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Letter From Larry Sinclair
To Obama And Axelrod

March 2, 2008
Senator Barack Obama
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Senator Barack Obama
230 S. Dearborn Street, Ste. 3900
Chicago, IL 60604
Mr. David Axelrod
AKP Message & Media
730 N. Franklin Street, Ste. 404
Chicago, IL 60610
RE: Questions
Dear Senator Obama and Mr. Axelrod:
I am writing the two of you this letter because phone calls continue to be ignored. I feel it is only fair that I address the following questions to the two of you directly one last time.
1. Who is Ron Allen that claims to be with your Presidential camp, who is alleged to claim that someone claiming to represent me called asking for $100,000, to keep me from coming forward about our (Obama and I) November 1999 encounter of sex and cocaine use?
2. How can the two of you stand in front of this country talking about bring people together at the same time you both have engaged your supporters in a massive internet smear against me where you are providing knowing false information to your paid bloggers for the purpose trying to keep the truth about you Mr. Obama from coming out?
3. How can you claim to be a uniter at the same time you are encouraging your supporters to threaten to blow my head off, to cut my throat and to set me on fire if I do not recant my statements?
4. How can either of you gentleman claim to be concerned about truth when you and Mr. Axelrod engaged in a payoff deal with Dan Parisi of Whitehouse.com to the tune of $750,000, to arrange a rigged polygraph?
5. Do you truly believe (that after you two have gone to the extent that you have to have me smeared on the internet with outright false statements) I will go away? Because if you do, I want to tell you right now that the only thing you have done by having my life repeatedly threatened, and by repeatedly providing out right false information for your supporters to post about me on the web, is to make certain that I will not go away and I will not rest until the truth about you both is across every headline around the world.
6. If you claim that neither of you have had nothing to do with the internet attacks and false statements, then prove, post it on your web site and denounce any such attacks. I know you will not because a great deal of the false information has come directly from Mr. Axelrod and his associates.
7. If you claim you had no involvement in the Whitehouse.com scam, then prove it. Publicly denounce Dan Parisi's getting me to agree to his scam and then stopping payment on his check.
8. If you and Mr. Axelrod claim you had no involvement with Dan Parisi open up your accounts and the accounts of AKP and David Axelrod for review to prove it.
It needs to be made clear that I will not be threatened nor will I allow you to feed completely false information about me to your bloggers and then just fade away into the sunset. Let me make it clear that your attacks against me have only hardened my resolve to see that this story gets out and you are exposed for what both of you truly are.
Larry Sinclair
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