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Never Have So Few Done
So Much, To So Many

Jim Kirwan
The title does not refer to a people, to a religion or to a race; it refers to a twisted cult of Zealots that seek nothing less than to enslave the world. They call themselves Zionists, and they have attracted millions of followers the world over to their creed that worships money and power to the exclusion of all else.
They are not Semites, they are evil incarnate and they live by draining the life-force from others of their kind in a satanic celebration of Greed and Envy that uses hate and bigotry, along with racism, to utterly destroy their enemies regardless of race, creed or national origin.
These Zionists represent the most dangerous thing that the human race has ever faced, and unless we begin to find ways to drive these bestial savages back into oblivion, then we are doomed.
Zionists tend to be secretive, but they are not secret. If you have a U.S. one-dollar bill, then you have been notified of their supremacy in the 'natural order' of all things American: Because they have placed themselves inside the Great Seal of the United States of America, above the Eagle, where they have enclosed the thirteen stars of the original colonies within their six-pointed Star of David.
This should not be confused with the religious symbol of Israel, even though that was the intended purpose long before there was a 'State of Israel.' What it stands for here is absolute control over the power of the United States and by extension the World: Because the symbol for Zionism has captured the thirteen stars of the original thirteen colonies, and whatever power they might symbolize in the 'American' Eagle and its olive branch or its arrows: All the potential might that this US Seal sought to convey, is redirected by the imposition of Zionism in both the Great Seal and on US currency, which is now known the world over. In 1913 - After the financial panics of 1893 and 1907, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed. It created the Federal Reserve System as the nation's central bank to regulate the flow of money and credit for economic stability and growth. The system was authorized to issue Federal Reserve Notes, now the only U.S. currency produced.
In 1929 - Currency was reduced in size by twenty-five percent and standardized with uniform portraits on the faces and emblems along with the monuments on the backs." This tells us how long Zionism has been a real problem in the modern world, but this is not the issue, it's only the backdrop.
Zionism is not like other cults or national movements. Zionism is not limited to any one group of people, to any one belief system or to any specific area of interest-it is truly a universal evil- something that some might call a philosophy yet it is far larger than that. This concept is a massive parasite that actively seeks to destroy anything that willingly or unwillingly serves as a host for its plans and designs: anything that comes between what it has and what it wants. It will use any religion, any philosophy, or any 'people' to obtain its long-term goals. Along the way it sows dissention, racial and religious hatreds among the whole range of human belief systems, while it keeps the Cyclops of its monomaniacal and one-dimensional eye, upon the expansion of its greed and the ever-rising lust of its passion for total power. Everyone that uses this money has in effect been put on notice, as to what and who is actually behind our actions and our lives.
Zionism feeds upon the world that was built by others over thousands of years; it's only interest is in control and dominance over existing resources and power world-wide. To this end it has used world history and most religions, just as it has used fear and conspiracies to frustrate those that might uncloak this monstrous cabal that uses nations and people like chess pieces in their bid for global dominance. Its methods begin with deception and run the gauntlet from barbarity, through torture and murder to pre-emptive wars of conquest and massive destruction of previously successful civilizations. This is why Zionism is able to threaten the whole of humanity, and it is also why it must be eradicated from the councils of men and women everywhere!
Fast-forward to this last week in the world today, just to check up on the progress of this parasitical would-be ruler that continues to threaten the entire planet.
We rejoin this continuing fable at the point where Zionist-Israel is about to begin Operation Clean Break. "From the very first moment, the Bush foreign policy would focus on three key objectives: get rid of Saddam, end American involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and rearrange the dominoes in the Middle East. A key to the policy shift would be the concept of pre-emption.
The Blueprint for the new Bush policy had actually been drawn up five years earlier by three of his top national security advisors. Soon to be appointed to senior administration positions, they were Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser. Ironically the plan was originally intended not for Bush but for another world leader, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
At the time, the three officials were out of government and working for conservative pro-Israel think tanks. Perle and Feith had previously served in high level Pentagon positions during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In a very unusual move, the former-- and future--senior American officials were acting as a sort of American privy-council to the new Israeli Prime Minister" (1)
The point here is apparently to launch another attack upon Lebanon and Syria, to give Israel one more chance to redeem their miserable military and diplomatic performances in 2006. (2)
Whether this is just another distraction or yet another cover for what's about to happen with Columbia, Venezuela, and several other countries in South America remains to be seen. These slights of cloven-hooves are something that is always used to keep the herds more quiet than they should be, because we are entering the final phase.
For a very long time now the USA has been running a psychological test in the prison system, as a dress rehearsal for the "new" reality they want to begin to implement. Of course this too began with privatization on a massive scale: This time it was the entire US Prison system that was used to test and reconfigure how people can be effectively-managed behind prison bars.
Since "REX 84" was introduced inside FEMA's Homeland Security plan: it has been nearly impossible for the public to figure out just how 50 million prisoners could possibly be used to keep this country afloat. One fatal flaw in trying to solve this riddle was that the goal here was not "to keep the country afloat," it was about giving the Corporations a way to use prison labor to counter what global outsourcing has done to U S Corporations-which of course has more than contributed to the oncoming crash.
The Corporations want to return to being able to manufacture goods again, but they can't compete with foreign workers that work for next-to-nothing, so the solution was obvious; create a prison population that can double as their own private work force-then collect on them as prisoners, from the government, and use their labor to expand corporate profits as well. In case anyone might still be wondering, the way to create this new world order, is to institute Martial Law, and use that as the excuse to lock up the 50 million people they want to use, and eliminate the remaining problem-people. Of course the prisoners will be living in the 2008 version of "1984" but hey that's the price for failing to pay attention.
For decades now prison labor has been used to undercut American jobs in all kinds of ways, in addition to the continued undercutting by illegal-laborers, and the outsourcing by these same corporations of millions of former US jobs. Prisons are the answer that the corporations came up with ­ to solve this inequity and enhance their own bottom lines as well. Think of these "camps" as the new norm that has been designed to merge the old middle- class with an under-class that will form the new slave-class of American workers. (3)
If you think this is too far-fetched, just look at Social Security in Chile under Pinochet. The plan to privatize America's Social Security was lifted directly from Pinochet's plans in fascist Chile! This was designed by the Chicago Boys, as part of their long- range plans of the future of the USA. The Social Security transplant failed here, but rather than try to bring it back, they've decided on Martial Law to simply eradicate Social Security altogether. (4)
Everything above is all in play at the moment, and depending on which massive part of what used to be this nation collapses first, we will either become part of the beginning of World War III with anarchy and chaos as our new best friends, or the schedule for Martial Law will take-over and end all this talk of elections and the beauty-contest between failures: for who will be the new Master- of-Ceremonies among the crumbling fifty States that once thought they were sovereign.
For those interested there's even a television series that outlines it all, disguised as entertainment of course. Ironically it's called OZ, life inside a maximum security prison, and is available on Netflix. It's the new "1984" with excellent performances from known actors.
In the meantime, you might want to think about just how blatant all this has always been-from the symbols on the money in your pockets to the number of times that 911 has run unchallenged on national television. Because the people who brought you both of these things are the same people which this article is all about. Truly: "Never Have So Few Done So Much, to So Many" But they could not have done it, without so much help from all of us!
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