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Waterloo To Wall Street
And Everything In-between

Jim Kirwan

The scam that's playing itself out now began on June 18, 1815 with a courier working for Nathan Rothschild. The courier was reporting on events in the Battle of Waterloo, and he reported what he saw to Rothschild; which was that Napoleon was being beaten. The story of how Nathan Rothschild was able to take advantage of these circumstances is below. The result was that he created his own empire after he acquired ownership of the Bank of England (The principal bank among the twelve Central Banks of the World today). The Fed is the privately owned and controlled American Central Bank.

"When Nathan Rothschild received the news on June 20, he informed the government, who did not believe him. So, with everyone believing Wellington to be defeated, Rothschild immediately began to sell all of his stock on the English Stock Market. Everyone else followed his lead, and also began selling, causing stocks to plummet to practically nothing. At the last minute, his agents secretly began buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices. On June 21, at 11 PM, Wellington's envoy, Major Henry Percy showed up at the War Office with his report that Napoleon had been crushed in a bitter eight hour battle, losing a third of his men. This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan Rothschild controlled." (1)

This pattern of crisis creation (the financing of both sides of every conflict) and the manipulation that flows from it has continued throughout the world's financial circles, from that day to this, including both World Wars and hundreds of other conflicts besides. The pattern is simple but depends heavily upon instilling the very real fear of monetary collapse coupled with playing the margins on stocks and investments "in times of war."

In 1929, stocks were being sold on credit to millions of people, without the necessary collateral to back those sales. Just as the banks very recently have virtually given credit cards to people without jobs, so that they can collect very large interest payments until the card holders go under with the usurious debt that they rapidly accumulate.

The same kind of thing on a much larger scale happened, by design, with the 'Housing Bubble.' People were 'given' homes without the necessary qualifications for those loans that had formerly been required, but now were no longer mandatory.  Consequently when the balloon payments came due, the 'owners' went bankrupt and the properties went back into available housing stocks. The banks picked up sizeable payments until the inevitable happened, and then they simply 'resold' the property to another unqualified buyer, at an ever-higher rate. 

To assure that the banks didn't get taken in by the same buyer, congress made declaring bankruptcy for the ordinary citizen, a very difficult and punitive proposition at best. At the same time congress left the corporations with every possible consideration for escape. At some point all this red-ink began to catch up with the lenders, and that's when the Bubble began to burst. In 1929 it was bogus stocks while in 2007 it was bogus home sales: yet in both cases the plan was to 'sell' something without a real basis for repayment, so that eventually the entire scheme would have to collapse upon itself. But in the mean time there were tens of Billions to be made! These bogus home-purchases were also then leveraged and resold in packages of massive potential that in reality consisted mostly of worthless paper; without a hope in hell of ever actually being paid off.

As their failures began to mount, these same financial institutions then appealed to the government for a bail out. These bogus financial obligations which had been created, knowing that they would fail, were no different that the bogus stock options and purchases that were 'bought' largely on credit without any real collateral at all in 1929.  In both cases the instability of the institutions who engaged in these criminal transactions, caused their parent corporations to appeal to the government to save them from what should have been certain failure-which is where the Fed and the government are now with Bear Sterns and their inability to absorb the huge and unnecessary losses they created. These corporations are the same ones that make up the rules as they go along; whether it's bogus foreclosures or an outrageous rate of interest with no valid reason for the increase: but when it comes to the way they pay or play-they always demand to be rescued, while ordinary people are simply thrown to the wolves.

Once the government's rescue attempts are exhausted, and the various 'institutions' finally begin to fail in reality ­ then the rich and powerful will step in, just as they did in 1929 or 1815 to pick up the pieces  for literally penny's on the dollar. Multiply this scheme out across the world, and know that those with unimaginable wealth will again be able to behave as did the Kings and Dictators of old: because during any real Depression real wealth calls all the shots-while the rest of us learn how to live in abject poverty compounded by debt-slavery amid the loss of all those freedoms that we gave up without even a whisper of resistance!

What was done in Napoleon's time was almost primitive, but thanks to computers and to Greed-unbounded, the Owners can now do far more, far faster, to far more people than could have ever been imagined before in history. And because of the scale of these crimes: what was done to England initially can now be done to the whole world-or so the owners believe. Unless the population rises against them, they will certainly try to do this all over again, but for everything of value today, instead of just for a major bank and one colonial Empire.

Here's a practical example of how money can still be made, while its origins simply disappear, courtesy of Douglas Shaw:

"Bear-Stearns went from $170 a share to $30 a share then the government gave them $200,000,000,000 but they still dropped down to $2 a share. So who got "OUR" $200,000,000,000!

The $200 billion was to prop up several failing banks, not just Bear 

Stearns. Bear-Stearns then got an additional $30 billion from the 

taxpayers (every time, every place you see "the government," especially regarding MONEY this means the taxpayers, as "the government" has no money, never did, never will! Over the weekend, Bear-Stearns and Morgan negotiated a sale for $2 a share which is less than the assessed value of their Manhattan real estate. This $2 is subject to shareholder approval. 


The media reports this as a done deal but it is NOT. Regardless, YOU are 

indeed picking up the bill in order to bail out a private enterprise (again). No money for SCHIPS, Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security but plenty of money to bail out private capital failure due to greed and bad decisions.


SOCIALIZE THE RISKS, PRIVATIZE THE PROFITS! Now THAT is "free market capitalism" as practiced in the United States today""

The only use that government actually has to the new owners of "us," is to provide them with a body to hand out the contracts and to protect them from the fury of a hostage population. The owners actually want this crash to happen for the chaos it will bring. The Executive Order has already been written to allow the Decider to declare Martial Law, if anything remotely like a run on the banks, or a general state of unrest might be in the offing.

When the dust settles, the terrorists (those who resist the police-state) will be sent to the camps to become the new work-force of prison labor; and the bankers will begin buying back what was once powerful for a tiny fraction of its value. America can again become an industrial giant, without having to pay wages or health care or much of anything else. Of course the standard of living will drop to almost nothing for the slaves, but that's exactly what this return of the Robber-Barons always been about!  The prisons themselves will become the new 'company stores' the Wal-Mart's for "the Great Society" that old LBJ used to dream about, back before anyone was really paying attention to the coming of the Fascist States of America. (2)

It's really amazing when you think about just how simple human beings have become; especially when we pride ourselves on our supposed technical expertise along with that certain cynical distain for everything political - and yet we keep on falling for such ridiculously simple schemes wherein we always seem to lose everything to monomaniacal tyrants without a shred of promise or humanity!

Only the people themselves can stop this insanity - because we cannot outsource the solution to this particular nightmare!



1) The House of Rothschild


2) The State of the Nation 1966


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