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Jews Consider American
Minds 'Tillable Soil'

Mary Sparrowdancer
Perhaps after nearly 30 years of evidence pertaining to the "public education" most Gentiles have received after the Department of Education was created, we should finally ask ourselves, "How well has this education system worked for the Gentiles?" 
This federal educational tool has created a nation of "graduates" now generally dumber than a sack of hammers, but perhaps that was exactly their goal all along. We obediently believe everything we are told by "authorities," and ask no questions. We comply. We do only the homework they tell us to do. We drink our fluoride.  In addition, the "public school system" has been used to help foster agendas, to force children to submit to mandatory pharmaceuticals, to conduct additional fluoride experiments on children, to create overcrowded havens for bullies resulting in unspeakable mass murders.  Schneerson, whose birthday this law commemorates, also launched a global Noahide campaign, forcing Gentiles to adhere to Jewish laws, as well as forcing them to accept the Jewish war-god of Israel as their only God. 
According to wikipedia (the place to go for pro-Jewish info), Schneerson, considered by some to be the Messiah, "believed that the American public was seeking to learn more about their Jewish heritage."  He stated, "It is the Chabad's point of view that the American mind is simple, honest, direct-good, tillable soil for Hassidism, or just plain Judaism." 
How much longer are American Gentiles going to permit their minds to be considered nothing more than "tillable soil."   
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