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German Scientist Exposes
Chemtrails As Military Operations
Chemtrails are Covert Weather Warfare
Against Unsuspecting Populations

From Dick Eastman
A TV news report from Germany has confirmed that the German Military is manipulating the climate in Germany. As a result scientists have filed a lawsuit against the government for climate manipulation. ...
The video concludes, "We can state with a 97% certainty that we have on our hands chemical trails (chemtrails) comprised by fine dust containing polymers and metals... The purpose of chemtrails, which are well documented over the United State and other parts of the world, according to researchers, is to manipulate the weather. 
Karsten Brandt, German meteorologist states, "The Federal Army is Manipulating the Meteorological maps." ... Mr. Brandt in the interview, "I was surprised that this artificial cloud was so wide-spread. The radar images are stunning considering the needed tons of dispersed elements - although, the federal army claims that only small amounts of material were propagated. The military heads claim that the substances used are not harmful." ...
The forefront of these operations in the United States appears to be the US Navy, as detailed in "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare," by Dr. Len Horowitz. An alternative theory to direct toxification of the atmosphere to explain Chemtrails, is that a new weapon related to controlling weather events is being deployed. By creating droughts and thus famines, large populations could be easily controlled or eliminated. Other countries could be easily controlled and brought to their knees by a global power if the weather could be controlled or altered.  
Johannes Remmel, German Green party representative states, "The government must provide explanations to the unsuspecting population." While radar is tracking suspicious aircraft, the Germany Military then uses counterfeit satellite imagery to hide their operations.
... In Germany, weather manipulation is prohibited, and I would likewise believe that it is prohibited in the U.S. as well.
Since Chemtrails are so widespread, I would rule out the idea that this is just military performing operations to disrupt radar signals as part of some sort of drill. 
Many government watchdogs claim global depopulation, the targeted reduction of the world's population by two-thirds, is secretly the reason behind chemtrail spraying. ...
For a while I was confused between chemtrails, and contrails. Contrails are the exhaust of an air craft, it leaves a trail in the sky and the trail rapidly dissipates. With chemtrails, they initially look identical to contrails, but rather than the trail dissipating, the trail expands and then starts to look like a cloud. Over the Silicon Valley where I live, I daily witness these chemtrails starting and stopping from airplanes. In other words, the plane has control over the chemicals it is releasing. Also, I have noticed on some days the area is filled with a gray hazy muck, and the mountains almost disappear. This is highly unusual especially when just one day before, the mountains were totally clear.
Part of the undercurrents, at least in the United States, is the concept being marketing through radio, television and schools, that the earth is overpopulated. The idea of overpopulation, as the cause of our problems, was something that I had believed in for a time.
I believed in that idea until I realized the abundance of nature. Just seeing the amount of food produced by one healthy tree, and the millions of acres of unused land in central California, helped me understand Nature's abundance. ...
Humans are grossly misusing earth's delicate resources, and thus we have created an experience of lack and deprivation. The lack we experience is not natural, but a reflection of our disconnection from the source of life. ...
Every action, thought, and feeling has a cause and an effect. We all need to work together to bring more awareness to the dreaded reality - that our government seems bent on making this planet a military war zone. ...
Clandestine Weather Modification
By Dick Eastman
(For additional explanation:http://www.rense.com/general79/barium.htm)
I spent several years on the "chemtrail issue" -- calling it "clandestine weather modification" and determining that it works like this: the cloud cover generated causes the surface of the earth (land or sea) to be cooler than otherwise -- which means that the air directly above the ground or ocean will be less warmed than otherwise -- which means less air will rise than would have risen otherwise -- which means the pressure in that area will higher than it would have been otherwise -- which means that air flows will be redirected -- note: whenever a high pressure area is to your right you will have wind at your back -- thus, to create wind at your back create high pressure at your right -- note within a note: air does not just move straight in to a low pressure area because of the spinning of the earth, that is because of the Coriolis Effect -- and thus with this ability to create higher than otherwise pressure -- if you have an amazingly high powered/fast computer -- the national science foundation computer is the fastest in the world -- and a powerful enough weather model (systems of simultaneous equations with thousands of real data coefficients all continuously updated) then you can control major weather events with this proviso: even with the most complete data, the best model and the fastest computer mankind's continuing inability to gather data and compute data out to enough decimal places will yield eventual bigtime error as approximation/estimate computations are multiplied too many times in computation (fancifully called the "chaos" effect) limits the ability to predict weather to perhaps a week or two -- however this is enough to modify weather because all that is needed is a succession of fresh short-term interventions -- continuous inverventions and continuous re-computing affording successive approximations to the desired effect to enable clandestine weather modification) -- and so parcels of air that are hot or cold, wet or dry, spinning or not spinning, can be redirected. 
