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The Prophet Before
The Storm - Part I
An Interview With Ex-Jew Brother Nathanael And
A Profile In Anti-Jewish Revolutionary Christian Courage
With An After-Word Conclusion

By Michael James in Germany
"Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city .... [And to the Jews, said Jesus] You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."
Each generation gives rise to men and women of unique courage and insight. More often than not, they are pilloried, ridiculed and sidelined as eccentrics or worse. Some of them suffer terribly at the hands of those they seek to help, and almost all of them die in poverty and obscurity, only to be remembered with veneration by future generations as prophets whose warnings and remonstrations fell on deaf ears.
We live in a world crowded by occultist soothsayers, New Age gurus, esoteric magicians, deceitful politicians, putative Antichrists and establishment "holy men" claiming to have the ear of God. While Madonna flirts with Satanic Kabbalism, Judaized Christians scour the evil Talmud for hidden revelations, movie stars sell their souls to Scientology, the murderer Tony Blair kisses the ring of the Pope, American Baptists align themselves with the Children of Satan, and millions of Europeans sink into the abyss of God-hating humanism, one can be forgiven for thinking we are living at the End of the Age.
Yet above the din and cacophony of demonic chatter and the remorseless background "muzak" of televised propaganda and the inky- dinky monkey beat of popular culture and its hypnotic inanities, a lone voice can be heard that cuts a swathe through the Babylon of self-obsessing gibberish.
He is the Watchman on the tower who warns of dangers to come, and yet the revellers in the courtyard mock him, for their ears are closed to the truth. He wanders the streets and takes each to task, yet in turn he is rewarded with abuse, physical assault, wicked and vicious insults, and false charges brought against him by those who rule from the latter day Synagogues of Satan. Penniless and unloved, he arises each day with an empty belly but filled with the strength of God to sustain him; and once again he takes his message to those who are wealthy in hubris but poor at heart: Jews who remain trapped in the Satanic religion of Judaism.
That man is Brother Nathanael.
Mike: How did your family and friends react when you renounced Judaism and embraced Christ?
Br. Nathanael: My mother had a fit. First of all our rabbi told my mother I certainly must now have deep psychological problems, not "religious" problems, and should be addressed as such. After a few failed counselling sessions that my mother dragged me to, she finally realized that this was a "religious" problem.
So my mother and father took me to see some rabbis and my dad kept saying, "Our son knows the Bible better than the rabbis!" Finally, my mother gave up the battle but not without continually nagging me and trying to make me feel guilty for "abandoning our people". I kept on telling my mother through the year about Jesus Christ being the Jewish Messiah, and one year before she died, 33 years later after I became a Christian, she was baptized into the Orthodox Christian Church. So, persistence pays in the end.
Mike: You speak of Judaism as being a "religion of death". What brought you to that conclusion?
The Smiling Prophet
Br. Nathanael: When I was eight years old, my parents took me to my cousin's Bar Mitzvah at a farther part of the City of Pittsburgh, where I grew up. We entered into an old, musty smelling synagogue, which had the Jewish Star of David everywhere.
After only ten minutes of being inside, I got nauseated and wanted to vomit. The synagogue seemed to have a deathly pall about it. And I couldn't bear looking at the Jewish Star everywhere. I learned later that the Star of David is an occult symbol that was popularized by the Kabbalists of the 13th Century in Europe. It was then at the age of eight, through my experience in that old, musty smelling synagogue, that I knew that Judaism was a religion of death.
Mike: Many people are aware that Jews in America are working assiduously to destroy Christianity, but few are resisting the onslaught. How is your message of defiance treated in the streets?
Br. Nathanael: I went to the headquarters of the ACLU in Wall Street three times last summer. I had a huge sign that I was holding which read, "ACLU JEWS ARE ANTI-CHRIST!" The people of Wall Street were in an absolute state of shock.
The ACLU, (which by the way advocates for "free speech"), called the police on my eighth appearance. The eighth police division must have been paid off ­- for they physically escorted me eight blocks away. But I came right back when I saw them going into a coffee shop.
Each time I was there in Wall Street, I was physically assaulted by Jews. And each time the police, (who are all over the place in Wall Street because of 9-11), took the side of the Jews. One Jewish man, very well dressed in a London Fog overcoat, threw a large cup of hot coffee all over me and my pristine white robe. The police came at me with their machine guns (all over the place in Wall Street), and while pinning me against the wall and screaming at me, the Jewish man who threw the coffee on me just stood there with a big smile on his face.
