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State Of The American
Presidency ­ In Limbaugh

By Ted Lang
That there isn't a modicum of difference between the two American political parties is now, more than ever, painfully obvious. I have offered this view ad nauseum. And should there still be any doubt, all one has to do is to not only consider the dangerously low approval level of George W. Bush, but the even lower level of approval the American people have regarding the performance of Congress. It has become obvious as well is that Congress is irrelevant ­ we have returned to a single ruler monarchy.
The American Congress is controlled by the Democratic Party. Decent Republicans, and I include myself in this category, voted overwhelmingly for Democrats to bring about the much-needed change of direction as regards where this country is heading politically. We are speedily befing herded towards the New World Order of Zionist-controlled communism. The "globalist" NWO will allow no dissent, as Democrat Jane Harman and her partner, Republican George Bush, have made abundantly clear. Impeachment is "off the table" as Democrat Nancy Pelosi and her partner Dick Cheney have made clear. And progressives, liberals and antiwar patriots formerly included in the big tent of the Democratic Party can now all go to hell as far as the DNC is concerned; and that would include Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, Ralph Nader and Cindy Sheehan.
Why is impeachment off the table? Why is a real investigation of 9/11 off the table? Why is an investigation of the politicization of the Department of Justice off the table? Why are the Sibel Edmonds charges of nuclear espionage on the part of the State Department and the Department of Defense off the table? Why are we still in Iraq? Because not only do we have only one political party, we have a government of one, and Dick Cheney is its imperial, sole ruler. "Bush the bumbler" is out front taking the hits for The Establishment's agenda, and pretending he's in charge; he is no more in charge than was Alexander Haig at the time of the Reagan assassination attempt.
Huge issues of morality, decency and legitimacy in American governance have created an unprecedented vacuum on the American political scene. Such a monumental suction, historically requiring the most noble and accomplished standard bearer capitalizing on a populist urgency, has rarely been seen at such a staggering level in American political history. One would think the American people would experience absolutely no difficulty at all in discerning the vital and critical dimensions of this year's presidential elections. Yet, with all this pressure for meaningful change to save America and what it once stood for, it's back to business as usual. American politics will continue to protect and enshrine corrupt, arrogant, unrepresentative, runaway and unchangeable government in Washington.
Not only has Bush lied US into an unnecessary and nation-destroying war, the latter not referring to Iraq but rather the rapidly deteriorating condition of our own country; and not only has he obstructed justice, but continues to smirk and do so unabated; the rampant corruption of this administration has gone beyond that of any administration in the history of our country. Cheney and Bush are easily impeachable. But it is not only in the evil that American political parties do that allows this destruction of our nation; it has now progressed far beyond that. If these two criminals are not impeached now, not only is an attack on Iran assured, but impeachment will be off the table forever! We are now subservient to a unitary executive branch via the vice-president which isn't even sanctioned by the Constitution.
American partisan politics was feared by the Founders; but it reveals their naivety in believing that a piece of paper, whether it is their Declaration or their Constitution, could ensure the ultimate purpose of our once-great nation. That which was offered to protect and serve our ultimate purpose, namely, individual freedom, requires the tandem of written law as well as moral decency, to achieve such a noble purpose as was the Founders' intent. Noble, honorable, decent "public servants" must be selected to promote this national purpose and to ensure national sovereignty for this end. And all must obey the nation's rule of law. Congress alone must declare war, and only for defense, and must follow the rule of law when the president abuses his power. Just as is the case with Cheney-Bush, Congress too has, and continues to, break the law.
Supposedly, election campaigns, as well as the role of a free and independent press, emerge to serve the people's interests to record both records of achievement as well as accountability for poor governance, or to expose and provide evidence of moral turpitude on the part of candidates running for public office. The "track records" of lower level government officials and those as well in the private sector seeking high elected public office, provide voters with an opportunity to select individuals whose prior performance and service appear best suited. The mass news media has always been relied on to provide such information on prospective candidates for public office. But the mainstream media has developed increasingly into a polarized political entity itself, having been originally labeled as a "liberal" or "leftist" source of opinion. And no one has done more to expose this MSM bias than Rush Limbaugh via his radio broadcast skills.
