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California's Solution
To The Real ID Card

Jim Kirwan
Response to:
America's Rights and Freedoms Hanging by a Thread
By Bernadine Smith
"We are hanging on a thread here in California. The whole nation is hanging on a thread. Your guns are hanging on a thread. Your First Amendment free speech rights are hanging on a thread. The Constitution and the whole Bill of Rights is hanging on a thread. The lives of your children are hanging on a thread. All because of the federal power that will be gained over the people if the Real ID Card is not stopped.
As it is now only 4 states have opposed the enactment of the ID card. They are Montana, South Carolina, and possibly New Hampshire. We have been told that with the exception of California, all of the other states have agreed to participate in the federal ID card. The people have not been told how bad this innocent sounding ID card is going to impact upon the lives of the decent law-abiding American people. By national acceptance of the ID card, all the people of this country are placed under the command and control of the Homeland Security Agency."
"The effort behind the ID Card is a repeat of the same process by which the federal government took command and control of every policeman in the nation. As you know control of the civilian law enforcement properly belongs to the state -- never to the federal government in a republic! If the federal government takes control over the civilian law enforcement, and merges it with the military, (which is exactly what they did when the Homeland Security was instituted by presidential executive orders) a militarized dictatorship is then the result! This is something which is never allowed in a republic, if it is to remain a republic." (1)
California at the moment is deep within the shadow of a huge Budget Deficit, and does not have the money to 'fund' the National ID Card; even if its citizens approved, which most would not, if they had any idea what this legislation would do to their lives and their freedoms.
Beware the Gift with Strings!
However there is a solution if Governor Schwarzenegger and the California legislature could find the spine to do it. Michel Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security, has declared that the citizens of any state that does not comply with the National ID Card, shall not be permitted to use their state driver's licenses as proof of identification-to fly, or to enter any government building, and on and on: Virtually this will divorce the people of California from the federal government that they contribute the most to, among all the fifty states.
The proposed solution is simple. California needs money; and since the compact between the federal government that supposedly rules "by the consent of the governed," has been dissolved over the federal implementation of the Real ID Card without the consent of the governed-California needs to seize control of all federal property within the State of California. The buildings could then be sold at public auction and all federal employees would need to have California passports to stay here and would be prohibited from collecting any state funds. All federal lands within the state could also be seized and held in trust for the people of California while the State of California could simply return to its original status as the independent "Republic of California."
This will solve the state's budget problems, and free its citizens from any further burden from this US government that has shattered its compact with the citizens of the United States in virtually every area of government, of law, and of commerce. As an independent Republic California would have the option to negotiate with the feds over things like port agreements, taxation, trade, everything that must be done with any other government with which the US has relations. Without California's contributions to the federal government, the nation would almost immediately enter bankruptcy-again. California because of its own resources would be able to withstand the imminent collapse of the USA, and would probably profit from it.
This might sound harsh or purely self-motivated, but under the terms of Homeland Security's long-planned-for takeover of the nation: which goes back to the l970's-this would seem not only warranted-but the only way to rid the people of California of this tyranny that the feds have now become:
"In the mid 1970's the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration built the 100% militarized form of government a dictatorship, but put it on standby. We saw that happen in the days when the innocent sounding Law Enforcement Assistance Administration pulled it off. Now every police office in the nation is "on line" taking orders from the Homeland Security Agency.
Incidentally, agencies are not constitutional entities. They are not responsible to the people in any way. You cannot vote them out, but they are vested with unlimited powers. Since that agency seized the police systems, its next step was to acquire command and control over the people. It all ties in with the world government global management system,"
The US Constitution is very clear about what needs to happen whenever the government becomes a tyranny upon the people-it says that the people must overthrow that government and establish a new one. The citizens have tried to begin impeachment proceedings many times, but have been denied the process as called for in the Constitution-because the congress and the courts no longer serve the people. Since US citizens are no longer represented by their federal government, in any way, then more drastic measures are obviously called for.
It is generally recognized that continued taxation without representation is Tyranny: therefore there would appear to be little choice, about the need for California to immediately cut all ties with the federal government of what was the United States. This action could solve the budget crisis in California, and free its citizens from tyranny at the same time, while vastly improving the state's prospects for future growth and prosperity in this time of need.
The article to which this is a response, lists a lot of information about how to contact one's representatives, if you still think that they will respond to you. But if you want to solve this problem instead of just quaking in the silence of your crumbling world, then call the Governor of California and the California Legislature and DEMAND that they take action on this simple proposal!
The deadline for the Feds to cut "The Thread" by which all our Rights are Hanging now, is only a few days away and this time-this is truly up to every Californian!
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