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School Questionnaire - Creating
The Compliant Robot Society

From Ken Adachi
Editor - Educate-Yourself.org
Dear Jeff,
I'm sending this again in case you didn't see it. I receive many e-mails from victims of mind control and psychotronic torture, but this lady is your normal, everyday American who's been set up to participate in a multi-faceted behavioral modification game that involves most of her relatives, former school professors, and  of course the government. The controllers have convinced the participants that they are involved in a worthy endeavor and they are baiting them with the promise of a million dollar award if they can "crack" the secret of the game. The Orwellian World of total mind control is approaching at a frightening pace.
Regards, Ken
School Questionnaire Leads To Lifetime Behavioral "Experiment" Creating The Compliant Robot/Workers Society
From: DB
To: Ken Adachi - Editor 
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 
I was online for several hours looking up various info and contacting people, so I had little time to peruse your site and wasn't exactly sure if it was your own site or you were just posting on the site.
Sorry, I am antsy right now and tired of explaining my story over and over to people who can't believe that truth is stranger than fiction. As you said you hadn't heard of this before, I was debating whether or not to get into it, expecting the same response I get from most people who never heard of it. It has worn me down trying to find answers. When I saw the Tavistock Institute listed as the Best kept Secret, it sparked me because this is what the psychology professor who told me about this "game" or experiment called it.
In brief, I completed a psychology questionnaire while in a state college in about 1983. It seems the whole class took it (we thought it was part of the class), and then I saw it go into large yellow manilla envelopes and God knows to whom it went after that.
I might have been tricked into signing myself into an experiment done by the State of CT where I live, or perhaps Yale, or who knows? Well, the weird things this professor told me started appearing in my life a few years later.
They might have been going on sooner, but his description of this "test" or "game" was so bizarre, I didn't fully pay attention to it at the time. He said it had to do with Family Secrets, Family Reunions, freedom, choice, change, trust, truth, etc.
He said the goal was to get unfaithful couples back together as functioning families again. The bizarre part which immediately tunes people out is that the media participates in this. Through subliminals, orchestrated tv shows, power of suggestion, humiliation, commercials, and lots more, you are brainwashed into changing your life into the positive from the negative.
Your home and even car is bugged through some technology that, if you can prove it, you can try to sue and they award you money. I guess, if you change for the positive, you end up with some big bucks. At the time the professor said a million. It is totally illegal, but I believe because they award money and their intentions are good, it is allowed.
Plus I am sure the government makes big bucks off the commercials, etc. as well as the media does. According to my now deceased professor, it helped many families economically and in other ways. Another very bizarre and cruel part is that someone tells your family members (outside family members as far as I know), and even friends but they cannot tell you or you will be disqualified.
They can throw out odd clues in the form of words here and there (which will drive you nuts) but they can never tell you. (Professor told me this). Well, I didn't notice it for a long while. they even said that my family set a record for the longest time in the experiment. (Not by choice). So when I discovered this, by repetitions of things the media said that were happening in my home, and things friends and family said (believe me, many, many, times), I became obsessed with finding out how to prove this.
My husband and sons thought I was crazy and I ended up having a breakdown because nobody believed me and the stress got so bad. My husband hired a counter-surveillance guy and his equipment was phony so we threw him out. We bought a cheap device but nothing showed up. It seemed to stop for a while and started up again.
I know my outside family knew about it as they made slips that confirmed what the professor had told me, yet they encouraged me to get medicated for the stress and just go on with my life. I guess if you ignore it and go on with life and accomplish good things, the reward is higher, thus their (family)greed. Well, it wasn't worth my freedom being violated, so I have continued to pursue this.
I have contacted legislators, civil rights, lawyers, counter-surveillance, etc. A strange story that might have something to do with this is: years ago a female tv anchor on a local show told a story of a father who had an illegitimate daughter and wanted to throw her a second wedding and dance with her at the wedding. He found out she was living a negative life and so he devised a plan to change her life for the better.