Limbaugh has achieved fame and fortune in correctly labeling the MSM as collectivist and socialist. He has developed quite a following. I once included myself in that following, subscribing to his news letter, listening to his radio broadcasts, and even glued to the hated TV screen during his brief television broadcast series on cable. And as many of us political news junkies rallied behind Rush and lambasted the globalist antics of Clinton and his Congress of sycophants and NAFTA authorizers, Limbaugh relied heavily upon what he offered as "the greatest document ever written" to contrast Clinton's behavior and how it deviated from the nation's rule of law. What happened?
Success is what happened! But truth, no matter the source, will always eventually win out. Limbaugh told it like it was with the liberal biased media, and was backed up by the two books of MSM insider Bernard Goldberg as has been previously offered in this space. And as Limbaugh gained in popularity, and in spite of the strong support of the liberal MSM for Clinton, the Clintons eventually became undone in American politics. But Limbaugh's focus was blurred when he opted to jump on the political party bandwagon of the GOP.
In spite of the GOP's massive and reckless abandonment of its base principles, Limbaugh overcame his initial shock and stayed the course. Cato Institute president Edward Crane says it best in his organization's Policy Letter for November/December 2003 in a <http://www.cato.org/pubs/policy_report/v25n6/crane.pdf>piece entitled, "The Rise and Fall of the GOP": "Following an editorial board meeting this summer with newly appointed National Republican Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, the Manchester Union Leader editorialized that Gillespie 'said in no uncertain terms that the days of Reaganesque Republican railings against the expansion of the federal government are over. Today the Republican Party stands for giving the American people whatever the latest polls say they want. The people want expanded entitlement programs and a federal government that attends to their every desire, no matter how frivolous? Then that's what the Republican Party wants, too.'"
Putting aside for a moment Limbaugh's initial reaction to this changing of horses in midstream, let's look at that statement again to understand its naked horror. Are the American people today getting "what they want?" Are we getting out of Iraq, as increasingly more than 75 percent of Americans and the military want? And does such a majority constitute a democratic direction, and is this direction frivolous? Because of political party considerations, the will of the American people is being denied. Today, Cheney is the leader of the GOP, and no Republican will cross the Cheney-Bush machine. On the other side of the aisle, we have Pelosi and Reid, refusing to impeach, investigate, or even to censure Cheney-Bush for their never ending, egregious violations of the Constitution. Party considerations are largely to blame. And the will of the people is being sidetracked by political party jockeying for power, supported by a Zionist mass media favoring the New World Order.
Here's an excerpt I found citing quotes from The Limbaugh Letter: "But the more people are conditioned not to seek the best in themselves, the more they're not challenged to meet or exceed expectations, the more they're not inspired to do what they're capable of doing, then the greater the odds that the country will not continue to be great. It's axiomatic. So this lack of interest by the Republican leadership in passionately advocating the ideal of limited government -- one of the most profound philosophical achievements in human history -- is discouraging.
The Democratic Party is falling apart. They've lost the governorships of most states. They've lost the House, the Senate, the White House, they don't have a prayer of getting any of it back.  Do you realize the opportunity we have?  After 40 years of the Democrats running this country down the tubes, controlling the House and controlling the Senate, it's just there to be taken. And what are we doing?  We're trying to act like them!" And that's exactly why our country is going down the tubes and why the GOP and the Democrats are the same!
But as Limbaugh observes the disintegration of the Democratic Party back at the time of Gillespie's remarks in 2003, look what has now happened not only to the GOP, but to Limbaugh himself. Look at the man's own words! What party is now in dissarray? What party has as its frontrunner a crooked Congressman that was involved in the savings and loan scandal? And what about this frontrunner's incompetence in the military, an incompetence such that it was, in all probability, just that which got him captured. Think of his horrible behaviour in Congress towards his peers. Recall his attempt to rape a woman in the back seat of his limousine! Think of him shoving Maria Shriver-Schwarzenneger. Think of the latest interview with a reporter in the airplane cabin video. This is what Limbaugh now supports?!
And what was Limbaugh's reason for backing Hillary? It was to help put the Democratic Party in dissaray. But what about the Constitution? How will destroying the Democratic Party serve to restore "the greatest document ever written?" And please don't tell me Limbaugh really believes McManiac really cares about that g.d. piece of paper! Limbaugh always airs his superior intelligence by offering that he "doesn't believe in conspiracy theories." Kinda crazy for him to argue this point, as he himself just pulled off a whopper favoring Bill Clinton's wife. McManiac will never win for the GOP; he's got far too much baggage. Its extreme weight exceeds the craft's lift capacity!
© THEODORE E. LANG 3/10/08 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
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