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In Harm's Way
Jim Kirwan
Everyone in the ordinary world of everyday life in America now, is at extreme risk of very suddenly finding themselves directly "In Harm's Way."
If that sounds over-the-top, then you have not been following what's really going on in the fantastic world of the paranoid United States Congress.
Lately Ron Paul has come under fire for his casual dismissal of "the 911-truthers." His defenders in this case, seem to believe that all that's really at issue is whether or not the Congressman- candidate for president ­ really believes or disbelieves in the government line regarding the events of 911.
However, that is NOT the most dangerous thing that all of us must face in this perhaps overtly-political season. This is about yet another of Mr. Paul's statements: 'I think all Americans should be free to speak their minds,' he said. And therein lies the rub. H.R. 1955 passed the US House of Representatives by a margin of 404 to 6: This is now waiting for the Senate to breeze through their own rubber-stamping of this same legislation. (2)
This Bill has identified and defined "Thought Crimes," and as such will put additional restrictions upon the minds of every citizen and will become the single most damning change in the lives of Americans, since before we became a nation. This goes beyond the stuff of Orwell and his novel "1984." In fact this exceeds anything that any other developed nation has ever thought about imposing on its own people.
So while the events of 911 remain incorrectly investigated: this "new wrinkle" that flies directly in the face of the Bill of Rights, will soon begin to convert the minds of all our citizens into mini-prisons. The effect of all this upon the population cannot be overstated.
Imagine being imprisoned within the confines, not of a physical place from which you might escape; but inside your own mind. This goes beyond nightmare and borders on a surreal experience that could easily destroy the basis for all sanity.
This gentle reader is what we are about to tolerate, if we don't begin to act against this government.
Generally the public has remained on the sidelines throughout this battle between the administration and its critics- but please hear this - this law shall apply to every American, without exception. It is this pending law that is currently awaiting the Senate's vote and that will place every one of us directly, In Harm's Way!
We've already lost our freedom of speech politically: now we're about to lose the freedom to think-critically about any topic that might offend one of the Outlaws, or any division of this Rogue government-and all of this is being done in the name of National SECURITY.
Of course the truth is; this is the latest salvo in the end of our way of life-unless we act to stop this Draconian violation of the most basic right of all people: Namely to be able to think for ourselves, in the privacy of our own minds!
So if you're waiting for Ron Paul or anyone else "to save you" then you are in for a very rude awakening. This political fight, in this election is about whether or not we shall have any right to even think our own private thoughts ­ or to pursue things like the truth behind the events of 911. Once this set of mental shackles are locked in-place, then everything the Outlaws have done to this point, will become irrefutably SECRET.
Is this the kind of country you want to live or die in-because nothing less than that, is riding on how much you do to stop this Senate Bill from being passed. This ought to also be a litmus test for anyone in the presidential campaigns-not just a simple yes or no either. Make them spell out their reasoning, in detail: Because this is truly obscene and the vitality of your life actually does depend upon the specifics of how this issue is finally resolved!
1) Ron Paul @ Fox Debate Pt.2 1-10-08
2) Freedom of Speech and H.R. 1955
Response & Reply to: "In Harm's Way!" - kirwan
From Helen 
To Jim Kirwan
What people fail to realize is that George W. Bush is insane.   Rockerfeller is a senile old man. He is in his middle nineties.  Both Bush and Rockerfeller should be institutionalized.
That's true Helen - lots of the Outlaws are certifiable: but that is NOT the issue here: This law applies to every single person in this country - not just the fringe nuts like me. McCarthyism could be avoided if you were not high-profile, or someone trying to work in Hollywood, or the government at that time. That was the test case of the limits of the Extreme Right, and that finally failed. Reagan was the head of the Screen Actor's Guild who turned in his fellows to the House Un-American Activities Committee, and Nixon was a lawyer advising McCarthy on how to conduct the hearings. They were stopped, eventually, But NO ONE will escape this catch-all.
