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Zionists Foment Race War
In Germany, Leave Clues

By Michael James in Germany
In the second serious incident of its kind this year, a large multiple apartment house accommodating mostly Turkish families (in addition to Norwegians, Albanians, Serbians, Iraqis and a German) was targeted by mystery arsonists, exciting the mainstream media to point the finger at "neo-Nazis".
It happened in the town of Backnang, Baden-Württemberg, at 4.30 a.m. on Saturday, March 29. The arsonist, who may have been accompanied, made his way into the house through the open backdoor and set fire to a child's pushchair in the corridor after having doused it with petrol.
The modus operandi is identical to that of an earlier attack on February 3 this year, which killed nine Turks and injured 20 others in Ludwigshafen. Even before the flames were quenched, the Zionist- owned media had whipped up a storm of anti-German hysteria that reverberated around the world.
Turkey's prime minister, Recep Erdogan, made a dramatic and unprecedented visit to the site of the tragedy, where he grandstanded his demands that Germany drop all objections to Turkey's application for membership of the European Union, reiterating line-by-line Israel's Trojan horse strategy. (More about that in Part II.)
This time, however, there were no fatalities. A 17-year-old girl on the ground floor raised the alarm and her brother was able to extinguish the fire. Together with five other children, the girl suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and was hospitalised.
While politicians the length and breadth of Germany could hardly wait to seek out a television camera and call for the immediate proscription of all nationalist parties and groupings, the mainstream media ignored two very obvious clues as to the real ethnic identity of the attackers.
Take a look at this photo, courtesy of Der Spiegel:
On the walls of the house, the arsonists had sprayed two reverse swastikas and the message, "Jetzt alle sterben" -- a linguistically poor attempt to spell out in German, "Now everyone dies".
Here's a wider shot:
Not only is the handwriting itself untypical of anyone who has lived in Germany for more than a few months (the hapless wordsmith had obviously struggled to render a 'J' instead of a 'Y', which is a problem common to many people of middle east origin) the correct spelling of the adverb 'now' is 'jetzt'.
No German, no matter how intellectually impaired, would ever make that kind of mistake in writing such a frequently used word. However, the words 'jetst' and 'yetst' do exist in one language and one language only: Yiddish, the language of the East European Jews.
Let's see what the Yiddish Dictionary Online has to say:
http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/dictionary/%D7%99%D7%A2%D7% A6%D7%98.html?PHPSESSID=7af3b8047e6f916ba6aa6ac413cabfaf
"Now (adv.) ­ yetst. Approximate pronunciation: Northern Yiddish / Southern Yiddish."
Spelt with a 'J', the word was also once identified with Alsace- Yiddish, as rendered in the line of an old Jewish-Alsatian poem:
"Baue jetst güt un trinke am Peysakh ka majim."
Should you wish to see the word in context, visit the Project Babel Forum and read the topic headed "Yiddish alsacien et la transcription YIVO":
Now take a look at the swastikas. In fact, they're not swastikas at all. They are left-facing, reverse swastikas, commonly known as 'Sauvastikas', which adorn not only monuments dedicated to the Buddha, but also numerous ancient Jewish synagogues where it is often juxtaposed with the Star of David:
The Swastika: Sacred History and Images
Debunking the Nazi "Backwards Swastika" Myth
No "neo-Nazi" in his right mind would ever render the swastika in the form of the anti-clockwise, oriental-Judaic Sauvastika. Quite clearly, Mossad is finding it very hard to recruit calm-headed and coherent Sayan terrorists these days.
Many of us in Germany are only too aware of Israel's frantic attempts to foment a race war between Germans and Muslims, completely in line with Albert Pike's scripted "Clash of Civilisations"; and yet the police, hamstrung by political correctness, are ordered not to investigate clues that point to the hidden hand of Zionist evil.
From the La Belle Disco bombing to Solingen, Ludwigshafen to Backnang, the Enemy of Humanity will not and cannot rest until the German nation has been destroyed as a flesh and blood living culture. A civil war that pits Muslims against Germans in a vicious fight to the death will all but deliver the heart of Europe to Zionist Israel on a plate and fulfil the best hopes of parasitic Pharisees in London, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Washington, Paris and Brussels.
Germans, who are already on their knees, will no longer fight if they think they are on their own. They watch their mouths in perpetual fear of the Jews and a legal system that punishes anyone who dares to tell the truth; afraid even that their own shadows might say a word out of place.
Without outside pressure from wide-awake fellow Goyim who will not go gently into the night of the Jewish world order, the German people are finished. Instead of raging helplessly behind a computer screen at Zionist psyops, this is where you can make a difference.
If you wish to support the police in defying the traitors in Berlin and encourage them to look in the right place, simply phone the chief investigators Ralf Michelfelder, Andreas Lindauer or Thomas Schöllhammer in Waibling/Backnang on +49 7191 909 0 or fax them on +49 7151 950 820 and tell them what you think. Don't worry if you can't speak or write German. Senior investigators at that level have a good grasp of the English language.
They know that the attack is a Zionist psyop. Give them the courage they need to do the job we expect of them.
If you're a journalist or a blogger, you may wish to talk directly to the investigative team's press officer, Klaus Hinderer, on +49 07151 950 203 or e-mail him at pressestelle@pdwn.bwl.de with 'Zionistischer Brandanschlag in Backnang' in the subject line.
Fax or phone the media and the government in Berlin too. Tell them to let the police investigate Jewish criminals without fear or favour and you'll scare the crap out of them. You'll be saving lives.
Yes, we have a serious immigration problem in Germany, thanks to decades of Zionist legislation written at the behest of the German Council of Jews. This is by design: all part of their plan to reduce once proud Europeans and European-Americans to nothing more than slaves and grunts living at the whim of their Jewish masters.
But soon we shall destroy the satanic European Union and win back our independence, dealing with our problems in a rational and compassionate manner. And then we shall pack our hampers with sandwiches and take our children to the park to watch the likes of Brown, Sarkozy, Blair, Miliband and Barroso swing gently in the breeze, their feet twisting and turning just inches from the ground. That I promise you.
In the meantime, we have a war to fight, and that war must be directed against those very same traitors who 'govern' us from the capitals of Europe and against their puppet masters in Tel Aviv and Brussels. Against the same lying bunch of crooks and psychopaths who are working assiduously to bring you World War III, global starvation, and a one-world police state.
Make that call.
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
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