitution, flesh slave trade of young boys and girls, kidnapping young girls to be hooked on drugs and forced into prostitution and murdered when their bloom fades or they cause 'trouble'? Seriously, folks, Israel is the world kingpins and leader in such sleazy and inhuman activity. Few come close to matching their record of hell on earth.
This is what the 35 milion idiot, imbecile American 'Christian Zionists' are blindly endorsing and supporting. The Biblical theme - and the truth of the matter - are two quite different things when it comes to the 'theological' Israel and the criminal enterprise of Zionist Israel.
Are you one of the many informed Americans who clearly knows that the drive to change Christmas to 'Happy Holidays' is funded and pushed by Zionist Jews? I am not aware of a single Orthodox Jew, including ones I have as friends, who take any exception to or are bothered in the least by the word 'Christmas.'  You only have to look in the ranks of Zionist Jews and their dupe sychphants to see who is pushing hatred for all things "Christ" and Christianity.
It amazes me when the Christians in America cannot correctly identify who is behind the push to have the word "Christ" removed from one of our most sacred holidays. It is not Christians; it is not devout, truly religious Jews - it is the Zionist Jews who 100% behind the defiling of our religious beliefs and holidays.
Defiling is a key word for Zionism loves to defile, taint and contaminate everything it touches, especially young non-Jew males and females.
Why these American 'Christian Zionists' (that is, in fact, an oxymoron) do not look at the entire issue and the true culprits is beyond me. Maybe their churches are passing out SSRI drugs or Quaaludes or some tabs of that premium Israeli 'Ecstasy' with Communion. I have watched some of the presentations of Kenneth Copeland and Hagee and those audiences sure looked 'stoned' to me, stoned right out of their damned minds. The more I have watched, the more I am convinced that Christians who claim to be Zionists do not have a damned clue what it really means, or what hideous evil they are endorsing and supporting.
One of the world's foremost mobsters, a Ukrainian Jew named Simeon Mogilevich, was recently arrested in Russia. He is wanted in the US for securities fraud but that is mild as to what this thug was allegedly involved in: drugs, prostitution, flesh trafficking, weapons trafficking including nuclear proliferation WMD, murder for hire, etc. He went by about 10 different names and traveled, big surprise, on an Israeli passport. His ties to Mobster Zionist Israel are many. 
Mogilevich was one of their "go to" guys when they were afraid they would be caught as "poor little Israel" carrying out sleazy, deadly operations.  In addition to smuggling nuclear items, he also specialized in making sure many brothels in East Europe and Tel Aviv had plenty of young girls entrapped in the nightmare of being sex workers. The younger the better, according to news articles I have had to find translators for because they were in Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and a few other languages.  Good luck finding the truth out about this guy in the English press.
I did not have any problem identifying him as a Zionist Jew Pig, but most Christians are clueless about the news of what he was doing for 'poor little Israel.'
Mogilevich is also directly tied to the Bulgarian mob, and that group is directly tied to mobsters in exile in Tel Aviv.  Do the math.
I addressed this matter in One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas:
<start insert>
Chapter 12: The Telecom Debacle leading up to Global Double-Crossing
"The august financial institution part of that group, Bank Menatep<#_ftn1>[1] is under investigation in the $15.2 billion money laundering scandal at Bank of New York ("BONY") on behalf of the Russian Mob, specifically Ukrainian Jew mobster Simeon Mogilevich<#_ftn2>[2]. He is just wanted for nothing much major, just securities fraud, racketeering, money laundering, just stuff like that. Seems like a good bedfellow for the Blackrot folks to me. Besides, Bank Menatep invested $25 million with Blackstone<#_ftn3>[3], $50 million with Carlyle Group and $85 million with Maurice Greenberg's AIG. They cannot be too critical about who they sleep with.
By the way, Group Menatep and Yukos are almost synonymous and is yet another big scandal as to how they got control of Yukos in the privatization of Russian oil companies. Big stink, but different country, different story."
<end insert>
I hope you caught the content in that insert. A known mobster in bed with the Carlyle Group, Blackstone Group (a Zionist Jew is the CEO, Steven Schwarzman), and AIG, which was headed by a rabid Arab-hating Zionist Jew Maurice "Hank" Greenberg. That is, by the way, the same Hank Greenberg who had to cede control of AIG to avoid being sent to prison for massive amounts of securities fraud in the US. He was stealing money in the American capital markets and both lining his pockets and pipelining it right to 'poor little Israel.'  Just search the 'AIG Orion Fund' - an AIG fund just for 'poor little Israel.'  Michael Milken and Gary Winnick of Global Crossing infamy love that Orion Fund, too.
