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People Without A Country

Jim Kirwan
I'm an American; which means that I'm a dinosaur, a person that has not sworn allegiance to any political party, religion, or creed. I believe in the rights of all people to live their lives free from political despots from all sides; free from the kinds of political correctness that brought us prohibitions of all types. http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2004/art18.htm
From zero tolerance, bigotry, officially sanctioned hatreds, racism, and in general a National-Paternalism that defines the current Police-State under the Bushwhackers-a state that has killed the Constitutional Republic-in which 'Americans' had begun to think of themselves as 'a free people.'
Forty years ago during another phony war, in 1968, at the National- Democratic Convention in Chicago the system for selecting presidents as well as running this country was utterly destroyed. It was replaced with a 'Party-loyalty' that supersedes all national political affiliations to the Constitution-especially during a time of war. It was there that the term "American" became an endangered species. (1)
From then until now the extremes of this treachery have not been used, thus allowing the truth about 'elections' to remain hidden from the voting public. That is all about to CHANGE under the terms of this conflicted election year. Under the constitution national elections were supposed to involve the national election of the president by the citizens of the United States. That did not involve delegates, or Super-Delegates, or the political will of party conventions-all of that was created by the two political parties. Incidentally the 'two-party-system' is NOT part of the constitution.
This so-called two party system was created by the Democrats and the Republicans to protect themselves from any third party intrusion on their political feast, which they discovered early-on, could be very lucrative for those who controlled the money and the largess of the world's richest nation.To insure that their 'political-rein' would never be interrupted, the parties took complete charge of national-presidential-elections.
They already had the 'Electoral College' whose delegates do not have to abide by the voters who selected them. In this complex twist of election trivia, it seems that the people only get to vote for "delegates" ­ not the actual candidates themselves. Then these 'delegates' meet in the Electoral College, after the election, and vote-in the actual people who will be the president and vice-president of the US. Those delegates to the Electoral College do not have to follow the voter's dictates as decided in the conventions. They can change their minds-despite the results of the votes that supposedly sent them to the Electoral College.
It was from this twisted bit of outmoded thinking that the two (and only two) political parties got the idea to switch everything from direct elections by the people to this quasi "selection" by Political-Insiders. These are the governor's, the head of the political party's and the Congressional members of The-535-Club: all of whom are supposed to 'protect and defend the constitution' ­ but most of whom have placed their own Party loyalty ahead of any loyalty to either the Constitution or the people of this country. This SECRET set of rules for selecting the leadership of the nation has remained under-wraps for four decades.
Now all those that thought their vote actually counted-are about to see the awful truth-but too late to do anything about it! This too is part of 'what really happened' while the herd was too busy with their tiny little lives, so self-absorbed with buying, stealing, and becoming absorbed in everything except the pillars of their own way of life-that they each failed to notice the 'death- throes' of the one nation that so many have called home! (2)
Do not be surprised by anything that might come from the conventions once they finally begin. Cheney has 'predicted' that the Republicans will win in November, and the Decider is promising the conservatives that he will insure that the Republicans will have a true conservative as its candidate in November. Using the new math ­ that candidate might well be Dick Cheney.
But however this turns out ­ there is an even more over-arching and far more powerful group that makes all its own rules and they have ALREADY selected who the next president and vice-president shall be. The American public will have nothing to do with it-if we ever did! However, if the public actually rebels over having their presidential elections stolen (for a third time by Bush & the Bandits): then and only then will anything even remotely begin to change!
Just look at how far we've fallen: Our leaders are not bound by the same laws that each of us must answer to. Cops are not bound by the same laws which they "enforce," too often using torture and deadly force on unsuspecting people who once looked to them for protection from both crime and government. Homeland Security has secretly hired mercenaries by the hundreds of thousands to militarize our police and replace the State National Guardsmen with these hired thugs for ten times a day what we paid the National Guard. Three days ago we learned of another insider compact between the FBI and the self-styled 'patriots' of the right wing Corporatocracy ­ that now have over 23,000 corporations who have been given the right to "shoot-to-kill" Americans WHEN Martial Law is finally in place. (3)
Judges, in too many cases, now decide which parts of the Constitution they will "allow" into their courts; especially in cases brought against the IRS: This from the entire third branch of the US government that is (again) supposed to protect and serve the people who actually pay them. That's 'justified' since the Supreme Court of the United Sates broke the law by appointing Bush to the presidency on 12-12-2000. Since the Supreme's became outlaws, how honest will any of the lower courts have to be when dealing with the rest of us? That answer is still unfolding every day that the government fails to prosecute any of the criminal "cops" that daily attack the population, in the name of Homeland Security, without any fear of sanctions. There are over two million videos on the web of assaults by law-enforcement against citizens ­ about 700 are supposedly under-investigation ­ yet to date there has been no publicity concerning anyone with a badge being disciplined. That means that like-it-or-not we live in a police- state!
Office-holders and political appointees, along with the hundreds of thousands in the various Intelligence Services ­ are also now apparently immune from any laws requiring them to answer for their actions in public or before the Bar of Justice ­ that task is reserved to lowly taxpayers and ordinary working people ­ all others have a Get-Out-Of-Jail FREE card that has no expiration date."
The image above was created in response to LBJ's policies back in the 1960's, and from that time until now, this 'problem' has only gotten worse. The coming presidential Selection will either mark the resurgence of new life for all Americans, or it will complete the headstone for the death of that wildly-beautiful idea that was created two-hundred and thirty-two years ago. That ladies and gentlemen is really what is at stake in '2008. If the public still refuses to demand real CHANGES ­ then the graveyard of 'good-intentions' will expand a million times over-unless Americans demand an end to this!
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