Mike: Christianity is perhaps the last bulwark between freedom and the New World Order. Why are so few people prepared to fight for Christ?
Br. Nathanael: Because they had no one calling them into battle. Aren't you entitling this interview, "The Prophet Before The Storm"? I am now calling Christians into battle. And guess what? Many, yes many, are responding!
Mike: What kind of a New World Order are the Jews trying to achieve? Will we all be forced to live under Noahide laws?
Br. Nathanael: The New World Order that the Jews are trying to achieve is first a "multicultural" society, which translates into "many religions and beliefs". Thus, the Christian society that the West once was is destroyed. Jews fear a Christian society more than any other thing. Why? Because a Christian society will never allow Jews to be in positions of influence, that's why. We must have a Christian America again and not a Jewish America. For in a pluralistic society, the Jews rule.
The Noahide laws will indeed be implemented, for these laws incriminate Christians as "idol-worshippers", punishable by imprisonment. We see a foretaste of this in the fate of two reputable critics of the Jews, David Irving and Ernst Zündel. Since true Christians will affirm the New Testament account of the Jews crucifying Jesus Christ, they will be imprisoned as well in a New World Order society, established and ruled by the Jews.
Mike: Much of Europe has rejected Christ thanks to 24/7 holocaust propaganda that demands we worship the Jews, and rebel pastors and priests are repeatedly charged with "hate crimes" for quoting Jesus in regard to evil Pharisaic Jews. Do you have a message of hope for European Christians now suffering under the new atheistic European Soviet system?
Br. Nathanael: Indeed, I do have a message of hope for persecuted messengers of Christ. "Don't give up! The Cross of Christ will conquer! The Enemies of the Cross, the Jews, will be defeated! Truth will win out in the end!"
It's only a matter of time before the coming of the storm. There will be a huge backlash both in America and in Europe. I am warning the Jews day after day on my site, Real Jew News @ http:// www.realjewnews.com of the coming storm. On the streets, I am calling the Jews to repentance and the embracing of Jesus Christ. I am calling the Jews to become Christians and to enter into the bosom of Christ's Holy Church!
Mike: Modern Jews argue that they are the "Chosen People" and that Palestine is theirs as of scriptural right, even though most of them, being Ashkenazi Jews, are in no way related to the Children of Israel. Why have we so readily accepted their lies?
Br. Nathanael: Christian Zionists have helped to peddle the lie that the Jews are the "Chosen People". It is those of Christ's Church, "Christians", that is, those from every nation and race who embrace Jesus Christ as their Saviour, who are the "Chosen People". I have proved this conclusively in my article entitled, "Christians NOT Jews Are God's Chosen People" @ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=134
Mike: Do you see the state of "Israel" as a satanic entity, and, if so, are Zionist Christians unwittingly worshipping Satan?
Br. Nathanael: Indirectly, yes. The Zionist state was founded on bribery, theft, and murder. These three cardinal sins of the Zionists continue unabated until this very day.
And the Supreme Court Building in Israel, built by the Rothschild Dynasty, has occult images all over the place. I did an article on this called "The Rothschild-Israel Occult Connection" @ http:// www.realjewnews.com/?p=129
Mike: What or who is "True Israel"?
Br. Nathanael: St. Paul stated in his "Epistle To The Romans", Chapter 9, "They are not all Israel who are of Israel". He goes on to explain that the Church is the "True Israel". We also see this in Galatians 6:16, where St. Paul says, "Peace and mercy be upon the Israel of God". He certainly wasn't talking about the Jews! Why? Because he was calling down a blessing on those who walk "according to the rule" of Christianity.
Mike: Why do so many Jews refuse to accept that Jesus is the Messiah whose coming was predicted by the Prophets in the Old Testament?
Br. Nathanael: Jesus calls upon all men to repent of their sinful conduct. Jews find the idea of repentance utterly repugnant. Remember what the witness against the Jews throughout history is? It's that they are "a stiff-necked people". One has to bow his neck in order to repent. This is something most Jews refuse to do.
Mike: Do you believe that Jews played a crucial role in steering the terrorist attacks of 9-11, just as they have proven culpable in numerous false flag operations ever since the Balfour Declaration?
Br. Nathanael: I said from the very beginning; "How could a man in a cave in far away Afghanistan engineer 9-11? All of a sudden, we Americans heard his strange name, "Osama Bin Laden".
