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Follow-Up - Ron Paul DC
Freedom March Vs
The GOP Convention

By Devvy
The response to my post a few days ago giving my reasons why I could not support the Ron Paul Freedom March in Washington, DC, this summer, has been overwhelming.
Link: http://www.rense.com/general81/prr.htm
With the exception of three people, the other 424 Americans who have emailed as I write this, agree with my opinion that the target should be the GOP Convention in St. Paul-Minneapolis. One of the three who sent nasty mail is so typical of Americans today: If you disagree with someone, attack them, call them names, question their patriotism, their courage and make accusations that have no basis in fact. This emailer can't even get his facts straight: I have never been arrested for anything. This is childish and counter-productive, but I see this type of attack on the increase. However, after being in the trenches 24/7 for 18 years, I have become used to getting emails just like his because you have expressed your opinion on an issue. Mr. Lillie's email to me can be viewed here:
Every American who emailed are staunch supporters of Congressman Paul, as I am. They know about this proposed march in Washington, DC, but don't support it. Some said they were thinking about going, but have changed their mind. So many have questions and concerns about the GOP Convention because they've never been to one before. I hope I can answer some of them here, point by point.
Weather: One emailer said there 'might' be snow in the St. Paul-Minneapolis region in September. When my project began picketing the Federal Reserve in Denver on February 2, 1993, it was so cold. I'm betting it was the same at Valley Forge. In July, it was so hot, you could barely breathe. My volunteers came out in the snow and the heat and we were out there right up until September 15th when it was time to get it together and head for Washington, DC. As for harassment, within half an hour after we set up with our 80' long banner to dump the FED, Denver's finest in blue came out on their horses. After a few minutes, they agreed we had every right to be on the public side walk, even in front of the "FED." I gave these officers a copy of my Why A Bankrupt America booklet. Some left, some hung around and we had good dialogue on why a fiat currency is so bad and how it affects their lives.
Next out the door was a couple of goons from the FED. These turkeys had video cameras and boldly walked up to each of us and filmed. I told the one flunky that I used to be a model, so be sure to get my good side! Typical attempt at intimidation. It didn't work and we didn't go away. The street where the FED is located has no vehicle traffic, just trolley and pedestrian. During all those months, people ask for my booklet, others jumped off the trolley during a red light, ran over for literature and jumped back on. It was quite rewarding; made all the better because I knew the honchos inside the FED were stewing the whole time.
Permits: Many groups and organizations have been cranking up for this convention, i.e., get us out of the unconstitutional, immoral war in Iraq. This web site reminds those who wish to exercise their First Amendment rights that the drop dead date for applying for a permit is March 3, 2008:
However, checking a link they provided for the city's rules here:
I find there are half a dozen time frames for a permit depending on the number of participants. Check it out before applying. I know the fabulous Granny Warriors have applied for a permit to accommodate 300 people. There is concern that permits for large numbers will be pushed out to the south forty. According to the web site above: "Some people want a protest area within sight and sound of the Xcel, and that space hasn't been determined yet, Dady said. "By no means will free speech be limited to one area," she said."
That is good and all groups and organizations will have to work with the city to get as close to the EXCEL Center as possible. No one said this would be easy. There's no question that this convention is going to draw thousands of media, tens of thousands of delegates and most likely a hundred thousand or more Americans there to demonstrate.
City will hold GOP marchers to 1 route
Four are being considered; none too close to Xcel
"The city police department offered a sketch Wednesday of how it anticipates handling the tens of thousands of people expected to protest the event, which will be Sept. 1-4 at the Xcel Energy Center. Marchers will be restricted to one route, with masses of protesters generally confined to a set area. "There will be a distance," Assistant Police Chief Matt Bostrom said. "You won't be able to be right up on (the Xcel Center), standing there, interacting with people as they go in the front doors. But you will be close enough that people, if they were at those doors, can hear you." Neither the route nor the location of the stationary area has been set, Bostrom said. The city is studying four possible march routes for the convention's first day and expects to choose one by May 31."
Apply for the permit before close of business on Monday if you have tentative plans. You can always cancel it. According to Chapter 366A. Parades, Races and Public Assemblies for the city:
Sec. 366A.02. Definitions.
