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Making Out Like
Everything Is Normal

By Michael James
On the border of Germany and Switzerland
A commodities derivatives bubble of some 500 trillion dollars, which is a figure ten times bigger than the combined GDP of all the world's nations, is about to go pop. Economists are warning of a depression that will make the 1930s look like an unforgettable fun experience for all the family, with an extra bucket of popcorn thrown in for free.
An illegal and disastrous three-trillion-dollar war for Israel, which has killed over one million innocent Iraqis and generously dusted the rest of humanity with tons of windborne uranium oxide residues, is currently costing the US taxpayer 144 billion dollars a year. (Those are government figures, so multiply threefold.)
The tab for the adventure in Afghanistan comes in at a comparably modest 48 billion dollars a year but is expected to grow exponentially in the face of increasingly stiff resistance from a nation of goat herders who took a good long look at democracy in action and decided it was not for them.
Whereas millions of Mexicans continue to pour unhindered across the border to claim their share of food stamps and free medical care, thousands of Americans are leaving their homes each month to live in trailer parks or sleep under bridges while the CEOs of the kosher loan sharks who put them there are dining out on 167-million- dollar bonuses.
The Jewish governor of a large US city is caught spending 2,150 dollars a blow in an upscale hotel. The very poorest working European-Americans, derogatively dismissed by the Yiddish media as "white trash", are living on an after-tax income of around 15,300 dollars a year. That's seven lap dances and a quick serenade, Mr. Spitzer.
The Leader of the Free World shoots the breeze with Jesus and sings songs about his pet dog while his chosen successor, the geriatric and seriously unhinged John McCain, talks to walls and poops in his pants. Both want to nuke Iran, just for the hell of it. And because Israel says so.
Dissidents get to choose between a suspected lesbian who enjoys an intimate psychic relationship with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt and a magic Negro who says "hope" is the name of the game and yet dreams of bombing the Republic of Pakistan.
And all this is normal, right?
The British government has just turned the page on 1,000 years of history by outsourcing its nation's sovereignty to a vast army of overpaid bureaucrats in a foreign country while concomitantly proposing that schoolchildren be forced to swear an oath of allegiance to the head of state who betrayed them. Its diplomatic service was recently said to be considering talks with a bearded man known to be dead who once lived in a cave and headed an organization that never existed.
German taxpayers are subsidizing a major cell phone manufacturer to close its factories, sack thousands of workers and relocate to Romania. The Jewish French President's new wife, a former high- society prostitute, says that having "a husband who owns nukes" gives her a unique sexual thrill.
Belgian policemen routinely joke about exploding toilets as an epidemic of butane gas addiction takes its toll among children who see no future for themselves in a nation swamped by immigration and stymied by high taxation. Ireland is about to nationalize its failing banks and tell taxi drivers and shop assistants they must dig deep in their pockets and somehow come up with billions of euros to keep sweet the smiles on the faces of those who own luxury yachts in Cannes and pleasure palaces in Tel Aviv.
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, please.
While a mass murderer called Tony Blair is demanding new taxes to deal with what he describes as "global warming", a swelling chorus of scientists is now saying that the real problem is global cooling. With nature itself responsible for pumping out 96.5 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions, which are essential to maintaining a high yield of food crops, mankind's very welcome contribution of 3.5 percent is now in sharp decline thanks to deindustrialization.
South East Asians are rioting for want of a bowl of rice and a few soy beans as prices have more than doubled in less than a year, and South Americans protest they can no longer afford to feed their families on the cornmeal that has always been a staple of their traditional diet.
In the wake of reports that global wheat inventories are the lowest in recorded history and that the world is only a few months away from mass starvation, a Zionist monkey sitting in a big white house in Washington signs off on legislation that mandates a huge swathe of America's food crops to be turned into ethanol to offset energy dependence on all the environmentally-friendly nations he has either destroyed or wants to.
According to the New York Times, in order to fill a 100-liter (26- gallon) tank of an SUV, an ethanol producer has to process a quarter of a ton of wheat: "This is enough wheat for a baker to bake about 460 kilograms of bread, which has a total nutritional value of about a million kilocalories, enough to feed one person for a year."
Alexander Sharon, a major food retailer, says that US wheat stocks are critically low and that the industry is at a crisis point: "I'm personally concerned that for the first time in history the US may have a serious food shortage if we don't do something soon."
Anything out of the ordinary here? Surely not.
After all, Israel comes first, and what's good for Israel is good for America and the rest of us. Right? So let's make out like everything is just swimmingly, perfectly normal.
Which it is.
Isn't it?
Michael James is an English freelance translator and former journalist, resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long- haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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