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Almost 50,000 Concentration
Camps For EU Dissidents
By Michael James
On the Border of Switzerland
"The European Union is a 'monster' that must be destroyed, the sooner the better. Nothing will happen and no-one will go to jail. Today you can still do that. But I do not know what the situation will be tomorrow." ­ Vladimir Bukovsky
"But fight we will, for we are English and we are brave, and their losses will unexpectedly great." - MJ
At a time when the European Union, having fully implemented every single provision of the Schengen Convention that allows for passport-free access from within and (in many cases) without the borders of this monstrously burgeoning Soviet Empire, having concomitantly no problem with permitting a near unrestricted flood of asylum seekers and economic migrants from Asia and North Africa, who arrive in vast numbers to seek welfare benefits and black market jobs, one is forced to consider a more sinister reason for the explosive growth of concentration camps that are now to be found in every corner of this despised amalgamation of formerly free and sovereign nations.
According to a December 30, 2007, report by the International Herald Tribune, 'Obscurity and confinement for migrants in Europe', reporter Caroline Brothers [somewhat misguidedly] reported on the reactivation of former Gulags and concentration camps throughout the length and breadth of Europe ostensibly to deal with unprecedented numbers of 'unwanted migrants', a claim that can only bring a smile of derision to the faces of long-suffering native Europeans who are now considering themselves an ethnic minority in their own homelands.
"The total known capacity for all the 'closed' EU camps is 30,871, according to [a] European Parliament study," Brothers reports. "When 'open' camps, to which 'asylum-seekers' [my parenthesis] are obliged to return at night, are included, the total rises to 40,979 .... Bilateral agreements, raising concerns about dubious alliances and human rights violations, have given rise to camps in peripheral states like Morocco, Tunisia, Ukraine, Libya and Turkey.
Governments are reluctant to admit to their existence, let alone permit entry to the camps; a reporter was denied access to centres in Greece and the Canary Islands of Spain; under the government of Silvio Berlusconi, Italy barred even the United Nations refugee agency from its centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The current prime minister, Romano Prodi, allowed the agency in.
The camps are concentrated along Europe's eastern and southern borders, while a large swathe of them runs east-west through Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany, according to Migreurop, a network of researchers and lawyers that has mapped the phenomenon." [1]
The article continues to describe the horrific conditions in which so-called 'illegal migrants' are held prior to deportation, and yet all of the enquiries I have lodged directly to members of the German Bundestag and its press department for the 'Ausschuss für Menschenrechte und humanitäre Hilfe' (Human Rights Committee) and a direct question to Jean-Claude Thebault, the Deputy Head of the European Commission, have lead me to believe that such detention centres either do not exist in the form they have been described or are intended for unspecified purposes, necessarily to be activated during what some MEPs have surreptitiously (and off-the record) described as an "unforeseen emergency".
Such denials, of course, are par for the course, yet I was unable to ascertain further, despite persistent questioning of a number of delegates I know personally at Strasbourg, the exact nature of any unspecified 'future emergency' that would presumably see the activation of 40,979 concentration camps, of which a large number are discreetly hidden from view in the British Isles, and which are mandated in their ordinances by stipulated detentions of up to 18 months.
There is a much discussed yet largely assumed unwritten protocol that informs discourse in the Federal Republic of Germany that deems it highly impolite, even bordering on illegality, to suggest that Germany ever exercise her democratic right to withdraw from the European Union. The acclaimed writer and journalist, Juergen Roth, even informed me, as far back as 1997, that political agitation to the effect of German secession from the EU could be met with imprisonment. In fact, there is no assumption about it. It is illegal in Germany to propose withdrawal from the EU.
The undemocratic and unratified Lisbon Treaty, far from abolishing the death penalty (which in any case I feel is appropriate for murderers, lying politicians, bank fraudsters, war criminals and rapists) makes specific provision for the death penalty to be exacted only against those exercising their democratic rights in rebelling against the European Union during a time of 'war or social emergency'. I wonder what sort of twist a corrupt Jewish lawyer such as Blair's former English-hating Attorney General Lord Goldsmith could spin on such a clause? Does not a burst water pipe constitute a social emergency? The exact wording states: "In a time of war or during a period in which a war is imminent, or in the face of social discontent or a revolt, which must be repressed, the death sentence is deemed fully legitimate." [2]
Something which the awfully trustworthy Gordon Brown, his predecessor the child-killer Tony Blair, or your Your Fucking Highness, the demonic, treasonous 'Queen' Elisabeth, singularly failed to tell you poor munchkins as they sniggered over the details of the illegal Lisbon Treaty. And munchkins you will always be in their world of 500,000-dollar luncheon speaking fees.
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the entire House of Windsor represent the kind of traitors no civilised nation on earth would tolerate for more than five minutes. Fortunately for those of us who love our own people and, with patience and due forbearance plan ahead, a resurgent Republican and Independent England is still one of the finest producers of properly greased, eight-coiled hangman's rope.
Although the unlawful Lisbon Treaty, which received neither the assent of the people by means of a democratic referendum or a fair and open public debate in the Bilderberg and Zionist-controlled media that purports to inform European opinion, does technically allow England to withdraw from the nightmare socialist superstate into which we have been led like drugged animals on a leash, the penalties for such an act of defiance, so they say, would far outweigh any short-term benefits, for sanctions would be imposed by a triumvirate of EU, ASEAN and NAFTA power blocks, all of whom are now forming the basis of an integrated New World Order police state against which only the brave would dare to fight.
