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A Report Card
For George Bush 

By Douglas Herman

Despite the harsh criticism of George W. Bush and his falling (failing?) popularity with the American public, an objective scorecard of his seven years in office shows exemplary grades. See if you don't agree.


A. Increase Enormous Defense Spending: A+

B. Increase Worldwide feeling of Fear: A+

C. Increase foreign feelings of ill-will towards ALL Americans: A+

D. Increase spending for Airport War on Water (AWW): A+

E. Increase multi-Billion dollar pipeline of US dollars to Bush/ Cheney- -connected corporations and cronies: A+

F. Increase Inflationary Destruction of US dollar: A+

G. Increase loss of American jobs to unlawful immigrants: A+

H. Increase empty rhetoric towards Global War on Terror: A+

I. Increase divisiveness among ALL Americans: A+

J. Increase move towards Orwellian full spectrum security state: A+

K. Increase mistrust in ALL institutions of government by ALL American citizens: A+

L. Increase loss of public accountability: A+

M. Increase validity of Conspiracy Theorists: A+

N. Increase loss of faith in simple human goodness: A+

O. Decrease worldwide human health, welfare & security: A+

P. Decrease self-esteem of ALL Americans: A+

Q. Decrease competition & sense of fair play: A+

R. Decrease US environmental protections: A+

S. Decrease REAL security at US ports & borders: A+

T. Decrease confidence in fair elections: A+

U. Decrease Constitutional-protected rights: A+

V. Decrease buying power of US dollar: A+

W. Decrease overall confidence & commitment of US servicemen: A+

X. Decrease US standard of living: A+

Y. Decrease belief in mainstream media: A+

Z. Decrease future prospects of ALL young Americans: a+


As anyone can see, from A to Z, the current US president has achieved over-all highs grades in ALL the categories that matter most to his core constituents.

Satirist, screenwriter, ceritified firefighter, Douglas Herman lives and works near Bullhead City, Arizona.  douglasherman7@yahoo.com

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