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'By Way Of Deception,
Thou Shalt Do War'

Jim Kirwan
The Decider declared "We are at War." Cheney has echoed and expanded upon this concept and together they have declared this to be a one-hundred years war on Terra (earth). When most people think of war they think of all those scenes in the films about WWII or Vietnam. But 'WAR' in the twenty-first century has become something totally different from all previous wars. The best definition for this difference is summed up in the motto of Israel's Mossad-which is the title of this article.
This disconnect within the population between the time-honored 'wars-of-our-fathers' and what is happening now is and was intentional: Because the Owners need people to remember those time-honored traditions of the long dead past, so that they can call upon 'patriotism' and 'tradition' to obtain fresh-meat for their new and inhuman war-machines.
That sounds cynical until you listen to the daily death tolls around the planet. When you do this, several very strange patterns begin to emerge. Foremost among these variations on war, are the targets of the three major aggressor forces in the world today. America, Israel and NATO are nuclear-armed-forces that have apparently begun to target civilian populations as legitimate targets of opportunity; rather than to even attempt to separate combatants from civilians. Adding to this cynical arrogance of military superiority over what was formerly military law; has been the introduction of airborne robotic predators that no longer only observe, but are armed with missiles that can be fired by remote control, from the safety of great distances.
The wars of the past required some effort, by the military units involved, to avoid killing innocent civilians whenever possible: today the exact opposite is true. This practice began to change in WWII with the US fire-bombings of Dresden and Tokyo, and the Nazi attacks on a number of countries, most notably England and the rockets and bombs that targeted London. The climax were the two atom bombs that the USA dropped on Japan. During that war the ratio of civilian to military dead was something like 20-30 percent civilian versus 70-80% military.
In the twenty-first century version of "war" those statistics have reversed themselves. In the case of the US, Israel and now NATO (in Afghanistan), civilians are routinely murdered, and counted as "insurgents," even when many of those bodies are infants or children. No longer are bombings by predator missiles even considered unusual ­ despite the fact that they are carried out without any proof that those they have murdered were even the right people-much less, whether the people being sought were even guilty of any of the things they were being charged with-since often the 'evidence' usually comes from paid-for-informants, hearsay, or just wishful thinking to cover some faceless general's ass.
However this has come about, it has now become a fact of modern warfare that underlines this worldwide crisis which was introduced to the world 'By Way of Deception.' There is also another major new twist in the components of these 'New Wars of the Twenty-First Century.' In WWII George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with enemy, and more! (1)
Today, that antique pattern in which Prescott Bush participated has been incorporated into the entire global financial structure and has now become a major arm of the political and industrial military machine of the Iron Triangle. This is what is waging war not just upon individual countries, by Deception, but by using corrupted governments from around the planet, these would-be-owners-of-everything are now waging war upon the people of the whole world. (2)
In the US many of these 'owners' are descendants of the Robber-Barons of old: Creatures that have spent the decades between the time they were overthrown until the present, hell-bent upon the concerted destruction of all the laws that were originally used to contain their vicious criminality-against which, the angered public at that time, had so successfully rebelled so very long ago! (3) 
Case in point is the latest folly that became public when Bear-Sterns was unceremoniously dissolved, by the private institution that is falsely-known as the Federal Reserve (it is not federal, nor is it a reserve). The quagmire surrounding Bear-Sterns and Wall Street is now being lied about even further, as even more laws are being shattered to protect this new generation of Robber-Barons in waiting" while they attempt to finish being born-again!
NOMI PRINS: "Two things. One is that this bailout, which is not merely a bailout, it is the Fed acting as an investment banker, as a hedge fund. They are taking $30 billion of risky assets. That's not merely overstepping, which it also is, the lines between a government body and the public and the banking system; that is taking on additional risks that, instead of admitting should not have been there, should have been regulated away. We should have had not just (had) lending practices, but leverage practices, on Wall Street regulated and transparent and curtailed. It is a way of not having to admit anything and throwing money into a declining economy and an increasing problem in order to look like everything is OK. The statement by Paulson, who used to run Goldman Sachs-it was a large player in the CDO market, after Bear Stearns started it-he is also not taking any blame for the system's collapse because of its own choice to create these risky assets, to leverage them, to not talk about them, to not describe what is in them and to not show it to the FCC, to the public, to anyone."