Writers, artists and others on the edge have some experience with censorship & this kind of challenge, but average citizens have NO experience, and will be very vulnerable to arrest and detention, possibly long prison sentences for an innocent remark, made without thinking that the THOUGHT-POLICE will probably be listening. The companies, the schools, and every agency of the federal & state government will soon compete to see who can catch the most "traitors," who can be the toughest on THOUGHT-CRIME. We have had the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, The War on Terra, and now this: The War on other peoples thoughts.
All of the previous political "wars" were stunts, shams that actually increased what each one said they were out to eradicate: But THOUGHT -CRIME stifles any and all creativity, imagination, competition, commerce - anything remotely resembling an original idea can easily be twisted into a thought crime and killed before it is ever born. And if you think that "religious thought" will escape this guillotine you are in for a real surprise.
This is what makes all this so insidious, and it is also what shall completely alter all interactions between everyone in this country. No more small talk, ANYWHERE, or about ANYTHING - just STRANGER-DANGER everywhere, backed up by posters of the eyes of BIG BROTHER on buses and trains, billboards and company cafeteria's. No child will be immune, and children will turn in their parents just as they did in Nazi Germany - quite literally every single person in this country will become a target of this government of yours that has spied on you and stripped you of most of the formerly sacrosanct US Bill of Rights - this is the government's final attempt to force people to do what they have been unsuccessful so far; in getting the public to do voluntarily.
Who wants to live that way - this is The Ultimate ADMISSION OF COMPLETE DEFEAT, because what this says is: "the people cannot handle the truth - so they cannot be allowed to even think about anything except what we tell them to think - and this dictate goes for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING personal, private and professional! It also means that the only authority in this country will be the government - so much for "of, by and for the people." This will make the USA "of, by and for the treasonous government & their complicit corporate & private sponsors."
This means NO MORE QUESTIONS in classrooms or libraries, or especially in newspapers or on the net - No more challenges to anyone in authority - no matter how petty, (the landlord, the SUPER, the clerk anywhere, the bus driver, the clerk in anystore, anywhere - because the capital charge of having committed a THOUGHT-CRIME is practically indefensible (how can you prove what you were or were not thinking)
This legislation will do NOTHING TO MAKE ANYONE EVEN ONE IOTA SAFER But what this will do is insure that everyone bows down to the government line or they will go to prison, their lives will be utterly destroyed, and that's just the smallest-part of how so many million lives will be permanently changed - all because too many are too AFRAID of THEIR GOVERNMENT. Too afraid to be heard NOW - to march to the offices of their SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES or to Offices of the television & radio stations, the newspapers, even the Networks: and demand that THIS TRAVESTY be thoroughly covered in every aspect of this CRIME AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION & the People of the USA.
Do this for as long as it takes to make it clear to the nation that this bill needs to DIE.
Every nation that has chosen to go down this road (obscenely restrictive controls on freedom & thought) has paid the ultimate-price for their authoritarian stance - but NO NATION has yet dared to try to implement full-on THOUGHT CRIME (UNTIL NOW)! This idea came from science-fiction and was used simply to TERRIFY an audience, trying to actually put this into practiced as the only solution for the defense of this crumbling nation - is ridiculous and goes well beyond DANGEROUS - THIS IS TREASON against the free people of the United States.
Places that did have extreme laws and severely punitive practices like East Germany, the Old USSR, along with a large number of smaller countries - are all now dead and buried - vaporized by the backlash against this brutality: yet even they did not remotely dare approach this marvelous new plan from Jane Harmon the twisted witch from 'Cully-forn-ya'.
Barbarians down through the ages have slaughtered millions upon millions of people, but seldom do societies go to this kind of Inquisition-like degree to control their own societies - because it always ends the same way: When too many have been removed the remaining scavengers devour each other and then the rabble kills everything that's left of the old tyranny and tries to erase all memory of every part and every person in what so many KNOW to be a massively criminal society. With this legislation The USA will be well on its way toward becoming a mini-Gitmo, and while that will probably serve the yuppies right for failing to complain till now - whatever we were - after this becomes LAW - we shall never again be what we might think we are today; ever again.
Watch the video below that 'explains the definitions of the terms of this law - and the fact that it is open-ended in favor of the fascists: Harmon needs to "recognized & censored" for her part in this - and this Legislation MUST be stopped.
