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Ending The Threat From
The Judeo-Christian Ethic

Jim Kirwan
In response to the silence that 'Again & Again' produced, despite the number and depth of the questions raised. This addendum expands upon the seeds of self-destruction that these figures also carry within them. The painting was created to convert the words from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, into an image that the world might want to think more about.
It is the job of artists to portray what we see, in ways that can bring people closer to the world in which we all must live.
While the message delivered by the whole image is one of an overwhelming power and darkness that dwarfs the blood red sun, there are also keys here to their very real demise that is also visible in the details.
CONQUEST: His upper body is armored in gold & silver but in his left armpit the symbol of chaos is born. His right shoulder guard is feminine and in the corrosion of the left guard rests the masculine. The stone glove that carries the flag brings a volcano in mid-eruption. The massive armor seems impressive but it's too heavy and too thick to allow to the figure to exercise its full potential, in fact he cannot bend the arm that holds the bow, and his grip upon symbolic power prevents him from using the bow for anything but show. Inside Conquest's helmet, the Serpent continually consumes its tail: signifying the massive failures of his intentions, that goes nicely with the solid stone that replaced his mouth!
On his chest are the Seven Seals of Saint John, the breaking of the first-four of which is what 'Revelations' says; has created these other-worldly visions. On his saddle horn sits Golem, wrapped around the fragile-blue world that it intends to destroy. Further down, his thighs have turned to stone, and on his shin guard the Phoenix has awakened from his 500 years of silence: and below that his hob-nailed boots cannot contain the secret that they tried to hide ­ because his 'feet-of-clay' are beginning to explode.
WAR: His shield is decomposing from the heat of the destruction of the Flag of All Nations. As in life, this invalid shield is being dissolved from the bottom up. The hilt of his weapon is made from the severed head of an Eagle. But the key to his destruction is in the three clenched fists that forever-blaze atop his helmet and represent the chaos that War always hurls among the nations which leads directly to the frustration of resolution, but also to all future failures of the exercise of the policies of unending Wars.
FAMINE: Sometimes called Pestilence and frequently standing for plagues of all kinds. His success will guarantee his failure, just as soon as we allow him to end the race of human-beings altogether.
DEATH: This figure has always been a major part of Life. His cloak is held by a golden sundial that indicates the value that his presence lends to Time. A pair of Egyptian Funeral Vultures decorate his breast-plate, and his shin guard carries a totem image of Ancient Egypt's Four-Most-Important things.His upturned boot reveals the hated blade that comes with violent endings.There is however another form of Death which this inspired ­ and this one speaks of other truths: http://www.kirwanesque.com/deck/crossroads/ xiii.htm
The face-plate for his horse is made directly from the skull of his trans- parent mount, but Death's presence is constant in all that everyone must undergo so there will always be a physical end to everything that humans undertake, including all of Cheney's WARS!
This literal image from the Christian Bible ends up telling us far more than many want to see. But in the end humanity will have to deal with 'Conquest' 'War' & 'Famine' before 'Death' will come to take us to another realm.
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