Simeon Mogilevich and Leonid Nevzlin were both involved in Bank Menatep, and YUKOS and Menatep were joined at the hip...same owners. Menatep in bed with AIG, the Carlyle Group and Blackstone Group.  Connect the dots, people: American corporations in bed with the mob.
Did you know Zionist Israel also likes to do illegal arms deals that go directly against US policy and law? Are you one of the many informed Americans who already know that the US provides top-level military technology and secrets to Israel...and then those greedy psychopath Zionists turn right around and sell those (OUR) military secrets to China?  It's all true and then some, folks.
This was in my book, Chapter 8, Planting Weeds in America's Rose Garden:
<start insert>
"I have this aversion to supplying a "friend" with military technology<#_ftn4>[4] to defend their hides and then having that friend supply it to the PRC. I keep awaiting the next utterances from the likes of Neocons David Frum and Richard Perle that they may shed some light on whether this was greed, anything for a shekel, wanton stupidity, or just planting more weeds in the garden. Or maybe it was part of a diversion, part of a strategery. Why would Israel be aligning itself with the PRC and at the same time posturing as our friend and seeing to it that Red China got our Patriot Missile technology that was provided to "defend Israel"?
The Cox Report to Congress regarding technology transfers to the PRC addressed in part, and avoided in part, directly citing known technology "re-transfers" from the U.S. to Israel and certain Israelis making transfers to the PRC.<#_ftn5>[5]"
"Nor does such an act by Israel to deliver our Patriot Missile technology to the PRC explain away why there are now PRC nuclear missiles aimed at the U.S.<#_ftn6>[6] What is the nature of that other than hostile? They grouse internationally that we intend to build a missile defense shield, yet by having their hands on our Patriot missile technology thanks to Israel they may well be trying to develop one of their own.
What are we to think when an apparent ally plants weeds in the garden that may well create future problems for the U.S. or our troops in some foreign land?"  
<end insert>
Be sure you REMEMBER, America, that this is the same Zionist Israel we have extended countless 'loans' to since 1947 - 'loans' and 'foreign aid' now totaling over $1 trillion US dollars.  Did you know that not even $1 of that money has ever (will ever) be repaid?  The bottom line is and always has been that Israel-first Zionist Jews rape and pillage America at every possible opportunity...with the full cooperation of the Congress and the Presidency.  Also do not forget that YOU are funding and paying for Zionist Israel's military, its thermonuclear arsenal, its non-stop genocide of Palestinians and other neighbor nations, and that Zionist Israel happily sells AMERICAN military hardware and technology to China and India and anyone else who will pay for it.  Just yesterday, August 7, 2008, the treasonous US Congress
approved another $30 BILLION for Israel...while Americans are losing their homes and facing starvation.  Do you get the picture now?
Even when the Jews decided to attack and blanket southern Lebanon with DU in 2006, YOUR US Pentagon and BushCo rushed to provide them the munitions and uranium weapons to do so.
Again, Americans are losing their homes and life saving, but $30 billion more in "emergency military aid" was just approved by our criminally traitorous US Congress.
Are you aware that when US regulators went after Michael Milken, his immediate defense was "the anti-Semitic forces are out to get me?" No, the indictments involved nailing a liar and a thief, a capital markets con artist, and had less than nothing to do with his faux religion of Zionism, or that he believes he is above US law and not subject to it.
Are you an informed American citizen that knows that Israel has been using thermonuclear blackmail for about 30 years against the US, so piss-ant little Israel can get its way with us?   
If not, read the blockbuster USAF white paper on that subject: http://www.rense.com/general35/isrnuk.htm
These people are our friends and allies in the Middle East?  NOT HARDLY.  They are literally criminals and thermonuclear terrorists. They are mobsters aiming nuclear weapons to extort and get their way.  The are global psychopaths, extortionists, blackmailers and killers.
Are you one of those informed Americans who knows that a Zionist Jew was arrested for selling nuclear detonators to Pakistan, and Bush did not have him sent to Gitmo? No, he was allowed to stay under "house arrest" with a rabbi pending his trial.
<start insert>
"What is its nature? Is it mere greed or planting weeds in the garden?
