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911 WTC Nuclear
Toroid-Shaped Gas Pattern
More Evidence To Support The Nuclear
Melting Of Cars At The WTC

By Ted Twietmeyer
c. 2008 Ted Twietmeyer
To support the nuclear toroid theory, we need to look at atomic blasts on the surface of the Earth. We will also look at photos of Tunguska, Hiroshima and the WTC for evidence of such blasts. This paper is only the beginning.
Fig.1 ­ Basic shape of a toroid
A toroid has two characteristics ­ First, the shape inherently has an endless loop around its periphery. Second, there is a rotation of energy perpendicular to the ring shape as illustrated below. In Fig. 2 this is labeled "toroidal circulation of hot gases":
Fig. 2 ­ Toroid shape in a nuclear blast according to Virginia Tech [1]
Fig. 3 ­ Bikini Atoll nuclear test shows the toroid gas shape. Since this detonation took place on a tiny island, must of what we see here is probably steam from ocean water. Objects visible near the bottom of the image are old, scrapped ships used for testing damage patterns from the blast.
In 1908 a massive explosion took place at Tunguska in Russia. This part of Russia is a very hostile place even in summer, where netting is used to provide protection from swarms of mosquitoes. No one lives near the site of the blast, although it did create on- going effects in the area. Sound from the blast was heard up to 1,000 miles away. Below is an aerial photo of the area after the blast:
Fig. 4 ­ The 25 mile wide Tunguska crater shows a toroid shape (aerial photo)
Researchers are almost evenly divided among those who think it was of extraterrestrial origin such as an exploding UFO, and those who believe it was a comet or asteroid.
Fig. 4a ­Melted spheres were found formed from intense heat at Tunguska
Russian scientists were astounded when they finally visited Tunguska several years later. They found a stand of trees still standing in the very center of the swamp. This was also determined to be the epicenter of the blast and radiation levels were elevated in the area. Genetic damage to both people and wildlife from radiation has also been observed.
In the mid-1980s the US Navy announced to the American media Tesla's weapon was tested on the same day of the Tunguska explosion. This author clearly recalls hearing it announced in mainstream newspapers and fellow engineers at work were talking about it that day. However, I have not been able to find it on the web as of this writing.
Hiroshima is synonymous with nuclear devastation. What many people may or may not know is that directly below the location of the overhead nuclear detonation in Hiroshima, is a building which did not vaporize. That building is still standing to this day as a memorial to what happened:
Fig. 5 ­ Hiroshima government building
The fact this building survived an overhead atomic bomb detonation provides more empirical evidence that the toroid blast pattern theory is correct. At the center of the blast force vectors would cancel out while radiating outwards from the center. Tremendous heat from the atomic bomb didn't vaporize the concrete structure, because the building was at the center of the toroid. This is something like being in the eye of a hurricane where all is calm.
Much has been previously written about a nuclear event on Sept. 2001. Elevated tritium levels have been measured in run-off from fire-hose water at about 27 times the normal level in the environment. Tritium is formed during nuclear reactions. According to Dr. Ed Ward, "Two billion pounds seemed like an extremely large amount of particulate matter from buildings whose total weight has been quoted at around 3 billion pounds. Debris removal has been quoted at 1.2 billion pounds. Based on these rough numbers two- thirds of the building was indeed turned to dust or vaporized." [2]
Fig. 6 ­ Rolling toroid pattern of debris was visible in 2001 during the
Building's entire descent
Fig. 6a ­ Another image taken with a different camera showing toroid hot gas circulating and attempting to pull material inward toward the building as it falls. When the plane first hit the building this effect was not observed. The toroid shape did not appear until the building began to fall some time later. This would appear after a nuclear detonation took place.
In an atomic blast according to Virginia Tech, superheated gases roll in a circular pattern as illustrated in Fig. 2. A rolling- doughnut effect is the result of superheated gasses. Figure 2 is shown below along with a rough outline of the building for reader convenience:
Fig.7 ­ WTC dust and dirt with the toroid effect [1]
Building debris such as steel and chunks of concrete are too heavy for hot gasses to lift upward. That material will simply fall back to Earth. Logically, the lightest material (such as 30 years of accumulated dust) and pulverized building material will be lifted upward and may not immediately return to Earth (see top Fig. 6.) Other material not visible will be vaporized during detonation and the initial fireball. Dr. Ed Ward also was among the first to point out that considerable mass was missing in the building rubble and was never accounted for.
Fig. 8 ­ Wreckage from the 47 box beam core bent into a hair-pin shape, as though it was attempting to roughly follow the shape of the toroid. This beam is kept in a restricted area. Why would ANY scrap metal be kept in a restricted area? Is it still radioactive? (Image is from a frame of a news broadcast.)
Fig. 9 ­ Text from Port Authority Jan 2006 PDF document (page 17) prohibiting unauthorized photography [3]. Why?
Fig. 10 ­ Is this more evidence of an electromagnetic pulse? Vehicles were ignited, but not paper lying on the ground or in trees.
In conclusion, the toroid shape of the falling building dust pattern provides evidence that a nuclear event happened that day, timed to occur in concert with the plane impact. This also fits observations in my earlier work "What May have Melted WTC Vehicles?" at http://www.rense.com/general75/melt2.htm
If a specially developed secret nuclear weapon were used, radioactive half-life of fallout may have been dramatically shortened to days or weeks. One method to do this was demonstrated on an ABC morning show on June 10th, 1997. The Patterson power cell reduced radioactivity (Patent #4,533,66) in a mix of Thorium and Uranium decreased by a measurable amount in only an hour on live television. In the intervening 4 years between 1997 and 2001, considerable progress may have been made into implementing that concept into a "clean" nuclear weapon. Tritium appears to be at least one radioisotope created during the event that can still be measured.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] www.cddc.vt.edu/host/atomic/images/enw77b2s.gif
[2] http://www.serendipity.li/wot/ed_ward/use_of_abombs.htm
[3] http://www.panynj.gov/drp/pdfdocs/wtcsite/wtcsiteaccess.pdf
John Tsouris
The article you posted "911 WTC Nuclear Toroid-Shaped Gas Pattern" completely void of fact.
Every article you publish that is beyond the realm of possibility severely hurts the 9/11 truth cause.
The toroidal shape of a rising mushroom cloud is caused by the explosively rapid RISE of superheated plasma.
The 'toroid' shape of the dust cloud at the WTC is NOT rising gas, but a whirlwind that follows the crumbling building DOWN.
Any person that has any science background whatsoever rolled his or her eyes immediately after seeing this article.
I agree with Rense.com being a marketplace of many ideas, but at least a small amount of discretion is advised before posting.  
(Note - We always exercise more than a 'small amount' of discretion.  Mr. Twietmeyer is a scientist and is entitled to his views and opinions.  Where we do draw the line, however, is with those who talk about 'no planes' hitting the WTC...that they were just 'holograms.' Mr. Twietmeyer has contributed scores of interesting provocative articles and we find them all worth considering...whatever the outcome.  We are also equally committed to posting sincere Comments, like the one above.  - rense.com) -- Thank you.
John Tsouris, BSEET
Greensboro, NC
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