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Govt 'Shared Custody'
Tyranny Murders
Another Caring Parent

By Ed Ward, MD
Like the 'Patriot Act', etc, 'Shared/Joint custody' is just another fraudulent description for government tyranny, destruction and control of Families and The People.
In LA, 'shared/joint' custody is similar to most other states
'shared/joint' custody laws and states: Joint Custody": "(3) The domiciliary parent shall have authority to make all decisions affecting the child unless an implementation order provides otherwise...."
This shows the reality of where the Louisiana Representatives of The People place the Constitutional Rights of The People and in particular the Rights of Families. How does a parent lose their Constitutional Rights to their Child because 2 parents no longer live in the same 00000000000
How does a Child lose their Constitutional Rights to their Parent because they no longer live in the same house as both parents? How can one have Joint Custody when the Custodial Parent can Make All of the Decisions for the Child, including who they see or talk to?
Caring Father, Heath Ledger, became a Stay At Home Dad to be with the Family's child as much as humanly possible.
Flourishing of descendants is the primary evolutionary drive for all species, but especially Sapien Parents.
Subversion of a parent's evolutionary drive is devastating
to any Caring Parent. A Caring Parent Is A Terrible Thing to Waste. No government has the right to subvert a caring parent's care/guidance/love for any reason without proof to the contrary. Presumptive Equal Shared Parenting is Natural Law, Evolutionary Law and Constitutional Law and Must Be the Law of the US.
Heath Ledger's recent 'shared parenting' arrangements are not noted as to domiciliary parent, but his noting of "I'm Not There" seems noteworthy.
Also noteworthy are the statements: "...Michelle (Williams) split from Heath Ledger, the father of 'her' daughter."
"Heath is having a bedroom in his new SoHo apartment decorated so that it looks exactly the same as Matilda's nursery at the family home in Brooklyn where Michelle still lives."
http://fametastic.co.uk/archive/20071108/8399/heath-ledger-michelle-williams-copy-daughters- bedroom-decor/ .
Facts seem to indicate, Heath was just learning that 'domicile parent' makes
only one parent a parent, while making the other a 'visitor'.
Visitors are also made out of mothers in about 20% of this government's tyranny of Natural Law, Evolutionary Law, and The Constitution.
Heath Ledger Joins Trevor Goddard & 25,000
'Lucky' (Dead Shared Parenting) 'Visitors' Each Year
Wake Up US, Wake Up.
Voting? Do You Buy A Ticket for A Fixed Lottery?
Ed Ward, MD

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