(f) Public assembly means any meeting, demonstration, picket line, rally or gathering of more than twenty five (25) persons for a common purpose as a result of prior planning in or upon any street, sidewalk or other public grounds in a place open to the general public.
From reading this language, a permit would be required for more than 25 people. If a couple of motor homes with friends and activists decides to come to the city and then walk around with your signs, wearing Ron Paul tee-shirts and handing out a concise crisp piece of literature, then a permit would not be required.
One emailer said unless you are inside the convention, its a waste of time. He is entitled to his opinion, but let me give you one more experience. I attended the 1996 GOP Convention in San Diego, California. It was very hot (August). The convention was closed tighter than Scrooge's cash box and only guests of delegates, VIP & media were invited inside. I have never seen so many law enforcement present at any gathering.
Not to be discouraged at being denied a pass to attend the convention, I circulated outside the convention center wearing my favorite patriot attire: My T-shirt had a circle on the front which declared in bold letters, Federal Reserve, with a slash through it. The back has a statement which reads: It's the banking system stupid. This attracted a lot of attention and I was able to get my booklet, Why A Bankrupt America, to many of the folks going inside, as well as those barred from the gala.
For the sake of brevity, I'll recap the feelings and statements of many of the delegates I was able to speak with in various locations around the city: Hotels, the San Diego Zoo, restaurants, etc. Many delegates were fully aware of the problem of the Federal Reserve and the whole nightmare of this proposed Communist New World Order. The preceding week during the platform debates, anyone who brought up abolishing the Federal Reserve and getting monetary and banking reform, were told to shut their mouths by Haley Barbour. That political animal and bastion of truth said those issues will never become part of the Republican Platform.
Were these issues brought up? See this pdf file:
I took some time off one morning and went to the fabulous San Diego Zoo where I had a brief encounter with new world order advocate, Newt Gingrich, and his SS protection boys. The Newtster didn't like my "Real Americans don't wear the UN Blue" tee-shirt. Funny thing, a dozen people at the zoo wanted to buy it right off my back!
I also had about a 30-minute conversation with a delegate outside one of the hotels near the convention center. You see, each morning, several smaller groups would stand in front of the hotels on the public side walk and hand out flyers to abolish the "FED," IRS, get US out of the UN. I wore my tee-shirt which had in big letters on the front FED, a circle and slash; the back read, "It's the banking system, stupid," A well dressed gentleman came up behind me and began a conversation based on my tee-shirt. It turns out he had been a delegate for about 15 years, but this would be his last convention because he said he would no longer belong to a party that completely ignores their own platform. He also said gave me his business card; he was a Sr. VP at one of the biggest S & L's in the Western States. One thing he told me: The banks were being forced to loan to people who really couldn't qualify and would end up in trouble. He said this had required their bank to hire more personnel on the foreclosure side of the house. Insanity is how he described it and said down the road there will be a banking crisis. I never forgot his words.
So, you see, just because you can't get inside the convention, doesn't mean we the people can't have a huge impact. Those delegates are all over town, not just at the convention and they wear their delegate badges and ribbons. If you're polite and non-invasive, you will treated with the same courtesy. I was there for the entire duration of the convention and to my knowledge, there was no violence from any groups. I am working on getting a pass to attend, but I also know a couple dozen delegates for Ron Paul who will be on the inside who will keep me updated.
The Police State
There's no sugar coating it: The Chief of Police is gearing up for riots:
St. Paul To Purchase Tasers Just In Time For RNC
By Andy Birkey
Feb 16, 2008 
"The St. Paul Police Department is requesting 230 Tasers to outfit the all of the department's officers with the electroshock weapon, Fox 9 News reports. The SPPD will purchase the Tasers with $210,000 collected from drug raids. The St. Paul City Council will have to approve the purchase.
"The purchase is expected to arrive in St. Paul just in time for the Republican National Convention prompting media speculation that the weapons are being purchased specifically for the convention. When asked by Fox 9 News whether the police will use the weapon at the convention particularly against protesters, police spokester Tom Walsh said, "Our hope is that no one will have to use any degree of force. If it becomes necessary, will that be one of the tools available to them? I suppose that's safe to say."
