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Ron Paul, 911 And Israel -
Vote For Ron Paul

By Wendy Campbell
I thought I'd take some time to write down my thoughts with regards to how Ron Paul's campaign is going and the related topics of 9-11 and Israel.
First of all, many of us predicted a smear campaign would be forthcoming from Paul's most virulent detractors- the Zionist Jewish  Israel-firsters and their propaganda tool, which is the MSM (mainstream media).
As far as some decades-old letters or e-mails which Paul may have or may not have written which have included some "racist", "bigoted" remarks, I believe it is a hypocritical smear without merit.  The Zionist Jews however are adamant that the US government and American public give their unconditional support to the racist, apartheid, Jewish -supremacist state of Israel where there are politicians who publicly call out for "transfer" of non-Jewish  Arab Israelis which are publicly and in print often referred to as "cancer" and "lice"!  How's THAT for racist remarks!?  On top of that, Israel was founded on campaigns of ethnic-cleansing and slow genocide and wiping Palestine off the map since  1948 and it's still happening today!  How about the FACT that the war on Iraq is a racist war based on a pack of lies which is mass murder, REAL HATE CRIMES, which has been going on for SEVEN YEARS now?
So I think we can call a spade a spade and point at the MOST racist of us all- the Israel-firsters amongst us, and they are getting away with it!
I believe that since Ron Paul would end the war on Iraq and cut off aid to apartheid Israel, which is THE most important step in the right direction that this country the United States of America could take, then we should all vote for Ron Paul.
Even IF he is not publicly showing support for 9-11 Truthers at this time.  I believe he will in time.
As you all may know by now, I firmly believe that US support for the racist, apartheid, Jewish  supremacist state of Israel is the number one reason why 9-11 happened.
Even if you don't believe, like I do, that with the knowledge of Cheney and others,  the Mossad planted the bombs in Larry Silverstein's WTC (remember Larry Silverstein is best friends with Zionist extremist former prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the author's of PNAC, the BLUEPRINT for MURDER to roll out 9-11 and the subsequent "war on terror" beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq, to be continued to Iran, etc.), then surely you must at least believe that unconditional  US support for racist, apartheid, war-mongering, land-stealing, genocidal, terrorist Israel has made many enemies for America in the Arab and Muslim populations around the world.
The first step in stopping the "terror" is for the US to stop support for the terrorist state of Israel, which was founded on terrorism, and for the US to stop committing acts state-sponsored terror on behalf of the terrorist state of Israel.  War is a Hate Crime.  War is Terror.
So the best way to prevent another 9-11 from happening, whether you believe it was an inside job with the help of the Mossad or that our US foreign policy in the Middle East (unconditional support for the racist, apartheid Jewish  supremacist state of Israel) created some Arab "terrorists", is to address the root of the problem: US support for racist, apartheid Israel- we must cut off apartheid Israel. Plain and simple.  
Although Ron Paul is a little milk toast with regards to Israel's apartheid, ethnic-cleansing policies, at least we know he will stop sending our US tax dollars to Israel, stop the war in Iraq and will NOT support an attack on Iran.
By the way, have you noticed that the MSM is publishing even more Holocaust-related stories these days?  As if it just happened yesterday or is even still happening or about to happen today somehow?  As if the US hasn't quite done enough to make it up to the Jews for their losses in WWII?
Wonder why the increase in these Holocaust "stories" (as if we didn't hear enough about it already)?
It's probably because the Zionist Jews who dominate the MSM are prepping the American public for an all out war on Iran in the near future- either an attack first by Israel, which will then drag in the US, or just getting the US to attack.  As you know there are US warships off the coast of Iran trying to provoke or invent a reason to attack at this very moment.  Just aggravating Iran and hoping to provoke an all-out war.
All along these Holocaust stories are meant to drown out the holocaust that's been happening to the Palestinians and the Iraqis up to this very moment!  As if the suffering of Jews during the few years in Europe during WWII can justify the decades of suffering at the hands of Jewish  supremacists in Palestine, and now at the hands of the Zionist-dominated US in Iraq!
At any rate, I hope you will agree with me, that of all the candidates available to vote for now, Ron Paul is the ONLY one who is an American first, second and last!  He puts AMERICA's interests FIRST and FOREMOST.  All the others are really Israel-firsters who will continue to do the bidding of Israel which is a FOREIGN and hostile, anti-democratic, racist, Jewish  supremacist country which is NOT WORTHY of our country's support nor our tax dollars.
Wendy Campbell
P.S.  See how it's all a very tangled web: 9-11, Israel, Zionism and "The Holocaust"???
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