Somehow I wondered if that girl was me. So many people over the years have told me I don't look like my family and my grandmother told me she should have adopted me (what a strange thing to say). My professor also told me he knew something about me and could not tell me. Soooooooooooooo, this is much of the story, but it has gone on way too long without answers and closure.
I can't get a lawyer without proof of privacy intrusion. My husband will not pay (a much hard to find) professional who is an honest counter-surveillance person. He's a fool because he could retire early if we could prove this.
I know, it's crazy. I must be strong because anyone else going through this for so long would be a permanent mental patient somewhere. Just telling the story to my husband freaks him and my son out in 10 minutes!!! There's more to it, but I won't even go into that. I am sure you already are rewinding your cuckoo clock right now, lol.
The world is NUTS
Hello DB,
Ok, I can see what you're up against. I'm sure this is stressful for you. I'll explain more in a minute, but first I want to remind you to have faith and trust in your own perceptions. What you are perceiving is accurate and you should not allow the denial or incredulity of others to dissuade you or get you to doubt yourself. You are piercing the veil of this game very adroitly and you should not take a defensive, self-deprecating posture when explaining it to someone such as myself. Of course, explaining the story to officialdom is an entirely different matter.
My recommendation is to never explain the story to officialdom again because you're going to get stonewalled, disbelieved, patronized, dismissed, humored, or committed to a mental hospital, but you are NEVER going to be taken seriously. So let me save you the aggravation and disappointment up front: Don't bother with officialdom. The police, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, state officials, school officials, FBI, etc., etc. They are part of the problem and in most instances- they are PLAYERS in the game. .
I was not aware of this particular operation, but the template fits perfectly with other similar operations that are taken place in many sectors of American society. The ultimate goal is mass mind control; a controlled population in every sense of the word. You are a pawn in a mind control experiment to see what works and what doesn't work in bringing about a New World Order society of willing and obedient slaves who are not aware that they are slaves to a controlling elite.
The experiment you're involved in has to do with training the robots to police themselves, since a handful of elites cannot control billions of people. There are many variations within the self-policing training agenda. People who are harassed by gang stalkers, psychotronic harassment or torture, ridicule from mental "health" officials or law enforcement when you report some aspect of this game to them, whistle-blowers within government or the corporate world, and even citizens who report crime by politicians, corrupt law enforcement, or corrupt government agents are ALL targeted for surveillance, psychotronics, stalking, and subtle harassment by a team of individuals assigned to them and obliged to report on their activities and the reaction of victims to provocation by agents of the Team. The idea is to destabilize you and unglue you emotionally so you cannot effectively function as a person who is in command of your own life and therefore in command of your destiny.
You enrolled and unknowingly volunteered to be a lifetime lab rat for the CIA and <http://educate-yourself.org/cn/tavistockarticlesindex04jun04.shtml>Tavistock when you took that "psychological questionnaire" at the state college in CT. The state of Connecticut is not involved in administering the game, they are only acting as facilitators in providing student fodder for the CIA. There is an expression in the military that ought to apply to every civilian student in college:never volunteer for anything.
Television is the most powerful brain washing tool used against the public. You're absolutely right when you say that certain TV shows (and movies) are pitching trigger words to susceptible or programmed individuals. They are subconsciously being mind controlled and subliminally influenced. This is one reason why so many people are cooperating with the enslavers. They also offer incentives, of course, for the pathetic twerps that they get to act as gumshoes and tattletales for them. The million dollar 'prize' you were told about is merely a carrot to dangle in front of people's eyes to get them to cooperate. They truly do think of average people as Pavlovian dogs who will invariably respond to stimuli, with sex, drugs, and money being the most commonly employed tools.