Those of us following world and domestic events have seen paid anrchists deliberately cause violence as well as some groups who made their intentions clear from the onset:
Seattle - WTO
Miami's show of force:
The increase in police brutality and the "us" v "them" mentality is growing. Please watch this 2:35 second video showing cops laugh after shooting a woman in the back:
Make no mistake about it: There will be paid government agent provacatuers at this convention. They will be there to cause trouble. There will also be fools who think their stupid, irresponsible actions are going to make a difference. I'm not conveying this to scare anyone from coming to the convention, but everyone should know there are risks. I will be there wearing a vest with MEDIA on it and while I've never been arrested in my life, I will also have legal counsel on stand-by just in case. I know full well that things can get ugly fast.
Are there alternatives?
Dozens of emails had the same basic question, i.e., "I can't afford to go", or "I'm 75 years young, but just can't make the trip, is there anything I can do to support this effort for Ron Paul at the convention"? "I want to help, but I can't be there." Might I offer up these suggestions that work?
Flyers as inserts in the major newspaper. Every major hotel in this country provides a free newspaper to their guests. Some USA TODAY, but most I have found provide the state or city newspaper, in this case, The Star Tribune
Advertising Department: http://www.startribunecompany.com/104
What good organizations do is put together a professional, one-page flyer, like you see in your newspaper from big grocery stores. These inserts are put into the newspaper and those newspapers go to every hotel in the city - to every room and that means delegates. Your insert will also reach every household that subscribes to that paper and newspaper stands.
The cost is actually minescule when done in lots of 10,000 or more. The Star Tribune tells prospective advertisers: "Our newspaper and online products have a combined reach of seven out of ten adult metro adults." I have seen it done for many conventions I have attended. My choice to write the text would be Larry Lepard, the very generous American who funded the full page USA Today ad last November. This insert must contain text that tells the delegates there is a truck load of factual documentation to prove vote fraud in the primaries which will null and void committed delegates to McCain - IF he's still a candidate by September.
Bill boards: There are lots of Ron Paul supporters who live in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. They can scout the billboards closest to the EXCEL Center and major hotels. Not only would these key billboards be seen by the delegates, voters who live and work in the area would see the message for 30 days.
Two full page ads in the Star Tribune for two of the four days of the convention. Again, if he would consent, I would like to see Larry Lepard's full page USA TODAY ad run one day and if he would write another one, it could run the second day.
Ron Paul supporters are organized and active. Those Americans who can't get to the convention can help with a donation. Funding for this could be set up through a central web site for this convention, like the Granny Warriors did with the funds drive for the recount. I believe enough money can be raised to do the newspaper inserts, two full page ads and a half dozen bill boards. Get the rates first, make the announcement and when you hit the amount needed, stop the fund raising and secure those ads, inserts and bill boards. Can you see the potential here? These efforts should be undertaken now, not later. Secure the funding, the contracts with the newspaper/billboard companies and write the text close to the convention.
Perhaps some folks might think about the Ron Paul blimp or even sky writing, but the delegates get to the convention center fairly early and leave late in the afternoon, so that should be taken into consideration. Get the most bang for your buck!
Remember: A lot will happen as far as who makes it to the convention in September. We the people can fight for that nomination on the ground and through the vehicles I've listed above. While I'm very flattered, a large number of people asked I could head up efforts for the Convention? I can't, because if people believe the above efforts are worthy, they must get done over the next couple of months. Unfortunately, I have to have another operation on my spine; the third surgery in 18 months. I'm trying to get caught up before I go under the knife. This one is a 3 1/2 hour spinal fusion and I won't be able to handle much for four to six weeks afterwards. Unlike the first two, I can't just come home, spend a couple of days in bed and back to work. I can and will use my columns, however, to support all efforts for the convention.
As I said in my first post, I hope to see you at the convention. I would like to close with a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, Open Range.
Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall are talking to some men who live in this town. The discussion is about how things are going to Hell. Costner says, "Why don't you do something about it?" One man says, "We're freighters, Ralph, here is a shopkeeper." Costner replies, "You're men ain't you?" The man says, "I didn't raise my boys just to see 'em killed." Kevin Costner replies, "You may not know this but, there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dying."
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