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The National-Bribe Is DOA
Jim Kirwan

The dust is settling, and the farce becomes clearer with every passing hour. If the nation's 'leadership' were serious they would reinstate the taxes they removed from the mega-corporations, and add a War-tax on top of that.

Then they could easily follow up by cutting taxes in half on everyone earning under $75,000 ­ and that would put real money in real pockets, and take money from those that have reaped far too much in the illegal and unilateral wars of aggression that are breaking the backs of everyone that still has to work in this country.

As it is now, the "rebates" won't arrive until the targeted population has already run out of both luck and hope. On top of that insult; which the pathetic amount of money per person involves-it is crystal clear that those who are making the decisions have no idea that this tiny bit of money in this economy will do less than nothing to assist the recipients with anything of substance.

Listening to the discussions with all the "experts," there is a total absence of any working people on any of those programs. No one has consulted any real people. Those they choose to talk to, do not live as the rest of us must. Whether it is $300, $600 or $800 in these times, that bit of money provides virtually nothing against the massive uncertainties, the ever climbing prices, and especially the overwhelming problems which this government has dumped onto the backs of the working poor in this country. These are things that the rest of the world have noted-and that's why the rest of the world is beginning to panic over what we are not doing about the situation into which this country has gotten itself.

All of the problems can be traced directly back to the Decider and his policies that go hand and hand with his wars! He blames things on 'the increased costs of fuel.' When he invaded Iraq Oil was selling at $25 a barrel. Today that same barrel of oil has more than quadrupled. The military is disillusioned and war weary; their equipment has been driven into the ground or been blown to pieces, along with the GI's that tried to use it: Yet all this administration seems to care about is starting a much bigger war, a war that will spill over from Iran into Syria and Lebanon and possibly into Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well: All because our foreign policy has been hijacked by Israel. These war plans were designed by Israel, these are her enemies not ours and yet the US government refuses to even talk to these sovereign nations that we threaten on a daily basis, because Netanyahu and Cheney have demand that we do it this way.

This barbaric behavior has captured the attention of both the Russians and the Chinese, neither of whom share our empirical attitudes-in fact they oppose this new Colonialism by the United States and Israel-vehemently!

Still Cheney and Netanyahu continue unabated with their plan to start the Third World War, supposedly to protect poor little Israel. This is insanity, and the people of this nation do not seem to give a damn about anything we do overseas, so long as they don't have to look at it on the nightly news.

And thanks to the complicity of the entire Network of media outlets here in the USA ­ we don't ever see what's really going on "over-there!" (1)

It may be all over the net ­ but apparently the news divisions of the major Networks don't have computers or access to the world-wide web-because the real stories never make it to American Network News programs. Even if they might get into a news room three-fourths of every broadcast consists of criminally trivial gossip, about elections that are still ten months away. The Americans that are dying each and every day in our wars of aggression, often, don't even rate a mention. And since their deaths are classified, their funerals are almost never covered either.

Americans are so desensitized that many do not realize that we are no longer living in 1958 ~ apparently a huge number of you still think that you are going to accomplish something by becoming members of Patriotic Letter-Writing-Brigades: that concept ended over a half century ago! This nation is now the world's most visible Criminal Enterprise, and apparently we are proud of that. We have no laws that can restrict our Outlaw-Overlords from doing anything they might choose to do to any one of us: Meanwhile they have increased zero-tolerance on all of us for the slightest infractions of any existing civil law or code.

Our "Peace Officers" have become Storm Troopers that seem to believe that the ordinary people of this nation are the real enemy; given the facts of their propensity to Taser, to Stun, or to just shoot people for no particular reason ­ other than ­ 'Because they can!' The US Department of Justice, the agency that supposedly is charged with overseeing these-thugs-in-uniform, is the same licensing authority that now enforces new rules on torture, on indefinite detention without charges, no rights to an attorney, and there is no need to defend any of their actions because everything they do now is protected by National Security. Oh, and their boss over in the White House, he's in favor of anything and everything "that might protect American lives."

The problem with that is that those he chooses to spy on, harass, and generally convert into the army of the unemployed-are for the most part American citizens? And if he (and his handlers), actually care so much about our welfare-why the hell do they do everything possible to insure that we are worse off each and every month than we were the month before!

