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The Ultimate Weapon For
The Redistribution Of Wealth

Jim Kirwan
'WAR' operates on as many levels as there are areas within the possibilities for life and prosperity. It is the ultimate semi- chaos that has been used since people first began to forge bonds of commonality, in order to live more fully in the world. WAR today has become a massive lie, because it is no longer something necessary for survival: Instead it is currently being used as an offensive weapon in order to steal and corrupt what took most of humanity thousands of years to create, which was a viable world, amid the random chaos of everyday life.
Americans have lost the ability to understand the world we have become parasites upon. Most of us know nothing of real work, or of real hunger, or of those privations that can turn any people back into uncommunicative and primitive herds of bodies no longer capable of detecting that, which is most dangerous to their very existence.
Animals in the wild understand the relationship between what threatens their lives and what they must do to change that. Americans do not! Primitive natives without a written language intuitively understand the reality of major threats to their existences and respond immediately to such threats, apparently we do not. Americans have grown fat and crafty, in direct proportion to the degree that we have become cynical and greedy, and when that happens in any species: that life-form comes to an abrupt and permanent end, because that is the way that nature corrects her mistakes.
Mossad proudly says: "By Deception Thou Shalt Do War." The CIA says: "Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free," but that's a Lie! The New (Old) World Order that actually governs both those organizations has no written phrase to describe their operations, but if they did it would be: "By Omission and Misdirection We Shall Rule."
The USA for its part has used the media and all the communications networks that it both owns and controls, to omit or to re-write, the real history that might get in the way of their plans for total global-domination. In all three of these cases the public has chosen not to pay any attention to these very real threats to our existence: but have chosen instead to try and find ways to participate in the profits from these criminal enterprises, up to and including WAR!
Language itself, in the form of Doublespeak, has been the most successful tool among all the various doctrines that are being used against the people of the world. The religions, the races, the genders and the very many classes within every society have each and all been pitted, one against the other, until most people have been isolated by these invasions of our once integrated way of life. The planet is going backwards because we have forgotten history and because the newer generations have no real interest in knowing much beyond whatever happened just last week. This has been a result of decades of Shock & Awe that have been employed in every area of human life, from finance and health, to jobs and dreams, all the way down to love and war. (1)

WAR is not a movie. This third time round; WAR is being used as a shortcut to unimaginable physical wealth, in the total absence of morality, of reason, or of the long-term survival of either the human race or of the planet. In response to this, Forbes magazine has stopped tracking the number of Millionaires, because now only Billionaires are worth counting. Meanwhile food riots are beginning to spread around the world, or at least to those failed countries where their economies are pegged to the US dollar. (2)

However the crux of this American-disease is based on having allowed every crucial aspect of our lives to have been murdered right in front of us. We've lost 280,000 jobs since the beginning of the year, and yet the border is now more wide open than ever, despite the illegal 'wall' that has been ordered. The value of our money, our property, and virtually everything we seek to do has been downgraded to 'junk bond' status, yet we do not even publicly complain: At least the third world has the sense to call for nationwide strikes-yet we remain conspicuously silent! The Constitution attempted to include the tools we would need to stay free of a potentially corrupted US government. "the second amendment was put in the bill of rights to give Americans the ability to rise up against a tyrannical government."

Everyone in this government that has the responsibility "to act" has already failed. We may not talk about it but we know that the American system of "Just-Us" is too corrupted to work; too focused on 'playing the game' to bother with the huge number of those that are being left behind as just more "road-kill" on the way to Empire. Our 'resident' in the White House comes from a long line of Nazi's, that remain unpunished for their war-crimes going back to well before WWII and yet this seemingly bothers no one enough to actually alter voting patterns or even public opinions! (3)




We've also been destitute since Lyndon Baines Johnson converted our "money" into worthless paper, by removing any real backing for its actual worth, back in 1968.

Everyone who works for a living has been cheated out of everything they have theoretically worked for since that day. Explaining this charade was my self-appointed task in the first graphic war on this criminal-enterprise that has masqueraded as "our" government, since "The State of the Nation - 1966" (4)

We have arrived at the edge of that precipice that overlooks what appears to be the unimaginable destruction of all that we have spent thousands of years trying to create. The solution to WAR has many forms, but each one of those ideas must begin with each person that is determined to bring an end to all of this!

We are well behind the curve and we have been chewed and bitten, slashed and burned, by every huckster, every criminal and politician that we've allowed to go on working since the day that each of us knew for certain that he or she was as crooked as the day is long. The issue comes down to 'whose country is this anyhow'! If it's your country then the government works for you. If it's not then you are at the beck and call of whatever has been assigned to tell you what you must do, during every hour of your life.

If you think you can live with that, either because you are immune from all of this, or because you think this whole thing is just another conspiracy theory-then you will soon find that you could not have been more wrong; except that by then you'll either be a prisoner or just another death that isn't counted. The choice is yours!

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The State of the Nation 1966
http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/ oklahoma/oklahoma.htm
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