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Talking Billboards - Get
Ready For 'Mystery Whisperers'

By Brian Ross
If a billboard screams in the city, does it make a sound?
The answer, apparently is..."not necessarily."
They aren't beaming thoughts into us just yet, but they're coming closer. And, despite it being a staple of the Elite's criticism of us, I might be willing to have myself fitted for a tinfoil hat, after all. Well, just a good set of ear plugs, for now ­ but give them time.
Late last year, a billboard placed in Manhattan, advertising a program on A&E, was accompanied by a focused sound system from Holosonics called the Audio Spotlight®, which can target a specific area, while being undetectable outside of that area.
What this amounts to, is that a person standing right beside you will be able to hear the advertisement if he is in the beam of sound, but you won't hear it. If you are in that beam of sound, you will hear it very, very clearly, as these systems will "create an ultrasonic signal that generates targeted sound only audible to those standing directly within the acoustic beam."
Thus far, these is no practical benefit to this technology whatsoever, aside from sharpening the onslaught a citizen experiences any time he leaves his house, meaning, in addition to the cacophony of racket already present, these devices, utilizing a man-made, ultrasonic output, will cut through everything else like a hot knife through butter, and when it does hit you, you will be paying attention. The other so-called benefit of this technology is to make presentations in art galleries and libraries, without bothering other people not attending those presentations. Before, I guess we could have relied upon manners, closing a door, or just a simple, "Shhh." No more.
I, for one, can discern no other benefit, and the manufacturer of these devices isn't offering any other benefits, either. What I and others can anticipate, however, is potential abuse of this technology. Here is a scenario, taken directly from the manufacturer's website: "As customers perused store shelves, they passed motion sensors installed near the Court TV displays that triggered a subtle, targeted message delivered via an Audio Spotlight speaker disc. The disc precisely beamed a recorded message to the customer, making it sound as if someone, a 'Mystery Whisperer,' was speaking directly to them. Holosonics' Audio Spotlight® signal is only audible to those standing directly within the acoustic beam, so when the shopper stepped out of the beam, the voice disappeared."
Are they easy to spot, or meant to be hidden? Again, from the website: "Only a half inch thick and perfectly flat, the new Square Audio Spotlight square format speakers are thin enough to be mounted almost anywhere, such as solid or suspended ceilings and walls, and are also easily integrated into special exhibits and displays. The new AS-24 model fits directly into standard 2x2 ceiling tiles, making installation simple and nearly invisible."
While only cutting through and rising above other sound, having such supernatural power in the hands of the Elite must give us pause. They already shape public opinion by controlling what we read, see, and hear. Now, they can do it better. For me, the saddest thing to point to are the clip-art figures depicted on the official website, leaping into joy on cue while in the beam, and slowly shuffling from one beam to another, in a Flash animation. Those clip-art figures represent you, and me...as targets. We are hit, and we react as they wish us to.
Isn't it time we now begin to target and beam at them in earnest?
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