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Why The Roman Catholic
Church Needs To Visit
The Confession Booth

By Benjamin Fulford
It is time for the Roman Catholic Church to give up its nearly 2,000 year old secrets and explain to the world what it really represents. Despite its many great works, the Catholic Church is also Roman bureaucracy that was responsible for one of the greatest acts of cultural genocide in history. It needs to confess its sins and ask for forgiveness.
To understand this, we need to go back to its early history during the Roman Empire when a slave religion was hijacked and turned into a form of Roman mind-control. When the Emperor Constantine held the council of Nicaea in 325 AD, he basically decided to impose a bastardized version of Sumerian, Egyptian God king mind control on the people of his empire.
Him and his followers stole what he liked from the traditions of the two great Western river civilizations and merged it with bits from Greco-Roman religions to create what is now known as Christianity. Everything else then banned by his successors until eventually a penalty of death through torture was imposed on all who would hold a different form of thinking. This was an act of cultural genocide that ruined the Western Roman Empire and started the dark ages. It was only thanks to the Jews and the Arabs that much of Western knowledge was saved for human posterity.
To be sure the Roman Church deserves credit for disseminating the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is why wherever you find the most miserable and poor people on earth, you will find a Catholic charity trying to help. We all know about Mother Teresa but she is just a symbol for many like her. In Macau I recently met with a 95-year old Jesuit who, among many other acts of charity, built 150 sanctuaries for neglected Chinese lepers. They have done great good for the downtrodden of this earth and deserve rich praise for their good works.
I went to Sophia University in Tokyo, a Jesuit institution. The Jesuits I met there, up to and including the Dean, made vows of poverty and chastity, wore second hand clothing and lived in shabby apartments. They were also enlightened individuals. One Jesuit, for example, although he believed in devils and angels, also had the courage to say "evolution is not a theory, it is a fact."
The Catholic Church is also known for its broadness and depth. The expression "having Catholic tastes" means having a broad and all-encompassing world view.
Nonetheless, the Catholic Church has far too many skeletons buried in its closet. If God came tomorrow they would be rejected as unworthy.
First of all, their entire religion is premised on historical lies. Let us start with the issue of who killed Jesus Christ. Crucifixion is a Roman punishment. It was a Roman who ordered it. It is obvious to any objective scholar that Jews were blamed in order to please the Roman Emperor Constantine as they cobbled together a system of religious mind-control for the Roman Empire.
Secondly, like a prominent citizen who lied about his academic record a long time ago, the Roman Catholic Church lied about its relation to St. Peter in order to give themselves a pedigree going straight to Jesus and therefore God. They need to present all historical evidence about their origins in their possession to any interested scholars if they wish to prove what appears to be a spurious claim to a direct link with St. Peter. I seriously doubt the real God would welcome a church that has forged its credentials.
More serious still is the issue of the cultural genocide carried out by the early church. Countless thousands were burned alive and otherwise tortured in order to create a mono-culture controlled by a single Patriarch, the pope. Competing schools of Christianity were destroyed. Competing ancient texts about Christ were burned or buried in Vatican vaults. Many of the ancient religions and philosophies of the West were destroyed or allowed to survive in a perverted, diminished form within the Catholic mono-culture.  It is only thanks to the Jews and the Arabs, the Semites (or Sumerian descendants), that much of Western tradition survived and was allowed to enrich humanity.
Of course, to be fair the Church, especially its Celtic branch in far away Ireland, did play a role in preserving much ancient knowledge, even as it attempted to wipe out competing beliefs through violence.
However, perhaps the biggest test of the church lies in looking at how its teachings conform to natural law. The Catholics agree that God created nature. If that is so, then observing nature should allow us to see how much of their world-view conforms with God-created nature. Here we find many glaring flaws.
Consider, for example, the teaching that only humans have souls. What about whales? What about Chimpanzees and Bonobos that share more than 98% of our genes. What about all other living creatures? Teaching that only humans have souls is a peculiar characteristic of all the "peoples of the book" and is not found in most other traditions. They argue that after 3.5 billion years of evolution, suddenly God decided to zap souls into a certain line of ape-like bipedal creatures. The idea that only humans have a soul leads to a rapacious and superior attitude towards the natural world.
The belief of end-times is also a cultural poison because it teaches that since the world is about to end anyway, there is no need to take care of it.
The biggest question though, is why does the Vatican have so many secrets? Usually people keep things secret because they have something bad to hide. Does the Church want God to arrive some day and find out they have been telling huge lies to their congregation in order to protect the vested interests of a pyramid shaped bureaucracy with a single eye at the top? I think not.
So, Roman Catholic Church, it is time to confess to your sins and prepare to meet your maker. Open your archives for all to see. Tell us the truth about your origins. Give back to the Jews any items from the temple of Solomon you have in your possession. Ask the Muslims to forgive you for the Crusades. Explain the total truth of your church and ask for forgiveness, which shall most certainly be granted since, in the overall karmic balance, your good works far exceed your sins.
If the Vatican follows this suggestion, and if the other Western one-eyed pyramid also reveals its hidden secrets, then finally the Western world will be able to harmonize its traditions. A 2,000 year old grudge-match with the Jews and a 1300 year old grudge-match with the Muslims can be put to rest. A large portion of humanity can be freed from the culture-historical equivalent of a mental disease.
All that would be needed would be for humans to come up with a core body of knowledge we all agree to be true. Religion will become compatible with science, history and all the other human schools of knowledge. Remaining differences can be discussed politely over tea, creating a new engine for human progress. Never again will religion allow itself to become a cloak for tribalism and chauvinism.
To set all this in motion we need a big event to act as a kind of historical marker or turning point. As I have suggested elsewhere, for the West, a non-destructive equivalent to Armageddon would serve that function very well.
Benjamin Fulford

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