If this becomes law we can all kiss ourselves goodbye - because there won't be anyone else to discuss this with - think about that.
J Bruce Campbell
Here is the danger of basing your thinking on a movie from Hollywood, the home of the whopper. Has anything true ever come out of that lie factory?
It is fine to attack the Bush gang and its plans to turn this country into a dictatorship. We need more of that. But to connect those plans with Joe McCarthy is a perversion. McCarthy was the bravest, most decent Senator in the rotten history of that tiny club. His nemesis, Edward R. Murrow, was a self-righteous assassin working for Palinski or Palofski or Pinsky or whatever his real name was in Russia, who we know as Bill Paley, the head of CBS. Should we honor Murrow for glorifying our age-old British enemies and their stupid aggression against Germany in 1940, and conning us into the most catastrophic war in human history? Murrow was the Sean Hannity of his day, a dedicated agent of world government.
Number one, McCarthy was in the Senate and had nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. He had nothing to do with Hollywood or the Blacklist. Hollywood itself created the Blacklist, which was Capitalist Jews persecuting Communist Jews after they'd enriched themselves on pro-Soviet, pro-Red China, anti-German and Japanese propaganda they paid the Communist Jews to write. All that Hollywood hate material got millions of people killed. If it hadn't been for Hollywood, America would never have gone to war, Pearl Harbor or no Pearl Harbor. The Hollywood liars had created years of hate since the 1930s that prepared us for genocide against the enemies of Zion. But McCarthy had nothing to do with punishing the Hollywood liars, who should have been shot for their lies and monumental war crimes, along with the ones who paid them. The Hollywood lies were perfectly coordinated with the New Deal schemes and the plans for a world war and its aftermath, world government.
When McCarthy appeared, we had just been the military partners with the Soviet monsters for four years and our wonderful boys had also been monsters. Many of them were still rounding up millions of refugees at bayonet point and putting them in boxcars bound for the Soviet death camps. Millions of German civilians had been starved and slaughtered by our wonderful boys, for years after the war. That was still going on when McCarthy started warning Americans about what happens when you are partners with the Communists. He tried to prevent the millions of Chinese murders that Truman was aiding by our devotion to Mao tse-Tung. He also criticized the Jewish takeover of Palestine, which was probably his major crime. (He thwarted the lynching of Jochen Peiper and his SS men, which also infuriated the Zionists.)
Joe McCarthy fought the coming New World Order and was destroyed by it. Never was there a more scrupulous and careful investigator of treachery and mass murder, which we now are trained to associate with the word "reckless." His great error was allowing a show-off such as Roy Cohn to be on his staff. McCarthy's attempt to protect the precocious fairy from the army, which led to the Eisenhower revenge known as the Army-McCarthy Hearings, was his undoing. Ike was terrified that McCarthy would reveal his role in the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, in which the above-mentioned millions of Germans were slaughtered on Ike's orders -- after the war. We and our Soviet partners ran the Nuremberg kangaroo courts while simultaneously committing the most terrible crimes against humanity.
The fact is that McCarthy went after Ike's boss, the architect of Pearl Harbor, the lord of war criminals, the partner of Mao tse-Tung: George C. Marshall. He accused Marshall of treason and of serving the Communist slaughterers. Was he wrong? Didn't Marshall refuse to accept the Japanese attempts to surrender, which began shortly after the Battle of Midway? Didn't Marshall say all such attempts at peace were "premature?" They were premature because Stalin needed more time before he could occupy Manchuria and Marshall gave him all the time he needed, which resulted in things such as Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Bougainville, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and many others. Doubters refer to The Enemy at His Back, by Brown.
Did McCarthy ever tell a lie, or accuse an innocent person? Read his Senate speech in which he accused Marshall, known as "America's Retreat from Victory." Eisenhower knew that he was next. The truth about the Morgenthau Plan must never be exposed because it was the general plan for the future, what we are facing now with our own version, maybe to be known as the Chertoff Plan or the Zackheim Plan or the Wolfowitz Plan. 

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