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Entering The Ron Paul 911
Spin Zone: Let's Get Real ­
Because Somebody Needs To

By Sherry Baker
"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." -- Oscar Wilde
There's is perhaps no better example extant of how deeply we live in an Orwellian world of propaganda-fueled doublespeak than Bill O'Reilly's Faux News show, insanely and inaccurately dubbed " The No Spin Zone". O'Reilly spins and sputters and taints news and bullies any guest so that the subject matter at hand is spun into a something that shows, at least in O'Reilly's eyes, that his macho posturing know-it-all- rants are The Truth (you have to wonder about 
O'Reilly's personal masculinity issues when you consider why he is so adamant at always being the biggest, baddest, loudest badass in the room.)
I bring this up because anyone with working neurons left is hopefully fed up with spin and half-truths and just plain B.S. Yet, I'm here to say I'm ready to spin something about Ron Paul. At least , I'm upfront and honest about it. So hear me out. 
I'm looking for a way to spin a few seconds of last night's Faux News sponsored Republican candidate debate so it doesn't seem to be as black and white as, unfortunately, it was. I'm going to make excuses. I'm going to look for explanations. But I'm not going to lie. 
Let me get to the crux of the matter: Ron Paul's answer to the question he was asked last night about 911 truth movement supporters. It's a fair question but it wasn't posed fairly. It was an ambush in the middle of a discussion about other things, asked by a rat-faced smarmy Faux News talking head, meant clearly to be an attack of sorts, and presented with the pejorative term "rhetoric" . To wit, Dr. Paul was asked about embracing 911 Truthers' "rhetoric".
Here's a transcript of those few seconds, in case you missed them:
After the other candidates were given ample time to talk about whether the Republican Party has lost its way , RFFNG ( Rat Faced Faux News Guy, I don't know his name) leaned forward and zinged this one at Ron Paul:  Many of your supporters call themselves 911 Truthers. They believe that the U.S . government was in some way complicit with the 911 attacks or covered it up. Are you prepared tonight to either embrace that rhetoric or ask those supporters to abandon it or divorce themselves from your candidacy?
Ron Paul ( looking a bit confused because, no doubt, this was out of context with the debate that had been going on and it was, after all, his time to contribute to the subject at hand): I can't tell people what to do but I've abandoned those viewpoints. I don't believe that. That's the only thing that's important, so I don't endorse anything they say ..but I would like to take an opportunity to talk about the issue that we've been debating here the last 20 minutes ...( next words are unintelligible because RFFNG was loudly interrupting and talking over Dr. Paul).
Faux News: Sir, would you ask them to cease..
Ron Paul: Pardon me? 
Faux News: Would you ask them to cease that rhetoric tonight on your behalf?
Ron Paul:  Well, it doesn't do me any good so if they care about me they should . But the only thing I have control over is what I believe and what I say . I can't tell them what to do. So I don't endorse what they say and I don't believe that.. so please could I participate in the current debate?
Loud applause..
Let's get real about what happened. It was a case of damned if he did and damned if he didn't. If he acknowledged any specific interest in the 911 Truth movement, Dr. Paul could have counted on a whole new wave of smears on top of the ridiculous, puerile racist garbage already being thrown on him. If he said he didn't believe in what the 911 Truthers believe and said they should cease their association between the campaign and the truth movement ­ which I believe is what he is was saying ­ he left himself open to cries of betrayal by some of the folks who have so passionately supported him, those who are convinced that there's someone, maybe the wizard-as-New-World-Order, behind the curtain of lies and who have hoped Ron Paul would join them in making sure the curtain falls .
But what IS the truth? Can we agree no one has all the facts, no one knows for sure. There is clearly one and only one , single 911 Truth ­ that it takes extreme ignorance or just plain stupidity to believe the official story. And Ron Paul is anything but ignorant or stupid. 
So what gives? What does he really believe? I don't think he's a liar. I also don't think he's been groomed by the professional image makers who season and rehearse the other spray coiffed, sent-from-central-casting candidates. In this case, I wish Ron Paul had been. I wish someone had warned him that he could wiggle out of the space between the rock and the hard place on 911 questions by sticking to the fact that he supports everyone's right to free speech and to search for what they believe is the truth ­ and, even better, if he had quoted the very mainstream 911 commission folks who said they were stymied by the Bush regime at getting to the truth ( whatever it is) and called for a better investigation of the 911 events.
Instead, he blurted out what he did and it's done now. Those of us who think the official 911 story as written by the U.S. government has holes big enough to, well, fly jets through can now seethe and attack Ron Paul ( as well as, too often, each other) and feel betrayed. Maybe that's the righteous reaction. 
Or we stop and take a deep breath and THINK about this. Is there any other presidential candidate who , if elected, would even begin to listen to the mounting evidence that the official 911 story is a sham? Can we cut Dr. Paul some slack on this one?
Is there a choice? Has he really had the time or opportunity to study the 911 questions yet in depth ? Just because he doesn't believe now, he says, that 911 was an inside job, it doesn't mean he never will or will never look at the facts. I may be wrong but I don't think this man is a liar. The truth is hard to come by, hard to recognize sometimes . Bob Dylan once wrote: "The truth was obscure, too plain and too pure. To live it you had to explode." Let's try not to explode and keep fighting the good fight ­ but not among each other.
Mary Sparrowdancer
I believe that it was the loaded question asked of Ron Paul that he had to dismiss. The question asked of Dr. Paul, interrupting him as he spoke attempting to debate was, "Would you ask them to cease that rhetoric?" Rhetoric is a term that certainly has evolved into a word with a host of negative implications. How could Dr. Paul answer "No. Let's let them keep up the rhetoric." How could he answer in this manner and still be credible? Of course he had to say what he said. It was the only intelligent answer to a trick question.  
Additionally, how can this man (Paul) possibly state he believes in something that has not yet been legally proven in a real court? He is a Constitutionalist. Therefore, he believes in innocence until proven guilty. Most Americans (including myself) now suspect or believe this "government" was in fact involved in 9/11. Our opinions matter and can compel a Constitutionalist representing the People to act. The real day in court has not yet happened. Get out of Ron Paul's way, read the Constitution, and then elect Ron Paul (as we appear to be doing). Let him lead us back to justice and freedom according to the Constitution.  