And within two weeks, we had the fascist department called "US Homeland Security" in place. Now this Department is run by Jews. Michael Chertoff, a Talmudic Jew, is the Director, and Senator Joseph Lieberman, also a Talmudic Jew, oversees it. What does this all tell you? That there is more to what the US Government has been feeding us about 9-11, that's what.
Mike: What are your views on the alleged holocaust? Did six million Jews really die or does this figure have some kind of occult significance in terms of the Zionist dispensation?
Br. Nathanael: Yes, "Six million" is a mythic figure within Judaism. Look. The murder of Jews did occur in Germany. So did the murder of thousands of Roman Catholics in Dachau. But we never hear about them. I do not believe that "six million" Jews were murdered. It was probably no more than one million, if that. And, oh yes, I have proven on my article, "Jews Prompted The German Backlash", @ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=40 that the Jews were not innocent little lambs either, but prompted the German Holocaust.
Mike: In Germany, where I live, and in a number of other European countries, criticism of the Jews is often interpreted as a "hate crime", earning offenders months or years in jail. Even if you draw attention to holocaust anomalies in the historical record using forensic science, you can be imprisoned for up to five years. Do you believe that if the holocaust narrative were obviously true its proponents wouldn't need laws to punish curious historians and scientific investigators? Why is all discussion of this matter prohibited?
Br. Nathanael: It's because Jews hate freedom of speech. Why? Because when we are free to speak, the Jews will be called to account for all of their crimes against humanity, their anti- Christian activities, and all of their cover-ups.
Now with Jews controlling the media, publishing, politicians, and most of all, the legal system, freedom of speech has been denied the Europeans. Thankfully, we still have freedom of speech in America. That's why I am working around the clock so ferociously now before it's taken away from us here in the USA.
Mike: To what extent do you believe the Federal Reserve Jews may have been responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy?
Br. Nathanael: You have to look at the pattern. Andrew Jackson tried to get rid of the Fed and there was an attempted assassination on him. Lincoln wanted greenbacks to pay for the war and they got rid of him. Garfield they got next. Then McKinley who was a hard-money man, they killed. Congressman McFadden they poisoned. Kennedy signed a Bill to dismantle the Fed and six months later he was dead. Now Ron Paul says he wants to end the rule of the Fed and the media already killed him by attrition, that is, by ignoring him in their Time magazines, and CBS TV News shows. The pattern is there for all to see.
Mike: What is your attitude towards America's "Christian" leaders, in particular warmongering Zionists such as John Hagee?
Br. Nathanael: These people do not know the Bible - they are romanticizing a bygone people, the Hebrews, who have totally assimilated, and can no longer claim any physical descent from the ancient Hebrew race. Perhaps the Sephardic Jews can, but even they have intermarried. Most Jews today are descended from the Khazars. This has been well documented. The true "Semites" are the Arabs.
Mike: You believe, as do many others, that the soon-coming Antichrist will be a Jew. Do you believe that this Antichrist is with us today?
Br. Nathanael: The Antichrist is not with us today. But as St. John pointed out in his First Epistle that "there are now many antichrists in the world who deny the incarnation."
The forerunners of the Antichrist are: Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, and Joseph Lieberman, McCain's enabler. I spell this out very clearly in my article, "The Anti Christ Will Be A Jew" @ http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=171
Mike: Is it possible that the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy is being prepared by Lucifer for that particular role?
Br. Nathanael: There is more than meets the eye with Sarkozy. He's a crafty thing and there is some hidden agenda going on in his Presidency in France. But as Christ warned, "There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed." Let's see what time and circumstances bring out about Sarkozy. He plays his cards very close to the chest. He's a schemer alright.
Mike: Many Christians take the view that the End Times catastrophes are unavoidable because they are ostensibly the prophetic will of God and that one should not oppose the Antichrist. Yet, Jesus does not condone suicide and I think we all have a duty to expose and fight Satanist and Jewish evil wherever we find it. What is your message to lazy "couch potato" Christians who believe the "rapture" will save them from the worst?
Br. Nathanael: We still have a fighting chance to conquer the worldwide dominance of the Jews. Christ calls us Christians, "the salt of the earth". And He has warned us not to lose our "saltiness".
The Jews bear the wounds of their multiple crimes and sins against humanity: The chopping off of the head of King Charles I, regicide!; the chopping off of the head of King Louis the XVI, regicide!; the murder of over 50,000 Christians in Soviet Russia; the murder of thousands of Christians in the Spanish Civil War; the murder of six million Ukrainian Christians in the forced famine of 1932; the murder of over 40,000 thousand Arabs, both Christian and Muslims, in Palestine.
