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Russophobe Brzezinski Nailed -
Wants To Split Russia
Real Live Red-Baiters

Kommersant (Moscow)
By Mikhail Zygar, Nargiz Asadova
Criticism Should Not Be Excessive
"We have 15 minutes. How may questions do you have?" Zbigniew Brzezinski begins the conversation abruptly. His assistant warned us that the 80-year-old former national security advisor in the Jimmy Carter administration had his working day planned to the last minute.
"Dr. Brzezinski, you are so well known in Russia that we have a great number of questions for you."
"All the same, how many questions do you have?" he asks relentlessly.
"Well, let's say a dozen."
"Excellent. We'll make it. I don't like long answers," Brzezinski answers, popping a hard candy into his mouth. " I caught a cold on one of my trips and lozenges help me control the coughing fits."
Brzezinski, in spite of his age, continues to travel extensively. He is a counselor and trustee of the influential Center for Strategic and International Studies and he lectures at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he sometimes accompanies presidential candidate Barack Obama in his travels around the country.
Brzezinski has supported Obama since last summer. He stated that the senator from Illinois was the only candidate who stood for a radical change in U.S. foreign policy, the military campaign in Iraq first and foremost.
The Illinois senator and the author of The Grand Chessboard first appeared together in September 2007 in Iowa. Brzezinski introduced Obama to the audience, and then Obama spoke about his foreign policy program. His main position is the complete withdrawal of American forces from Iraq by the end of 2009. His main long-range policy is a rejection of military force in favor of "soft power," the economic and cultural influence of the U.S. on the rest of the world.
Although Brzezinski is considered in Russia practically the main Russophobe among the American political elite, in the U.S., he is not considered a specialist on Russia. Rather, his area of expertise is U.S. geopolitical strategy. As national security advisor to Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski was simultaneously busy normalizing relations with China and preparing the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel and the agreement under which the U.S. relinquished control of the Panama Canal.
Be that as it may, the last article Brzezinski wrote was called "Putin and Beyond," published in The Washington Quarterly.
"The West's strategy should not be built upon making things pleasant or convenient for Russia. Making Russia a partner at any cost is not what the West needs today," he states, summing up his article.
Brzezinski said he does not believe that there will be liberalization soon in Russia under President Dmitry Medvedev. He compares that power structure in Russia as it has taken shape since the March 2 election with that of Fascist Italy.
"The head of state was nominally the king, but Mussolini set policy. Putin is also considered the national leader. He chose Medvedev himself. The logical conclusion is that Putin will be on top in the near future, and Medvedev will do what he tells him to do."
Brzezinski considers criticizing Russia completely useless, however.
"I think that, if the future president of the United States makes any critical remarks, the criticism should be moderate. It should not be excessive, it should not be rhetorical.
Brzezinski is an opponent of the missile defense system in Europe. "A Democratic government will be much more skeptical of the creation of any elements of a missile defense system. I think they will reconsider that position or look at it more carefully," he said. Brzezinski, like all Democrats, is opposed to a military solution to the Iran crisis, and so protection from Iranian ballistic missiles for Europe seems counterproductive.
Hearing that he is called a Russophobe in Russia and thought to be the developer of a plan to divide the country into parts, Brzezinski's eyes flash with annoyance. "Show me the place in any of my books where I wrote about that," he snaps.
Brzezinski calls himself an optimist in Russian-American relations and says the younger generation of Russian and Americans will find much in common as soon as "the dinosaurs of the Cold War" die out.
The chief specialist on Russian-American relations in the Brzezinski family, and also on the Obama staff, is Brzezisnki's oldest son Mark. In 1999 and 2000, Mark Brzezinski was director for Russia and Eurasia of the national security council under president Bill Clinton. "It's possible that Putinism may be the last gasp of the old regime, and it may well be the case that within the next decade, the Putin-Medvedev government might be replaced by a new generation of Russians, many of them who are trained in the westwho are not products of the KGB and more open to the West." Mark Brzezinski said recently. He will most likely occupy a high-profile post in the administration, if Obama is elected president.
Engaged in our conversation, Brzezinski completely forgets about our 15-minute time limit.
"Don't you think the younger generation of Russians has a much warmer attitude toward America?" he asked toward the end of the conversation.
"No, it seems to us that the young have an even worse attitude toward America than those over 30."
"That can't be. I hope you are wrong. Write me, please, later and tell me what the reaction to this interview is, okay?"
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia: "You talk about public opinion. Public opinion in Russia is in favor of increasing our security. Where did you get a public opinion that we should fully disarm and then, according to some theoreticians, such as Brzezinski, divide our territory into three or four states? If there is such a public opinion, I would disagree with it." (June 4, 2007, in an interview with foreign journalists).
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