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2008 Valentine's
Day Diet Hints

By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
The most often asked nutritional health question I get is... "How can I enjoyably consume more healthful Raw Veggies, satisfy my Sweet-Chocolate 'Snacky-Cake' craving, while also 'firing-up' the libido of my Vegetarian significant-other with a meat-free, Aphrodisiac Menu that's also Low-Carb"?
OK...I made up... ...but it just so happens that many of my favorite health" recipes contain legendary Aphrodisiac Foodstuffs which simultaneously protect your Heart, boost your Immune System & ease your troubled Mind... WHILE they put more lead in your erotic pencil!  Moreover, EVERY ingredient iterated is "Probiotic" (For Life)!  Not a single one is "Antibiotic" (Against Life).
Baked Stuffed Yam & Banana:
Make this for your Vegetarian girl-friend and she will know you are truly a culinary "Renaissance-Man"... ...especially if you can explain the nearly magical array of Heart-healthy, Cancer-fighting Anti-oxidants found in the "lowly" Yam. Truly the kind of talk that gets a girl hot. Am I right? 
See? Even though Yams & Sweet Potatoes are from completely different families... they are, essentially, nearly identical first cousins and have been considered a sexual stimulant by Royalty for hundreds (thousands?) of years.
If you're Diabetic and conscientiously avoid processed "empty-calorie and hi-carb non-foods" like white bread & sugary cereal, then Yams can be a nearly perfect food for you nutritionally, even though they are not exactly low-carb. Consider, yams don't cause much of a glucose/insulin rise, especially when you consider how sweet they are!  This is mainly due to its Hi-fiber but also other, moreconvoluted, reasons.
For example, Yams are high in manganese, a trace mineral required for carbohydrate metabolism. Additionally, Yams provide cofactors for a number of additional enzymes critical for energy production and utilization of protecting antioxidants. 
Research suggests that carotenoids (very high in Yams) may help prevent insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels warding diabetes. Also, they are very high in Vit. C & Vit. B-6, vitamins critical to the conversion of Homocysteine, that corrosive Amino Acid, remember, which is the major cause of arterial inflammation leading to Heart Disease!
Try this:
1)... Bake Sweet Potatoes/Yams until soft.
2)... Cut down the middle & Scoop out most of insides.
3)... Mash in bowl with ripe bananas...I like a Yam/Banana ratio of about 2 to 1.
4)... Mix in Cinnamon, a little Sea Salt & either Coconut oil, Real Butter or Olive oil or all 3 -- NEVER Margarine (did I need to say that?). If you really have a sweet tooth, throw in a little Stevia.
5)... Spoon mixture back into Potato Shell -- sprinkle top with chopped Walnuts (if you like a crunch that won't break your teeth) & Cinnamon - rebake a few minutes.
Optional - Pull out all the stops by sprinkling it with Cayenne Pepper (CP)...also an ancient Aphrodisiac.
Raw Veggies...(RVs)
RVs provide Digestive Enzymes (enzymes degraded by heat), powerful Anti-oxidants (many degraded by heat), both soluble/insoluble Fiber, but maybe, most importantly... RVs will raise your body pH! This is a good thing.  Harmful microbes & Cancer Cells don't do well in an Alkaline environment. 
Unfortunately, virtually every food errantly processed by humans is Acid-forming, unlike Raw Veggies.  RVs are Alkaline-forming...
TRIVIA? Stick a pH test strip in Lemon Juice and it will be very acidic, but in your body after digestion?  It is one of the most Alkaline foods out there. Conversely, a piece of processed meat, like salami, would test alkaline but after it is *burned* in the body it leaves Acidic "ashes." 
Regrettably, most people don't crave raw veggies because of the taste. The obvious way to make them more palatable is to cover them with some sort of ostensibly "Healthful" salad dressing found at the grocery store...but here's the problem - there is likely no such thing as a healthful salad dressing that comes from a typical grocery store. ( I admire the guy's charitable works...but not even Paul Newman's Dressings...).  