Not enough Americans know that a Jewish businessman from South Africa, Asher Karni<#_ftn7>[7], was arrested in Colorado on January 2, 2004 for selling detonators for nuclear warheads to Pakistan, and is out on bond right now in Maryland instead of being cast into Camp X-ray at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Is this merely greed, or stupidity, or merely planting more weeds?
Not enough Americans know that the exact type of "uranium enrichment technology" that China is providing to Pakistan and Iran, and possibly others, may well be that technology that was controlled by Magnequench and is now sitting in the PRC thanks to Clinton and Bush. Or that China sold 5,000 ring magnets<#_ftn8>[8] to Pakistanthat are used in uranium enrichment centrifuges.
I have come to believe that such things are diversions so we will not as Americans see through the obfuscations to the real truth and who is planting the weeds."
<end insert>
Asher Karni is a Hungarian-born Israeli, with ties to the Zionist military regime. For a 'thermonuclear beast, non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty' to be aiding and abetting nuclear proliferation and terrorism is a matter that needs to be fully thought through by the United States before it points any more fingers at any Islamic nations.  Has anyone noticed that we have a nuclear terrorist rogue nation sitting in Tel Aviv?  Note the part above about Simeon Mogilevich. One of his known activities was dealing in nuclear weapons components and enriched uranium and plutonium, all the while traveling on his Israeli passport. Asher Karni is an Israeli citizen, former member of their army, living now in South Africa.
Karni was convicted of violating US export laws and WOW, he was let out of prison August 12, 2006 and has been banned from exporting from the US for 10 years. Yeah, the US sure kicked his Zionist Jew ass.  Right.  http://efoia.bis.doc.gov/exportcontrolviolations/e998.pdf
I'll bet those poor alleged 'terrorists' at Gitmo do not know about this case or they would be citing it to the military "War Crimes" Tribunal in a hurry.  If permanent confinement will not be applied to a Zionist Jew out promoting and profiteering on  nuclear terrorism, others have the same right to life and liberty.  Osama bin Laden's taxi driver got five and a half years in prison just for having two non-nuclear rockets in the trunk of the car...and they could not prove that he had ever killed anyone.  Their 'conspiracy charge' did not hold up in the trial.  The GWOT is a fraud, people, wake up...it's 11:55 and the clock isn't slowing down.
So, here is yet another Zionist Israeli engaged in proliferation of terrorism, and I, for one, refuse to support them in any manner whatsoever.
Is Israel a 'friend' of America?  NOT. I can think of a few 'enemies' who have proven to be more reliable and trustworthy.  Indeed, we have 'enemies' who have been far less of a threat to us than Israel and its corrupt Zionist criminal citizens - who, in the aggregate, have fleeced America of over a trillion dollars, continue to blackmail us with thermonuclear WMD, and dominate/own the top levels of the American political process.  Their ownership of our money supply and control of us through the mass media are well-established facts.  And Americans do nothing about it.  Zero.  Suggested reading:  'How The Jews Invented Hollywood' by Neal Gabler. 
Is Israel an 'ally' of America?  NOT.  I do not remember them putting their soldiers on the line in 'Desert Storm' or the farce of 'Iraqi Freedom.'  My bet is if they can convince the US to attack Iran, there will not be an Israeli soldier within hundreds of miles of the real action.
Are you one of the many informed Americans who know that Dominik Suter, one of the Five Dancing Israelis who were arrested after September 11, 2001, fled to Israel and is, to this day, being protected by Israel from US questioning and prosecution?
This was in my book too:
<start insert>
"I keep thinking back to two things. First, those five Israelis seen taping 9-11<#_ftn9>[1] and apparently happy<#_ftn10>[2] in watching that event unfold. I watched it and saw nothing to laugh about and anyone who could has to be one sick human being without conscience or remorse. One of them was Dominik Suter, he fled to Israel<#_ftn11>[3] and his name subsequently appeared in Europe on an FBI list to seize accounts related to the financing of terrorism<#_ftn12>[4]. "
"Not enough Americans know that one of those five 9-11 filmmakers, Dominik Suter, fled to Israel<#_ftn13>[5] and his name subsequently appeared in Europe on an FBI list to seize accounts related to the financing of terrorism<#_ftn14>[6]. Something about that just does not smell right to me then or now."
<end insert>
Are you one the many informed Americans who know that the name of Dominik Suter surfaced in FBI documentation regarding European bank accounts that were directly tied to the financing of terrorism?  Israel, one of the 9-11 Dancing Israelis who fled the US, bank accounts financing terrorism...does any of that ring any bells for you?
