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'1984' Is Here! Orwell's
Prophecy Has Become Reality

Jim Kirwan
The various electronic tickertapes in Times Square ought to carry the truth for a change, which if they did, might convey the following advisories:
"Promises Are Prosperity; Lies Are Truth; Ignorance Is Strength;
Freedom Is Slavery; and of course: War Is Peace."
"Dayton, Ohio -- The images from Baghdad and Basra bristled with explosions, burning buildings, street protests, rocket smoke wafting from the Green Zone.
The words from Dayton were "remarkable" and "victory" and "rebirth."
"Normalcy," President Bush said, "is returning back to Iraq."
The juxtaposition of images and words crisply illustrated Bush's challenge in pleading for more patience from his own weary public for a war that has now surpassed five years and 4,000 American dead. Bush came to Dayton on Thursday to make the case that Iraq has made impressive progress in political reconciliation in recent months, even as his argument was overshadowed by the latest outbreak of violence.
Bush cast the battling in Basra not as a setback but as more fodder for optimism, a sign that Iraq's leaders are ready to challenge the militias who dominate the southern city, employing a tough security crackdown designed and led by their own forces." (1)
Aside from the fact that Iraqis had to be replaced by American forces after four days of failures: There are also other realities now thriving amid the chaos surrounding the US military involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan-realities that have so far gone completely unnoticed by corporate media in the US. It is utterly amazing how much continues to escape the American-hive-mentality in this country, which has become the repository for so many of the actualities that form the backbone of our occupation in the pre- emptive Bushwar's that we've launched against the Middle East. For instance there was this from Obama, in answer to Amy Goodman's questions on Friday last:
"AMY GOODMAN: Can you call for a ban on the private military contractors like Blackwater?
SEN. BARACK OBAMA: I've actually-I'm the one who sponsored the bill that called for the investigation of Blackwater in [inaudible], so-
"AMY GOODMAN: But would you support the Sanders one now?
SEN. BARACK OBAMA: Here's the problem: we have 140,000 private contractors right there, so unless we want to replace all of or a big chunk of those with US troops, we can't draw down the contractors faster than we can draw down our troops. So what I want to do is draw-I want them out in the same way that we make sure that we draw out our own combat troops. Alright? I mean, I-
AMY GOODMAN: Not a ban?
SEN. BARACK OBAMA: Well, I don't want to replace those contractors with more US troops, because we don't have them, alright? But this was a speech about the economy.
AMY GOODMAN: The war is costing $3 trillion, according to Stiglitz."
SEN. BARACK OBAMA: That's what-I know which I made a speech about last week. Thank you." (2)
Did the public miss this point entirely; the FACT of the 140,000 private contractors that "must be protected" by US troops? These would be the same contractors that employ some of the most vicious mercenaries from around the world, many of them trained at American expense, in what was formerly called "The School of the Americas," a "school" that in reality trained the hated Death Squads that were used throughout Central and South America!
These are the same mercenaries that do not answer to US laws or to the US military chain of command; the same contractors that can make upwards of $1000 a day, to do what GI's did prior to the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Coup at the Pentagon. The Coup succeeded in completely destroying the effectiveness of the US military, however their version of US military force has largely been a colossal failure wherever it needed to show any real signs of military success-whether that was needed before during or after the two invasions in which these disastrously ill-prepared troops were showcased. Now we suddenly must also protect these off-the books mercenaries that have been responsible for so much of the random slaughter of civilians, plus the mind-boggling waste of so many billions of dollars in a mini-series of wars that has only produced illicit-profits for corporate insiders, and the friends of Cheney- Bush.
US forces need to be withdrawn, immediately and totally. The mercenaries have their own aircraft and can remove themselves: after all running is one of the things these guys do best, and since the god they serve is only "Gold, Oil & Dollars," they can find their own way out. By 'signing up" they have already sacrificed whatever might have been left of their souls for money, so whatever happens to these mercenaries is not a concern that the already overburdened taxpayers must also now be saddled with. This is another gray area of US military policy that the Cheney-Rumsfeld- Coup utterly failed to deal with in their zeal to pass out those secret no-bid contracts by the fistful. Nor has any of this been covered by the criminally-negligent-congress that is still soundly- sleeping wherever any oversight has been genuinely needed!
That said; what do Obama's comments reveal about this presidential contender's views and attempted Double-Speak when it comes to what he will "do" about the Wars. He wants "to bring the troops out" without mentioning that the 140,000 private thugs will apparently be staying. US policies need to be issued with one voice and understood without exceptions, otherwise these 'decisions' are not real, but are only tactical moves in a game that we refuse to leave because there is simply far too much money to be made by staying-the death tolls and the destruction throughout the region be damned! It's no wonder that the public doesn't really want to know the truth-because in this instance-the truth might actually be far uglier than the fiction that it was created to serve!
This is certainly true of the numbers of the dead, the permanently damaged, and the walking wounded which these last seventeen years of the War upon Iraq has produced. "73,846 US troops dead, 1,620,906 disabled." (3)
However it is the same with everything that has been done beneath the stealth-policies of the last two illegally constituted administrations. Everything from Finance and Wall Street to American Jobs and the nationwide crumbling of Main Streets across the country have been the result of this comic-book presidency that promises SECURITY, yet produces only more fear accompanied by huge servings of pseudo- terror in this latest chapter of their attempted-seizure of the once civilized world.
Don't take my word for this just re-read the novel "1984." It's all there from the torture and the prisons, to the Real ID Cards, to the loyalty oaths and the tracking of every movement of all the citizens that subsist in abject terror of their 'leaders.' The final cog is being mandated now by the Federal Communications System that is requiring us to all buy new television sets, supposedly to obtain better quality through a new method of transmission: when the truth is that the point is to make possible the two way-cameras that can watch and listen to whatever is happening around every tube that is out there. The irony is they've found a way to get us to pay to be spied upon even further than they've already gone! (4)
The shorthand for the whole enterprise of the New (OLD) World Order can be summed up in what ought to be headline news around this nation:
"Promises Are Prosperity; Lies Are Truth; Ignorance Is Strength;
Freedom Is Slavery; and of course: War Is Peace."
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