Back on the salad dressing trail I think health food stores might have some fairly harmless salad dressings... but not regular grocery stores.  They shill "Liquid-Plastic" in a squeeze bottle for your pleasure.  Read the label, folks.
The point is...darn it,  make your own Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Vinaigrette!  It's easy and tastes great, compared to that Toxic (I'm not kidding!) Crap  (Hyperbole meter zero) you get at the grocery store. Generally, the oil in ALL store-bought Vinaigrette is teaming with toxic, oxidized fats, called Lipid Peroxide. 
Oxidized Veggie-Oil like Soy & Corn is 3 or 4 times more apt to block your arteries than the unjustly maligned Cholesterol.  Poly-food oils (& yes Canola is also one, even if most think it is a "true" Mono) are Statin Drug Precursors (SDPs)!  More of those please!  Not! 
Folks!  Always use a "true", MONO-food oils, like Olive & Macadamia Nut or the magical MCT's of CocoNut Oil.
OK, before we go any further, we should establish that the 2 sweeteners I like are Stevia & Xylitol, Stevia being the most expensive, but by far the best, in my opinion. It won't even cause tooth-decay. Xylitol is a sugar-alcohol found naturally in fruit...in a few it can cause mild bowel distress like gas . 
For all you "Splenda" fans?   Go to <>http://www.mercola.com/sweet-deception-aspartame and listen to his discussion on Splenda... then - You be the judge...Does the toxic Chlorine molecule in Splenda have to be processed by the liver or does it stay bound up in the "Splenda" molecule and pass harmlessly through you. Those who say it's harmless are the self-same persons seeming to have an ax to grind in its regard... but many of those who say it is toxic don't have that ax to grind.  Hmmm... Survey says? I won't be using it! 
SALAD DRESSING : Olive Oil Vinaigrette with Avocado - the avocado is optional, of course but it is unreal what avacado does when you grind or blend a ripe Avocado into the Vinaigrette below! Yow!  It becomes a kind of "Green-Goddess" dressing that makes those toxic store-bought "Green" dressings taste like green slime... which they, of course, are.
1.  Red Wine Vinegar. Balsamic Vinegar tastes the best but it is pretty high in sugar.  If you are a slim, non-diabetic, active person, then by all means throw some Balsamic in with the other sour stuff.
2.  Lemon Juice ...fresh is best. By using some Lemon juice (Alkaline-forming food) instead of only Vinegar (mild Acid-forming food) it makes the dressing pH a little more Alkaline...plus it has this great synergy with the blended Avocado. However, I have found that too much lemon is a little "over-powering".
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil ...Here's where my dressing is different. Many people, like the snooty French, think there is a "Law" that Vinaigrettes MUST be at an Oil to Vinegar/lemon ratio of 3 to 1; however, I reverse that and use a ratio of 1 to 3... so it is mostly lemon & vinegar. This may mean you need to use a lot of Stevia or Xylitol to cut the "Sour-stuff," but that's fine.
The beauty of making your own dressing is you can try different Oil to Vinegar Ratios. Yes, the Olive Oil is heart healthy, but why consume more of it than you need to.  
Please don't make the mistake of thinking you can substitute Canola Oil for Olive Oil ... No!  Dieticians have lied, or at best misinformed you!  Saying that Canola is a Mono-unsat Oil just like Olive... is just Not True!  It is not remotely like Olive Oil!
Briefly, here are "Uncle Al's Food Oil Rules" -- Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Macadamia Nut Oil in moderation (cold or using as little heat as necessary) - However, use Unrefined, Hexan-Free, Organic Coconut Oil with which to fry!  That's right!  Coconut!  You've been lied to about that too...  In fact, try to incorporate a small amount (maybe 1/2 tablespoon or less) of CCnut  into your diet for the "Energy/Synergy" MCT's (Medium-Chain Triglicerides). 
Have you ever wondered why Polynesians (traditional-diet, not the white-man's "Snacky-Cake" Diet) have a very low incidence of Heart disease and a very high incidence of recreational sex?  ...Bears consideration, eh? 