Again, from my book:
"Several other parties to follow by FedEx soon thereafter would be Israeli generals<#_ftn15>[7] who were allowed into the Pentagon without going through the proper procedures to meet with Mr. Douglas Feith in The Lie Factory  and acted to some as if Douglas Feith worked for them, not the U.S. Pentagon. Instructions regarding full disclosure of the details of those meetings not optional and an understanding as to what government the Pentagon represents.
Or that there are three Guatemalan arrests warrants out for 3 Israelis for attempting to arm a known terrorist group named FARC in Columbia and establishing an Israeli ­ Al Qaeda link<#_ftn16>[8]. When I learned about that, I could only ask, why would an Israeli have anything to do with arming, or aiding or abetting terrorism? What is the nature of that?"
These two footnotes are one of the many (957 total) in my book. The first one goes nowhere now, but if you check the article by Justin Raimondo it clearly makes a reference to the PDF that is now 'not available' for public scrutiny.
I have seen that PDF and sure enough, the name of 'Dominik Suter' was very easy to find on that FBI document.
Many who have read One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas noted how fast DC and others made sure the links were "dead linked" so Americans and others could not see the full extent of the lies that have been put over on America and this bogus Global War on Terror.
Are you one of those informed Americans who know that in 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty, knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt it was a US Navy ship?  The Zionists killing 34 US sailors, wounded 170 more, and Lyndon Johnson ordered an aircraft carrier to stand down and not defend the USS Liberty.  Both Israel and Johnson planned to use that as the excuse to declare war on Egypt. Does any of that ring a bell, that Israel attacked a US Navy ship on purpose and killed 34, wounded 170?
Should we really trust Israel as an ally and a friend?  NO WAY.  I trust Israel about as much as I would sleep with a viper.
The Zionist Israeli gangsters refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They refuse to obey dozens of UN directives and sanctions. They refuse to hand over wanted felons they are sheltering from other nations which have warrants out on these criminals. They are engaged in searing racism against all things 'non-Jew.  They are engaged in organized crime and criminal activity on a mass scale. They get their hands on US military technology and sell it to China and others for the highest bid.  They are engaged in nuclear proliferation and pushing terrorism. They attacked a US Navy ship and have killed, directly and otherwise, large numbers of Americans. 
So, what are your thoughts now when you see Bush, Brown, Barky and McNutcase, et al slink to the Zionist 'homeland' and don the beanie and verbally pledge obedience to Zionism?
Pass this along to those 'Zionist' Christians you may know who are still asleep or counting their toes in Dumbville, USA.  Virtually none of them know that Zionist Israel is a massive flea market...a world bazaar of the most heinous of corruptions, offering non-stop pornography, prostitution, child porn and sexual enslavement, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, harboring wanted criminals, and a long, LONG list of things that no honorable nation would tolerate for even one second.  Certainly no nation that pretends to be the seat of a valid religion and a 'democracy.'
Zionism is NOT a religion, friends, it is an evil cult...and these people in Zionist Israel - and more than a few in DC - are criminals and terrorists of the first magnitude.
[1]http://www.russianlaw.org/030.htm; Kagalovsky was put on paid leave in August as press reports thrust the investigation into the public eye. Two of her top clients were Inkombank and Menatep, Russian banks linked to organized crime by a CIA report. Knew that Inkombank submitted false information to the Federal Reserve Board, the New York State Banking Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission as it applied to sell shares and open an office in the USA.
[3]http://www.groupmenatep.com/company_news/30_04_02_pressrelease.cfm; Group MENATEP Invests US $25 Million with Blackstone Capital Partners IV; Further Expanding its Global Investment Portfolio
[5]http://www.wrmea.com/backissues/0799/9907049.html; Defense & Intelligence - What the Cox Report Does and Does Not Say About Israeli Technology Transfer to China, By Shawn L. Twing: On May 25, 1999, the U.S. House of Representatives released a declassified version of its investigation into China's illegal acquisition of U.S. nuclear and military technology. The Report of the Select Committee On U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China-called the Cox report after House Policy Committee Chairman Christopher Cox (R-CA)-details China's multifaceted campaign to obtain U.S. military technology and hardware from the United States and third countries. Included in the committee's declassified findings is a brief mention of Israel's role in providing U.S. weapons technology illegally to China.
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