MAX FRAAD WOLFF: "Glass-Steagall was a law put in place after the Great Depression that created what they call a firewall or a separation between investment banking and commercial retail banking, the idea being that you want to contain the potential breakout of problems in the financial system so that it can't spread like wildfire and roughshod across different segments of the industry, more or less like it has across the different segments of the US financial industry in the last, say, ten to twelve months with absolutely devastating results, which is still ongoing. So we can't sum up the damage done, because each day there's more damage, a little bit like the war in Iraq. Getting a tally on the damage or cost of Iraq is impossible because it goes up while you're trying to measure how much it went up the day before, the week before, the month before, the year before."
"Glass-Steagall is part of an old regulatory framework that has been systematically torn down. The tearing down of that framework has allowed global financial markets to integrate, which has allowed vast savings to pour into the United States, new financial products to be innovated by Wall Street and all kinds of different financial firms, without regulation outside the core of the banking system, which built up and built up and built up and was celebrated and celebrated and celebrated as the efficiency and the genius of the free market, until, of course, with no brakes and no skid marks at the scene of the accident, it hit a brick wall."
"And the poorest people get hit first and hardest by every economic disruption, because poverty means vulnerability in a market economy. So what we've seen in the beginning of a turndown of a long boom, a boom that really began in the early '80s, is the weakest and most vulnerable with the most debt and the least income, the subprime crowd, hit-got slammed first, and then it sort of moves to the population,"
"But now we have the Federal Reserve coming in to basically take out, not bail out, one firm to support all the other firms, immediately making available to them all kinds of access to cash and support they never got before, which, by the way, would have saved Bear Stearns, and in so doing-blasé, private meeting, no transparency-rewriting American financial legislation, while the President tells crazy fictional stories about Iraq and the Congress does fundraising for its next election, and is a byproduct that will be told later, what legislation to pass. I mean, it's kind of surreal at this point." (4)
The American public has been deceived about all of the above, partly because they have been unwilling to look at the ugly truths that have infected and altered everything that the public thought it 'understood' about their former and present 'way of life.' This 'pattern of existence' that so many still believe that they are living, is a lie. "Elections" are part of that lie, and are no longer useful, when one thinks about challenging this Deceptive takeover of people everywhere, by the corrupted elites that seek nothing less than total control over the world.
Just today Obama embraced "a Clean Break" that he says will lead to real change. "Clean Break" just happens to be the name of the latest Israeli war plan for the entire Middle East ­ but since the public is not following events in the wider world, they probably will not react to his statement at all-even though both he and Hillary are staunch supporters of, and fierce advocates for, Israel-First as defined by AIPAC. No president of the United States should hold the point of view, that any other country ought to be protected over and above the welfare of the United States of America ­ and yet that is exactly what we have had now, at least since JFK was murdered.
Has anyone asked any candidate about their relationship with Israel-and if not why not! Clinton killed the last of the laws discussed above, that would have protected this nation from what just happened in the markets, and he and Hillary were the same people who brought us NAFTA, the end of welfare, the expansion of Corporate Welfare, the virtual open-border policies that led directly to the loss of so many American jobs, and of course his Telecommunications Act which eliminated competition on the airwaves from the any other point of view, besides the Owners own. The Clinton's too love Israel.
If Americans intend to ever live again in a country they can control, then they need to take back their power from this massive criminal-conspiracy which this nation has become. If you doubt that, then ask yourself how this could happen:
"Almost 32 years to the day after President Ford created an independent Intelligence Oversight Board made up of private citizens with top-level clearances to ferret out illegal spying activities, President Bush issued an executive order that stripped the board of much of its authority.
The White House did not say why it was necessary to change the rules governing the board when it issued Bush's order late last month. But critics say Bush's order is consistent with a pattern of steps by the administration that have systematically scaled back Watergate-era intelligence reforms.
"It's quite clear that the Bush administration officials who were around in the 1970s are settling old scores now," said Tim Sparapani, senior legislative counsel to the American Civil Liberties Union. "Here they are even preventing oversight within the executive branch. They have closed the books on the post-Watergate era.""(5)
You may know that "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny" but what do you call it when everything from our wars to every facet of our lives has been corrupted ­ in our own names and continues to be done 'by Deception" without any meaningful dissent from most of us: this goes beyond Tyranny!
A Nazi in the pocket is worth four in the Bush family
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The Money Masters ­ How International Bankers gained control of America

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