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Who Remembers Rachel?
By Judity Moriarty
Few are aware that Bethlehem is walled in - This wall goes for hundreds of miles (not on U.S. News) - and cuts through olive groves (Palestinian) - farms - villages etc. Besides all of North Korea, it is the world's largest concentration camp in the world. So much for "Never Again" eh? Your tax dollars are busy building many militarized Caterpillar Bulldozers - to take down a person's home in a couple of swipes - rip out oliver groves etc. Reason - There is no reason. Just wanton monstrous destruction.
Young Rachel (early 20s) mistakenly thought the driver of this bulldozer - intent on destroying this doctor's home, would STOP when he saw her trying to save them. Rachel - Rachel , because she chose a life of activism , instead of becoming a freak show, like Britney Spears - Paris Hilton - Nicole Smith or Spitzer's whore (same age as Rachel) - she didn't make the news - NOWHERE. The murder of this young college student from Washington State - was not thought newsworthy.
On MARCH 16-2003, Rachel was run down by this 'Made In America' militarized bulldozer. The last thing Rachel said to her friends was, "My back is broken". She died shortly afterwards.
Rachel - a youngster who had much to offer the world. How depraved have we become - when the likes of a whore is being heralded all over the news (record deals - Playboy Spreads - etc) with not a mention of a youngster who laid down her life for strangers?
Michael FRIEDMAN a (Jewish) editor of a U.S. college newspaper thought Rachel's death was a joke and ran a cartoon on it / mocking how STUPID Rachel was. -JM
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