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America's Rights And
Freedoms Hanging
By A Thread

By Bernadine Smith
Second Amendment Committee

This email refers two issues:  The first issue is about the devastating nature of the national ID card, also called the Real ID card. 


We are hanging on a thread here in California. The whole nation is hanging on a thread. Your guns are hanging on a thread. Your First Amendment free speech rights are hanging on a thread. The Constitution and the whole Bill of Rights is hanging on a thread. The lives of your children are hanging on a thread. All because of the federal power that will be gained over the people if the Real ID Card is not stopped. 


As it is now only 4 states have opposed the enactment of the ID card. They are Montana, South Carolina, and possibly New Hampshire. We have been told that with the exception of California, all of the other states have agreed to participate in the federal ID card. The people have not been told how bad this innocent sounding ID card is going to impact upon the lives of the decent law-abiding American people.  By national acceptance of the ID card, all the people of this country are placed under the command and control of the Homeland Security Agency. 


A full military government is on standby under the Homeland Security Agency. The Homeland Security was built for operation of a full-militarized system. This will permanently destroy your Constitution and your Bill of Rights. The Homeland Security Agency is the "force" required to preserve internal order (see State Department Publication 7277, Page 3). The United States has agreed to transfer its entire armed forces to international control under the United Nations command on a permanent basis (see Public Law 87-297). Military command of the people is taking shape.


What is happening under this innocent sounding legislation is that the people are being moved on a permanent basis under the management of Chertoff and the Homeland Security Agency. By national enactment of the Real ID Card, an alteration is made in the United States government power structure. The federal government gains a "process" by which they control the "standards" pertaining to your personal life. In California the ID card legislation has passed the State Senate and is now before the State Assembly for a full floor vote. We in California are sounding the alarm, but we need your help.   


The effort behind the ID Card is a repeat of the same process by which the federal government took command and control of every policeman in the nation. As you know control of the civilian law enforcement properly belongs to the state -- never to the federal government in a republic! If the federal government takes control over the civilian law enforcement, and merges it with the military, (which is exactly what they did when the Homeland Security was instituted by presidential executive orders) a militarized dictatorship is then the result! This is something which is never allowed in a republic, if it is to remain a republic.


In the mid 1970's the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration built the 100% militarized form of government ­ a dictatorship ­ but put it on standby. We saw that happen in the days when the innocent sounding Law Enforcement Assistance Administration pulled it off. Now every police office in the nation is "on line" taking orders from the Homeland Security Agency.  Incidentally, agencies are not constitutional entities. They are not responsible to the people in any way. You cannot vote them out, but they are vested with unlimited powers. Since that agency seized the police systems, its next step was to acquire command and control over the people. It all ties in with the world government global management system.


Also the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration began operation of certain satellite data banks with histories on the people, which require fingerprints, photographs and personal history. This too, was done in the mid-seventies. Notice how the driver's license has been changed in the last few years to include an electronically transmissible photograph of each driver? There were books put out at that time by the LEAA showing how the fingerprints were going to be sent up to the satellites. All the policing systems in other nations of the world, including Interpol, were to use the satellite systems. Today's researchers have published great papers on the evidence that the national ID card is an international worldwide project. 


Keep in mind that the people are being reduced to servitude ­ and this is your last change to protect yourselves. The ID card will put the frosting on the cake. The ID card is not for safety or control of immigration; it is for conquest of the unsuspecting American people. OPPOSE THIS DANGEROUS SENATE BILL 60 (SB 60). 


The second issue is: California resolution by state Assemblyman Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara) who is working on a good resolution, which is called the "California Resolution AGAINST the Real ID Act of 2005. Please URGE Assemblyman Nava to RUSH his good resolution to be introduced in the State Assembly as soon as possible to OPPOSE enactment of the Real ID Act of 2005.


Can you please help us out in California, which will help stop your state that quite possibly has already completed enacting legislation to support the Real ID Card Act? What you can do is contact as many of the following California state assemblymen as you can, and ask them to vote AGAINST Senate Bill 60 (SB 60). It does not matter that you live outside the State of California, because this issue is of national concern! Ask your friends to also help!


Rather than writing out each State Assemblyman's complete name, telephone number and e-mail, we are including only the last name with the e-mail and the last two digits or numbers for contacting him by phone.


For example, instead of writing out the entire e-mail below, only the last name of the assemblyman will be listed as well as the last two digits in his or her office telephone number in Sacramento, because with the exception of the Speaker of the State Assembly, all titles, e-mails and phone numbers are nearly identical. For e-mail addresses for other state assemblymen the list below would be exactly the same, except for the last name.

For example:
Assembly member Nava is listed as   
Assembly member Adams is listed as   
If you decide to phone Nava, his telephone number is (916) 319-2035. All other members of the State Assembly have similar starting numbers and are listed below to be written in a similar manner. The phone numbers are all the same except for the last two digits: They all start with (916) 319 20
You will find the different last two digits listed below indicated in bold type. For example, Assemblyman Adams phone number would be (916) 319 2059. Assemblyman Nava's phone number would be (916) 319-2035.   
Use the (916) 319-20__ as a model and fill in the blanks for all others. See list below. 
NOTE: The last two digits numbers are also their Assembly District numbers.
The following is the list of names of the California Assembly members: 
adams 59
aghazarian 26
alarcon 39
anderson 77
arambula 31
bass 47
beall 24
benoit 64
berg 01
berryhill 25
blakeslee 33
brownley 41
caballero 28
calderon 58
carter 62
cook 65
coto 23
davis 48
delatorre 50
deleon 45
desaulnier 11
devore 70
duvall 72
dymally 52
emmerson 63
eng 49
evans 07
feuer 42
fuller 32
gaines 04
galgiani 17
garcia 80
garrick 74
hancock 14
hayashi 18
hernandez 57
horton 78
houston 15
huff 60
huffman 06
jeffries 66
jones 09
karnette 54
keene 03
krekorian 43
lamalfa 02
laird 27
leno 13
levine 40
lieber 22
lieu 53
ma 12
maze 34
mendoza 56
mullin 19
nakanishi 10
nava 35
niello 05
parra 30
plescia 75
portiantino 44
price 51
richardson 55
runner 36
ruskin 21
salas 79
saldana 76
silva 67
smyth 38
solorio 69
soto 61
spitzer 71
strickland 37
swanson 16
torrico 20
tran 68
villines 29
walters 73
wolk 08
Note: The last two digits of the aforementioned telephone numbers also correspond to their respective Assembly Districts.
The Speaker of the State Assembly would be written as follows: speaker.nunez@assembly.ca.gov
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