4.  Ripe Avocado: Mix in blender with other ingredients until it is thick enough to nicely coat Veggies...I have a tendency to throw in too much Avocado so it gets TOO thick. I have always liked chopped Avocado in my salads but blending some into the dressing will knock you to your knees... small Hyperbole...I NEVER use chopped/chunks of Avocado anymore...I blend it ALL. 
3. ...A little bit of Sun Dried Sea Salt. Don't believe the "No Salt, Low Salt" Crap that "doctors" & dieticians perpetuate - you need a moderate amount of salt to make the stomach acid required to digest food! Please only use Sun-dried or Himalayan Sea Salt! The Salt must be pink, grey or off-white... NEVER pure white (indicates no Trace Minerals). There are some "fake" Himalayan Salts out there with high fluoride, etc. so only use Himalayan salt from the few big Supp providers. I would never buy Himalayan salt from an org. that only sold Himalayan Salt unlike a few of the big guys that sell lots of other Supp's that could suffer if caught selling Table salt colored pink as Himalayan salt.
4. Optional - a little bit of mustard. I don't use the mustard when I use avocado...but it might be good.
5.  Cayenne pepper - Optional but very, very healthful for your heart, digestion & possibly your sex life ... Cayenne pepper... make as hot as you like, too!   Unlike Jalapeños & black pepper that can seem harsh to your gut, Cayenne is soothing to the gut.
Cayenne is a magical herb that lowers your blood pressure, increases stomach secretion & actually effects your mood... and you know how you are when you're in a good mood.  See if this isn't so!
6.  Garlic. I could never love a woman who thought garlic was offensive.  Moreover, the history on this item is mythic! 
The herbalist Culpepper linked garlic with the planet Mars, a fiery planet connected with passionate blood.
Roman soldiers ate garlic to inspire their passion and give them courage; Egyptian slaves were fed garlic to keep them lifting their bales and hauling their barges.
Homer reports that Ulysses owed his escape from Circe to "yellow garlic".
Garlic, clearly, does not occupy an exiguous place in food lore. Also, generally recognized as healthy, it is often considered apparently too healthy for polite society.  Now you KNOW you want it on your plate... 
You certainly don't need me to tell you the "right" kind of veggies for a salad... but, let me tell you anyway...
1. ...Never waste a salad opportunity by using nutritionally weak, Iceberg lettuce!  Always use dark-green Leafy lettuces, etc. like Romaine, Arugula or Kale. Green-Leafy Veggies are probably the # 1 most healthful form of Vegetable-matter there is; however, it's in a tight race with Cruciferous Veggies, so add them too!
2. Cruciferous Veggies -- Things Like Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels's Sprouts & Bok Choi are the other Hi-fiber, very healthful, Vegetables... they have a particularly arcane & potent Anti-oxidant which can help protect you from cancer...et al.
TRIVIA?  Cruciferous comes from the word Crucifix, because the little flower on the plant is shaped like a Cross.
3. Bitter Greens (BGs) -- If you are or have been a heavy drinker or smoker and/or you have any sorts of liver problems...you might consider adding copious amounts of BGs to your Salads. Some of these powerful, "Liver De-Tox Greens" are Parsley, Cilantro, Endive, Dandelion, Arugula, Watercress...and guess what??  All of these have been considered Aphrodisiacs at some time in history!
4. Other Aphrodisiac Salad Vegetables --
a)... Arugula - Touted by Virgil & Galen as a powerful Aphrodisiac - it has the same Cancer-fighting properties as Broccoli.
b)... Medicinal Mushrooms - Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake mushrooms - They 'boost' the immune system...et al...get it? et al...
c)... Cucumber - According to recent research, this cool aphrodisiac vegetable stimulates a woman's olfactory senses.  She can smell your "Pheromones" or is that "Old Spice"?
TRIVIA? Roasted P'nuts are one of the most Anti-oxidant packed foods out there...of course, Chocolate, gram for gram, is even HIGHER !
The safest peanuts are Organic Valencia!  These are grown in the drier environments of New Mexico. Non-Organic Peanuts, unfortunately, are one of the more poison soaked crops around.  