If hot air is contained in one area -- its movement slowed by high pressure areas blocking its usual movement -- that air will become hotter -- as when Yugoslavia was fried in 124 degree heat to bring down Milosovic -- the Sahara heat from the south was kept in the Mediterrainian area by chemtrailing creating high pressure in Central Europe where it would ordinarily have gone -- the air parcel just kept getting hotter. Also when you put "chemtrailed" cloud cover over the central Pacific south of the equator the higher-than-otherwise air pressure (remember the sea surface gets cooler than otherwise and the air above the sea does not get warmed as much as otherwise, the air does not rise as it would have, does not create the relative vaccum (low pressure) to maintain the wind -- so you stop the prevailing winds (the air moving west) and this in turn stops the South Equatorial Current which in turn stops the Peru Current behind it that normally brings cold arctic surface waters (and fish) up the west coast of South America -- and you have the El Niño effect which devestates the economies of many countries (including our own). The conspiracy is that El Niño and other high-impact weather events are now under control of private interests. Of course there are other aspects to it -- using the spin of one system to accelerate another of smaller scale -- changing the radius of a cyclonic system to speed it up -- and means of altering intensity of hurricanes by seeding near the wall of the eye etc. -- but I just wanted to present the simple model of redirecting weather movements by the creation of high pressure zones.
No critic on usenet weather and physics newsgroups has ever touched this argument -- the science is rock solid and the computation, modelling, monitoring and cloud-laying systems all exists -- and many people have agreed and many meterologists have said they are open to the possibility. One Israeli meterologist telling me that Israel gets 21 percent of its rain from weather modification. Also National Science Foundation has given its weather models and global weather monitoring feedback to Red China -- while it does not share it with the National Weather Service -- China are the world's experts in short-term weather modification -- we are left to guess what method they use. I suppose I would have gotten further in getting the word out if I didn't put so many ideas in one sentence all the time -- editing my own writing is impossible because when I try I only think of more qualifying and elaborating phrases to include etc. I invite anyone to break down the above and put it out on their own -- it never has recieved a clear statment for the general public -- this is something that everyone in the world should be made to understand. Forget the "Global Warming" myth -- which I believe is mere cover for what is really being done. One more thing: The people who are controlling the weather are more interested in destroying crops for geopolitical purposes (weaponized weather modification) and for economic purposes than for "benefiting farmers" -- buy futures (rights to buy in the future at a given price) in agricultural commodities and then destroy this crop around the world to raise the price (supply and demand) and make a killing. Did I mention that hurricane systems can also be steered by this process -- a hurricane is simply a spinning parcel of air. There is as much money to be made following a hurrican as there is following the invasion of a Muslim country. Katrina? And were tornadoes in Washington D.C. meant to send the same message as the anthrax scare? Perhaps we share the same suspicions. May I suggest that you will feel better if you talk about it.
Google Dick + Eastman + Clandestine Weather Modification in google groups from about 1998 to 2002 and you will see about a hundred messages with documentation, first hand observation, an inventory of the technology at the service of clandestine weather modification, debate,  and forwarded letters sent to me from individuals around the world -- including a man who layed chemtrails over the Indian Ocean but didn't know what the mission was about. Unfortunately I left all this behind me following 9-11 and especially after the Pentagon security camera video was released in March 2002. One thing -- when you tell people about this they just reply by dropping the name HARP as if that magic word makes everything I have uncovered about the true purpose of "chemtrailing" irrelevant and so is forgotten. HARP is a system that can heat parcels of air (whatever else it does) and so can create low pressure areas -- or so I speculate -- but that does not change the fact that creation of high pressure areas by laying cloud is being done with disastrous effect on agriculture, water needs, farmers, regions hit by steered cyclonic weather and the general economy.
Bottom line: Chemtrails -- although less conspicuous than in the late 90's (perhaps because some of us are on to them) it is still being done and still a major crime (or should be a crime), mass-murder and a crime against humanity if there ever was one.
Here is an old message of mine, put up by rense in 2000, before I undertook to understand exactly what was being done:
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