The pretext that they are accomplishing "good" goals of re-uniting unfaithful partners or families .is typical of how the Illuminati manipulators get people to cooperate with their agendas. Sure, they might actually accomplish their stated "goals" in some (or many) instances, but that's not the real agenda. The REAL agenda is CONTROLLING HUMAN BEHAVIOR. They are striving for a controlled workers society. They don't want free thinkers. They don't want independent minded people who can discern their manipulative games and will alert the less-aware members of the public to dangers that are just over the horizon. . Their intentions are not "good", quite the opposite. Their intentions are to enslave every single human being on this planet.
You would be wasting your money in trying to gather evidence to "prove" your case. You're not going to prove anything in court and you're certainly never going to be given a check for a million dollars. The money offer may be just a tactic to see if people can uncover flaws in their operation and they are simply using the victims to help uncover operational flaws so they could seal them. You would never get an attorney to properly represent you in such a trial, the judge would ensure that you lost, and law enforcement would sabotage and interfere with any genuine evidence you may stumble upon. This is a Big game that the Illuminati will not allow it to be uncovered in court as the judicial system, including law enforcement, is much more corrupt than you might think. It's no longer a few rotten apples. The entire legal system is infiltrated by NWO minions who will railroad you into prison in a heartbeat if you present a threat to their operations. The level of sophistication in monitoring and surveilling you is beyond anything you might imagine. People in your situation will have implants which can track a person wherever they go. That's a given. Looking for "bugs" concealed in light sockets is passe stuff from movies of the 1980s.
Your suspicion that you may not be the offspring of your parents or the remark from your grandmother is troubling. Normal people in normal family circles don't say things like that. Your husband and son's negative reaction to your talking about this is another tip-off that's something's not right. It's possible that they are victims of programming, but I don't really know.
I'll insert a few paragraphs here from Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories (1999) in which she explains very succinctly the overall control paradigm agenda which the Illuminati is gradually installing in America. You will see from her description just how closely her words parallel what I was explaining above You should also notice how the game you are involved with fits this agenda.
This excerpt is taken from pages 281-284 of http://educate-yourself.org/mc/thankstableofcontents.shtml
Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor
"They plan to "market" the mind-brain technologies they themselves have been using for decades, to the general public, and are doing so already. This will allow them to make mega money in this new market as well as allow them to begin to educate the masses in regard to the new technologies of the mind, "The Frontiers of the Mind." But, while the public is spending vast sums of money on this new technology, they will also be conditioned through advanced forms of electronics, harmonics, and subliminal conditioning to accept this shift to a 'new existence.' The Council plans are to have a robotical working class that won't cause any problems, but will simply work to supply the needs of the Elite-those who by their breeding and intellect are deemed worthy of being allowed to be "awake" so they can rule, live and create without any interference from the common man. They say that the working class already makes non-thinking robots of their own everyday lives, and it might as well be more planned and regulated so that others who want to create, invent, and otherwise use their minds, can do so without hindrance from the common man.
They view the "common man" with great disdain as a lower form of the human species. And they figure that by the time the year 2000 rolls around [the Illuminati originally did plan to implement the full blown NWO in 2000] have, when the purse cinches shut, and they are in full control, that people will already be sufficiently conditioned and won't even be able to think to figure out or even be aware that a change has taken place. They see it as the perfect cover up for the continuation of the experiments in mind control they have participated in and feel very assured that the public will never be able to discover what happened because the more intelligent pubic has been sufficiently "tamed" and conditioned to go along with the rest of the herd. Society is being weeded out right now, as minority species are being eliminated very specifically by biological germ warfare and other tactics meant to insure the elimination of those less genetically favorable. They figure with the reduction of the population there will be sufficient natural resources for the working class robots to support the genetically astute intellectuals who will be in power. Then, this is supposed to lead into a new age of peace. They even unleashed New Age principles to target and control the groups of people they previously programmed while they continued developing the mind control technology, in order to maintain control until the year 2000 when, supposedly, no one would be able to think to question, or cause problems. .
