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Another Smoking
Gun On The Moon?

By Ted Twietmeyer
This is another discovery I have made while reviewing NASA images that practically leaped off the screen. This is about a pole standing on the Moon placed there by Apollo 16. It may be the flagpole, but that cannot be determined by this photo. What's so amazing about this pole? Incredibly, the astronauts were able to hammer this into the ground without ever getting near it. The Lunar soil below the layer of dust was discovered during Apollo 11 to be quite hard, when the first flagpole was hammered into the moon. So the story goes.
So how did the astronauts manage to hammer this pole into the Lunar soil without getting close to it? In the photo below, note how the footprints are all around the pole but never close to it. The only footprint near the pole about 2ft. away from the pole, is not facing the pole. This footprint is shown at nearly a 90 degree angle to the pole, visible in the lower right corner of this image. The same is true of the other closest footprint to pole in the background, also at a 90 degree angle. These footprint angles would be correct for an astronaut walking past the pole, not facing it to hammer it in.
As always, these images have not been processed in any way, except to extract an enlargement of the base of the pole. No sharpening or other work has been done.
Fig. 1- NASA image from Apollo 16. This uncropped image is exactly as NASA provides it [1] What's also interesting here is that you don't see the astronauts face.
Fig. 2 - Closeup of the base of the pole in the Lunar soil. Look closely - what do you see in the dust?
Fig. 3 - Zig-zag pattern roughly outlined here in the dust. Compare these patterns in the dust in the untouched closeup (Fig. 2.) Someone has apparently taken the trouble to cover up other footprints or something else in the dust. Perhaps the person(s) who put the pole into the "Lunar surface" were wearing shoes that were not space suit boots, and they did not want these to show in the photo.
Supposedly, this picture was taken ON the Moon and not in a rehearsal on a stage. Looks like the boys at the Not About Space Agency missed this one, too.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] - http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a16/AS16-115-18557HR.jpg
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