But fight we will, for we are English and we are brave, and their losses will unexpectedly great.
Vladimir Bukovsky, a man who personally witnessed the full horrors of what it is like to live as a dehumanised slave in a Godless, socialist system of humiliating and soul-destroying tyranny, recently warned the people of Europe that they are sleep-walking into a fascist nightmare greater than anything the world has ever experienced before.
In a frank and impassioned interview with the 'Brussels Journal', Bukovsky warned that the European Union is a "monster that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a full- fledged totalitarian state." [3]
As a harrowed survivor of some 12 years imprisonment, including his subjection to physical and psychological torture, Bukovsky finally gained access to the definitive blueprint that informed the founding basis of the European Union in its sinister and slippery transmogrification from the somewhat benign EEC into a politically correct socialist, quasi-fascistic dictatorship that will make the USSR look like a good-humoured cricket match on a dismal but promisingly sunny day.
Bukovsky, knowing that only the people of England have in them the fight to bring an end to the fascist monolith that threatens to destroy their freedoms and the happiness of their children and grandchildren, enjoins them to defy the traitors in Whitehall and Westminster by refusing to pay their taxes, saying, "Nothing will happen and no-one will go to jail. Today you can still do that. But I do not know what the situation will be tomorrow with a fully fledged Europol staffed by former Stasi or Securitate officers. Anything may happen."
"We are losing time," he continued. We have to defeat them. We have to sit and think, work out a strategy in the shortest possible way to achieve maximum effect. Otherwise it will be too late. So what should I say? My conclusion is not optimistic. So far, despite the fact that we do have some anti-EU forces in almost every country, it is not enough. We are losing and we are wasting time."
Bukovsky is right, and his message was kept out of the mainstream press. Not even the Americans, those who once held themselves up as the proudest of the free, published one word of his chilling warning. I wonder why?
I shall end on this note. I am an Englishman who left England in 1992, deeply disillusioned at the way in which my people, the salt of the earth and the finest race of men and women that has ever walked the face of this planet, was being sold into a slavery based upon salacious and hollow economic enticements and a perverse consumerist culture of cheap lies and instant gratification. I have watched from afar the moral and physical degeneration of a folk once destined to achieve everything that was theirs as of right, written in the stars from yonder the arrival of the first Celt on English soil.
I have seen my people despoiled by an influx of aliens who loathe and detest the essential beauty and incomparable creativity of the English and Celtic peoples, and I have witnessed the sharp intellectual and moral decline in my brothers and sisters whose place is at the top of the world, not at the bottom of a anti-human dung-pile of social and cultural filth.
Since then I have lived among your kinfolk, the Germans, whom you have falsely been taught to despise by those of a hostile non- European demonic race who own the publishing houses and Hollywood, run the financial markets, write the history books, and own the electronic media you consume daily. I now see little difference between any of our Celtic and Saxon races, for you have sought homogeneity not in the strengths of what once made you culturally magnificent genotypes but in the commonalities of what seem to me the least worthy aspirations any kind of thinking human being would entertain as even remotely conscionable.
If there still be within you in the spirit that once marked you out as English and proud of it, if there yet be within your soul a flame that burns with indignant anger whenever it perceives the flabby incursions of obscenely grotesque liars and traitors such as the Walrus Brown and his piggy horde of obese socialist trough- nosing parasites and his equally treacherous butt-lickers who sit fat-arsed with suitably farting eloquence on the benches of Her Decrepit Majesty's Disloyal opposition benches, then, for at least once in your television-addicted lives, take a sledge-hammer in your hands and smash the edifice of the disingenuous constructions that stand between you and your dignity as a proud and free people.
The time for polite remonstrations is over. If you, People of England, wish to remain free and regain your nation for yourselves once more, you must fucking fight like you have never fought before, neither less fierce as patriots during the civil war or with less resilience against a blitz financed by double-dealing Zionist murderers who played brothers against brothers. Although I am an old man, and in no position to lead you, I shall even abandon my cabin on the border of Switzerland to join you in your fight on the streets of London against the lying scum that have made fools and children of God's finest people.
But if you will go willingly go into one of the 40,979 concentration camps that await those not wholly enamoured of the impoverished and intellectually castrating social-fascist European Union that beckons you with the politically correct sly politics of wall-to-wall digital pornography and the titillating promise of perpetually unrealisable televisual illusions, then you are neither my countrymen, nor human beings worthy of the name, and I shall therefore disown you.
No Englishman who has tasted the scent of a strawberry field on a warm summer's day, or who has written unrequited romantic tomes dedicated to the English maiden who broke his heart but mended his strength and stemmed his tears with beer and cheer, or who sallied for a day a two across pastures and meadows without once being challenged to show his 'papers' to an officiously uniformed gendarme, or came happenstance upon misfortune to be guided by those who owed him no fealty other than the common badge of his Englishness will never, ever, succumb to the slavery of the Soviet European Union.
Under the sunlit skies of a gilded July morning, and lightly kissed in the fruitful and mellow mists of an oaken November evening, there is only one England, destined once more to be everything she was meant to be; and in that land lovers will dream dreams and children will tell tales and old folks will smile in fond remembrance and dutiful thanks for what otherwise could have been.
And of the European Union and the New World Order, a distant memory, not a single world will be said.
And you shall be free.
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Michael James is a retired ex-journalist and translator who left England in 1992. He now lives alone in an isolated log cabin directly on the border of Switzerland and Germany.
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