Our food is being tampered with, by the insertion of food additives and substances like aspartame which can alter brain chemistry and effect our minds. Music and movies are another powerful tool used to condition the masses. The Council views these measures as the kind .humane way to handle this matter, instead of a direct. violent takeover, which would just cause "- even more chaos and human suffering. They envisioned that, this way, there would be no dissent and after the takeover there will be no need for wars, ever again. These men don't believe in wars, but needed to use them to achieve their goals. As they see it, the rest of the species wilt be living in harmony, able to create and enjoy while the lower, now robotical, forms of the human species do all the grunt work they are accustomed to: common labor, food production, and life maintenance for the higher forms of human species, the intellectuals, those who matter and are deemed eligible to be awake.
The Master Plan is Accomplished by Robots
There has been a master plan for years and many, including myself, were involuntarily enlisted to work for it, as Dr. Henry Kissinger, 'Mr. Global Internationalist,' masterminded much of their plan. My controllers viewed anyone with a small intellect as 'non-existing' anyway, so they will either be weeded out or retained on the mind-controlled work force that's already been created. Masses of daycare centers were targeted to insure the success of the takeover, where large numbers of children from normal families were programmed because they will be the ones who will be of the age to resist or fight the Council plan. But now, many won't be able to because their minds have been manipulated and conditioned during childhood, so they will go along with the global program. It is all a carefully laid out plan that has spanned decades and generations, with one generation handing down to the next their inheritance. The children of the elite families, such as the Rockefeller's and Kennedy's will inherit a guaranteed future on a planet that can survive due to the fact that the population and, in turn, pollution, food supplies, etc. will be totally controlled.
These intellectual, genetically 'worthy' individuals plan to have their own guaranteed 'utopian dreamworld' after they kill off the inferior human species that they believe are overcrowding a planet that cannot support us all. The Council feels that they are insuring the future of the species of mankind by what they are doing. And, those from intergenerational ritually abused families and others will be placed under total mind control, to become the planetary 'workforce' so the elite doesn't have to waste their precious time on menial labor. The Council feels everyone 'wins' this way because it puts the non-thinking and genetically inferior populations "out of their misery," by taking their minds away, and insures a glorious future for the brightest intellects on earth. To them intellect is everything and without it, they think people shouldn't be allowed to waste precious time on earth, taking up space for those who can and will use their brains to create. They view this as a massive genetic clean up. Then, when their agenda has been met, the world will be free from ignorance and chaos.
According to their reasoning, there will be no abortion issue because the genetically intelligent won't bear children by accident. There will be no wars because they won't have a need to use wars to manipulate people for power or money. There will be no famines because there will be plenty of food grown naturally by the robot class and the world will no longer be overpopulated. Then, they can bring in their new form of world government and there won't be fighting or resistance because the Elite will see eye-to-eye and will all benefit, and are intellectually capable of understanding how they can all work together for the benefit of themselves. Crime will cease since the commoners, 'the robots' won't be able to think to commit acts of violence or any other forms of crime. The Elite think of themselves as intellectually above petty crime and will have no necessity of it since they will be getting their needs met, royally, by all of their mind controlled 'worker-bees.' No more disease will be brought in by the 'unwashed' lower classes. So there will be less disease all-around because the Elite will take immaculate care of their bodies and won't have to deal with the stress and strain created by the problems of today. These will have been eliminated by eliminating the source of these problems-the genetically deficient. The Council has guaranteed survival and freedom for those. at the top. What they have done to the human species in this Twentieth Century is tragic and they justify it by the rationale that they are protecting the future of the human species by insuring that only the best specimens survive.
Tbe Council took a serious stand to clean up the environment as it served their needs for a healthy, pollution-tree, life-sustaining environment for their future progeny. Since they have access to, as well as direct, major new discoveries in advanced technologies, they have disdain for the uneducated, ignorant, common people who trash their own environment. They said that even animals knew better than to defecate in their own sleeping area. But this would be remedied in the future when the genetically deficient were weeded out and extinguished. They also were very condescending to those individuals who didn't eat properly or exercise. They take immaculate care of their bodies as far as health goes. They are fit and trim and they use natural medicines. Tbe American Medical Association is fashioned to prescribe drugs and perform various treatments that although they may be unsuspecting, tend to weed out the weaker species. The Council views the AMA's 'modem medicine' as barbaric.