Thus, when we Christians apply the "salt" of "reproving the works of darkness" as St. Paul instructed us to, the Jews feel this "salt" and cry "Anti-Semitism!" But no one is buying this lame slogan of theirs any longer.
Mike: Why are so many Jews active in subversive organizations, such as the feminist lobby, pro-abortion campaign fronts, gun- control groups, hedge fund operations, communist parties, anti- American revolutionary movements, the evolutionary school of thought, gay and lesbian rights groups, child pornography syndicates and covert Mossad units that act with impunity on foreign soil?
Br. Nathanael: Because Jews hate and fight against a Christian society, which teaches against all of these things. The undermining of the morals of a nation keeps the Jews in control.
Mike: You are a prolific writer and speaker, dedicated to fighting the Jewish Power Matrix one person at a time. Where do you get the stamina to keep going in the face of tremendous odds?
Br. Nathanael: I study the Holy Scriptures, attend Church, take Holy Communion, pray a lot, and I constantly make the sign of the Cross over myself. This is the source of my energy. Indeed, these things are the source of power for all Christians.
Mike: You are currently inspiring hundreds of Jews to repent and turn their lives over to God, who we know as the Risen Christ. Quite clearly, you are making enemies in high places. Do you fear that one day they will move against you?
Br. Nathanael: I plan on living until I am 125 years old. Then they will kill me. I want to die a martyr for Christ. But I'm 57 years old now and I've only just begun.
Mike: You devote all your time warning about the Jewish takeover of America and spend days on end preaching in the streets of American cities. How do you manage to survive without any form of income?
Br. Nathanael: I have various donors. Some who come to Real Jew News click on the "Donate" Button on my articles @ http:// www.realjewnews.com. We are all in this together. I have the time to do this. Those who work at secular jobs can be part of the ministry by pitching in.
Mike: I know that you survive solely on donations, and yet the little you have you share with the needy. How can fellow Christians and anti-Zionists help you to remain in sound health and ensure that your message reaches a wider audience?
Br. Nathanael: By clicking the "Donate" Button on any one of my articles at REAL JEW NEWS @ http://www.realjewnews.com
Mike: It's obvious that you're reluctant to ask for donations, but somehow that bowl must be filled if you are to continue speaking truth to power. This is exactly how the disciples of Jesus survived while preaching the Gospel. How can we, as ordinary Europeans and Americans send you help in the form of donations? Do you have a Paypal account or some other facility by which a fighting fund can secure your continued struggle against the forces of Judaism and Satanism?
Yes, I have a Pay Pal account by clicking the "Donate" Button on any one of my articles at REAL JEW NEWS @ http:// www.realjewnews.com. I do indeed need the help.
Mike: Some years ago, you visited Israel and were attacked as a "mumser" (a non-Jew). The few people who showed you any real kindness were young Arabs. How do you see the future of this country? Will there ever be peace in supremacist apartheid "Israel"? Is the solution a two-state system? Will the state of Israel collapse under the weight of its own evil?
Br. Nathanael: Already, Ehud Omhert, the current Prime Minister of Israel, stated in an interview a few months ago, that demographics, (the staggering amount of new-borns by Palestinians), will make a two-state region a necessity. But this is not going to work either.
The reason it will not work is because the State of Israel was founded upon bribes, theft of Arab Citrus Orchards, and murder. How can a nation founded upon these three cardinal sins survive?
Mike: If Israel is not the true homeland of the Jews (especially the non-Hebrew Ashkenazi Jews) and increasing anti-Semitism makes them feel unwelcome in their respective host nations in the Diaspora, what is the solution? Where should the Jews live, for they are currently not welcome in Europe and they will soon face a backlash in America? No sane individual is suggesting mass deportation to Siberia or their dispatch to the planet Mars. What to do? How can they be saved? Where can they live in peace without harming other human beings?
Br. Nathanael: Jews must become Christians now before it's too late. I see it. I feel it. I sense it. There will be a backlash. Hasn't history proven this? It's only a matter of time, dear Michael, before the coming of the storm.
Mike: Brother Nathanael, I thank you for your patience in answering my questions, and I very much look forward to publishing Part II of this interview shortly.
Br. Nathanael: You're welcome, dear Michael. May God bless you and all who fight for justice.
