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From Yom Kippur
1973 To Passover 2008

By Barry Chamish
With nearly all lines to Israel were cut for five days due to the Sabbath followed by the Passover holiday, The only news received in America was that a Holocaust-surviving rabbi named Arthur Schneier, had invited a former Hitler Youth and Wermacht soldier now called Benedict XVI to address his synagogue:
Pope Benedict XVI made interfaith history
yesterday by being the first pope to visit an American synagogue ­ a
125-year-old New York landmark where congregants gave him a standing
ovation and Jewish children sang a joyous greeting song.
Rabbi Arthur Schneier, the spiritual leader of Park East Synagogue on
Manhattan's Upper East Side, appeared overwhelmed, calling the visit
"a historic occasion that will be recorded in history forever."
I was blissfully ignorant of the background of this atrocity when I appeared on the Tamar Yonah radio show.
Fortunately, a caller named Dan from Herzlia was far more attuned than I and added the ugly details. Rabbi Schneier sits on the Council On Foreign Relations' (CFR) Religion And Foreign Policy Committee with Madeleine Albright and double sits on the UN's Alliance Of Civilization Initiative founded by Edgar Bronfman of the CFR, whose children are reportedly Catholic.
The circle is now unbroken from Yom Kippur 1973 to Passover 2008.
Israelis still believe the war was a giant intelligence failure. Nonsense. The Mossad saw a million Egyptian soldiers and most of the Syrian army on its borders and they warned the government of an impending war. What it didn't know was that Defence Minister Moshe Dayan had cut a murderous deal with US Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger, of the highest executive branch of the CFR, not to mobilize the Israeli army. Worse, Dayan thinned troops on the Suez Canal to 600. Had there been a mere 6000 soldiers waiting, not an Egyptian would have crossed the canal and a million would have potentially been wiped out.
On the Golan, Dayan had a last minute change of heart and added 50 tanks. Israelis have been told that, under the brave leadership of Col. Kahalane, these fifty just barely saved the nation. More Nonsense. The Syrians swept to a bridge on the Jordan River within a day and stopped. They stopped because the deal was no Israeli callup for no capture of pre-67 land and the Syrians abided by the terms. Had they cheated, the road to Tiberius and the Galilee was all theirs, unimpeded. At best, Israel would have surrendered and traded the Galilee for the Golan.
I was motivated to properly interpret the Yom Kippur War for you by a recent History Channel program on the Bildebergers. Interviewed was a man with many Jewish problems, and I warned him they would get him in trouble, David Icke. He claimed that in May of 1973, the decision to raise the price of oil in quantum leaps was made at the annual Bildeberg meeting. The means chosen was the Yom Kippur War.
He was right about that but was not quoted how the Arabs played ball with the CFR. The US and Holland were embargoed by OPEC right after the war broke out. Then the days of cheap oil ended for good. From 30 cents a barrel, by the year's end the figure had almost reached two dollars. Soon, the largest ever West to East money transfer was under way and suddenly, the Arabs had trillions of dollars in their vaults. This cash was invested mostly in American banks with Chase Manhattan of the Rockefellers, founders of the CFR, getting a lion's share.
This permitted the banks to invest in any half-cocked scheme hatched by any dictator and soon most of South America and parts of Africa couldn't even repay the interest. Then whole nations, like Argentina and Mexico went belly up. They found themselves bankrupted by American financial institutions.
Back in Israel, times were getting tough too. JP Morgan was a founder of the CFR and his London branch affiliate, Morgan Grenfell, gave the Russians $3 billion to rearm Syria.
Prominent among the Round Table group is the London affiliate of the Morgan banking interests in New York, known as Morgan, Grenfell & Co. It was shortly after the Yom Kippur War that Morgan, Grenfell & Co. had arranged for a $3 billion financial transaction to resupply Syria and Egypt with armaments. Rabbi Marvin Antelman - To Eliminate The Opiate, Part II, pp 113
With Tupelovs landing in Damascus hourly, Syria had the arms to keep up the war until Israel ran out of equipment. On the eighth day of the war, that moment was close. There is an apocryphal story that has become myth in certain Christian circles. Unfortunately, it didn't happen the way they'd wish it did. True, Kissinger, the good Jew that he is, publicly stated that his goal was to give Israel a bloody nose, so it would be less stubborn in his negotiations. And also true, Nixon was up to his eyeballs in Watergate and Falkland War diversions. With the background right, the myth has Golda Meir phoning Tricky at 3 AM on the eighth day of war, telling him, "You, Mr. President, are the only man in the world who can save the Jews."
Nixon recalls his saintly mother telling him, "Someday son, you'll be the only man in the world who can save the Jews." And so he resupplied Israel.
The much uglier truth is that Kissinger got his Israeli bloody nose and added conditions to the resupply. The worst one that we KNOW of was a demand that once the war ends, Mrs. Meir would resign as prime minister and her successor would be Kissinger's puppy, Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin was the Ambassador to Washington, a post he resigned the year before, to campaign for Nixon. Just prior to the war, he wrote a highly influential article assuring his readers that the Arabs won't attack Israel for another generation.