Their plans are to have mind-enhanced health associates, like some of the USC medical and dental graduates, who will provide the new health care for the Elite, after the takeover. Precision surgery with laser technology will make the so-called "modern methods" of surgery obsolete. Miracle medicines and herbs (God's pharmacy) will keep the body healthy. An understanding' of the way the electro-molecular energy field around the body operates will allow the healthy body to be kept in perfect alignment creating perpetual perfect health or it can be brought back into alignment easily with the use of high-tech field variation equipment. This will be the modern medicine of the future and upcoming doctors will be trained in these methods in order to further the evolution of the Elite.
The Elite plan to enjoy total and complete health due to their technology in electromagnetic fields. They also have antibodies against the diseases they let loose and make sure they are protected. Of course all of these findings came about by research and experiments on unsuspecting groups of people. The health care program they were attempting to implement in the United States {promoted by Hillary Clinton during Bill's administration] was one they were hoping would though so that the lower class robots would have a health care system to serve their needs in the future, while allowing the government, the Council and those involved in the global takeover to remain in control. As you can see, it is a system designed for control. It is all about further conditioning the populace so that there won't be any drastic changes that would cause stress to the nation or upset the apple cart. They believe they have learned what form of government would work best by installing different varieties of governments in different countries with leaders they chose, studied, and watched to see which form would be likely to meet their needs in the year 2000 and beyond. They saw different national governments as 'projects.' For awhile, they thought communism would be the best, until the mind control technology showed them they could covertly rule the masses without communism. With this technology, they believe they can rule the masses easily and effortlessly, and governing can be limited because they feel all of the Elite will have much the same wants, needs, and goals. They already have the central banking system in place~ and have a master plan for the laws, rules, and regulations that will govern those that are left. .
Sons of the Elite are conditioned to .be leaders in the New World. Robotic mind control won't be necessary for their compliance. They have been conditioned to accept this new agenda without being given all the information and will be allowed to be ''tree thinkers," unless they don't follow directions. The Elite are used to having servants so this overall concept is not especially different for them because they have been brought up to believe that they are born privileged, are of a superior genetic strain and have a responsibility to lead. I was used, under mind control, to further many of these attitudes with the sons of many world figures. It was just a matter of conditioning them with the beliefs, a little at a time, which would support the changeover. The egos of these young men have been very carefully created and conditioned. Prince Charles' boys are possibly doomed to the same form of conditioning.
The Council sees this as a planetary enhancement, with the globe entering a time of health, new excitement and abundance for those deemed capable of making a difference in the future of the human species. " [end of excerpt]
The key to breaking out of this cat and mouse game is to understand what's really going on and get out of the maze. You can't live in peace with family members or relatives or co-workers or neighbors if they are going to betray you to a controlling agenda of some outside group. As long as you remain there and remain passive, they will continue to cooperate with the controllers of this game. You can try and win them over by explaining to them that they are being manipulated like puppets for a sinister agenda, but you will have a hard time of it as many people are often under mind control in these game scenarios and they have been programmed to resist betraying the agenda. Forget that nonsense that this exercise is for "good" purposes or that's there going to be a million dollar pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. That's not going to happen. The manipulators are simply playing you for fools
Human beings have the right to live their life in the way they see fit. They have a right to decide their own destiny. No group has the right to decide the course of your life, regardless of the high sounding motives they may offer up. What these manipulators are doing is about as evil as it gets. This enslavement, the creation of a robotic, controlled society is what the New World Order is all about. The extraterrestrial, reptilian overlords of the NWO Illuminati have taken over and have enslaved many other planets in other solar systems using the same technique that is being applied here on earth. We must not let this happen.
Sincerely, Ken Adachi
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