Born and raised as a Jew, Nathanael Kapner understood early on that Judaism was an evil, bankrupt religion: a religion of death that led people away from the truth and into a wilderness of ritualised insanity and a propensity for self-aggrandisement, avaricious greed, and wars of genocide. At the age of ten years, Nathanael, despite the vicious admonitions of his Christ-hating Jewish teachers, secretly read the New Testament and cried with joy and relief. For the first time in his life, the young Nathanael encountered God Almighty himself in the form of a man who had suffered an horrific death at the hands of the Jews, but who rose from the grave to be with us always.
"I grew up as a Jew and am now an Orthodox Christian," says Brother Nathanael. "I wish to warn how anti-Christ Jews are trying to destroy Christianity in America."
Brother Nathanael is nothing if not courageous. With signs emblazoned with the wording, "ACLU Jews are Anti-Christ", he takes his message directly into the belly of the beast, whether in New York, Washington, Boston or any place where he identifies anti- Christ Jews at work. He is chased, beaten, regaled, abused and spat at. The Jewish-owned Google has expunged many of his articles and has banned him from using any form of Google service. Death threats and messages of hate are the order of the day. But nothing will deter him. He is fighting for freedom. He is fighting for Christ; and Christ is fighting for him.
Despite Google's attempt to wipe his work from the cache, his website (http://www.realjewnews.com) is now one of the most popular venues on the Internet for those trying to understand the pernicious influence exercised by Jews and Zionists in America and elsewhere in the world. It has also singled him out as the No. 1 hate figure of the parasitic and manipulative ADL and other satanic organisations.
A few days ago, having read his interview with the highly acclaimed academic and revisionist author Michael Hoffman, I wrote to Brother Nathanael thanking him for providing me with some astonishing insights into the mendacious nature of Judaism, which is a religion based almost entirely on the unexpurgated Talmud, one of the most evil tomes of literature known to mankind. I asked him if he would be prepared to let me interview him for online publication, and his answer was a very generous and gracious affirmation of my request, as witnessed above.
To those nationalists and others who are working to defeat Zionism and the pernicious evil of the Jewish Power Matrix, and who concomitantly believe that Christianity is a merely a tool of control by which Jews seek to enslave the Goyim, let me assure you that you have been led to believe a lie. Yes, Judeo-Christianity, as espoused by wicked anti-Christ Satanists such as John Hagee and Pat Robertson, is the bastard child of Lucifer's Jews. But Jesus Christ, who is God, and who lives among us as the guiding force for good and ultimate justice, seeks to control no one, for each and every one of us is free to determine how we should live.
Under no circumstances does Jesus condone the behaviour of those who support Zionism, the demonic state of Israel and the foul stench of Judaism, an evil religion that died on the Cross. Whether you are of a Gnostic persuasion but hold true to the spirit of Christ, a non-denominational Christian, a Catholic, a free-thinking Baptist, or one who embraces the more Orthodox approach enumerated by Brother Nathanael, Jesus Christ is the only freedom fighter you can trust to destroy the New World Order and restore natural justice in a world held captive by Baphomet and his willing Jewish servants.
There is a storm coming and it threatens to destroy the world as we know it. It will turn father against son, mother against daughter, Christians against Jews and Muslims, Blacks against Blacks and Whites against Whites. He who stands to win will be Satan, reincarnated in the demonic form of the Antichrist, the false King of the Jews.
But we are all the stronger for knowledge aforethought. Let us therefore listen to men of wisdom and kill the anti-human project with the spirit of Christ, which offers us the only revolutionary means by which we can win back our freedoms, our national independence and a lasting, productive and creative future for our children and our children's children.
Nationalists and patriots who dismiss the earnest remonstrations of men who are former Jews should be reminded that they have no monopoly on the truth. Former Jews, such as Benjamin Friedman, have done more to serve the cause of national liberation than any number of self-proclaimed white nationalists, almost all of whom have proven themselves to be mere tools and agents provocateurs of Zionist agents. I therefore implore all those who care about the future of Anglo-Celtic Christianity and earnestly strive toward the defeat of the parasitic Israel lobby and a world free of war and poverty to support Brother Nathanael and his message of revolutionary liberation from the globalist forces of Zionist oppression.
"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." Heed this advice.
Rise from your slumber, my fellow Americans and Europeans, and take back that which is rightfully yours. For this is the will of God. Let not the storm destroy that which you value most, for you were born to fight.
In the name of God, I tell you: Fight, men of low esteem! The world is yet yours to conquer, and from without the rivers of your tears you shall swim in oceans of joy.
For the days of the Jew are severely numbered. And when the lion lies down with the lamb, truly, you shall count yourselves free, men and women of God and children of the Living Christ.
The future is yours to decide. Choose wisely.
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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