Getting him to be Meir's successor was no easy task. Rabin had never been a politician, did not sit in the Knesset, and was probably about 90th in the Labor Party hierarchy. But Golda quickly made him Minister of Labor, Knesset seat or not, she resigned and Rabin was in the PM's office just as Kissinger began his shuttle diplomacy to separate Syrian and Israeli troops. He may have made a hundred trips between Damascus and Jerusalem before having his epiphany. The Syrians wanted the Golan and Rabin was in no position to offer it to them. Then again, thought Henry the K, Syria also wants Lebanon to create its dream of a newly rehatched Greater Syria. Well, we can hand it to them. All we need to do is blow up a Christian schoolbus in Beirut, kill 32 children and get a renewed civil war going. Then Syria could come in as "peacemakers."
Everyone was so delighted with the plan! Why, in a secret cable, even King Hussein of Jordan approved of it. (Israel Radio Bet, on one news bulletin in 1999). So the CIA blew up the kids in 1975, stirred up ethnic tension and the war was on. By 1976 the Syrian army entered to quell the bloodshed, Rabin announced phoney Lebanese 'red lines" and the troops were separated on the Golan.
The man who told me the story was ex-Science Minister Benny Begin. I visited him for over 90 minutes in the Knesset. He told this story and said he got it straight from Rabin. He added that Rabin was chuckling when he related how the Lebanese Civil War really got started and Begin asked him, "Why are you laughing? There were 300,000 dead in that war." Rabin smirked and assured him, "Don't worry. It was a great deal for us."
The next "peacemaker" to rise from the ashes of Yom Kippur was Ariel Sharon. Benny Begin told me, "You don't know who Sharon really is. Nobody does. He's a far leftist hiding in the Right. He destroyed by father and he'll destroy many other lives."
And it was Sharon's own spokesman, Raanan Gissen who gave me the first solid tip. In 1997, Sharon had been spotted at an Israeli economic fair entering a private room and I was told this by a delegate to the event. I called Gissen right after and will only give the relevant quote. I asked, "Why did Sharon have a private meeting with Kissinger?" He answered, "The Minister has met with Mr. Kissinger on every trip to the US since January, '74. Why?, I asked. "The Minister is good friends with Mr. Kissinger." Now, knowing Gissen's huge ego and the fact that he believed his spokesman's career would lead to Hollywood movies, I blurted, "What do you know about the Council On Foreign Relations?" A daring stroke but it got an odd answer. "The Minister has instructed me not to discuss that issue until he completes his memoirs." That, of course, will wait until he gets a new brain.
Over time, a broader story was poked out of a discussion here, a loose tongue there. Sharon was chosen by Kissinger because he was the hero of the Yom Kippur War and the only unsullied general other than the protected Rabin. Before the war he created a far left wing party called Shlomzion and invited other lefties like Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and Yossi Sarid to join him. Kissinger told him to take his party, join it with Menachem Begin's Herut and wreck the Right politically from within. Sharon created the Likud from his party, the Liberals and Herut. He would soon destroy Begin and bulldoze the Sinai city of Yamit.
Which brings us back to our first "peacemaker," Moshe Dayan. The man who told me what happened was Yossi Orr, a co-inventor of the Uzi and a political insider. It was 1979, Sadat had made his historic trip to Jerusalem, I suspect but cannot prove, with the approval of the big boys, and Begin was at Camp David with now-proven Jew hater, Jimmy Carter, and his CFR, Trilateral Commission gang of Mondale, Vance and Brzezinzki. What Begin didn't know was that Moshe Dayan, the unpopular, yes, traitorous Foreign Minister Carter had forced on him, was working with the CFR. Alongside him was Ezer Weizmann, outside the scope of this discussion. According to Orr, Begin gave up his lifetime ideology due to deep psychological brainwashing. His coffee was drugged and his aides backed Carter's on every point and issue. Begin collapsed mentally and gave up every inch of the Sinai.
In time, Rabin brought us the CFR's Oslo "Peace" and Sharon permanently destroyed Gaza as demanded by the State Department and its CFR Secretary. The Vatican joined the plot openly with Rabin's "peace" and in Passover 2008, sent their Nazi pope into a synagogue run by a CFR "rabbi" crook.
And the Jews applauded. And they will continue to applaud until the upcoming war, this time using the CFR's Condeleeza Rice to coerce and corrupt Israel's leadership into disaster. But worst of all, the Jews won't get who caused the Holocaust of Israel.
On Carter:
<http://fordsevillegacy.blogspot.com/> http://fordsevillegacy.blogspot.com/
CFR membership list:
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Just to conclude, the Women In Green just discovered that the Yesha Council is a tool of the government.
Once again, Moetzet Yesha becomes the implementation arm for the decrees by the destruction and expulsion government. And this is not all: if we thought that there was fatal cooperation between Moetzet Yesha and the government of destruction and ruin only at the time of the Gush Katif and northern Samaria expulsion, the reporter Hagai Huberman reveals to us in an interview to the Basheva newspaper, from April 3, 2008, on the occasion of the publication of his new book Knegged Kol ha-Sikuim (Against All Odds), that even at the end of the Oslo period there were close ties between Moetzet Yesha and the Oslo government. It transpires that the heads of Moetzet Yesha, who, while outwardly forcefully attacked the Oslo accords and even organized demonstrations against them, in private cooperated with the Rabin government, and even aided it in drawing up the withdrawal maps. If this had not been written by a reliable and senior journalist, we would refuse to believe this.
My readers have known it for years because I've been gathering the facts and proving it for years. You know who to trust for the proper reading of history.
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