Peanut Butter/Chocolate Health Snack ... ALWAYS use "Natural" Peanut Butter where the oil floats to the top , then pour it off & throw it away...you'll be replacing it with non-toxic Oil.   
The following P'nut Butter Snack is very rich & sweet but has actually no sugar and is high in the most digestible form of Protein, and the "fat-burning" Fat (MCT's) found in Mother's Milk & Coconut Oil. Also, other than the Whey and the Stevia, the history is that every item in the following has at one time been considered an aphrodisiac!
a)... After you've poured off & discarded the Peanut Oil floating on top, put about 1/2 of a small jar of P'nut Butter in bowl. 
b)... 1 cup or so, of flake coconut -- health-food stores are the only place I can find the Unsweetened kind...if you can't find the unsweetened, just leave it out or buy a whole Coconut.
c)... Whey Protein Isolate (WPI ) - 1 or 2 scoops - Make sure it is FREE of Sugar, Soy Isolate, Splenda, Sucralose, Nutri-Sweet, Dextrose, Hi-fructose Corn Syrup. -- Stevia & Xylitol are OK.
d)... Ground Cinnamon - about 1/2 Tbls ...this is the new "Hot Item" for sugar metabolism & good digestion.
e)... Raw Walnuts - Chop about a cup or whatever. These add a great crunch w/o breaking your teeth. This "King of the Nuts" has more Omega 3 than any other nut... I mean lots more.
f)... Stevia or Xylitol to sweeten.
g)... Oils - Slowly stir in one or both oils below until it is a consistency that you can eat with a spoon. It's easy to get it too thin, requiring you add some more WPI or flake CCnut to thicken.
(1).  Coconut Oil -- If you refrigerate this CCnut oil mixture, it will get hard as a brick...I prefer the CCnut Oil kind that stays soft at room temp - so I don't cool it. The powerful anti-oxidants in the CCnut Oil will protect the little bit of remaining peanut oil from going rancid, at room temp, for at least a week or probably much longer...with me, the stuff never last more than 2 or 3 days - It's addictive.  That's a good thing in this case, remember.
(2). Olive Oil -- If you want to refrigerate, but have it remain soft, then use Olive Oil.  
(3). You might also want to mix the 2 oils above...but even if you use just a little CCnut Oil, & refrigerate, it will get hard. However you may like it hard...Stop !...that's not what I meant. 
I apologize, but writing about food & Aphrodisiacs - the "Double-Entendres" come fast & furious...jeez, see what I mean? 
a)... Chocolate -- This magical Aphrodisiac is extremely high in some of the most powerful Anti-oxidants found in nature (Many dozens of times more powerful than Vit. C) - but the problem is the stuff most people eat is loaded with sugar and toxic fats. Real Sugar-free Dark Baking Chocolate tastes dry (low-fat) & bitter (no-sugar) so all you have to do is add those things yourself...which can be easily accomplished by adding the Choc. to the Peanut Butter Concoction above or some variation of it as long as you leave in the Oil & the Stevia. When I make the "Chocolate-Kind" I leave out the Whey...so it's mostly Choc & P'nut Butter.
Research shows that Chocolate triggers the release of "feel-good" chemicals in the brain of most women & polls show that the # 1 most sensual food is... Chocolate.  Why is a "box of chocolates" the traditional Valentine's Gift again?
When buying chocolate you must be very, very careful because many brands try to make their product appear to have no sugar but actually do have sugar. Many "bitter-sweet" chocolates sound like they are sugar-free but bitter-sweet DOES have Sugar. Of course if you're slim & non-diabetic then a little sugar, occasionally, won't hurt you - but if you need a "Chocolate-Fix" everyday, then it is important that you use the NO-Sugar kind.
WARNING : You may think I'm beating this horse to death...BUT I'm not. The label MUST say something to the effect of  "100%, Cocoa, Unsweetened, DARK" It can also say "Baking Chocolate" but must still say "100%, unsweetened, Dark." 