The nation has never before even approached the kind of national and international debt that we have now! In case you care every man woman and child, in America, now already owes the government $400,000.00 each, directly because of the failed polices over the last seven years-when will this stop: "Never ­ because we are in the never-ending war" according to President Cheney.

NO-this new band-aid means nothing at all, it's just another waste of time while they try and figure out how to start the final "War to End All Wars"!

What happened to the simple anger that should have been automatic-what about the Outrage that seems to have vanished into thin air. That same bunch of old-white-men that's been dragging the herd around by the short-hairs for decades just keeps on going on the tube and making noises about 'the plight of the people,' then laughing all night long about it, in the sumptuous luxury of their very private mansions.  

Congratulations America on your refusal to get involved and your staunch belief in the systems that have been selling you out for over four decades! That must take a great deal of patience: Some might see this as cowardice in the face of your real enemies, but if this fails to bother you-then I guess whatever might be coming next will also be 'okay' with you. Whatever you do Mr. and Mrs. America never, ever Question anything; because then you might be noticed, and if enough of you did that-Well there's just no telling what might happen is there?

Let's review: Each of us owes this government $400,000.00 each-for what this government has been doing in our names for at least the last seven years, much of that for even longer. The nation is now completely broke and none of the criminals that put us in this position have been prosecuted. We've been at war continuously since 2001 and we're losing in both Afghanistan and Iraq-yet now we want to not only "stay-the-course" we want to expand our military intrigues to include as many as five more nations. None of the military war-criminals that mismanaged these wars, or those who followed illegal orders and fought or tortured in these wars ­ have faced any real charges either. Still there are no demands coming directly from the people that these wars were created to protect. Why should we protest? The costs to our values, our way of life, and that matter of the $400,000.00 debt that this government has laid off on each and every one of us-regardless of income.

But what this really is about is that in this "bargain" not only is there nothing for US, but there are problems with the way that everything is being done to us in the meanwhile. Our jobs are there one day and just gone the next-and no one has any say in that, except those who will make billions from each company that is outsourced. Does anyone ask us what we might prefer: of course not, because the laws that govern all the thefts of all those jobs, come from the Global World Order that trumps all US laws: Be sure to thank Bill & Hillary for GATT & NAFTA on that one.

Or you might wonder just why it was that you never got to vote on selling off the Interstate highways, bit by bit, and turning parts of them into toll roads that are owned by foreign corporations-especially given the fact that those roads were bought and paid for by Americans and built by and with American labor ­  now all that is going to the highest bidder ­ because the Bushwhackers can't manage money, or debt, or even manage to successfully manage the aftermath (an occupation) of the wars they start but cannot win.

Same question about selling off our water rights to foreign corporations that are privatizing our water; or mineral rights from our national parks, along with logging rights in our national forests, all of it going, going, gone to the highest bidder, because: Hey-We're in DEBT!

Did I miss something here-when exactly did anyone ask us if this was something that we actually wanted to do, in any of the above instances?

Were we consulted about giving away the rights of American workers just to comply with the terms of international Cabals masquerading as Multi-national Corporations in service to GATT or NAFTA or possibly in the future, to the FTAA or the NAU? When did we find out that the Israeli's are now in charge of our nuclear weapons storage facilities (this leaked out during the mysterious missing cruise missile from the errant B-52 flight from South Dakota down to Louisiana)?

In fact all sorts of things have changed in this country about the way we live our lives, including what we call the nation. Did you never wonder how we came to call ourselves "the Homeland"? That term was lifted straight out of the Nazi field manuals for the camps being built in 1934. It has nothing whatever to do with anything "American." We used to just call this place our country-and that used to be good enough: but you can see now that this is no longer "our" country it belongs to "Anybody but Americans Now."

Just thought you might want to think about this latest bribe you're being offered a bit more before you begin to "jump for joy." Think about what a ridiculous gesture this actually is: especially since that $140 billion or whatever it ends up being -  will have to be borrowed money and the interest, on that money, will only add to the $400,000.00 DEBT you personally already OWE to the US government!

The biggest problem I have with that $400,000.00 debt ­ is that I cannot see what I received that could have cost every human in the nation that much money-can you?


1) The March to War




*CORRECTION: Using the Government's figure of 197 million households, instead of every person in the nation, that is roughly $72 trillion 820 Billion, which tallies with the numbers they've been trying to cover up since the public became interested in how much we actually supposedly OWE them!

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