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Drs. Burisch & McDowell
To Present 'Lotus' At Caltech

From Marcia McDowell
Hello, Jeff...
Remember this publication which first hit your website?
Burisch's Ganesh Particle Acknowledged By Caltech
From BJWolf
Well, the few who yelled that I made a mistake should now rethink things. On March 1, 2008, in Laughlin, Nevada at the meeting of the International UFO Congress, Dan made the announcement about Lotus we have been hinting at for awhile.
In 2001, the Looking Glass viewed the Lotus Project being found in archives in 2091, by a graduate student and his professor from Caltech. This was told to the public as early as 2003 by Dan and I! (Dan presented this information while he was still a member of Majestic.) Many have been wondering how that could possibly happen? They called us "names."
Well, this is how it can happen. This is how it happens when people are telling the truth.
We are honored to announce that on March 10, 2008, at 4:15pm, Dan and I have been invited and are scheduled to give an initial presentation on Lotus at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in the Nobel Laureate-graced Beckman Institute Auditorium.
Our faculty representative, who invited us (he would certify that we requested nothing) on January 22, 2007, after initial contact with us in December 2006, had no idea of the Looking Glass prognostication until today. In fact, he only arrived at Caltech in the Fall of 2004 - almost 2 years after you first published the article, listed above.
The public is invited and it is free.
The general public abstract and schedule may be accessed at:
http://today.caltech.edu/eas/listing.adp? template=cce&sponsor_id=1201&sponsor_id=361&sponsor_id=142&sponsor_id= 1743&sponsor_id=334&sponsor_id=323&sponsor_id=1603&range=term&term=Win ter&year=2007-2008
10 March, 2008
Beckman Institute Auditorium
Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell
Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, Retired
A Peculiar Silicate-Associated Phenomenon
I am also including some images for you. (The slides were the ones presented in Laughlin. You will see your website's name proudly presented. The 2002 conversation occurred, but it was your website's publication which was first made public.)
Congratulations, Jeff! Your website helped to add proof of the existence and efficiency of the Looking Glass. This is very important for everyone, as Dan and I have told them that the Looking Glass has revealed that we are not facing the catastrophe that a few want to try to sell to the world. We are on the precipice of a new renaissance of Light and Love, should we spiritually join together in, and Pray for, think about, meditate on (however your philosophy dictates) "Unity for Humanity." We are now in the time of passage, so it is very important that people know this information. Such a spiritual path has been also suggested by Al Fast Thunder, Elder of the Lakota, with whom we sat in Sacred Circle, last year. You may see Dan wearing the sacred beads of the Lakota, which were presented to him by them, in one of the photos from Laughlin. The people in that photo are (L to R): Dan, Rob Simone, myself, and Paola Harris.
Additionally, for your readers, our newest book, Emanation of the Solfeggio, with a forward by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, will be published soon by Dandelion Books! (Information on that can be tracked on our website.)
Dan and I have always respected you for presenting the truth. We hope to speak with you, again.
(aka, former pseudo- BJ Wolf)
Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D.
President, Eagles Disobey, Inc.
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