If it says "70% - no added sugar"...IT HAS SUGAR! If it says "Sugar-Free"...THAT MEANS NOTHING! If it does not say "Dark"...IT MAY NOT BE DARK! If it just says "100% cocoa powder"...IT HAS LIKELY BEEN PROCESSED TO DEATH with Alkalies - Get non-alkali !! If it says "No added sugar"...IT HAS SUGAR !!. If it says "gives that Dark Chocolate taste"...IT IS NOT DARK CHOCOLATE!
To illustrate the genius of the late Bill Hicks, he proposed that people who write Advertising Copy should make the world a better place by killing themselves!  Here's an example why.   Consider the following statement - "Our Milk-Chocolate has NO added Sugar"! 
Does this sound like their stuff is Sugar-Free or Low-Sugar ? Of course, but milk-chocolate is already loaded with sugar so there's no need for "added" sugar. This would be like saying "There is NO added sugar in our Honey"- This is just one example of a least half a dozen different sleazy ways that chocolate Ads were cleverly written to look like the product contained NO or low sugar.
b)... Cayenne Pepper (CP) -- I am so "Twisted" that I put Cayenne Pepper in sweet snacks like this... try it, you will be surprised at the taste, and...
TRIVIA? - Cayenne Pepper's (CP) synergistic effect, makes other supplements work better... CP w. Hawthorne Berry strengthens your Heart!  CP w. Glucosamine repairs your Joints!  CP w. Magnesium lowers high BP!  CP w. Food improves digestion!  CP before sex... ...well, you get the idea.
Some Vegetable Powdered Proteins like Soy are very low in the essential Amino Acid Methionine and are not very digestible... If you want strictly Veggie Protein I would recommend Hemp Protein... it is the superior vegetable form... otherwise use Whey Protein or raw Eggs. I also like Protein from Brown Rice & yellow Pea...please stay away from Soy Isolate...fermented Soy, however, is great.
To help you lose weight?  Blend a giant Smoothie (put in frig) and every couple of hours ( 5 to 8 times daily) take a couple of big gulps. This gives a steady "trickle-charge" of nutrients, in particular the 2 forms of the highest digestible proteins WPI ( whey protein isolate) or Hemp Protein & raw eggs (these are optional if a person just can't eat a raw egg or if a Vegetarian).  This 5 to 8 mini-meals, with a steady supply of very digestible nutrients, will keep you from having the "Mad-Eatties" so you don't stuff yourself on Double-Stuff Oreos or Cheezy Poofs in the 7/11 parking lot at 3:00 in the afternoon while on the way to pick up the kids.  You know who you are...
a)... WPI or Hemp Protein - 3 or 4 scoops (60 to 80 grams), get a flavor you like but NO sugar, sucralose, maltodextrin, fructose, or sweetener of any kind except Stevia/Xylitol... ...or add your own stevia. The best, most digestible & expensive is WPI, which is "Isolate" as opposed to WPC (concentrate). WPC is pretty good if that's what you feel you can afford.
b)... Raw Eggs - 2 or 3 cage-free, free-range or Organic eggs. Wash outside of egg, crack in a bowl & smell - look for bright, lemony-yellow yolk, not dull orange.
c)... Coconut (flaked, sugar-free) and/or Coconut oil...read "Fat Facts" at <>http://www.alienview.net/zfat.html to understand how the MCT in coconut oil can help you lose weight through "Thermogenesis".  Besides, an energy to burn, reader... to burn!
d)... Ice water & Stevia/Xylitol to sweeten.
e)...This is a good place to squirt in some Liquid Trace Mineral Drops.
f)... If you don't have Diabetes then a handful of berries or banana is OK.
WARNING : This "Trickle-Charge" of a highly digestible, COMPLETE Protein (meaning large amounts of all the necessary Amino Acids) will accelerate Tryptophan into your brain. This stimulates the production of the natural "feel-good" drug, Serotonin... which, while reducing your craving for sweet Carbo's, may cause you to inadvertently have salacious thoughts, so be very careful... ...but DO try this at home.  The love-life you invigorate is your own. 
Now, go forth and practice your multiplication!
Alan Graham
Well be.
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