Jim Kirwan
So now it's everyone - except possibly Cynthia McKinney - who is a direct part of what 911 brought into the world, and enabled militarily. 
The 911 topic is obviously the key to understanding EVERYTHING  that has happened since that day, and for Ron Paul to dismiss this idea as something that he simply "does not believe in" - was more than just disappointing. 
That's a deal breaker because there is now no one running who is interested in what-really-happened on 911.
Bye-Bye "America" - Hello USA INCORPORATED, & welcome to the Camps!
From Michael H
To Jim Kirwan
Sorry Jim,
On this one I disagree...if Ron Paul came out mainstream and said he believed 9/11 was an inside job, it would be political suicide & he knows it.
From Jim Kirwan
Maybe Michael - but Paul came out with equally if not more damning ideas in regard to both the FED and the IRS, with hardly a ripple ~ the interesting thing about real convictions and real strength is that when that is displayed much of the opposition does indeed crumble.
There is no substitute for speaking truth to power ~ especially when running for leader of anything, much less the figurative head of the completely corrupted Western World.
The corpse that is all that's left of this 'nation' could easily withstand a huge jolt of truth - we haven't had one for a very long time. But the fact that no one currently running for resident dictator is willing to cast a white-hot searchlight into the most criminal and most course-changing event in the country's history speaks not volumes: but of EPIC-CRIMINAL-ACTIONS that have no modern parallel. Basically we have declared ourselves to be uninterested in the very events that have directly led to the slaughter of many millions of people, not to even mention the permanently maimed, the displaced, the now homeless, and the countless refugees around the world - all not only brought on by 911 - but JUSTIFIED and furthered, by this nation's complete disinterest in even knowing what actually happened on that day. . . .
F**K them all, and everything that say they stand for: because what's really on the line is what these pretenders to high office will never allow themselves to even remotely countenance: which is the truth!
I stand by my original statement - to hell with all of it.  The elections are nothing but an entertainment for idiots and the brain-dead that want so desperately to find anyone to do their dirty-work for them - but freedom doesn't work that way.  You can't just hire someone to fight FOR you - YOU have to do your own fighting if you really want the freedom which that the effort involves (including possible death). This is what makes a Republic that says it has a democratic system a very messy business - because it's all about personal determination and the strength of character to stand your ground against all odds.

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